Thursday, February 3, 2011

Air Travel: EU wants to force passenger data transfer

The data of air passengers to be at the will of the EU Commission in the future automatically passed on to European security authorities. The project is "an important part of EU security policy," Justice Commissioner Cecilia Malmström said on Wednesday in Brussels. It is proposed that the new policy apply to flights that start in one EU member state or country.

Uniform rules in the EU was necessary to combat "serious crime such as drug smuggling and human trafficking and terrorism," stated Malmström the project. The airlines should the proposal would pass the most important data of their passengers automatically to the authorities of the EU country where an aircraft lands or starting up.

WikiLeaks reveals New details about the background of the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001

Before the attacks of 11 September 2001, apparently in the U.S., a previously unknown group of terrorist supporters was on the road. Three men from Qatar had scouted bombing targets, reported the British Telegraph, quoting a telegram message. New details about the background of the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 in the United States are shown in documents that the Internet platform WikiLeaks revealed.

The riots in Tunisia and Egypt spur on the protest in other Arab countries

The Yemeni President Saleh has announced it will waive a second term - similar to Mubarak he will not resign immediately. New demonstrations are announced. Sanaa - After the fall of the Tunisian dictator and the revolt in Egypt show the first effect of protests in Yemen: President Ali Abdullah Saleh announced on Wednesday to try to do without a further term.

Popular uprising against Mubarak of Egypt calls for army to Stop Protests

Egyptian protesters lose the support of the military? Following the resignation announcement of Husni Mubarak, the army is now urging an end to the demonstrations. But the opponents of the regime do not yield - they call for new protests. Cairo - Egypt's military, which has been openly sympathized with the demands of the demonstrators and not against it happening, has called on Wednesday for an end to protests.

Yemen 20,000 demonstrate against rge

"No to corruption, not dictatorship," chanted today tens of thousands of Yemenis unconvinced the reforms that President Ali Abdullah Saleh promised yesterday. May not reach the 100,000 demonstrators who boasted the organizers, but participation was more fed since they started the demonstrations against the regime two weeks ago.

From the Government, noting with concern the situation of Egypt, encouraged a counter and his supporters refused to opponents Tahrir Square in the center of Sanaa, where so far the protests have been held. "Our focus today is an act of peaceful struggle. We have come together to bring down a corrupt and tyrannical regime", has said Najib Ghanem, a member of the Islamist Al Islah, to the tens of thousands gathered around the University of Sana'a.

The futility of Parliament

In Caracas, that evening, the concert began pans, if we dare say, at 20 o'clock. Good for fifteen minutes, the uproar has escaped windows muffled the neighborhood, amplified by the echo to be kicked around the tower blocks. Before fading gradually into the night. Meanwhile, the din of cooking utensils sounded in a dozen other neighborhoods in the Venezuelan capital and in some major cities.

This ritual noisy protest resulted from a slogan of the site messaging Twitter by the opposition to the regime of President Hugo Chavez. Venezuela, like anywhere in the world, social networks have become a powerful tool for political mobilization. The Head of State, an apostle of the "Bolivarian revolution" has understood.

When rabbits gnawing the Chinese tiger

Beijing Match - This is the year of the Rabbit, the Tigers had better behave. Young creative animation videos, Wang Bo is the author of a series of short films titled Journal of rabbit Kuangkuang. His production company, Hutoon, the free broadcasts on the Internet. They tell the tale of a schoolboy in China in the 1980s and are popular among young people.

The tone is slightly ironic. To celebrate the new year, which begins on February 3, Bo Wang has decided to offer fans of Kuangkuang a "special issue" of his own. "We would spend the year of Tiger on the Rabbit and I was thinking that shocked me so much this year. I told my team," he says.

In Tunisia, abuses by armed groups maintain a climate of tension

Tunis Special Envoy - tapping his chest, Farhat Rajhi has cracked a smile: "They stole my glasses, my laptop ..." The statements by the Tunisian Minister of Interior, Tuesday 1 February, the private television channel Hannibal TV, however, had no fun. In a surprising transaction transparency, this former prosecutor Bizerte acknowledged that the interim government redrafted, in which he himself entered January 27, had gone to the brink of disaster yesterday, when "2000 to 3000 "Police and militia" from the former regime "have invaded the interior ministry, forcing him to leave under military escort.

Survival welcomes Peru and Brazil to cooperate in the protection of indigenous

MADRID, 3 Feb. Survival International has concluded that the authorities of Peru will work with Brazil "to protect indigenous peoples living asylum on the border of both countries and halt the flow of timber in the territory of these populations, runs along the border. " Thus, the organization states that "the enormous media impact that photographs have been an isolated tribe in Brazil, released this week, led the Peruvian government to act" and that this movement is, in his view, "a first successful developed the campaign to protect these indigenous peoples.

Wikileaks: Private Manning was sent to Iraq "against medical advice"

According to information from the Washington Post, the American soldier Bradley Manning, suspected of being behind leaks of confidential U.S. documents published by the website Wikileaks, was sent to Iraq despite an unfavorable opinion rendered by a medical expert . In the U.S. military, the decision to send a soldier in the forehead rests ultimately on his supervisor.

"A medical expert had recommended psychiatric (...) not to [the] post [on the Iraqi front], but his superiors sent him anyway," the newspaper said, based on a responsible Military familiar with the matter. According to medical expert, Bradley Manning, 23, arrested in May 2010 and accused of "transfer of documents classified" confidential "to an unauthorized source," suffering from "behavioral problems".

Peru .- Survival welcomes Peru authorities cooperate with Brazil in the protection of uncontacted tribes

MADRID, 3 Feb. Survival International has concluded that the authorities of Peru will work with Brazil "to protect indigenous peoples living asylum on the border of both countries and halt the flow of timber in the territory of these populations, runs along the border. " Thus, the organization states that "the enormous media impact that photographs have been an isolated tribe in Brazil, released this week, led the Peruvian government to act" and that this movement is, in his view, "a first successful developed the campaign to protect these indigenous peoples.

Relive the events of the day in Egypt

Clashes between anti-and pro-Mubarak on Tahrir Square on Wednesday afternoon killed at least one dead and hundreds injured. & amp; lt; a href = "http://www. CoveritLive. com / mobile. php / option = com_mobile / task = viewaltcast / altcast_code a00f373730 =" mce_href = "http://www. CoveritLive. com / mobile.

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Or Mubarak or his son will go to elections in Egypt

Neither the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak or his son will be candidates in the presidential elections scheduled for September, said Thursday the vice president Omar Suleiman via a message broadcast on state television and that in turn replicates the AFP news agency. From this news, belies the belief of many citizens who felt a high probability that took over as president Gamal Mubarak to succeed his father.

The Italian parliament rejects federalist reform gets in trouble for Berlusconi

The bicameral committee of the Italian Parliament voted today the decree on municipal fiscal federalism presented by the government of Silvio Berlusconi, the end result was a tie, 15 votes to 15 against, which is a blow to the Executive that further shakes the fragile center-right majority, whose leadership has been urgently summoned by the prime minister's palace at noon Grazioli.

The bicameral tie is in fact the first rejection by Parliament to decree led the Northern League as a condition for continuing to support Berlusconi, and although the Village of Liberty has been quick to say that the result will not stop the federalist reform, the League had demanded an unequivocal yes, and now meditates unplug the respirator that keeps up to Berlusconi in the midst of scandal Arcore parties.

ElBaradei fears that "it turns into a bloodbath"

Clashes broke out Wednesday, February 2 afternoon between supporters of President Hosni Mubarak and protesters demanding his departure, on Tahrir Square in Cairo. Tens of thousands of people favorable to the Head of State walked into the square where thousands of anti-Mubarak protesters had spent another night to demand his departure.

According to protesters, who managed to take their identity papers, police lead supporters of President Mubarak on Tahrir Square. Channel Al-Jazeera showed groups of protesters throwing projectiles, without visible intervention of the army. Supporters of the president, camel or horse, stormed the place, charging the demonstrators.

Hosni Mubarak does not want to leave drive away from Egypt

Hosni Mubarak does not want to leave drive away from Egypt - he will not flee into exile, as required by millions of demonstrators. But he gave a televised speech in an orderly transition to a constitutional amendment. The dissidents oppose the proposal, they sense another feint. Cairo - Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians demonstrated for days and require Hosni Mubarak's immediate resignation - but the President shall be undeterred.

Mega-protest in Cairo: The people celebrate his future

They flock to in groups, even heart of their revolution. "It's about everything," they shout. The goal is the overthrow of Mubarak. "We feel the smell of freedom," said the entrepreneur Mustafa Amer, "and we stay until Mubarak has finally left the country." It would not matter if there were a million people now, or two million or 500,000.

The "March of Millions" is impressive proof of how strong the opposition against the president has become. Last week there were still tens of thousands of mostly young students. Within days of the protest has become a popular movement. Old men fighting for, in having young people on the crowded square.

Elections: Irish Parliament resolved

Brian Cowen wants to end his political career: The outgoing Irish Prime Minister appears in the forthcoming elections in late February not more. Cowen and President Mary McAleese signed the official declaration on the dissolution of Parliament. Dublin - After weeks of political turmoil, the Irish Parliament was dissolved on Tuesday.

The outgoing Prime Minister Brian Cowen and the President of the Republic, Mary McAleese signed the afternoon, the official explanation of how the TV station RTE reported. The elections were for 25 Scheduled in February. Cowen announced that the new Parliament on 9 March will come together for the first time.

Yemeni President waiver re-election after demonstrations

SANA .- The president of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh, in power for 32 years, announced he will not seek re-election and made other concessions to the opposition, which nevertheless maintained their call to protest against the president today. Following demonstrations in Yemen inspired by popular protests in Tunisia and Egypt, the president proposed forming a "government of national unity", said postponing the legislative elections scheduled for April 27, seriously questioned by the opposition, and wants before the elections are carried out political reforms.

35 Mexican evict Egypt

American citizens began to leave Egypt, with the current protests raged in the Arab nation with clashes between opponents and supporters of President Hosni Mubarak. Regional authorities reported the departure of Egyptian territory at least 65 Latin American countries, including 35 Mexicans, 18 from Uruguay, six Argentines, five Dominicans, a Brazilian and Costa Rica.

It was announced that dozens more were ready to be evacuated from Egypt, a country that some governments of the Bolivarian Alternative of the Americas (Alba) he wanted to achieve a peaceful and without foreign interference. The Mexican Foreign Ministry said in a statement that a chartered plane out of Egypt to Greece with 35 of its citizens.

Obama and Mubarak, "Mr. Change" is afraid of the revolution

Egypt's Mubarak old autocrat makes a few concessions to reject a rapid withdrawal - the U.S. president reacts cautiously, carefully. Obama wants to avoid chaos and the power gain of Islamists file. If the Nobel Peace Prize on the wrong side of history? The realist foreign policy than most out fine. Finally, boasts the realist, the true interests of nations to assess as cool as they are "just".

Al-Jazeera in the U.S., new look, same problems

Since the protests began in Egypt, the world has its eyes riveted on Tahrir Square in Cairo by Al-Jazeera, the Qatari including live coverage of events is followed up in the offices of the White House.

Egypt: Curfew eased, Internet restored

The Egyptian parliament has suspended its sittings until the revision of the results of the parliamentary election, marked by accusations of fraud and violence, announced Wednesday, Feb. 2, the official Mena news agency. "The Assembly Speaker Fathi Sorour, instructed the Secretary General of Parliament, Sami Mehran, contact the high electoral commission to get the names of members referred by court decisions," said Mena.

The attacks Mubarak rge of journalists to prevent them from reporting

Mubarak's regime does not want witnesses. Although what is living these days in Cairo is not a war the president is trying apparatus that truth is one of the collateral victims. Journalists are the focus of the supporters of the Rais, who wants to silence the voices and images of the protests. The violence against journalists in the street are repeated in recent days but had increased since yesterday, when the president's supporters went on the counterattack, without complexes, with sticks and stones.

Michèle Alliot-Marie took the air of a relative of Ben Ali

Michèle Alliot-Marie never stops being embarrassed by its relations with the clan Ben Ali. Duck chained states in its edition of Wednesday, February 2, the foreign minister, accompanied by her companion Patrick Ollier, Minister of Relations with Parliament, and his parents, took charge from a private jet belonging Aziz Miled, a businessman close to Ben Ali Trabelsi clan and Belhassen Trabelsi, brother of deposed President Ben Ali.

Israel fears a new Islamic Revolution

With another day of mass demonstrations in Egypt, the international community is beginning to worry about the situation of the Arab country, vulnerability and the possible introduction of fundamentalist Government. In this context, Israel expressed concern because the Egyptian Islamists take power when, in September leave the current president Hosni Mubarak and question the peace treaty of 1979 Israeli-Egyptian, which could transform the regional landscape.

The cyclone hits the Queensland Yasi no casualties, heavy damage

SYDNEY - The coast of Queensland, already devastated by flooding last month, has been swept by Cyclone Yasi, one of the most violent in the history of Australia with winds that reached 300 kilometers per hour. The people and the authorities still pull a sigh of relief: Yasi, intensity 5, the highest, the same as Katrina did not cause casualties.

But the physical damage is considerable. Photo Damage - Watch Video From The satellite emergency crews flanked by 4,000 soldiers immediately came into action in the towns affected. In several tourist centers in front of the Great Barrier Reef and the winds destroyed buildings, ripped off roofs and downed trees and power lines, but there is no news of deaths or serious injuries.

The threats to the Egyptian economy

The rating agencies make no sense: after Moody's Standard and Poor's has lowered coldly, Tuesday 1 February, the Egyptian debt rating. Historic or not, the popular revolt is not good for business, the agency said: "From our point of view, political instability and unrest will slow economic growth in Egypt and affect public finances.

" In struggle for full democracy, the financial analysis may seem cynical, but the risks are very real for the Egyptian economy. No need for economic analysis to show the impact of the movement in the short term. In Cairo, the epicenter of the dispute, and in several major cities, most shops and banks are closed since Sunday.

Munich Security Conference will focus on Middle East unrest

.- The Security Conference in Munich (southern Germany) opens on Friday with an eye on the Egyptian crisis and stalled negotiations in the Middle East peace. The annual three-day conference that brings together heads of government, ministers, senior military officers and experts will also address other pressing issues such as Iran, Afghanistan, relations between Russia and NATO, China and disarmament.

Health .- Brazil, Peru, Mozambique, Malawi and Bangladesh lower rates of malnutrition, according to Action Against Hunger

MADRID, 3 Feb. Brazil, Peru, Mozambique, Malawi and Bangladesh have lowered their rates of malnutrition, according to the report 'Malnutrition: what works' Action Against Hunger, which urges governments that put nutrition " priority "in their political agendas. The study, first phase of the research project Zero Hunger (Fome Zero), developed by Action Against Hunger, highlights the reasons for its success, analyzing the policies and practices adopted in the fight against hunger.

Wave of protest: the opposition in Algeria and Syria form up

On Monday, had again made the young unemployed with self-injury on their prospects carefully. Three men aged between 27 and 33 years with a razor blade to slit the skin. A number of other Algerians had been provided with public self-immolation headlines. Among recent cases was that of a security guard of a development bank.

He tried to set himself on fire in despair at his situation with his severely disabled daughter ten years. All bank employees were then out of solidarity in the strike. For 12 February, supporters of the opposition called for a demonstration in Algiers for an overthrow of the system and an end to the state of emergency in force since 1992.

Sanaa is the "day of anger" to protest against the regime of Saleh

SANAA - The long wave of popular protest that the domino effect is spreading from North Africa to the Middle East, now reaches Sanaa, the capital of Yemen, where is the "day of anger". The name obviously inspired by the "Angry" in which Mubarak has realized that the Egyptians were serious. But this is not the only similarity between the Yemeni and protest in Cairo.

From this morning, hundreds of pro-government demonstrators gathered in Tahrir Square in the capital, a place that bears the same name as the main theater of demonstrations in Cairo. The Yemeni Tahrir Square was initially chosen as the setting for the opposition rally, but the regime of President Ali Abdullah Saleh has decided to preside.

Egypt clashes: At least 10 dead over 800 injured

Medical sources reported that the death toll from clashes between antigovernment protesters and pro-Mubarak, continued throughout the night, and ten deaths. The Egyptian Health Minister, Samih Ahmed Farid, quoted by the broadcaster al-Jazeera had spoken of five dead and over 800 injured including 86 still hospitalized.

The anti-government protesters have taken control of this morning in downtown Tahrir Square in Cairo after a night of violent and prolonged clashes with supporters of President Hosni Mubarak. During the night, shots fired at the demonstrators, from the bridge on October 6, close to Tahrir Square, have caused the death of four persons, 5 according to other sources.

Lockerbie: BP and Labour would have convicted one Libyan release

British diplomats have advised their Libyan counterparts on how to obtain the early release of Abdel Basset al-Megrahi, sentenced in 2001 to life imprisonment for his involvement in the Lockerbie bombing (Scotland) against Boeing Company Panama that had killed 270 people in 1988. This information is contained in a U.S.

diplomatic telegram revealed by Wikileaks and published on Tuesday 1 February, the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph. In January 2001, former senior official of the Libyan secret service was the only one convicted in the trial of those responsible for the Lockerbie bombing. In August 2009, this 57 year old man was released after a doctor had certified that he only had more than "three months" to live due to cancer of the prostate.

Protests put end to Yemeni president's intentions for re-election

The pressures of the opposition Yemeni and today thousands of demonstrators managed to end the aspirations to perpetuate the power of the president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, who announced resignation to extend its mandate. In a speech to parliament, the Yemeni president said that "freeze the constitutional reforms (which would allow for re-election) in accordance with the requirement of the public interest" in the midst of opposition protests against his regime.

Among the "executioners" in front of the bunker of President Mubarak

Heliopolis (Cairo) - A tall, white wall conceals the compound in which there is a bunker of Hosni Mubarak. Barbed wire, tanks, fighters and cameras on the towers. The palace of Heliopolis, the seat of the Presidency of the Republic of Egypt, it seems more inaccessible to Fort Knox. The powerful tenant of that building is threatened.

If by tomorrow will have packed up, like asking the opposition from Tahrir Square to tens of thousands would march against him. There is no time to lose, then. We must act in advance and raise hell today. America has downloaded, the army as well, but still the police, intelligence services and virtually unlimited financial resources.

The Egyptian Mubarak tifaper

My attendant trust, on the outskirts of Milan, is Egyptian and today I asked him: "So, when you get rid of Mubarak? ". E 'burst out laughing: "Mubarak good, good! Must stay! ". "But how, and those two million people in the streets demanding his resignation? Those boys massacred by the police? ". "They're paid! "Was the surprising answer.

Paid by whom? By the CIA, the Israelis who fear the fall of the Rais? Denying the obvious is the expedient autoconsolatorio of all subjects met. The Egyptian immigrant who made his money when he returns home and abroad is envied and treated like a gentleman is grateful to the dictator, a bit 'as the merchant or Italian builder that has been enriched with amnesties or evading taxes continues Berlusconi to vote even if it surprises him the horn while the minor daughter.

In Cairo, a day of celebration and anger

Al Qaeda plans to make dirty bombs, says WikiLeaks

Al Qaeda attempts to build bombs 'dirty' radioactive, since has been obtaining nuclear material and recruiting specialists, according to secret documents leaked by WikiLeaks and published today by the British newspaper Telegraph. The new cables that confirm the terrorist group's plans also note that the extremists have thought of using toys, like teddy bears, to hide explosives, and details of the attacks of September 11, 2001 in the United States.

Mubarak protesters and supporters clash in Egypt

Thousands of supporters and opponents of President Hosni Mubarak met in the main square in Cairo, throwing rocks, bottles and firebombs in uncontrolled chaotic scenes as soldiers looked on without intervening. Government supporters came galloping on horses and camels, but were dragged down and beaten until they bled.

In front of the battle, by the famous Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square edge, pro-government rebels occupied the neighboring roofs to throw bricks and firebombs at the crowd, what a tree in the gardens of the museum was involved in flames. On the approaches to the square, the two sides were crouched behind abandoned truck and threw chunks of concrete and bottles.

Brazil .- Rousseff wants to reform the tax system to fight inflation

BRASILIA, 2 Feb. (Reuters) - The president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, said Wednesday in Congress that Brazil needs a major overhaul of the complex tax system to ensure sustainable economic growth. The president explained that as part of a broader effort by his government to help offset the rising cost of doing business in Brazil.

Rousseff gave no details of the proposal, but during his campaign last year, said it was essential to harmonize tax rates among states. In his first speech before Congress since assuming the presidency on 1 January, the president also promised strict fiscal discipline to control inflation.

Yasi cause damage, but no victims, after passing through northern Australia

Cyclone Yasi has diminished and has been downgraded to category two (the second most powerful) in the last hours after stepping on Australian territory by the State of Queensland (north of the country) with gusts exceeding 300 km hour. In the early hours of the day has begun to take stock: Yesi has caused enormous damage on its way through northeastern Australia, which has destroyed entire villages and left 185,000 homes without electricity, as reported by official sources.

Cairo in the chaos, three people dead and 1500 injured Clinton: "Transition begins now"

CAIRO - The festive atmosphere that accompanied the protests yesterday against Mubarak is now only a memory. E 'violence broke out today in Tahrir Square, the symbol of the protests demanding the president to relinquish power. Clashes between rival factions on the north side of the square, where 500 supporters of Saddam tried to storm, turned into tragedy with deaths and injuries.

The budget provided by the Ministry of Health of three victims, and doctors speak of more than 1500 injured. Chaos reigns in the capital, men on horseback and camels entered the square and also charging the demonstrators went to the Egyptian museum fire. Mohamed El Baradei, a spokesman for the opposition, has called for military intervention "to protect the lives of Egypt," accusing the government of "criminal" to foment violence.

Cairo, rehearsal of war from the Egyptian capital civileReportage

Cairo - was supposed to be a day of protest, peacefully, in recent days. Screaming and shouting slogans against President Mubarak, pending a political decision. It turned into an inferno, with dead and wounded everywhere. Mubarak supporters against opposition demonstrators. Egyptians against Egyptians.

Piazza Thar, headquarters of the protest, the field of battle. In the square, on Wednesday, there were also supporters of Saddam. From early morning thousands peacefully invaded Mustafa Mohammud square, not far from the place of anti-government protest. "Here's the real Egypt - they said - there, across the river, the Islamists, the Muslim Brotherhood." With the day progressed, the number of people who flocked to increased visibly.

"It wants France to put pressure on the regime"

Tuesday 1 February, a rally at the initiative of the Committee of Solidarity with the Egyptian people's struggle takes place in Paris on the occasion of the "one million march" organized in Egypt. This committee is a spontaneous movement, which are signatories to a number of associations and political parties.

Hussein Youssef El-Ganainy, journalist-producer, is a member of this organization, created on January 26. He is Egyptian and lives in France since 1998 after completing his studies there. Initially, in order to hold rallies or demonstrations in solidarity with the struggle of the Egyptian people.