Saturday, February 19, 2011

Beijing dictate its conditions for agreement at G20

China has come, Friday, February 18, the death knell for French hopes of seeing the G20 Finance Ministers adopted a list of indicators ambitious enough to address the global macroeconomic imbalances. The Deputy Minister of Finance of China, Xie Xuren, showed strong opposition to the inclusion of exchange rates and foreign exchange reserves of these indicators before the official opening of the meeting of G20 Finance in Paris.

Paris and London suspended the export of security equipment to Libya and Bahrain

France and the United Kingdom announced Friday, February 18 it had suspended exports of safety equipment bound for Libya and Bahrain, where the challenge regimes has intensified in recent days, causing several deaths among the protesters . "The events of recent days were an opportunity to mark that we expect the authorities [of] Bahrain they translate into action the commitments made," said the spokesman for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs Bernard Valero.

Eight injured in Jordan in a pro-reform

Eight people were injured, Friday, Feb. 18, when government supporters attacked protesters in Amman, told AP a student there. A medical source confirmed the hospitalization of two people. Organizers said they were 400 youths (300 according to the police), gathered after Friday prayers for "political reform" when the clashes erupted.

This is the first recorded violence since the start of the protest movement and social policy in Jordan, several weeks ago. The spokesman of the police Mohamad Khatib said that a "dispute" broke out "between a manifestation of government supporters and another rally is in the same location.

Log in force in Tunisia general amnesty for political prisoners

.- The general amnesty for political prisoners in force today in Tunis after the signing by the Tunisian president Acting Mebaza Fuad, the decree applicable law, official news agency TAP said. Under this provision, which was decided on Friday, all those tried or prosecuted before January 14, 2011 will benefit from this amnesty.

Secretary of State to the Prime Minister Ridha Belhadj was quoted by the TAP, said that this decree law puts an end to "a period of abuses and violations, open an era of reconciliation and prepare the objective conditions" for a transitional period and the organization of elections "in the best possible conditions." He explained that the crimes covered by this amnesty concern the internal security of the State were brought to justice under the law on terrorism, the press law and the laws on demonstrations, as well as communications code, different items Penal Code and other regulations, in particular the Code of Military.

Egypt allows two Iranian ships to cross the Suez Canal

The Egyptian authorities have approved Friday, February 18 two warships to cross the Iranian Suez Canal, according to a source close to the Egyptian security services cited by. Information is also relayed by the Egyptian state television. According to the Fars agency, these buildings convey cadets of the Iranian navy, which must reach a Syrian port as part of a campaign training.

Tehran has assured that the two ships were not carrying military equipment, components or chemical or nuclear weapons. This is the first time since the 1979 Islamic Revolution that Iranian warship crossed the Suez Canal. Egypt forbids the crossing of the channel at any merchant vessel, provided there is no state of war.

Yemen clashes are six dead and dozens injured

A student was shot dead Saturday, February 19, during a pitched battle between demonstrators and supporters of the regime in Sana'a, Aden while the great city of southern Yemen, had another night of rioting. This is the first time that a protester was killed in Sanaa where popular protest is growing against President Ali Abdullah Saleh, in power for 32 years.

A total of eleven people were killed across the country, including nine in Aden and dozens injured in protests and clashes since the beginning of the movement on February 13. President Barack Obama has "condemned" the use of violence against demonstrators in Yemen, a key ally of the United States in the fight against Al Qaeda, but also in Bahrain and Libya, also buffeted by dissent.

The Flight of the third sex in Thailand

The people of the "third sex", which is designated in Thailand under the English term for "ladyboys" (women boys), just won a victory in their battle for greater social recognition: in April, the world's largest airline to hire crews in particular compounds of transsexuals should take off from Bangkok to Seoul.

The initiative came from Peter Chan, a former steward of the national carrier Thai Airways, who made his fortune in real estate and decided to create his own company. Stamped with his initials "CP Air", the charter airline for the South Korean market, Japanese and Chinese chose a motto that embodies the values it intends to convey bold aboard its two Airbus A 310: "It's my way.

Milk protein leather scandal in China

The Chinese authorities have shown their commitment Friday, February 18 to "severely punish companies that transform illegally or produce milk containing proteins leather", the last of a series of food scandals that have shaken China. The proteins are derived from leather scraps of animal skins and can be hazardous to your health if chemicals such as sulfuric acid are used to extract them, had earlier explained the Chinese press.

Middle East: Amnesty reports 46 dead in protests in Libya

The violence in Libya called for deaths and injuries, according to Amnesty International, came during the protests, many people lost their lives. The organization speculates that the security forces of hard use has been approved. The people of North Africa and the Middle East want more freedom, but the rulers give themselves relentlessly - and respond with brutal violence at protests.

Iran plans to release German reporter

For more than three months, they sit in prison, then they should come on bail: According to the Iranian news agency ISNA Tehran is planning to release two German reporters to a fine. Members had previously addressed a plea for clemency to the Government. Hamburg - The government in Tehran wants the German journalist detained in Iran Marcus Hellwig, 45, and Jens Koch, 29, apparently soon to release.

Suez Canal. Iranian warships: approved the passage

Egypt said on Friday two Iranian warships approved the passage through the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean. This was announced by the Ministry of Defence in Cairo. Iran asserted that the two ships were unarmed. On Thursday, Egypt had denied reports that the ships would have to pass the canal from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean.

In addition, there had been conflicting reports regarding authorization from Cairo. According to Suez Canal Administration will receive all merchant ships a passage permission to as long as Egypt is not at war. For the passage of military ships, but a permit from the State Department was necessary.

Bahrain and Libya: Arabian despots draw lessons from Cairo and Tunis

In Bahrain, security forces fire on protesters in Libya it to sting. Witnesses tell of grisly scenes. President Obama is alarmed. The brutality shocked even hardened reporters: "For ten years I have reports from the Middle East, and I have rarely seen something horrible," Peter Kenyon said in a telephone interview with his editor.

Libya: "My son, in jail for their commitment to the Berber culture"

Fathi Salem Bouzakhar teaches electronic engineering at the University of Sirte, Libya on the Mediterranean coast. 14 and Dec. 16, his two elder son, 29 year old twins, and Madghis Mazigh, were arrested by the authorities. Their crime? Have been interested a little too close to the culture Amazigh (Berber), repressed in Libya.

Their father testifies. "In December my son Madghis received a summons from security agents outside [a Libyan intelligence agencies]. The motive was unclear. Once there, he was detained. Two days later, it was the turn of his twin brother, Mazigh, to be arrested. officers came to our home and seized CDs, hard disks, books ...

The reopening depends on the normalization stock bank said Egypt Bag

.- The President of the Stock Exchange of Egypt, Khaled Serri Siam, said today that the reopening of the Egyptian parquet, closed since 30 January, will depend on the normalization of banking. "We expect to continue the performance of the banks tomorrow, Sunday, .. and then decide whether to resume the activities in the stock market," said the chairman of the stock entity in a statement to the official MENA news agency.

Eric Raoult defends the record of the deposed President Ben Ali

The UMP Eric Raoult, known for defending the hard regime of ousted President Ben Ali wants to be fired "a mixed" and "shared" the Tunisian leader, whom he says he "feels good for her country ". Former member of the Franco-Tunisian National Assembly, was welcomed Eric Raoult's reelection in 2009, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, with almost 90% seeing it as proof that "in Tunisia, many people Like President Ben Ali.

Washington is still trying to assess the threat represented by Iran's nuclear

Iranian leaders have taken four years of internal discussions on making a nuclear bomb, but have not yet decided whether they would pass the course, according to the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE), which represents the consensus position the sixteen U.S. intelligence agencies. "The intelligence community has concluded that there is an intense debate within the Iranian regime about the question of whether or not to move the nuclear bomb," says a U.S.

China raises prices of diesel and gasoline

.- China will increase from Sunday the price of diesel and gasoline by 350 yuan per ton and also increase the price of aviation fuel, the government said Saturday, adding that oil consumption was rising rapidly. The National Commission for Development and Reform Commission, the lead agency for economic management in China, announced on its website that the adjustment will raise the benchmark retail price of 0.26 yuan per liter and diesel prices by 0.3 yuan per liter.

About 10 000 red shirts''''protests against Prime Minister of Thailand

.- About 10 thousand protesters known as the "redshirts" protested today in the capital of Thailand against the prime minister, Abhisit Vejjajiva, and demanded to be tried for crimes against humanity in the International Criminal Tribunal in The Hague. The anti-government platform, led by the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship Vejjajiva wants to be judged by the protests last year that killed 92 people after the military.

Hundreds of police try to stop the demonstration in central Algeria

.- Hundreds of police try to stop in the streets adjacent to the Plaza del Primero de Mayo in central Algeria, the demonstrators begin a march to demand reforms in the power, according to Efe found. Algerian police attempts to disperse the gathering, which have formed three groups consisting of hundreds of people, and prevent them from reaching the square.

The protesters shouted "murderer power", "Down oppression" and other slogans against the regime and the Algerian president, Abdelaziz Bouteflika. According to sources told Efe of the Algerian League of Human Rights, has cut commuter train service in Algiers and installed roadblocks on highways to prevent "many" people arriving in the capital.

Bahrain: the army opened fire on protesters

Thousands of Shiites were buried Friday, February 14, their dead killed in the violent suppression of a rally calling for reforms in Manama. But meditation has quickly given way to more violence, when the army of Bahrain opened fire at the hospital level Salmaniya, on protesters who tried to visit the Place de la Perle, in the center Manama.

Dozens of people were injured and the death toll is currently very uncertain. At the funeral, the highest Shiite cleric in the kingdom, Sheikh Issa Qassem, said Thursday that the intervention of the police against demonstrators had resulted in a "massacre" and that the government refused dialogue.

The Army withdrew and the demonstrators returned to the square of the Pearl of Manama

The square of the Pearl of Manama, Bahrain's capital, has returned to fill with protesters after the withdrawal of the army and police, by order of the regime. More than 4,000 protesters, who see this return as a triumph over the Government, take back the landmark of the protests at the cry of "the people want the fall of the regime" and "Sunnis and Shiites are not Bahrainis." Many of them have moved from the emergency parking Salmaniyah hospital, dubbed as "the place of Liberation" in Manama, and sacrificed a lamb in the middle of the square as a symbol of joy.

Follow live demonstrations in the Arab world

The violent repression of protests in authoritarian regimes since Wednesday has at least seven deaths in Libya, Bahrain four and five in Yemen. Follow live engagement in those countries. & amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; lt; a href = "http://www. CoveritLive. com / Mobile. php / option = com_mobile / task = viewaltcast / altcast_code e50ba5552e = "mce_href =" http://www.

CoveritLive. com / mobile. php / option = com_mobile / task = viewaltcast / altcast_code e50ba5552e = "& amps ; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; gt; Follow live demonstrations in the Arab world & amp; amp; amp ; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; lt; / a & amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; gt;

Increase to six protesters dead in Yemen

The suppression of protests calling for the departure of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh (in power since 1978) has claimed the lives of at least six people. The latter has killed this morning during a confrontation between anti and pro-government demonstrators in the capital Sanaa. The victim died in hospital, where he had entered by a bullet in the neck.

Yesterday five people died. A grenade thrown at a protest in the city of Taiz, southwest, killing at least one protester and wounded seven others. The explosive was thrown through the window of a car passing through the square of Hurriya (freedom), where at that time 10,000 people were concentrated.

The Italian captive is removed in the Sahel Al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb

Sandra Maria Mariani, the Italian kidnapped on February 2 in the south of Algeria reported to be alive and in the hands of Al Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), in an audiotape released Friday at dawn by the television Al-Arabiya, based in Dubai. "I'm Italian and I was abducted Wednesday, February 2 in Algeria.

I am still held by Al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb, Tarek ibn Ziyad battalion. I call on Al-Arabiya to communicate this communication," says the hostage in halting French. The recording begins with the voice of a man speaking in Arabic: "We, Al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb, declare to hold the woman for Wednesday, February 2 and hope that she can contact their head of state.

Somali pirates kidnap four American aboard yacht

MOGADISHU - A yacht with four Americans on board was hijacked by Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean. The S / V Quest, the name of the boat, owned by Jean and Adam Scott, an American couple that is making the boat trip around the world since 2004. In over six years, reports the New York Times, Adam sailed from New Zealand to Tahiti, the Galapagos Islands to Hawaii, as far as China and India.

According to the NGO said Ecoterra International, which monitors attacks on the seas, the vessel was arrested, about 440 kilometers off the coast of Oman and the four Americans who were on board are now held hostage by pirates. It seems that we are heading towards the Somali coast. The yacht was sailing from India and was heading towards Mina Raysout, the industrial port of Salalah, Oman.

The protests are charged 84 people in Libya and maintain the pulse in Bahrain

.- The demonstrations demanding political change has taken in the last three days in Libya life of 84 people, according to the humanitarian organization Human Rights Watch, while in Bahrain today gave the army control of the Plaza Lulu (Pearl ) from Manama to the police. In Yemen, Sana'a University in Yemen's capital of riots that caused one death and a deputy in Algeria seriously wounded by police who surrounded the Square on May Day to abort a high concentration.

Egyptians pressed the Government on new celebrations for the end of the regime

Thousands of protesters returned to Tahrir Square (Liberation) in Cairo to celebrate the fall of President Hosni Mubarak and keep the pressure on the Army to release the detainees and to ensure genuine democratic reforms. The crowd, waving Egyptian flags, concentrated in a festive atmosphere in Liberation Square, the epicenter of the popular revolt that forced Mubarak to end three decades in power.

"The model you choose Egypt set of the whole region"

Javier Solana, the man who embodied the European Union diplomacy until just over a year, considers the revolutions of Tunisia and Egypt to bring out "a very profound change in the societies of the world that was left behind in the globalization process. " The changes that have occurred are "irreversible", he thinks and the way to undertake Egypt will mark the path the rest of the region.

Solana, converted now a professor at ESADE, is optimistic. Those who have risen up against the Mubarak regime radical Islamists are not dangerous, but young people who want to "demand dignity and respect." In Israel, he adds, no longer will the excuse of being the only democracy in the region must adapt to ensure their safety otherwise.

Great is the disorder under the African sky

There is some 'hesitation in the voice of Sandra Maria Mariani when he pronounces the name of Tarek ibn Zyad battalion and its commander Abdul Hamid Abu Zayd, where he is imprisoned since last February 2. The confirmation that the Italian tourist is in the hands dell'Aqmi (Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb) came with a message broadcast by Al Arabiya dawn on Friday, February 18, 16 days after his abduction in the Saharan region of Tadrart in southern Algeria.

Case Break: Mexico will not apply the Strasbourg Convention

In a statement the Foreign Ministry, reiterated Mexico, Thursday, February 17, it will not apply in Florence Break the Strasbourg Convention on the transfer to their country of origin of those convicted. The French, who was sentenced to sixty years in prison in Mexico for complicity in kidnappings, and has always protested his innocence, has seen its last action before the Mexican court dismissed last week.

Libya meets lightning warning response

The revolutionary committees, a pillar of the Libyan regime, threatened with a response "explosive" for the second consecutive day of protests against Moammar Gadhafi that have already killed 46 people, from Tuesday, and compounded by the hanging of two policemen and the burning of a radio in the city of Benghazi.

According to the count of various agencies and non-governmental organization Amnesty International, from different local sources, the death toll since the start of the protests in Libya, rises to 46, balance does not take into account the two policemen who were hanged by protesters in Al Baida (East) when they tried to disperse demonstrators, or the four prisoners who died while trying to escape from a prison near Tripoli.

The Palestinians claim that the U.S. veto undermines the dialog

The U.S. veto the draft resolution condemning Israeli settlements in the West Bank Israel's gratitude harvested and sowed disappointment in Palestinian ranks. From Ramallah, the Palestinian Authority considered the decision "counterproductive" to peace. "The U.S. veto does not benefit the peace process and encourages Israel to continue settlement and avoid their obligations in the peace process" that is, stop settlement building, said Nabil Abu Rudainah, an adviser to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Arab world in revolt: protests in Libya, Algeria, Yemen and Bahrain

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi After Egypt and Tunisia, multiply the protests in many other Islamic nations. From Libya to Yemen, from Algeria to Iran, the squares are filled with opponents of the regimes. Meanwhile, are becoming more insistent talk of the death of former President of Tunisia. A number of unverified sources that circulate on the internet report that Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali would have died at a hospital in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and would be negotiating for burial in Tunisia.

Police hung by protesters in Libya

and with - the events that stir Libya since Tuesday evening sink into violence. On Friday, protesters and two police officers caught them hanging in Al-Baida, 1 200 km east of Tripoli, the newspaper reported Oea, close to the reformist Seif Al-Islam, son of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, on his website.

These abuses are part of the spiral of violence that left at least twenty died since the beginning of the week. Another sign of chaos that pervades the country, protesters torched the headquarters of the local radio station in Benghazi in eastern Libya, after the withdrawal of security forces who ensured the security of the building, witnesses said and an official source at the.

Uganda deploys security forces after violent elections

.- The Government of Uganda deployed today a large number of troops from its security forces on the streets of the capital shortly after the end of polling day marked by violence, in which 13.9 million people were called to elect its president and Parliament. During the day, three people were killed and several injured in several violent incidents that occurred in various regions of Uganda, especially in the east.

Venezuela will pick up the Latin American success

That Latin America faces the possibility of staging a great story of economic success in the coming years is already widely shared analysis. But among large countries Venezuela is in serious danger of losing the train. In the Caribbean Giant, "the deterioration of the productive and external debt dependence and reduce growth potential and increase the likelihood of new crises," according to a new economic study on the Latin American region by the advice Madrid Solchaga Recio & Associates It specializes in the latest report confirmed the view that 12 years of Chavez are about to put Venezuela on a point of no economic return.

Libya, the shocking video of the killing of protester

the homepage of the website http://www. almanaralink. com / new / Go for it. Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, the friend of B., had promised a devastating crackdown against demonstrators protesting against the regime in Libya, and in three days victims are already over 80. 84, according to Human Rights Watch - quoting medical sources - after the last budget provided late on Friday by Amnesty International spoke of 46 dead.

Abbas doubts the elections in the West Bank without Gaza

The president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, has called into question, Thursday, February 17, the holding of presidential and legislative announced by September if they could not take place in the Gaza Strip, controlled by the Hamas. "The presidential and legislative elections to be held in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem, and it is unacceptable that they are held in the West Bank only, without the Gaza Strip.

Libya, salt the death toll from clashes the victims were at least 84

TRIPOLI - would be at least 84 victims of the clashes between police and demonstrators who ignited three days from Libya. To provide the figure is the humanitarian organization Human Rights Watch, citing testimony of medical sources and residents. Last night, Amnesty International had spoken instead of 46 dead.

"The Libyan authorities must immediately end attacks against peaceful demonstrators and protect them from anti-government groups," it said in a statement on the humanitarian organization based in New York. Dramatic budget also reported that al-Jazeera broadcaster, that the Libyan security forces have killed at least 70 demonstrators in Benghazi, the second city of the country.

Accentuates scarcity in the Middle East crisis

The domination of the ruling classes of people in abject poverty in the Middle East and North Africa caused the uprisings in countries with regimes of years in power, before the exhaustion of its citizens to live without concrete and visible changes, estimated Mireille Méjan Carrer, a scholar of this region of the Universidad Panamericana (UP).

The UP professor also, Guadalajara campus, highlights the plight of the Egyptian people by pointing to the possibility that latent ideologies and groups like the Muslim Brotherhood (or Muslim Brotherhood) seeking political control in order to be "Islamic nations." Carrer Méjan a reading of the new era of the Egyptian government, where the military will rule for six months, says the people of Egypt will experience a power struggle in the military leadership.

Libya protests escalate

.- The revolutionary committees, a pillar of the Libyan regime, threatened on Friday with an answer "explosive" protests against Muammar Qaddafi that left 41 dead already and were aggravated by the hanging of two policemen and the burning of a radio station in Benghazi (east). According to recount, from different local sources, the death toll since the start of the protests in Libya, on Tuesday, stands at 41.

Argentina .- The approval of President Cristina Fernandez fell to 46.8 percent

BUENOS AIRES, 18 Feb. The discharge of the President of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, has fallen 2.3 points in February, up 46.8 percent, with eight months to the presidential election, according to a survey published Friday by local media collection. The study, conducted by research firm Management & Fit, is showing the first president to face presidential elections next October with a 27.1 percent support, although this figure represents a decline of two points since January.

Amnesty figure in almost fifty dead in Libya in the latest 72 hours

The human rights organization Amnesty International (AI) figure at 46 dead in the last 72 hours of clashes between protesters and Libyan security forces. AI, citing sources in al-Jala hospital in Benghazi, Libya's second city and main focus of protests in recent days, strongly emphasizes that most people coming to the center show bullet wounds.

Done this by denouncing the regime's violent repression of Muammar Gaddafi. According to data obtained by this organization, 28 of the 46 people killed fell yesterday during demonstrations in Benghazi during the protest that took to the streets to thousands of Libyans. The regime has not offered an official figure of casualties.

U.S. Defense Secretary Gates: Guantanamo is not closed well

There is an admission of defeat: U.S. Defence Secretary Gates has now said the closure of the world have criticized Guantanamo is very unlikely. President Barack Obama had campaigned vigorously for it. Blame for the bicycle kick was the opposition. Washington - The U.S. prison camp at Guantanamo will probably not be closed.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates said the prospect of the world criticized camp in Cuba is actually dissolved, are "very, very small". Gates justified this by the opposition of the Republicans in the Parliament - the conservative party is reluctant to house suspected terrorists in prisons on the U.S. mainland.