Sunday, March 20, 2011

U.S. action against Libya: As Obama was in seven days to the commander

Barack Obama is adamantly behind the UN resolution against Libya and Gaddafi threatened with air strikes. Ironically, before the anniversary of the Iraq war. It is a defining moment in his presidency - and his first own troop deployment. It is a new sound. Unthinkable when he was still a candidate, the candidate of peace, the wars of his predecessor refused and wanted to have to do with them as little as possible. But now he is president. And suddenly he's commander - his own first war.

U.S.: Ex-Foreign Ministers Warren Christopher died

With 68 years Warren Christopher came to his main office: The lawyer was U.S. secretary of state under Democratic President Bill Clinton and played an important role in peace negotiations in the Middle East and Bosnia. The diplomat died on Friday evening. Former U.S. Secretary of State Warren Christopher has died at the age of 85. From 1993 to 1997 was the diplomat at the office of then U.S. President Bill Clinton. In his tenure, he played an important role in the peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians that led to the Oslo peace agreement.

Nuclear watchdog will visit Japanese plant possible

The agency head of the UN nuclear watchdog said Thursday he wants to visit the ravaged nuclear plant in Japan before leaving for Tokyo to extract more details on the crisis. Japanese military helicopters dropped water and fire hydrants on the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant but no results have been achieved due to high radiation levels.

"The situation remains very serious," said the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA for its acronym in English), Yukiya Amano, told reporters at Vienna airport when he went with a small group of nuclear experts. "We like going to the site, but we'll discuss it when we get" he said.

Obama authorized the start of military operations in Libya

President Barack Obama on Saturday authorized the use of limited military action against Libya, saying that continuing leader Moammar Gadhafi's attacks against his own people gave no other options the United States and its international allies. Meanwhile, the Pentagon reported that 112 had already fired 20 cruise missiles against targets.

Obama said that military action was not his first choice. "This is not an expected result that the United States or its allies. We can not sit still when a tyrant tells his own people will not have mercy" with them, said Obama from Brazil, where he began a five-day visit to Latin America.

Libyan crisis, the witness: "Gaddafi has ordered raids from house to house"

"Despite the bombing, Gaddafi never take Benghazi. He is a broken man. " Omar (not his real name) is a freelance Libya. In Italy there has arrived on Thursday. It 'started from Cairo after the bombing began in Ajdabiyah, a city 160 km from Benghazi. "We started in 14 out of private minibus headed to the Egyptian border today, in all probability, is closed.

Some of us, including women and children, remained in Egypt, Italy and others came in, headed to Beirut. The militia did not control the border and the Egyptians have helped the refugees by facilitating the paperwork Libyan passports. There were many volunteers to help out. " Omar was in Libya since the beginning of the revolution, but two days ago he decided to leave before the situation degenerated even in Benghazi, as happened in the last hour.

Despite the cease-fire, fighting continues in Libya

While international forces prepare for military intervention in Libya, Gaddafi and the pro-rebel continued to clash Friday, March 18 despite the announcement at midday by Tripoli of a cease-fire unilaterally. According to Al-Jazeera, the forces loyal to Qadhafi continues to march on Benghazi, a stronghold of the insurgency in eastern Libya, the Libyan leader forces loyal to the insurgents faced especially in the localities of Al and Magroun Slouq at fifty miles of Benghazi.

Starts Operation Dawn Odyssey "Gaddafi threat hitting civilians

ROME - rain of missiles on Libya from the sky and the sea. E 'taken "Operation Dawn Odyssey", to which when France, Britain and the United States. Italy and Canada, the other two members of the international coalition, have not yet taken an active part in the raid. But Italy is providing important logistical support through the provision of the coalition of seven military bases.

The raid began in the late afternoon (Italian time) with the first bombing by French fighter. Then I spoke English and Americans. According to Pentagon sources, are at least 110 Tomahawk cruise missiles launched in the evening on a score of sensitive targets of the Colonel: antiaircraft batteries and fuel depots.

French President plans to travel to Japan in late March

French President Nicolas Sarkozy said Thursday he is prepared to travel in late March to Japan, which faces a major nuclear crisis, to "express solidarity" in France and other countries, G8 and G20. "This is not to disturb the Japanese authorities must absolutely devote to managing the crisis, but of course, if the opportunity arises and if the Japanese authorities so wish, it is clear that at the time of my trip to Asia, I will go there to express our solidarity, "Sarkozy said on Thursday in southeastern France.

More than 100 rockets have been launched by America and Britain over Libya

-Boats and submarines from the United States and Britain have launched 112 cruise missiles against Libyan missile systems and have reached about 20 targets, according to the Pentagon. U.S. Admiral Bill Gortney told a press conference that the U.S. operations have focused on this first phase in the western part of Libya.

For his part, British Prime Minister, David Cameron, confirmed that the RAF has gone into action in Libya. "British forces have taken action on Libya. They are part of an international coalition to enforce the will of the UN. We've all seen the appalling brutality inflicted by Colonel Qaddafi to his own people, "Cameron said in a statement in front of Downing Street.

The weapons available to Gaddafi

Here's how, according to some military experts, the Libyan leader will fight the military actions of the coalition of the willing. A worry allies is not the Air Force, but a formidable anti-aircraft, the only tool with which Gaddafi can hope to oppose the bombing of the international community. Air Force.

Qaddafi may have a maximum of twenty combat aircraft, mostly MiGs 21:23 Soviet-made (Sukhoi) and some French Mirage F1 fighter. All the planes are guided by experienced pilots. The scheme also has some CH-47 transport helicopters and MI-75 gunship. MISSILES. They are the ones that worry more.

EU to freeze assets of former Egyptian President Mubarak

The European Union will freeze the assets of the deposed Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and eighteen of his relatives. The decision, which was the subject of agreement at the ambassadorial level twenty-seven member countries in Brussels, should be endorsed on Monday by European foreign ministers, and will come into force next week, according to diplomats.

Are affected by this decision to the persons subject of legal proceedings in Egypt for the same offense. In early March, a criminal court upheld a decision to freeze the assets of Hosni Mubarak and his family. The European list contains nineteen names, revealed a European diplomat. In addition to Mr.

Two cooled reactors, the electricity back Tokyo, traces of radioactivity in water

ROME - faint signs of hope in Fukushima. The situation in Central earthquake zone, provides the IAEA in Vienna, evolves "in the right direction." This is because attempts to restore power are, at least in part, succeeded. Of course, the emergency is far from over, and the experts themselves can not rule out a sudden and unexpected deterioration of the situation.

The reactors. In units 1, 2, 3 and 4, the situation has not worsened since yesterday, while the cooling systems of the storage tanks are back in operation in reactors 5 and 6. The breakthrough, reports the TEPCO, has matured after engineers managed to restart the pumps to ensure water supply to marine basins.

Japan knew from 2008 that were obsolete nuclear plants

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) made clear in 2008 when Japan's government that nuclear plants were weaknesses that posed risk to a major earthquake contingency, according to documents leaked by WikiLeaks. The cables indicate that during the meeting of the security group Atomic G-8 in Tokyo, an official of the IAEA informed the authorities that the safety of nuclear plants was obsolete and that a strong earthquake would be "a serious problem." The Japanese defense was committed to improving the security level of all its nuclear power plants, and created a rapid response center in central Fukushima, the plant most affected by the quake, "but WikiLeaks documents say the worst scenario that hypothesis was established as an earthquake of magnitude 7.0 on the Richter scale.

France at the forefront of international offensive in Libya

- A French fighter jet on Saturday made their first air raid against Libya in a "pro-Gaddafi vehicle," said the General Staff of the Armed Forces, hours after an international summit to define the military apparatus against the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi . A French unit on Saturday fired on a vehicle "clearly identified as belonging to the pro-Gaddafi," said the spokesman of the Armed Forces, Thierry Bruckhard.

A large majority of Egyptians say 's' to the constitutional change

A large majority of Egyptians have said yes to a constitutional change in the referendum held yesterday, according to preliminary results. A judicial source has reported that over 60% of voters approved the reforms that opened the door to early elections. According to estimates, 27 million Egyptians (about 60% of those invited) attended yesterday at the polls in an historic vote.

"The first signs of results, a few hours of their announcement, indicate that between 60 and 70% have voted yes, four percent of the votes were not valid and 26% voted no, according to judicial sources . Egyptians voted yesterday amendments to the Constitution proposed by a committee of experts formed by the current military government in what was the first taste of democracy for which thousands of citizens fought 18 days in the streets across the country from the past January 28 and February 11, the day Mubarak stepped down after 30 years.

From Paris green light to attack Sarkozy: "Gaddafi has not heard"

PARIS - The military action in Libya is in fact already begun. In a brief press conference after the summit convened in Paris, President Nicolas Sarkozy said that French fighter jets are already on the country and are preventing the air strikes against Khadafi in Benghazi. The Air Force, he added, is ready to hit the tanks of Saddam besieging the city.

The Colonel is "still time to avoid the worst - Sarkozy added - if you will comply without delay and without reservation to the resolution of UN Security Council." France, concluded the tenant of the Élysée, "decided to play its part in the face of history." As for Italy, "for now, will provide only the basics - Silvio Berlusconi said after the meeting - but we are willing to provide resources where needed." No fear missile Tripoli: "Their range is such - added the President of the Council - they can not reach our territory." VIDEO Sarkozy's announcement at the summit "to support the Libyan people" took part - in addition to France - UK, USA, Germany, Italy, Canada, Spain, Norway, Qatar, Jordan, UAE, Portugal, Poland, Morocco , Holland, Belgium, Denmark and Greece.

In the absence of a cease-fire squad, the military option is looming

Muammar Gaddafi's word is she still with the international community? The question arises after the Libyan government announced its intention to respect a cease-fire immediately following the vote on UN resolution 1973. Not only does this statement has left the various chancery cautious, but official support for military intervention in Libya have not stopped flowing.

And especially since the cease-fire unilaterally, which was rejected by the rebels Libyan unlikely to have been respected by one side as the other. Bombings have been reported throughout the day in communities and Misrata Ajdabiya. According to Al-Jazeera, the troops pro-Qaddafi is still directed to the rebel stronghold of Benghazi, Friday, March 18 in the early evening.

Yemeni minister resigns Human Rights

.- The Yemeni Minister of Human Rights, Hoda to Ban, and the deputy minister, Ali Tayseer, presented the resignation from their posts in protest at the deaths of half a hundred protesters on Friday, according to a government source. The source, who preferred anonymity, confirmed Efe has also resigned from the managing editor of the government newspaper "Al Zawra," Abdelrahman Berries, for the same reasons.

U.S. warning on extreme levels of radiation in Japan

The president of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) of the United States, Gregory Jaczko, warned that the levels of radiation in a nuclear plant in Japan are "extremely high." In testimony before Congress, the specialist said that the current situation could impact the ability to take "corrective action" by the Japanese authorities.

The expert explained that he consumed all the water poured into the fuel tank of the reactor four in the Fukushima nuclear plant, which the fuel is exposed and generates radiation. The U.S. embassy in Tokyo shortly before recommended, based on the opinions of experts from the NRC, that the Americans evacuate a radius of about 80 kilometers from the Fukushima plant.

Start the Paris Summit on the UN resolution against Libya

.- The Paris summit convened by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, to discuss implementation of Security Council resolution on military action in Libya today began shortly after 12:30 GMT. Sources of the Elysee Palace, French President of the Republic confirmed to Efe the beginning of the meeting. Efe was found that the last participants to arrive was the Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou, who no longer received Sarkozy on the steps of the courtyard of the Elysee, as it did with those who preceded him.

Japan keeps at bay the nuclear crisis after a week of fighting

The Government has confirmed that radiation levels in the prefectures of Fukushima (which is the damaged nuclear power plant) and Ibaragi (neighbor) are above safety standards. So has the health minister, who also reiterated that the milk from these areas may not be sold to the public. Meanwhile, the situation of reactors in Fukushima 1 is stabilized.

The latest news from the plant operators have confirmed to AP that 2 to 6 reactors are under control thanks to the cooling power of the fuel pools. This confirmation comes minutes after the Cabinet Secretary Vice President, Tetsuro Fukuyama, cited by, said that the situation is still "uncertain." As planned, the reactor 2 retold with electric current, as confirmed by the Japanese news agency Kyodo.

The UN resolution against the Libyan regime

The building of the UN no-fly zones. Protection of civilians, immediately, in Benghazi. Prohibition on commercial flights to and from Libya. Strengthening the embargo of arms. These are the key elements contained in the 1973 UN resolution against the regime of Gaddafi. Resolution which explicitly excludes an "occupying force" in Libya.

The text calls for an immediate cease-fire and the complete end of hostilities. " No fly zone - The resolution prohibits "all flights in the airspace (...) in order to protect civilians." The prohibition does not apply "to flights whose sole purpose is humanitarian." Member States, which "will act on the national level or through regional organizations, are authorized to enforce the no fly zones.

Sound Portfolio - Haiti: Aristide's return complicates the second round of presidential

It is always a high voltage 72 dead in Yemen yesterday in Sana'a, Aden shots

SANA'A - It is always high voltage in Yemen. The clashes in the capital Sana'a yesterday killed at least 72 deaths and more than 400 injured, as reported by Ansa Aodi Foad, president of the Arab Community in Italy (coma), today the police fired on demonstrators in Aden, southern country. An initial budget of about 4 wounded, according to state witnesses.

The police and the army would open fire on demonstrators who were defending a barricade in the neighborhood of Moalli, Aden. According to witnesses, one protester was hit by a bullet, tear gas grenades from the other three. The police have failed to dismantle the barricades, resisting Aden two weeks ago.

Hezbollah Movement expresses its support for Arab rebellions

.- The head of the Lebanese Shiite movement Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, expressed his support to the people that perform popular revolts in the region and accused the regimes of Libya and Yemen Baréin provoke civil war. "We are with you and we are ready to help you with the means at our disposal, "Nasrallah said in a video message released to his followers at a rally in honor of the popular revolts of Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Libya and Yemen held in a southern suburb of Beirut .

Authorities disperse protesters in Bahrain, reported six dead

The Bahraini security forces controlled the center of the capital, Manama, and imposed a curfew after violent dispersal of demonstrators, mostly Shiites, killing at least five people. Several countries, Shi'a movements or communities of the Middle East, condemned the violent repression carried out by Sunni dynasty in power in the small archipelago of Bahrain against protesters who have demanded reforms on 14 February and the resignation of the government.

The police found two survivors in the rubble of Japan

Although the death toll continues to grow, there is still room for the miracle. Japanese police have confirmed to the NHK television channel Sunday that it has found two survivors who have spent nine days in the rubble in Ishinomaki, a city of Miyagi Prefecture. They are a lady of 80 years and a 16 that, according to police.

Both are aware, though very weak. A doctor at the hospital who were transferred has told NHK that the two survivors who are grandmother and grandson were trapped in the kitchen of his home, and have managed to survive thanks to the yogurt they had in the fridge at home. The grandson managed to climb onto the roof of the house and managed to get it checked by a helicopter flying over the area looking for survivors.

Bossi Berlusconi disappoints: "Our bases are crucial to operations in Libya"

Until this morning seemed to be no doubt. The government seemed willing to be involved in the hunt for Italian raid against Libya. He had said yesterday, Foreign Minister Franco Frattini: "Can the use of our aircraft to hit radar stations and anti-aircraft sites. He had confirmed on Tuesday the Minister of Defense Ignazio La Russa: "We can not be the role of a landlord, who provides the basics, give the keys of your own home.

The clashes killed 70 people in two days in southern Sudan

Seventy soldiers have been killed during two days of violent clashes between the army of South Sudan and rebels in the oil states of Unity and Upper Nile, announced Friday, March 18, a spokesman the Confederate Army. Thirty soldiers, at least, and eleven rebels died in fighting that erupted Thursday morning in Mayom County in the state of Unity, said Philip Aguer, spokesman of the People's Liberation Army Sudan (SPLA).

The struggle of the surviving seven days after the apocalypse

TOKYO - Today at 14:46 Japan has stopped. After a week, millions of people, have bowed to the dead and missing in the tsunami of Friday, March 11. For a minute, kneeling in the streets, parks, office or kitchen, shelters for displaced persons or the rubble covering the costs of the Northeast, have not thought about the danger of nuclear power plant in Fukushima.

They lit candles in temples and are back with the mind of the Pacific wave that swept all over the world making them feel fragile. Thousands of children have written to Prime Minister Naoto Kan, asking him to "reflect on the meaning of wealth based on an energy that can wipe out humanity in a few moments." The following are ten stories started in this terrible week, the Japanese mirror of the apocalypse that has claimed between 25 and 40 000 deaths.

The protests continue in Yemen

.- The violence shook back to Yemen this Saturday, leaving seven injured, one day after the bloody police crackdown that left 52 dead and 126 wounded among the demonstrators demanding the resignation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh. At least seven people were injured, three of them by gunshots, when Yemeni security forces opened fire on protesters guarding a roadblock in a suburb of Aden (south) and during a subsequent attack on a police station, witnesses said.

Earthquake and tsunami left 178 dead five thousand, according to new estimates

The earthquake and tsunami that struck northeastern Japan on March 11 left 178 dead five thousand and eight thousand 606 missing, according to a provisional official figures released Thursday by the police. The number is two thousand wounded 285, according to this balance. More than 88 thousand homes and buildings were destroyed, totally or partially.

This balance, published six days after the strongest earthquake that has ever suffered Japan may yet much worse. On Wednesday, the mayor of Ishinomaki, a city in Miyagi province, said he feared the disappearance of about 10 thousand inhabitants of the municipality, according to information published by local media.

France is planning imminent military action in Libya

The French ambassador to the United Nations, Gerard Araud, said that military intervention in Libya could begin "hours after" the conclusion of an international summit in Paris today. Speaking to the BBC, the Frenchman to the agency representative said that this space would be used to make the final warning to Tripoli.

"The United States, Britain and France have issued an ultimatum on ceasefire (...). So I think that after the summit, in the hours following launch military intervention. " The French official statements in Washington happen to remark that Moammar Gadhafi says "defied international demands for an immediate ceasefire", after the president Barack Obama warned that the leader would face military action if he failed.

The wave of protests against the corruption in Syria defies the rge of El Asad

And Tunisia, the Syrian revolt began with a discussion between a seller and a policeman. On 17 February, an old market trader from Damascus was vexed by an agent and hundreds of people took his side, shouting against corruption and abuse of power. Was the starting point of a string of protests. On Friday, police killed at least three protesters in the city of Dera, near Jordan.

Yesterday, the police attacked with tear gas canisters at the crowd that attended the funerals of three victims. Funeral services were held on the outskirts of Dera and brought together several thousand people chanting the phrase "God, Syria, Freedom" and hurled criticism at the government of President Bashar Assad.

Seven days in Tunisia

Let me suggest what I received in-country outpost of the Arab Democratic wave. And the video made by Cosimo Caridi services. Seven days in Tunisia are not sufficient to understand the complex and not always transparent interplay between old and new, but serve to frame the questions and feel the feelings.

Tunis "Horra" (free) will also Tunis "Laika" (secular)? This is the main question for the feminist elite are beginning to ask, besides the problem of the Constituent Assembly elections of 24 July, one of the municipalities. But in general it is not - and maybe not - the number one problem.

Computer graphics - In Algeria, housing riots cons

In recent years, Algeria has been transformed into a gigantic construction site. However, the slum dwellers are tired of waiting shelter and housing is the primary cause of riots in the country.

"On the government lied Hiroshima today to find the courage of truth"

HIROSHIMA - The city of old and new holocaust are geographically to the two opposite sides, one to the southwest, the other north east. From a land-based portion of the fault that bisects the island of Japan's Hiroshima, built on a large delta formed by myriads of small rivers. It is the historical symbol of nuclear destruction caused by years of research to bring down western Japan in the war.