Monday, August 29, 2011

The popularity of Putin dropped 20 points in three years

The rating Elections Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, fell 20 points to 39% from the peak recorded in 2008, according to a survey of independent Levada Center published Friday, August 26. Vladimir Putin, President from 2000 to 2008, remains the most popular politician in the country. His ratings had peaked in 2008 (58%), at the height of the blitz with Georgia for the control of a separatist Georgian Republic.

Syria: Arab League condemned the "unnecessary force against legitimate claims"

The Arab League moves against the regime of Bashar al-Assad. Before the condemnation of the violence, which occurred at the beginning of an extraordinary ministerial meeting of the organization, then the announcement of the Secretary's trip to Damascus to present the Arab initiative to close the Arab crisis.

"The use of force is useless," said Al Arabi in the opening of the meeting, in front of the "revolutions" and "uprising" which "demand radical changes" claims with "legitimate". "We have to react positively - still the head of the Arab League's 22 countries - to the demands of Arab youth," he said in Cairo.

10 000 prisoners freed from Libyan regime

Libyan rebels said on Sunday, having released some 10 000 prisoners of the regime of Moammar Gadhafi, but estimated that nearly 50 000 others remain missing. "It is estimated that between 57 000 and 60 000 people were arrested in recent months," military spokesman said the rebels, Bani Omar Ahmed at a press conference in the city of Benghazi.

"Between ten and eleven thousand were released (...) Where are the others?" He said. "Many residents of Tripoli are discovering mass graves in the vicinity of the detention and imprisonment of Abu Slim," said . Eight days after the start of military offensive against the rebel capital, new incidents were reported Saturday night in Tripoli, where explosions were heard and isolated bursts of gunfire from automatic weapons, no one knew whether it was celebrations or shootings.

Irene... at the end only a shower

Irene is gone. New York takes a deep sigh of relief. The hurricane accelerated its course and now focuses on Boston. Irene lost gallons of storm, after being downgraded from category two to one hour is just a poor tropical storm. Manhattan has been spared by the powerful winds that swept the other hand, New Jersey and North Carolina before the hurricane hovering over Long Island and eventually New York City.

Rebels reject dialogue with Gadhafi

The situation in Libya seems to indicate that the rebels and no one stops them in their mission to rid the regime of Moammar Gadhafi. So much so that the head of state would almost have finished your options to find a way out: a call to negotiate without success and setting in motion of a mobile ballistic missile launcher Frog 7, neutralized by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO ), while 18 ships undertake the work of unloading the first humanitarian assistance.

Iraq, bombing of the mosque there are at least 28 victims

At least 28 people were killed in an attack against the Sunni mosque of Umm al-Qura, in Baghdad. The explosion, which caused injuries to 35 people, including children, took place in a western district of the Iraqi capital. Among the victims was also a member of the Sunni province of Al Anbar, Khaled al Fahdawi.

The Lockerbie bomber is in a coma in Tripoli

The head of the 1996 Lockerbie bombing which killed 270 people, the Libyan Abdel Basset al-Megrahi, was found comatose in Tripoli due to prostate cancer sufferer, reported the CNN. The station reported statements by his son, Khaled Elmegarhi, who said he receives only oxygen and no one has given any advice.

After the fall of President Gaddafi last week Relatives of Al Megrahi have complained that the former Libyan intelligence agent, whose last appearance was in July in a wheelchair with former Libyan leader, lacked proper medical care. "No doctor, no one who ask. We have no phone line to call anyone, "he lamented his son.

Gb, the new uprising against the British tea-mix change

The brand that popularized for three hundred years the national drink of the United Kingdom has changed the formula, altering the taste, and it is as if the revolution had broken out in London. The Twinings, which opened in 1706 founded the first "tea rooms" a stone's throw from Trafalgar Square, has changed the ingredients of his most popular blend, the Earl Grey, became so famous that for many has become synonymous with the tea.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Italy has the highest youth unemployment in Europe

Italy has the highest youth unemployment the highest in Europe, according to a study released Wednesday by Confartigianato, the Italian federation of craftsmen. Particularly affected, the age of 15 to 24 years experiencing an unemployment rate of 29.6%, against an average of 21% in Europe. The unemployment rate for 15-35 years is he, in Italy 15.9%, with a marked concentration in the south (21.1% of the population in this age group is unemployed).

Lady Gaga's songs and Backstreet Boys banned in China

Formally, it is to preserve "the security of the state culture." Specifically, the announcement by the Chinese Ministry of Culture banned the broadcast of a hundred songs on the online music platforms from August 19th. Among the artists considered to be unacceptable, the singer Lady Gaga, boyband the Backstreet Boys, Beyoncé Knowles, Canadians Simple Plan or the former group of British crooner Robbie Williams, Take That.

Hurricane Irene increasingly strong "Evacuation Possible in New York"

Hurricane Irene swept the approaches to the Bahamas and east coast of the United States, where it should arrive on Saturday. The Federal Emergency services have called on the population of the area between North Carolina and New England at full attention. The New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg urged people to prepare for the arrival of the hurricane, and said that will decide, if necessary, Friday, called for the evacuation of Zone A, which includes neighborhoods of Battery Park City in Manhattan, Coney Island in Brooklyn and Far Rockaway in Queens.

Eight dead in Pakistan hotel blast

At least eight people were killed and fourteen wounded in the explosion of a bomb in a small hotel in northwestern Pakistan, said a police source. A bomb placed on a bicycle exploded outside the hotel, located in the town of Nowshera, the source said, adding that the victims include several policemen.

The blast took place in the market Rasalpur at 20:45 local time. The attack comes less than a week after the end of Ramadan, Islam's holy month during which there have been other attacks in Pakistan. Nowshera district is located near Peshawar.

53 killed in the attack to a casino in Monterrey, Mexico

At least 53 people died Thursday in the Mexican city of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon (northeast), after a criminal group would cause a fire in a betting shop. It was the worst attack on civilians in Mexico's recent history. At 15.20, a group of armed people came to the Casino Royale and after making threats to those who were in those times when the shots were fired betting shop with heavy weapons and fired, according to testimony collected by the local press, fragmentation grenades.

New Israeli raids on Gaza

Three Palestinians were killed in Israeli air raids during the night of Wednesday to Thursday, August 25 in the Gaza Strip. These new attacks bring to five the number of victims in 24 hours, according to a report from Palestinian medical sources. A Palestinian was killed during an attack in Beit Lahiya in northern Gaza, during which twenty were wounded.

In addition, another Palestinian seriously injured Wednesday night during a previous Israeli attack against a smuggling tunnel near Rafah in southern Gaza, died. A fourth Palestinian killed Wednesday night Atya Moqat, was part of Islamic Jihad, according to a statement issued in Gaza by the al-Quds Brigades, armed wing of the radical organization.

Russia and China rejected the UN sanctions on Syria

Russia and China today once again showed their opposition to the U.S. proposal and the countries of the European Union (EU) for the United Nations approved a package of sanctions against Syria by not members of their delegations to a meeting of the Council Security on the matter. A Western diplomat confirmed that neither Russia nor the representative of China's appeared at a meeting he had convened the highest international security body to discuss the draft resolution on Syria.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nearly 100 Kurdish rebels killed by Turkish aircraft strikes in Iraq

The Turkish air strikes in northern Iraq have "neutralized" between 90 and 100 Kurdish rebels and wounding 80 others, announced Tuesday, August 23 the Turkish army on its website. The military uses the term "neutralized" to refer to the rebels killed. Turkey took over the August 17 air strike Kurdish rebel positions in the mountains of Iraq, a process which she had not used for over a year.

The renewed fighting followed an attack by members of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in south-eastern Turkey, bordering Iraq that killed nine members of its security services. Turkey estimates that about 2000 the number of rebels holed up in the area under Iraqi Kurdish administration.

Rebels announce a reward of $ 1.7 million on Gadhafi

Libyan rebels announced Wednesday a reward of nearly $ 1.7 million (two million dinars) for the head of Moammar Gadhafi, dead or alive. This initiative, funded by Libyan businessmen, with the approval of the National Transitional Council (CNT), political arm of the rebellion. "Inner circle members (Muammar Gadhafi of) that will kill or capture a guaranteed amnesty by the people, "he told reporters the president of the CNT, Mustafa Abdeljalil." Moammar Gadhafi's regime will not be finished until it is captured dead or alive ", he said, adding that" we do fear behavior catastrophe "without give further details.

Opened four programs to combat famine in Somalia

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) today announced that, given the rapid increase in the number of mothers and malnourished children in southern Somalia, has launched four new outpatient therapeutic feeding clinics regions Gedo and Bakool. "About 20 percent of Somalis suffer from acute malnutrition, which is really worrying," said the president of the Somali Red Crescent, Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, in a statement released in Geneva.

Moody's down one notch the rating of the long-term debt of Japan

The rating agency Moody's announced on Wednesday, August 24, she dropped one notch to Aa3, the note of the long-term debt of Japan because of the massive debt the country, aggravated by the earthquake March 11 in the northeast. Japan is in debt to the tune of about twice its gross domestic product (GDP), and the burden grows each year through the issuance of treasury bills to fill much lower income to spending.

The EU could vote an oil embargo on Syria

The member countries of the European Union could agree on an oil embargo against Syria before the end of next week, said, Wednesday, Aug. 24, a European diplomat quoted by the agency. Discussions took place on this subject in Brussels on Monday and no penalty has objected, he said. The bloc has already imposed yesterday a series of sanctions against the Syrian regime, accused of leading a bloody crackdown against his opponents, but none so far was oil.

Libya released the four Italian journalists

The four reporters kidnapped yesterday by loyalists were released. Two young men stormed into a private house in Tripoli where they were prisoners and have them freed.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Politkovskaya murder organized by a former police officer?

It would come a turning point in the investigation into the murder of journalist Anna Politkovskaya opposition, killed in Moscow shot to death on his way home October 7, 2006: the committee of inquiry has now confirmed not only the detention of a former official police as alleged organizer of the assassination, but also to have information on the principal of the crime.

The spokesman for the investigative committee, Vladimir Markin, said that the former Lieutenant Colonel Dmitri Pavliucenkov, at the time of the section responsible for shadowing the police in Moscow, "has received an order from an unidentified person and agreed to organize the ' Anna Politkovskaya's murder in exchange for a sum of money.

Syria: UN wants to investigate crimes Assad

The UN Human Rights Council puts pressure on the Syrian regime: The panel called for an international investigation commission to investigate the crimes in Syria condemned the violence and a large majority. New sanctions against dictator Assad will be prepared. Geneva - The UN Human Rights Council has agreed on stronger action against the Syrian regime.

The panel voted overwhelmingly in Geneva for the establishment of an international investigation commission to investigate violations of human rights since i 2011th UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay had said, was in mid-March at the crackdown on anti-government protests in Syria, more than 2,200 people have been killed.

Saif Al-Islam, son of Gaddafi is free in Tripoli

Saif Al-Islam, whose arrest was announced by the insurgents and the Libyan Criminal Court (ICC), arrived free in the night of Monday to Tuesday, August 23 staying at the hotel where foreign journalists in Tripoli. Images on television, we can see that son of Muammar Gaddafi waving a fist in triumph, smiling, making the V for victory and greeting his supporters outside the hotel Rixos.

Saif Al-Islam said that his father was in a safe place in Tripoli, which entered the insurgents, and that the Libyan regime still controlled the country. Earlier, men of the hotel watching Muammar Gaddafi had taken a small group of reporters in Bab Al-Azizia, the complex of the Libyan leader in Tripoli, where they met Saif.

Strauss-Kahn is free

A New York judge yesterday dismissed all criminal charges against Dominique Strauss-Kahn for sexual assault and attempted rape made by a cleaner at the Sofitel in Manhattan. The former director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Socialist candidate for the French presidency was finally free, but severely damaged his career.

Serious doubts are now on the performance of public prosecutors in Manhattan, who hastily put together the case and the only evidence of a cleaner who lied repeatedly. Judge Michael Obus of New York Supreme Court, left yesterday released the French politician. He accepted the prosecution's request to dismiss the charges because he had lost confidence in the prosecution, Nafissatou Diallo.

EU welcomes UN decision on Syria

The diplomat of the European Union (EU), Catherine Ashton, held that the Human Rights Council decided to request the UN to Syria of sending an international commission to investigate violations of accusing the regime of Bashar al Assad . The initiative was agreed the same day during a special Council session in Geneva.

"A UN mission established that the mass rapes now in Syria and violence against civilians could constitute crimes against humanity," Ashton recalled in a statement. 'A proper and urgent action is essential to investigate these violations, identify those responsible and ensure that those who committed them are held accountable, "he said.

In Brazil, about 4,000 people occupy the Treasury to demand agrarian reform

About 4,000 people belonging to the Movement of Landless Workers (MST) have occupied for seven hours the Minister of Finance of Brazil to demand land reform accelerated. The protest began around 7.00 am on Tuesday morning (local time) at Nilson Nelson Stadium, located in downtown Brasilia.

However, upon arrival at the ministry, the protesters decided to occupy the seat, so that has lasted until the early afternoon. Finally, the protesters agreed to leave the ministry after agreeing to a meeting Wednesday with the owner of this portfolio, Guido Mantega, in the Planalto Palace - seat of the presidency - as reported by the Joint National Secretary of Social Paulo Malden, the Agencia Brasil.

Earthquake in Washington and Congress and the Pentagon Evacuated Ny

The fear of the earthquake is to evacuate the Pentagon and Congress in the shadow of the bomb and which returns Sept. 11. People are afraid to go down the street from Washington to New York. The epicenter is 150 km of the capital, Virginia, but is felt even in Martha's Vineyard, the island on which Barack Obama is on vacation and while the shock traverses half the country is playing golf.

No trace of Gadhafi and children in rebel-controlled quarters

The rebels controlled completely on Tuesday night the headquarters of Moammar Gadhafi in Tripoli, and found no trace of the leader or his sons, told AFP the military spokesman of the rebellion. "Bab al Aziziya is completely under our control, Colonel Gadhafi and his sons were not in place," said Colonel Ahmed Omar Bani in Benghazi, the rebel capital in the east.

Earlier, Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, had assured that in Tripoli and has no intention of leaving the country, as reported following a telephone conversation with President of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) Kirsan Ilyumzhinov . However, leaders of the insurgency say that "no one knows where (Gadhafi and children)," said Bani.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

U.S. Vice President in Japan

The U.S. vice president, Joseph R. Biden arrived in Tokyo to start a three-day visit to Japan, Nippon Kyodo news agency reported. Biden, who landed at the airport of Haneda Nippon capital, from Mongolia, is scheduled to meet tomorrow with Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan. Apart from the alliance between the U.S. and Japan, is expected to treat both the six-day visit to China from Biden last week, and it is possible that issues such as Fukushima nuclear crisis or North Korean nuclear program are also on the table . The Vice President will move then to Sendai, a city most affected by the earthquake disaster of March.

Strauss-Kahn, the attorney asks the storage

Prosecutors in New York called for the filing of charges against the former president of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who is accused of rape by an employee Sofitel hotel where he was staying. And 'what emerges from the documents filed by the prosecution. Big disappointment expressed by the Advocate Nafissatou Diallo, the waitress who accused the former number 1 of the IMF.

Israel and Hamas announced a cease-fire in Gaza

After four days of rocket attacks and air strikes, Israel and Hamas have finally agreed Monday, August 22, a cease-fire temporarily in the Gaza Strip. The two sides "reached an agreement for a truce, and the truce began," said an official involved in the negotiations. A Palestinian official said Hamas, the Islamist group business in the Gaza Strip, had agreed to fairerespecter the cease-fire to small groups of activists responsible for most of the rocket attacks on Israel in recent days.

France and Britain proposed an expanded summit on Libya

French President Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister, David Cameron, want to "organize the next week in Paris an expanded summit of the contact group on Libya," a statement from the Elysee Palace, headquarters of the French Head of State . The two leaders spoke by telephone today on the situation in Libya, where Gadhafi regime of Colonel Muammar may be living his last hours, and decided to "launch an immediate and legitimate close cooperation with the Libyan authorities and their international partners," said the note.

Gadhafi's son denies the arrest

Seif Al Islam, a son of Colonel Muammar Qaddafi, was not arrested and was on Monday night to Tuesday in Tripoli, where several journalists were with him in the residential complex of the Libyan leader. On Sunday night to Monday, the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Luis Moreno Ocampo, said he had received "confidential information according to which" Seif Al Islam, on whom weighs a warrant of the Court for crimes against humanity committed in Libya, had been.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Syria, Assad promised elections but does not stop the repression

The system will punish the rebels. And Assad remains in place. Western pressure then they "are worthless", "their threats," just words, however, and any military action against Syria "will have implications far wider than they could bear." So the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, has responded to requests for resignations tonight came in recent days by the U.S. and some European countries. Immediately after the televised interview, in which Assad has also promised reforms in the short and legislative elections by March 2012, thousands of Syrians poured into the streets to demand the fall of the regime in almost all of the epicenters of the revolt , causing the reaction of agents that - according to activists - they would open fire on protesters.

Criminal Court confirms the capture of Gadhafi's son

Moammar Gadhafi's son, Seif al-Islam, who is accused along with his father for crimes against humanity, was arrested by the insurgents, said Monday the governor of the International Criminal Court. Seif Gadhafi and his father were accused of orchestrating this year, planning and participating in unlawful attacks against civilians during the popular uprising in Libya.

The original prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo said Seif Gadhafi was arrested for "Special Forces rebels." He gave no details of the arrest or the source of his information. "We hope to soon be in The Hague" to stand trial, said the prosecutor indicated that he plans "to contact the government of transition" Libyan Monday.

Rebels in Tripoli: Qaddafi's regime collapses

Tripoli - lasted 42 years the brutal reign of Libyan ruler Moammar Gadhafi, now the North African country is facing a historical turning point: the rebels brought in on Monday night in many parts of the capital Tripoli under their control. Gaddafi's bodyguard has emerged clearly. In Tripoli, thousands cheered the victory of the insurgents.

In the rebel stronghold of Benghazi and other cities were ignited fireworks and salutes fired. "We the Libyan People's congratulations to overthrow Muammar al-Qadhafi and called on the Libyan people to take to the streets and protect public property. Long live the free Libya," said in a morning widespread explanation of the transition council, reported that "New York Times" on its website.

Scenes of jubilation in the streets of Tripoli and Benghazi

Al-Qaeda announced the launch of 100 attacks in Iraq

Al-Qaeda in Iraq threatened to launch "a hundred attacks" in the country from the middle of the holy month of Ramadan to avenge the death of Osama bin Laden. Terrorist group's statement was broadcast Friday night on pages via the Internet. The text said that the attacks are revenge for bin Laden died in Pakistan in May at the hands of U.S. forces, and other leaders of al-Qaida. "God willing, the campaign begins in the middle of the fasting month and end by God just after a hundred attacks, "he threatened. The statement said the offensive will include "a variety of attacks, including raids, martyrdom operations, roadside bombs, weapons with silencers and shooters in all cities, rural areas and provinces" in Iraq.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Security Council prepared sanctions against Syria

The Security Council of the United Nations (UN) prepares sanctions against the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria, after a report said security forces had committed crimes against humanity. The sanctions seek to freeze assets of Assad and members of his government and an embargo on arms sales to that country and a travel ban on regime members.

"We will start work immediately on a draft resolution that includes sanctions, it is necessary to increase pressure on the government of Syria," said Michael Berger, Deputy Ambassador of Germany to the UN, in a press conference. The statements were supported by the delegations of the United Kingdom, France, USA and Portugal, after a session of the Security Council in involving the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, and the coordinator for humanitarian affairs, Valerie Amos .

Madrid, new clashes in the night between police and protestors of the Pope's visit

High tension remains in Madrid. During the night, the Puerta del Sol, the police has once again loaded the "secularists" who protest against the visit of Benedict XVI on the occasion of World Youth Day. Last night officers were in riot gear intervened to clear the square, after Wednesday there had been incidents in which 11 people were injured.

Six people killed in Israeli shelling of Gaza

At least six Palestinians were killed including a commander of an armed group a child, in air strikes that the Israeli Air Force launched in response to the attacks in the south. Sources of emergency services in Gaza said Israeli planes attacked the house of a militant identified as Abu Jamil Shaat and that the place had several militants of the Popular Resistance Committees.

Among those killed in the attack on Abu Awat Nairab is one of the commanders of the armed group as well as a minor. The attacks came hours after Israeli killed fourteen and thirty wounded in a series of attacks on a highway south of the country, which borders Egypt. The alleged terrorists used automatic weapons, mortars and at least one anti-tank rocket civilian and military vehicles, causing panic across several miles until they were intercepted by security forces.

Magnitude 6.8 earthquake shakes without damage Fukushima

An earthquake measuring 6.8 degrees on the Richter scale took place in the sea off the coast of Fukushima, and has triggered a tsunami warning for the province and Miyagi with a forecast-foot waves. The tremor was centered at sea about 20 kilometers deep, according to Nippon Meteorological Agency. According to NHK, the earthquake has not affected the battered Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, and there have been increases in the levels of radiation.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Somalia: 400,000 children are at risk of starvation

Especially children are suffering from the famine in East Africa - Hundreds of thousands of them are threatened with speedy death. Islamic States and the UK stepping up its support, but still missing the half of the United Nations needed a billion dollars. Nairobi - Up to 400,000 children are acutely threatened by starvation in Somalia - unless they reached help, fast.

Chvez wants to nationalize the gold industry

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said yesterday he thinks nationalize the gold industry, including extraction and processing, and use this production to boost the country's international reserves. The movement is a result of the confrontation between his government and foreign mining companies operating in the country, which complain that the rules limiting the amount of gold that can be exported weighing down its efforts to develop local projects and create jobs.

Obama will present in September his plan to revive the economy

In a speech in September, Barack Obama will unveil an action plan to revive the U.S. economy and fairebaisser unemployment. Details of the plan were unveiled on the third day of a tour bus to Obama in the Midwest, he took the opportunity to criticize the Republicans in Congress, particularly the movement of the "tea party", to whom he accused of hindering the economic recovery efforts.

The Pope arrives in Spain

The Pope has landed in Madrid on a four-day visit during which Spain will attend the World Youth Day. To welcome Benedict XVI at the foot of the stairs of the plane were King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia and Prime Minister Jose Rodriguez Zapatero's surprise. On the runway waiting for him also some thousands of young Catholic pilgrims who cheered the pontiff, waving flags of the Vatican and Spain.

Biden visit to China is concerned about the U.S. debt

The U.S. vice president, Joe Biden, arrived in China Wednesday, Aug. 17. He makes a long journey of five days which Beijing expects "concrete actions" on the huge debt of the United States. He has during his visit on several occasions to meet with his counterpart, Xi Jinping, likely successor in 2013 of President Hu Jintao and personality unknown to American political circles with which Washington hopes to build a relationship of dialogue.

Several dead after an attack on a bus in southern Israel

At least five people were killed and 25 injured in a series of attacks in southern Israel, as reported by the Israeli emergency service. A group of men opened fire on two bus lines near the city of Eilat, close to the Egyptian border. Among the victims were soldiers traveling in vehicles attacked. Israel's military have killed at least three of the attackers, as reported by the online edition of the newspaper Hareetz.

Syria: Hundreds of people detained in a stadium in Lattakia

Repression continues in Syria. Wednesday, August 17, ten civilians and killed in the country, according to activists. In the port city of Latakia, hundreds of people were arrested and taken to a point on the fifth day of the crackdown by the Syrian army in the Sunni areas of the coastal city that rose up against Bashar Al-Assad.

The military, backed by tanks, had intervened in the district of Al-Al-Raml Filistini during the weekend. They have intensified their operations in major urban centers since the beginning of Ramadan, on August 1. Latakia, with a large minority Alawite - belongs to Mr. Assad - is a theater strategy for the president, whose family and friends have long dominated the business and port.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fitch confirms the "AAA" rating to the United States

The maximum "AAA" rating to the debt of the United States will not move. Confirmation, Tuesday, August 16 from the rating agency Fitch Ratings takes the foot against its rival Standard & Poor's. Ten days ago, S & P had in fact lowered by one notch the rating of the United States, causing an earthquake in the financial markets.

Billionaire Warren Buffett calls for a tax increase for the richest

American billionaire Warren Buffett has launched a stir by calling Monday, August 15 at higher taxes for the wealthiest in the United States, in an article published by The New York Times. This is not the first time investor, nicknamed the "Oracle of Omaha" for his often wise investments, requires extra effort on the part of "mégariches".

But his call on "Stop coddling the super rich" and that made the rounds on the Internet, took a particular resonance in an economic context troubled by the sovereign debt crisis and the lowering of the American note.

The Syrian government announced the "end of the military offensive" in major cities

Syrian security forces as "finished" the military operation in two of the main rebel-held areas of the country, Deir el Zor (east) and Latakia (on the Mediterranean coast in the northwest), say the official media . The offensive of recent days against alleged "terrorists", according to official VERSION in these areas have caused scores of deaths.

A group of international journalists on a visit organized by the regime, claims to have witnessed the withdrawal of soldiers and armored vehicles, while local media broadcast images of people singing and smiling as the soldiers away. The activists, however, contradict the official version.

President Saleh announced his return to Yemen

Ali Abdullah Saleh lashed out, Tuesday, August 16th, his opponents and announced his approaching return to Sanaa. Yemeni President addressed his supporters in a speech broadcast on state television from Riyadh, where he is recovering after being injured in an attack against the palace on June 3 Mr Saleh, who was hospitalized two months, appeared in good form and spoke in a voice firm and combative.

Sarkozy and Merkel announced proposals to address the crisis of the euro

After the Franco-German summit on the crisis of debt in Europe, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for new measures of fiscal convergence between European states. A government of the euro area. France and Germany will propose to create an "economic government of the euro area".

Consists of the Council of Heads of State and Government, would meet twice a year, headed by a permanent president, elected for two and a half years. The name of Herman Van Rompuy, the current European Council President, has been suggested to chair the new body. A tax on financial transactions.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

China: Tibetan monk burns himself

Dramatic step of a Buddhist monk: In protest against Beijing's rule over the Tibetans, he has ignited in the southwest of China itself. Human rights activists now fear a crackdown by security forces in the region. Beijing - The self-immolation occurred in southwest China: A Buddhist monk's life has taken, as he himself put it in fire.

He protested against the policies that the Chinese government, which has occupied Tibet for decades. The 29-year-old Tsewang Norbu had kindled in Dawu Garze prefecture in the Tibetan, told the Free Tibet organization spread out from London in a release. He had "been drinking gasoline, are splashed with gasoline and set his clothing on fire." In addition, he had called protest slogans like "We are the Tibetan people, we want freedom" and "Long live the Dalai Lama." The official Chinese news agency Xinhua confirmed the suicide of the monk.

The Brazilian Senate adds efforts to battle against the corruption

Today is a significant day for Brazilian politics. For the first time in the history of democracy in this country, a president raises the flag of ethics and morality in governance and expelled dozens of ministers and senior public-some already arrested by the police, and for the first time, senators from different parties supporting the government have created a movement supporting President Rousseff to persevere in its effort to bring morality to politics.

Obama announces plan to regain employment

With an eye toward the 2012 elections, the U.S. president, Barack Obama is expected to announce new measures today in Iowa to boost job creation, on the second day of his trip to the Middle East that began yesterday in Minnesota and conclude tomorrow in Illinois. High levels of unemployment in the country (over 9%) could hinder their re-election in presidential elections next year, what has motivated this mini tour in three states in which his party won in the 2008 election .

Mubarak trial postponed again

The trial of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak on the death of protesters during the popular uprising that led to his ouster in February, was postponed to September 5. The judge Rifaat Ahmed ordered the trial, which was broadcast live, no longer be televised until sentencing.

U.S. coasts reveals Fukushima radiation arrival

Scientists at the San Diego campus of the University of California discovered radioactive sulfur from Japanese nuclear plant in Fukushima Daiichi in the U.S. west coast, without posing a threat. The team found an observatory near San Diego adjacent to two kinds of sulfur oxide, and both were considered radioactive sulfur 35, said Tuesday a dispatch from Kyodo.

The sulfide 35 was detected in late March and early April last, after the March 11 earthquake generated a tsunami that devastated the east coast where several nuclear plants are built, including the Fukushima Daiichi, the most affected. Traces of radioactive substances as iodine, it is believed they came to various parts of the United States from Japanese nuclear plant problems.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Falls into the sea an experimental supersonic unmanned U.S. plane

The Falcon supersonic, which would connect Los Angeles to New York in 12 minutes, crashed in the Pacific, fortunately without a pilot, though so far no official confirmation yet there are not. Traveling at a speed 20 times that of sound and could connect the West and the East Coast of the United States in a matter of minutes.

But unfortunately the plane supersonic tested yesterday by the U.S. defense and whose project has so far cost 308 million dollars have literally gone missing, a fact which is making prevail, without doubt, the hypothesis dell'inabissamento ocean . Hit targets anywhere in minutes. The Falcon Hypersonic Test Vehicle (HTV-2) was designed to fly at a speed of 23,860 kilometers per hour and, in theory, should have allowed the American aviation to strike a target anywhere in the world in less than an hour.

A cholera epidemic is added to the famine in Somalia crisis

The UN said today that "worst" of the crisis caused by famine in Somalia is not over yet, after confirming that there is an epidemic of cholera in the current state of poor health, malnutrition and overcrowding of displaced people, is highly dangerous. "Do not make the mistake of believing that the worst is over, this crisis continues, with mass movements, risk of spreading disease, overcrowding in camps and situations that go beyond humanitarian workers in the field," the spokesman said the High Commissioner UN for Refugees (UNHCR), Adrian Edwards.

The reform of the health care system Obama ruled unconstitutional by a court of appeal

The federal appeals court in Atlanta ("the 11th Circuit", representing Alabama, Florida and Georgia, southeastern United States) declared unconstitutional a portion of the new law on health insurance for Barack Obama voted in 2010, a blow to one of the flagship reforms of the President. Two of the three judges of the Georgia court ruled that the obligation of all citizens to have health insurance by 2014 or face sanctions was not consistent with the Constitution, confirming in part a decision trial reported in January in Florida.

Rick Perry, the ultra-conservative Republicans in the primaries: "Bush? Too Liberal "

He led a prayer group in Houston, last Saturday, in front of 30 thousand people, asking God to "stop the decline of the United States." Do you think that President Bush was a "too liberal", and that the United States got into the hands of an "oppressive and rapacious central government." Asks radical cuts in health spending, as for education and the environment (in addition to closing the ministries of education and energy).

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Radiation rice hits Japanese psyche

Reports that local governments in Japan will be tested to find radiocaesium rice fell like a blow to the country's collective psyche to the possibility of their revered their support from the long list of forbidden foods. The announcement of the analysis last week came amid fears of the population there is radiation in food after the worst nuclear crisis in the world in 25 years at the plant in Fukushima, having found excessive levels of radiation in meat beef, vegetables, tea, milk, shellfish and water.

Syria: Assad's troops fired on a Minaret

Syria's President Assad can continue the offensive against regime opponents unabated: in several strongholds of the opposition went before the army against insurgents. But the protests continue. Damascus - At least 27 people were reportedly killed in the early hours of Thursday in attacks by the Syrian army.

According to the opposition 19 people died in the city of Homs, eight more were in the villages of Deir el-Sur Idlib and killed. In Deir el-Sur are the troops have fired on and destroyed a minaret. The reports of the opponents of the regime can not be independently confirmed because journalists are not the Syrian government can work freely.

Israel to build thousands of homes in East Jerusalem

The Israeli Interior Ministry has announced the approval of the construction of 1,600 homes in Ramat Shlomo settlement in East Jerusalem. This presents a challenge to the Palestinians and the international community, which considers the construction contrary to international law. Interior Minister Eli Yishai, plans also approved the building of other houses in 2700 "the next few days," a ministry spokesman said.

Cameron guarantees massive police presence until Sunday

David Cameron seemed to definitely controlled by the riots that have lived in London, Birmingham and other British cities between the night of Saturday and Tuesday. After the general calm that prevailed in England on Wednesday night, the Prime Minister has said in the debate held this afternoon urgency of Commons that the police maintain the current levels of deployment spectacular until next Sunday to ensure no regrowth violence.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

US concerned at Israeli construction in East Jerusalem

The United States today expressed concern over Israel's decision to authorize construction of 930 houses in the Palestinian territories of East Jerusalem, occupied by the Jewish state. "America is deeply concerned by the continuing Israeli actions regarding the construction of homes in Jerusalem", the State Department said in a statement.

United States mentioned the matter to Israel and reiterated that "unilateral actions go against the efforts to return to direct negotiations and contradict the logic of reasonable and necessary agreement between the parties."

Artists unite against the famine in Africa

Madonna, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Elton John and U2 are just some of the more than fifty stars and celebrities today joined a campaign to help educate their millions of fans on social networking sites on famine plaguing the Horn of Africa. The "initiative" launched by the NGO Save the Children also has the support of other music stars like Justin Bieber, Eminem, Rihanna, Sting and Britney Spears, said in a statement the NGO, which aims to raise funds to alleviate the effects of food shortages in the region.

Libya: State TV shows Gaddafi son

In the early hours of Wednesday is in the pictures shown by the Libyan state television to see a man in officer's uniform, as Khamis, the son of the ruler, Muammar al-Gaddafi looks and visited injured soldiers in hospital.

China reaffirms its military power with the first aircraft carrier

China's first aircraft carrier today launched its maiden voyage from northeastern Dalian port, a fact that ends the country's effort to reassert its military might. After a long process of repair and updating, and ending years of speculation in the media, the military vessel has departed from this port in Liaoning Province (northeast) and did a brief tour before returning to the dock.

It was initially speculated that the ship would have open water baptism on 1 July, during the commemoration of 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, but apparently a number of technical problems delayed the exercise. Also toyed with the August 1, day of the Chinese armed forces, but again probably be delays associated with the arrival off the coast of Dalian typhoon Muifa.

Arrested 38 people, including a deputy minister, in a crackdown on corruption in Brazil

Federal Police have arrested 38 people Tuesday involved in corruption within the Ministry of Tourism, a new scandal that splashes the Government of Dilma Rousseff. Among those arrested was the deputy of that office, Frederico Silva da Costa, who is accused of misappropriation of public funds.

In the operation, which was named 'Voucher', included nearly 200 troops who were deployed in different cities. In Brasilia, 20 involved were arrested, twelve in Sao Paulo and six in the state of Amapá (north). The Federal Police also seized 664,000 reals (285,809 euros) in two records in Sao Paulo.

Cameron: "Do not allow the culture of fear is installed in the streets"

The violence, far from abating, has spread to other parts of the UK. British Prime Minister, David Cameron, said today that given the current wave of street violence, will not allow the "culture of fear 'prevails in the streets. "Shot, all offenders will be identified and arrested," Cameron has said.

"We needed an answer and have answered firmly," he added. For the second consecutive day, Cameron has presided over a meeting in Downing Street crisis of his Cabinet to assess the response to the looting and rioting, which led in practice four days has been 768 arrests in London. In this sense, the British prime minister has said he has been "the worst" and "or best" country in reference to "criminals" that the cause and the police who fight against it.

Mass protests in Chile: Tens of thousands demanding better education

In many cities in Chile tens of thousands have demonstrated against the education system. Students, teachers and students gathered for peaceful protests - but again, there were riots. Masked men set fire to barricades and looted shops. The police responded with tear gas. Santiago de Chile - The protesters carried a huge flag in the city Valparaiso: Like tens of thousands of people all over Chile, they called for better and free education for the country.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

In Chile, the students stopped their activities and march for a better education system

Thousands of Chilean students and teachers conducted a work stoppage today to demand better education, and have been released back to the streets of Santiago in places where protesters have clashed with police. Authorities said six people have been arrested for participating in roadblocks hours before the big march that has begun in the Chilean capital.

The police have cleared barricades emblematic areas of Santiago and La Alameda, walk where thousands of students Tuesday in what will be the fourth major demonstration for a quality public education in Chile. The officers have also used water jets and tear gas to disperse the demonstrators.

NATO air raid in Zliten leaves at least 85 dead

At least 85 people were killed in a raid by fighter jets from NATO at dawn today in Zliten, east of Tripoli, according to the official news agency Jana. The agency, quoting military sources, said that most victims are women and children and is an operation of "collective extermination." The airstrike was launched against the popular district of Majer, where besides the dead several dozen people suffered injuries of varying degrees, according to sources.

S & P downgrades several giants of the U.S. financial system

In the aftermath of the sovereign rating of the United States, the main agencies of the U.S. financial system and five insurance companies have lost on Monday "triple A" they enjoyed to date with the Standard & Poor's. Standard and Poor's announced Monday, 8 August, it lowered the rating of parastatals refinancing of mortgages Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac a notch, from "AAA" to "AA +" and the note of various banks and insurers.

The revolt infecting other cities Cameron falls from vacation

Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and Bristol. From London the uprising triggered by the killing by police of a young black extends to other British cities. In three days, 35 officers were injured, 334 people, including a boy of 11 years, were arrested and taken to 69 is the indictment. For the third consecutive night the British capital was the scene of a real guerrilla war with buildings and vehicles burned, riots and looting.

The ultimatum from Turkey to Damascus "Stop violence or actions will support the UN"

The diplomacy tightens the circle around the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad. The day after the new sentence of Obama and Berlusconi, and especially after the breaking of any delay on the part of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain, with the recall of its ambassador from Damascus as an extreme form of protest against the nearly five months of bloody repression implemented by the Syrian government against the popular demonstrations in support of a process of democratization of society, the initiative now goes to Turkey.

The massacre of the Navy Seals "A Taliban trap"

NEW YORK - It is perhaps fallen into a trap of the Taliban shot down the helicopter of NATO in Afghanistan in the night between Friday and Saturday with thirty-eight soldiers on board, including 30 Americans? It may have been a vendetta against the Navy Seals, the special units of the U.S. Navy who murdered Osama Bin Laden and who now, in one fell swoop, have lost twenty-two of their super-Rambo? The Pentagon denies any such hypotheses.

16,000 policemen to secure London

David Cameron has returned from vacation a hurry - and threatens the rampaging youths in London tough penalties. The number of police officers allows the Premier to increase massively, from 6,000 to 16,000. Because of the fighting could now work even decrease the water pressure in some neighborhoods.

London - There will be no mercy for the young criminals who make unsafe for days with severe riots, the British capital. Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron threatened severe punishment to the perpetrators: "You will feel the force of law," Cameron said on Tuesday in a brief statement.

died a young man shot during the riots in London

The riots that have brought chaos to various parts of London and other UK cities have claimed their first fatality: a 26 years old. As reported by the Metropolitan Police, was shot dead in a car during the riots last night in London and died of wounds, but has not been informed about who shot him. Like wildfire, the London street violence has spread to other parts of the UK in the last 24 hours.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Syrian President justifies repression of protesters

Syrian President Bashar Assad defended the bloody military offensive to silence dissenting voices, the same day that the troops entered the towns of Deir el-Zur and Haul causing about 50 deaths. Assad said he is a "state duty" to protect the safety of its citizens and act against "criminals who violate the law, cut roads, closed cities and terrorize the families." While the authorities again accused criminals and terrorists of the violence plaguing the country, opposition groups complained that the army stormed Deir el-Zur (Northeast) and Haul (province of Homs, in the center) and bombed several areas with tanks and heavy artillery.

Netanyahu meets the "outraged" Israeli

n Cairo, protesters shouted: "The people want the collapse of the system", while in Tel Aviv protesters claim: "The people want social justice." While the middle class angry camped for two weeks on the Rothschild Boulevard, grouse artery of the economic capital of Israel, do not ask - for now - the resignation of the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Iran arrested 17 boys "were playing with water guns"

Seventeen young people, girls and boys, were arrested for participating in a "battle" with water guns in the park at Bandar Abbas in southern Iran. He said the Chief Justice of the province, quoted by the ISNA news agency. Of the 17 boys arrested "five were released immediately, while the other 12 were released on bail today," he said, explaining that young people could weigh on charges of participation in an "haram" (forbidden by religion) and "insult security forces.

The crash of the U.S. helicopter in Afghanistan due to trap Taliban

The U.S. helicopter that crashed Saturday in Afghanistan was shot dead by the Taliban who have set a trap for U.S. Special Forces by giving them false information. Thirty-eight Afghan soldiers and American were killed in the operation. "It is confirmed that the helicopter was shot down and he fell into a trap set by a local leader of the Taliban, Qari Tahir," said a government source under the condition of anonymity.

In the middle of social unrest, Israel increases in electricity prices by 10%

At the risk of fueling social unrest that has pushed tens of thousands of people in the streets for several weeks, the Israeli government announced on Monday, August 8, an increase of 9.3% of the price of electricity.
According to Boaz Stembler, spokesman for the Ministry of Finance, the increase was "mainly due to interruptions to supply Egyptian gas to power plants." Egyptian gas pipeline to Israel in recent months has been the target of repeated attacks in the Sinai Peninsula, resulting in prolonged interruptions of gas supply.

The ECB requires to help Italy

While the European Central Bank (ECB) began the purchase of the debt of countries in the euro area, the Italian daily Il Corriere della Sera revealed the conditions posed by the financial institution to assist Italy. A letter "secret" to the head of the Government, Silvio Berlusconi, and revealed Monday, August 8, the daily, details required of the ECB: an economic liberalization and privatization of municipal corporations which, in Italy, manage often public transport, waste collection or distribution of electricity and gas.

London, second night of Flames warfare, looting and hundreds of arrests

Over 100 people arrested: it is the budget of the operation by Scotland Yard after the second night of rioting and looting in London. After the revolt of Tottenham on Saturday night, new violence has rocked it last night, other districts of the capital, where groups of youths clashed with police looting shops and damaging cars and buildings.

In particular in Brixton (formerly Theater years ago of serious racial violence), hundreds of people looted a department store, throwing rocks at the agents, another fifty vandals caused damage in Oxford Circus in the heart of the capital and tourist Other clashes took place at Enfield.

Saudi Arabia recalls its ambassador from Syria

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has recalled its ambassador to Syria for "consultations" and called on the Syrian regime to "stop the machine of death and bloodshed, and fairevaloir reason before it is too late. " "The Saudi kingdom can not possibly accept what is happening in Syria. The event does not lend itself to any justification," said the King, Sunday, Aug.7, saying that "the Syrian government can implement comprehensive reforms and rapid "to bring the country out of the wave of violence that shakes. "Syria has only two choices for the future: to opt voluntarily for wisdom or sinking into chaos and violence," he summarized in a statement to the unusually harsh tone against the Syrian leadership.

In Ukraine, the court refused the release of Yulia Tymoshenko

Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, currently on trial for abuse of power, will remain in prison while she must appear before a judge Monday, August 8, for a first hearing. Tymoshenko has been remanded in custody Friday for its "systematic violation" of court rules, according to a court in Kiev.

She continued to have exceeded his authority as prime minister in 2009 by authorizing, without government approval, the signing of contracts on the import of Russian gas at a price deemed disadvantageous to Kiev. She faces a sentence of seven to ten years in prison. His lawyers and his supporters demand his release, as the United States and the European Union, which criticized his detention on remand.

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Security Council UN condemns repression in Syria

Unable to agree on a draft resolution, the fifteen members of the Security Council finally adopted the UN, Wednesday, Aug. 3, after two days of intense discussions, a simple statement condemning the use of force against civilians by the Syrian authorities (lirele text of the statement). In this document, the Security Council "condemn" the violent repression of demonstrations by the Syrian authorities and advocates that officials "accountable." This is the first time the Security Council talks about Syria since the protests began in the country March 15.

Somalia: Famine will continue according to the UN

The famine in the Horn of Africa already threatens millions of people. No country is affected as bad as Somalia. According to the UN, therefore, need 3.2 million of some 7.5 million Somalis desperately emergency aid to survive. And will the situation in Somalia is expected to worsen even further, said the new director of the World Food Program in Ethiopia (WFP), Abdou Dieng.

The alarming growth of the Chinese navy

Japan expressed, August 2, concern about the maritime expansion of China to the Pacific and "opacity" of its military budget. In its annual report on the defense, the Japanese Ministry of Defense states that China, "given the recent modernization of its air and naval forces" will expand its operations in South China Sea, in the East China Sea and Pacific Ocean.

Yet Beijing confirmed Wednesday, July 27 she called into a carrier state of Soviet design purchased from Ukraine, the Varyag, and, according to sources close to the government, it would have taken the parallel construction of two more bears aircraft, Chinese design. They are ideal means to project power on distant theaters of operation.

Middle East conflict: Israel approves construction of 930 houses in East Jerusalem

With this decision, Israel risks new conflict with the Palestinians: The Interior Ministry has approved a controversial housing project in Arab East Jerusalem - the settlement policy is a major obstacle in the Middle East peace process. Jerusalem - Israel said on Thursday cleared the way for the construction of another 930 homes in Arab East Jerusalem.

The expansion of the settlement of Har Homa, near the Palestinian town of Bethlehem, has begun to plan this two years ago, had been now been definitively accepted, said a spokeswoman for the Interior Ministry. The construction project in occupied East Jerusalem by Israel's controversial for a long time.

Libya: NATO checks for reports about dead of Gaddafi son

The insurgents report a major success, but the reports are still unconfirmed: The information provided by a rebel leader from Benghazi, according to Gaddafi's son-Khamis in an attack by the Allies has been killed. NATO has announced an opinion. Tripoli - A son of Libyan ruler Moammar Gadhafi may have been killed in a NATO airstrike.

However, the reports have been confirmed so far are not independent. Neither the government nor NATO was preparing an opinion. A NATO representative in the Central Command in Naples, said the reports would be examined. In the attack on the western city Slitan total of 32 people were killed, including Gaddafi Khamis, a spokesman for the rebels said on Friday.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

In famine, new regions in Somalia

The famine has spread to three other areas of southern Somalia, where two regions already suffered such a situation, reported the Financial Analysis Unit of Nutrition and Food Security in Somalia (FSNAU), linked to the Organization of the United Nations. "New data indicate that the prevalence of acute malnutrition and mortality rates have exceeded the threshold of hunger in the Balkan and Cadal areas in Middle Shabelle, in the IDP camp Afgoye and between the community of displaced people in Mogadishu."

Nine dead in a helicopter crash in Indonesia

Nine people were killed in Indonesia in a helicopter crash of an Australian mining company east of the archipelago, the company reported today. Rescuers found this morning the remains of the helicopter that crashed yesterday near Manado, on Sulawesi island, on his way to the island of Halmahera, the largest of the Moluccas, where he is one of the company Newcrest mines, the largest gold producer in Australia.

The UN condemns Damascus "immediate end to the violence"

The "immediate cessation of violence" and strongly condemned the "widespread violations of human rights and the use of force against civilians by the Syrian authorities." Here are some of the passages in the text of the sentence approved by the UN Security Council - but Lebanon has disassociated - the violent crackdown by the Assad regime in Syria.

A statement, not a resolution as they wanted the Europeans and the United States. Decision, it was adopted to avoid a veto by Russia and China who also wanted the document had eliminated all references to an inquiry of the UN Human Rights Council on violence of recent days. The Council has met at UN Headquarters for the third consecutive day in an attempt to break the deadlock on the Syrian crisis.

The trial of Hosni Mubarak in Cairo will resume August 15

The first day of trial of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was completed in early afternoon Wednesday, August 3 in Cairo. Less than six months after the fall of his regime, carried away by a popular revolt that has killed 840, according to an official report, Hosni Mubarak appeared in a landmark case for Egypt and the Arab world, which was broadcast live public television.

The next hearing is set for Aug. 15. "All these accusations, I deny them completely," he said. The former president appeared lying on a stretcher in a large cage with bars blacks in the police academy in the capital laid out in court. He remained in custody in a nearby hospital in the city until the next hearing, which he should attend, said the judge.

Algeria legalizes the Protestant church

It is still a couple of years, the Algerian Minister of Religious Affairs, Buabdelá Gulamalá did not hesitate to declare that equate "evangelization and terrorism." But in late July, the Algerian Interior Ministry called the Shepherd Mustapha Krim, president of the Protestant Church of Algeria (IPA), to announce the recognition of the institution by the authorities.

"This is good news," said Krim days after a Protestant website. "In principle we can develop our activities as usual," he added. The only previously recognized Christian church in Algeria was Catholic, whose faithful are scarce, however, almost exclusively foreigners, mostly Europeans or students enrolled in universities in sub-Saharan Algeria.

The Brazilian government launched a plan to defend the industry

The meeting of the government of President Rousseff with the cream of the business, which introduced its new industrial policy is perhaps the most important moment of his first seven months in office. "The domestic industry has in me an ally, a partner aware of the difficulties, but also the potential of our productive sector," he confided.

According to her, "has launched a crusade in defense of the Brazilian industry." Among the measures Finance Minister Guido Mantega and Development Minister, Fernando Pimentel, provides a tax exemption of about 16,000 million dollars.

Obama bitter birthday: recession and crisis of consensus

 "The U.S. economy has weakened, we must redouble our efforts to revitalize." It is with this warning that Barack Obama faces a bitter anniversary: 50 years old today between the distrust of markets, the disaffection of his left base, the nightmare of a relapse into recession. For several hours, and seeks refuge in his distraction Chicago, where "the young president with too much white hair" now spends the holiday.

The endless spiral of crisis in the euro area

Markets are they caught up in a vacuum? The consent of Congress, Tuesday, Aug. 2, to raise the ceiling of the debt and the specter of a defect in the world's largest economy, had no effect on investors panicked. At the New York Stock Exchange, the Dow plunged on Tuesday to 2.19%, taking with it the Asian and European markets.

Wednesday, Tokyo yielded 2.11% while Paris and Frankfurt declined by 1.82% and 2.26% at the opening. In Europe, the renewed stress exacerbates the acute crisis of sovereign debt in a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy: the more rates rise, the debt is more difficult to repay. Fifteen days after the leaders had flung, July 21, what they thought was a nuclear weapon to neutralize the fears, the rate loans to ten years of Spanish and Italian and have reached historic highs: 6.36% for Spain and 6.18% for Italy on Tuesday.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

UN Security Council is struggling to Syria Resolution

The troops of the Syrian dictator Assad's rage against the opposition. Human rights report of one hundred dead in two days - they ask the UN Security Council to act. This could not agree so far, but given the brutality of the regime, the pressure increases. The Syrian city of Hama, a stronghold of opposition to the regime's security forces to go with severity against the dissidents there before.

NATO reinforcements to Kosovo packaging at the robe voltage increase

NATO is sending several hundred soldiers as reinforcements to Kosovo after the escalation of violence last week between Serbian and Albanian sources said Tuesday the Atlantic organization. A battalion, mostly formed by members of Germany and Austria, will be integrated into the international KFOR troops in the coming days.

U.S., the agreement also cuts jobs

Why Barack Obama, speaking yesterday from the White House Rose Garden after the vote on the debt of the United States focused on employment? Because the creation of jobs must be the priority of parliamentary stars and stripes, ready to go on holiday after negotiations that have dragged on for weeks? Simple: to try to pick up the pieces of a vase now broken.

The deal, who smiles more to Republicans than to Democrats, provides a series of cuts that, according to the Economic Policy Institute in Washington, will reduce the jobs of thousands of people, public servants or not. Estimates of the old liberal studies are chilling: 1.82 million people will be unemployed due to the new austerity.

Building the world's tallest tower

Saudi Billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal said yesterday a plan to build the world's tallest tower in the port city of Jeddah on the Red Sea, after signing a thousand 230 million dollars with the Bin Laden Group. Kingdom Tower will be over a thousand feet high and will take five years to complete. "Building this tower in Jeddah sends a message to financial and economic should not be ignored," Alwaleed said.

Egypt, Hosni Mubarak on trial

It opened today in Cairo, Hosni Mubarak on trial, accused together with his sons Alaa and Gamal for corruption and murder. The 83enne former Egyptian president was airlifted from Sharm el-Sheikh, where from April was hospitalized for heart problems, and the airport has been taken to court in an ambulance.

Mubarak, who risks the death penalty, following the trial of the defendants in the cage, where it is lying on a stretcher. In the cage, his sons, dressed in white overalls of the detainees. The representative of procuraegiziana, who is making his submissions at the trial of the former Rais, accused former Minister of Hosni Mubarak 'Interior Habib el Adly of premeditated murder against protesters during the revolution of January.

The U.S. Senate adopted the bill on the debt

After the House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate approved Tuesday, August 2, the bill raising the debt ceiling. The text was then promulgated by President Barack Obama, which allows the U.S. to avoid a default, hours before the ultimate limit set by the Treasury. Elected officials have approved the text by 74 votes against 26 the day after its adoption in the House of Representatives.

The compromise reached Sunday night at torn between the White House and congressional leaders allows an increase in the ceiling of U.S. debt. The measure is accompanied by budget cuts. "This is not the deficit reduction plan that I wrote," he said Tuesday, shortly before the vote, the Republican minority leader, Mitch McConnell, the Senate.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Paris sells 182 million euros of Libyan assets to rebels

France has earmarked 182 million euros of Libyan assets that have been available to the National Transitional Council (CNT) for "humanitarian purchases," said Monday the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. "These are funds that belong to the Libyan people" and that "for the purchase of medicines, food products," said CNT's new ambassador in Paris, Mansour Saif Al-Nasr at the end of a meeting with the head of French diplomacy, Alain Juppe.

Italy withdraws ambassador from Syria

Italy has recalled its ambassador from Damascus, Syria's Defense Minister receives ban on entry into the EU, the UN Security Council is struggling to a resolution. In light of the brutal violence of the security forces against the popular uprising in Syria, Italy has recalled its ambassador to Damascus for consultations.

A typhoon and a tropical storm caused 70 deaths in the Philippines

The combined action of first tropical storm and then a typhoon in the Philippines has caused 70 deaths, 24 missing and about a million people displaced, officials said. The National Center for Disaster Prevention rose this morning to 66 the number of people killed when tropical storm Nock-Ten toured the north of the archipelago last week, out on Thursday.

Then he went and killed four others typhoon "Muifa" which affected the country on Thursday with sustained winds of 175 mph and gusts to 210 mph, according to data from the agency. The latest victims are nine fishermen found in the province of Masbate, the Philippines, after wrecking his boat and had been missing since last Wednesday.

After the debt, the stagnation threatens Obama

The White House and Republican and Democratic leaders of Congress have thus given birth to forceps, on the eve of the fateful date of August 2, agreement on raising the public debt of the United States. This deal, torn by President Obama, based on mutual concessions that everyone tries already to present to his advantage.

Barack Obama can claim to have achieved three successes. First, it has avoided the worst for his country - and the rest of the world economy. For now, the U.S. will not be declared insolvent and punished by the rating agencies. Rightly, he can plead his liability against the dangerous games that have engaged the Republicans.

President Chavez: "This is my new look"

After his cancer chemotherapy Venezuelan president is presented for the first time with a bald head - and makes jokes to the assembled round about his new hairstyle. Completely shaved, Hugo Chávez appeared on Monday in Caracas. "This is my new look," the 57-year-old announced cheerfully.

Then he held a photo up, the him as a toddler - shows - and with few hairs. "I have again the same hairstyle," he quipped. The state television he had earlier reported on the phone that he had asked his barber for a "military cut", when the first hair turned out as a result of chemotherapy.

Mubarak health care allows trial

Egyptian Health Minister, Amr Helmy, said the president's health status is stable Hosni Mubarak, so there are no impediments to the transfer to Cairo to appear in court next Wednesday. Helmy, quoted by state news agency Mena said that "according to the daily reports received by the Ministry of Health, the state of Mubarak is almost stable and so far there is nothing to prevent his transfer to Cairo." On July 26, the attending physician at the Hospital of Sharm el-Sheikh told the "acute stage of weakness" of the deposed president, who has stopped eating and only eat liquids.

Horn of Africa situation worsens daily

The humanitarian crisis worsens Horn of Africa every day and runs the risk that the declared state of famine in two regions of Somalia to be extended to another five or six more, warned the UN undersecretary general for humanitarian affairs, Valerie Amos. "The crisis is intensifying in the Horn of Africa.

Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia and Djibouti is 12.4 million people in dire need of help as the situation worsens," said Amos told reporters at the UN headquarters in New York, where he said the situation was particularly worrying in Somalia. There, in two regions which the international organization two weeks ago declared a state of famine, Amos said the humanitarian crisis may be even more catastrophic proportions "unless there is a massive increase in the international response." "The famine soon be extended to five or six regions," warned the head of the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), who recalled that "tens of thousands of Somalis have died and hundreds of thousands face a famine with implications for the entire region.

Assassinations of Oslo and Utya: the Norwegian Parliament commemorates the victims of terror

Norwegian Prime Minister Stoltenberg has warned after the attacks of Oslo and Utøya against a "witch hunt against the freedom of expression". At a memorial service in Parliament, the Prime Minister announced a major national memorial service for the 77 dead. Oslo - The 21st August will be a day of remembrance in Norway: The country wants to remember this day with a major national memorial to the 77 dead of the terrorist attacks of Oslo and Utøya.

U.S. debt, okay the agreement of the House of representatives, now the final vote of the Senate

It came the OK from the House of representatives to compromise on increasing the ceiling of U.S. debt (related to heavy cuts to the state budget), should plan to avoid default and its heavy economic impact. Because the agreement - which was announced last night by Barack Obama - to become law, it lacks the Senate vote.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Morocco protests continue despite repression

Thousands of Moroccans today responded to the call of the Movement February 20 and returned to appear in major Moroccan cities to demand more democracy and social justice, repeated demonstrations every Sunday for several weeks. In Rabat, hundreds of protesters of all ages, organized a march from the central square of Bab Al to the seat of Parliament, where they staged a peaceful sit-in despite the provocations of about 20 protesters monarchist to the police prevented from reaching to their adversaries.

The strong social protest in Israel

Social protest hardens into Israel after the events of Saturday, about 150 000 city employees are on strike Monday. "We called for a strike day. Town halls are closed to the public, the garbage collectors have not picked up the garbage," said Shlomo Buhbut, president of the Union of Local Authorities.

"If the government does nothing we do not exclude the possibility of other support actions in the coming days," he warned. In addition, a call for a strike of twenty-four hours of the employees was launched Monday by Internet users through the social networking site Facebook. Some 24,000 Israelis have announced that they would not go to work, said the media, which have not been able to measure whether the initiative had been followed.

Obama condemns repression in Syria

The U.S. President Barack Obama condemned the crackdown on the opposition demonstrations in Syria and actions announced in the coming days to isolate the government of the Arab nation. Obama's message was released after hospital officials and human rights groups said Sunday that at least 121 people were killed and hundreds injured in the Syrian city of Hama, a Syrian army raid against protesters.

Famine: Heavy rain aggravates the situation in Somalia

It sounds paradoxical, but heavy rains have exacerbated the problems in Somalia. The heavy rain destroyed makeshift huts in camps, which have saved the starving because of drought. The UN speaks of twelve million people in need Mogadishu - In the capital Mogadishu over the weekend went down heavy rainfall, where the huts stood up to the tens of thousands of refugees barely.

The residents were sitting on the night drenched in the cold. Because of the drought in the region, although rain is desperately needed, but the brunt of the rainfall destroyed many houses. Her entire family had a sleepless night, said the mother of five Lul Hussein. The situation of hungry people is catastrophic in other East African countries, and it is in the opinion of the United Nations getting worse.

Iranian Woman forgives man who disfigured his face with acid

Ameneh Bahrami, an Iranian woman who was blinded and disfigured in 2004 by an acid attack, perpetrated by a man who refused to marry, today forgave his attacker and prevented received the law of retaliation. "Ameneh Bahrami, a victim of acid attack, at the last moment he forgave his assailant Majid Movahedi and waived his right to claim retaliation, to be applied today," the prosecutor of Tehran, according to a report ISNA news agency.

Lampedusa: 25 found dead aboard a migrants boat

The Italian Coast Guard Monday found 25 bodies on board a boat migrants on arrival in the Italian island of Lampedusa, officials said the port. The bodies were discovered when the passengers were transferred to a ship the Coast Guard. The boat also included 271 people alive who were crammed aboard, including 36 women and 21 children.

It was not immediately possible to clarify the reason of the death of passengers, all young men. Thousands of people fleeing Libya, most immigrant workers from Africa, arrived in Lampedusa in recent weeks. Hundreds of them drowned when the boats used by migrants are often in poor condition and the unfavorable weather.

Syria, London: "Hypothesis military away" Assad praised the army and "patriotic"

To stop the bloody repression in Syria at the hands of the regime of Bashar al-Assad does not exclude an intervention the British military, like the one in Libya. "This is not a remote possibility," said Foreign Minister William Hague, for the first time since assuming excluded so far by other Western countries.

Meanwhile, Germany, after Italy, has requested an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss the situation in Syria, where, in yet another bloody day yesterday, more than 130 people were killed by security forces, 100 of them in the city of Hama (Read). This was announced yesterday by the German delegation to the UN spokesman Alexander Eber, adding that the meeting could take place already in the day today.

U.S. debt: an agreement and concessions

New York Correspondent - If all goes as hoped the White House, the Republican majority in the House of Representatives, Democrats and their counterparts in the Senate, the U.S. will avoid a default Tuesday, August 2. The agreement on raising the U.S. national debt, Sunday, July 31 at night, after a negotiation with a line, should be adopted by Congress.

However, much more than saving the planet from a new financial earthquake potentially dramatic, the first question that preoccupied the American commentators, once the agreement announced, was to identify which, politically, the winner. The deal is indeed seen as a product of Washingtonian politics.