Friday, April 22, 2011

The Pope on TV responding to the faithful "Resurrection, Jesus beyond science"

The Holy Week of 2011 will be remembered for years to come as one in which the Pope responded directly to questions of the faithful. The event is of historic importance for television, takes place during a special episode of  TV show "A Sua Immagine", devoted to "Questions about Jesus." Meets Pope Benedict XVI, in connection with the study, in which the faithful ask questions that cover both the mysteries as the most compelling and dramatic news.

Iraq: the maintenance of ten thousand U.S. soldiers are under discussion

Washington and Baghdad to discuss the maintenance of a force of ten thousand soldiers in Iraq after the withdrawal of American troops late 2011, reported Friday 22 April, the U.S. daily Wall Street Journal. These negotiations are politically sensitive for both countries: the U.S. wants to end their involvement in Iraq and it worries him, protests and tensions between Shiite and Sunni communities in order to prolong the military presence U.S..

France is considering a revision of the treaty of Scgen

France reflects on the possibility of a provisional suspension Scgen treaty, which establishes the free movement of people across Europe, before the influx of immigrants from North Africa, especially Tunisia and Libya-Italy route, sources said on Friday Elysee. "The mandate of Scgen fails. (...) We think we have to think of a mechanism to intervene when there is a weakness in the system at the external border of the [European Union], through a temporary suspension during the time that this deficiency be corrected later on, "said the French presidency.

Further clashes on the border between Thailand and Cambodia

New clashes erupted between soldiers murderers, Friday, April 22, at the border between Thailand and Cambodia despite a fragile cease-fire brokered in February. Three Thai soldiers and three Cambodians were killed, several others injured, according to authorities. As in violent clashes on February 4 to 7, both sides have denied responsibility for the incidents that occurred in the early morning near the temples of Ta and Ta Krabei Muean Thom.

Nicolas Hulot, French greens struggling with self-presidential candidate

Who is the joker that on Youtube, pretending to throw a few deep-sea complete with helmet and goggles paramilitary jacket, turns out - just widens the camera - a sort of comic edge that runs through the streets of Usuhaia, capital of Tierra del Fuego with a chair attached to the rump? Oui, je suis Nicolas Hulot: the new French Green Party candidate for the Elysee.

Or would be, in view of the presidential election of 2012. The revelation of Nicolas dell'autocandidatura green is mid-April but since then the controversy going crazy. Who did not know him saw him on Youtube play the fool with the chair back, or engaged in some test of courage on the high-altitude aircraft and, at best, a few tropical flower or with a microphone in front of the face in an indigenous endangered.

The Pakistani court frees rapists collective

The Supreme Court of Pakistan dismissed Thursday, April 21, an appeal by Mukhtar Mai, whose rape for "honor killing" had raised the alarm in the international public in 2002. This decision thus leads to the release of five of the six men that the young woman designated as his assailants. They were detained pending that decision.

The country's highest court also upheld the sentence of life imprisonment imposed on the principal accused of rape. However, it should be released after ten years of detention, as is often the case in Pakistan. "I do not expect a decision as cruel by the Supreme Court," responded Mukhtar Mai, who reported receiving death threats.

Diary from Palestine 3 - movida

The movement was born March 15 to call for unity between the West Bank (controlled by the PNA, and Fatah) and the Gaza Strip (Hamas). They are young, girls and boys, twenty years or so, which oppose not only the Israeli occupation of territories, including the traditional parties Palestinians, Fatah and Hamas just about everyone.

Demand justice, freedom and equality, refusing the idea of two states, "because Palestine is still a cage." We spent an evening with them in the Palestinian nightlife. The night of Ramallah with locals, drink and music. The streets of pub and disco clogged with cars, girls often look at the wheel.

In Haiti, the party of outgoing president accused of fraud in parliamentary elections

The outgoing president of Haiti, Rene Preval, has been largely lost in the second round of the presidential election that pitted Michel Martelly. However, his party insiders, gained ground in Parliament. "The international community is disappointed by the difference between those and the preliminary results announced yesterday," said another observer.

The results of 18 constituencies of MPs "have been reversed" in relation to provisional results, and especially to benefit the ruling party, denounced the diplomatic source. In the Senate, the party of outgoing President Rene Preval now has 17 elected (against 14 previously), a total of 30.

At least 50 killed during protests in Syria

More than fifty people have died today in various parts of Syria for the actions of police and plainclothes agents to suppress political demonstrations, said the lawyer and human rights activist Haizam Maleh. "Demonstrations have spread to most cities and villages of Syria," said Efe telephone Maleh, a human rights activists in the country and who spent nine years in Syrian prisons.

According Maleh, the victims were killed by gunfire from security forces and "groups of thugs" who attacked the demonstrators. He added that the wounded are in the hundreds. The activist, 80, who was imprisoned in the eighties and more recently between 2006 and 2009, said the death toll was provided by reports in various areas of the country.

27 people die after landslide in Philippines

.- At least 27 people are feared killed and 40 others have died, after which there was a landslide in a mining area on the island of Mindanao, southern Philippines, authorities reported today six people were rescued after part of a mountain collapsed in Panganason in Kingking village in Compostela Valley province, according to preliminary reports from military officials and police.

Lt. Col. Camilo Ligaya, commander of 701 Infantry Battalion of the Army, said the collapse occurred in the morning, after Thursday night a storm fell. "Most victims are miners. The rest are members of their families,''said Ligaya. The provincial police chief Aaron Aquino said that 27 bodies were recovered, while at least five people were taken to hospital due to injuries they presented.

Senator McCain comes to Benghazi Libya for talks with rebels

.- The influential Republican Senator John McCain, one of the strongest advocates in the U.S. Congress to direct military intervention in Libya, arrived in the city of Benghazi to meet with rebel leaders. The arrival of former GOP candidate for 2008 presidential election, losing to Democrat Barack Obama, agrees with the permission of sending unmanned aircraft for the international military campaign against the regime of Moammar Gadhafi.

Syria protests continue against the number of victims AssadCresce anti-regime

Would be more than seventy victims of the fighting in Syria between police and protesters anti-Assad. This budget satellite broadcaster 'BBC', citing sources among the demonstrators. "We have the names of the martyrs. Their death is confirmed, "he writes on Twitter Malath Aumran, human rights activist.

Twenty-two known are also missing, as announced Ammar Qurabi, head of National Organization for Human Rights in Syria. This contrasts with the version that includes the official Syrian news agency Sana, in clashes that there would be only wounded and security forces have used water cannons and tear gas "to prevent clashes between protesters and citizens and to protect the public property.

Burkinabe President attributes to himself the defense during the redesign

Burkinabe President, Blaise Compaore, faced with recent mutinies of soldiers, has announced the composition of the new government Thursday, April 21 evening, according to the decrees read on state television RTB. The head of state there is assigned the Ministry of Defence. "The chairman of [Burkina] Faso, supreme commander of armed, took office as minister of defense and veterans," reads one of the decrees.

Dozens die in political protests in Syria

More than thirty people have died today, according to a provisional balance during political demonstrations against the regime of Bashar al-Assad called for today, according to reports from various sources. The largest number of victims occurred in the central city of Homs, where 14 people have died, and in the southern town of Izra, where it has reported the death of at least 11 people.

Another eight deaths occurred in the neighborhood of Douma, on the outskirts of Damascus, and three more in the capital's Mohadamia sector, also in the capital. The wounded in different parts of Syria are dozens. The death toll has been provided by opposition activists in reports provided by the social network Facebook and residents and medical sources consulted by the Qatari television network Al Jazeera.

More than 25 killed in wreck in India

Twenty-seven people died and several were still missing following the sinking of the boat they were traveling in a river in eastern Bangladesh, an official source was quoted as saying Bangladeshi UNB. The incident occurred in the Meghna River, passing by the district Sarail, when the passenger ship MV Bipasa collided with the remains of a sunken cargo ship a few days ago.

Some of the 50 passengers on board managed to swim to shore.

Libya attack drone

Faced with criticism after going on the Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) by the Libyan opposition and some of its member countries, which consider not doing enough against forces loyal to Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, the Government of Washington approved the raid more accurate forces for the rebels.

This unmanned aircraft patrolling and possible action to support the insurgency, said Defense Secretary Robert Gates, on a mission he called a "modest contribution" to his country to the efforts of the international coalition. "They are perfectly adapted to these areas, urban areas. Provide capabilities to NATO command had not previously.

France declares bulls intangible cultural heritage

France, which is organized every year tens of runs, has taken the unprecedented decision to register the bull in its list of intangible cultural heritage, following the criteria defined by UNESCO. This inscription dates back to last January, but the news had gone totally unnoticed until Friday, when he announced the National Observatory of Bullfighting Cultures, coinciding with the start of the Feria de Arles.

Bil'in, clashes between demonstrators and the army, wounded and throwing tear gas

Bil'in, West Bank, occupied Palestinian territory. Our correspondent Giampiero Calapà protest march by the Palestinians against the occupation and the wall that divides Israel from the Territories and splits them in-house to make way for Jewish settlements. Tear gas and rubber bullets against demonstrators by the military, including international delegations and Israeli anarchists.

Of children throwing stones at the soldiers respond with tear gas and rubber bullets. Injuries among protesters, who eventually withdrew. Play audio testimonial for Fact Envoy daily. Protesters injured in clashes with the Israeli army in Bil'in by ilfattoquotidiano. en

The European Union wants to oversee military humanitarian operation in Libya

The European Union continues to plan a military-humanitarian operation in the Libyan town of Misrata, fortress besieged by the rebel loyal to Muammar Gaddafi. "Given the worsening humanitarian situation, particularly in Misrata, planning a military operation in support of humanitarian assistance continues to multinational staff of Rome," said the spokesman Assistant Ministry of Foreign Affairs French, Christine Fages.

Two men attacked a Catholic church in southern Turkey

.- A Catholic church was attacked in southern Turkey, assaulted by two men armed with knives causing material damage but no casualties, reported news agency Ihlas. The assailants, Serhat E. and K. Ibrahim, both 26, were arrested and questioned by police. On the night of Thursday to Friday entered the church of San Pablo in the city of Adana in the south, and, armed with knives, they destroyed everything they could within the temple.

Defined date for presidential and legislative elections in Taiwan

The Central Election Commission of Taiwan has set the date for presidential and parliamentary elections on the island for the January 14, 2012, according to a statement released today in Taipei. Previously, the committee decided to combine the two elections that were scheduled for various dates, in order to save time and money to voters to state coffers, said the electoral body president, Chang Po-ya.

Obama strategy applied in Libya used in Pakistan

U.S. uses unmanned Predator aircraft (drones) in Libya to attack the troops of Moammar Gadhafi with the approval of President Barack Obama, said Robert Gates, Secretary of Defense, who in turn said the U.S. military will not participate with the field. The first two Predator armed with Hellfire missiles capable of flying for 24 hours, yesterday went to Libya, but failed to fulfill its mission because of bad weather, said General James Cartwright, vice chief of the Joint Chiefs.

Mass demonstrations by supporters and opponents of the president of Yemen

Supporters and opponents of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh yesterday measured paths forces with demonstrations in the streets of Sana'a and Taiz. While the mobilization against the president was to say the most numerous observers since the beginning of the protests three months ago, Salé still feel supported enough to determine its own initiative to unlock the crisis the day before you offered the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

Seven people killed by falling plane they were traveling in Manaus

BRASILIA, April 22. Seven people have died after falling plane they were traveling, shortly after takeoff from the Eduardo Gomez International Airport in the city of Manaus, located in the state of Amazonas, in northwest Brazil, as reported by the Airport Infrastructure (Infraero) . Apparently, the victims are the partner of the company that owns the device, Amazonaves Air Taxi, his wife, three daughters - including one under twelve years - the pilot and copilot of the ship, according to the newspaper 'Folha do Sao Paulo.

Sarkozy accepts the invitation to the CNT-BengasiItalia France: possible suspension of the Schengen

Suspend the Schengen Treaty "in case of systemic failures and until the problem is resolved." According to reports from the Elysee this is the proposal that France will lead to the summit with Italy in Rome next Tuesday. The idea is that beyond the Alps, which authorizes a suspension of the free movement of people and goods within the European Union member countries, can help stop the extraordinary flows of immigrants from Tunisia and Libya.

Wikileaks: Bradley Manning, an inmate who embarrasses the United States

To co-founded Wikileaks, Julian Assange, it is "a hero like no other" and "political prisoner America's most important." To his detractors, he is a traitor. For most observers, it is primarily a computer buff badly in his skin that has landed in the Army by chance and eventually shake the U.S. administration.

Incarcerated since July 29, 2010, Bradley Manning, 23 years old U.S. soldier suspected of having sent thousands of American diplomatic cables to the Wikileaks site, is officially the only person concerned by the justice in this case. For months, the issue of prison conditions, unacceptable to its supporters, interested Americans.

Syrians protest amid tight security and shootings

Damascus and other Syrian cities woke up today with heavy security for the protests called by the opposition to this Friday, a day after President Bashar al-Assad announced the end of the state of emergency. The Syrian capital today with police was deployed in many parts of the city, especially around the plaza Abasin, the main point of political protest in Damascus in recent weeks.

Five to six thousand people began to appear Friday in Qamishli, northeast Syria, and about 10 thousand in Deraa (south), despite the lifting of the state of emergency yesterday, witnesses said. Damascus accesses were sealed and transportation to various areas of the capital was forbidden, according to residents contacted by Efe and opposition sources.

New exchange of fire in Cambodia-Thailand border

Troops from Cambodia and Thailand had a further exchange of fire Friday morning near Preah Vihear temple that both countries are fighting for decades. According to early reports, the new clash took place at dawn on Friday near the temples and Ta Ta Moan Krabey in Udor border Meanchey province, Cambodia.

Military sources quoted by the press of both countries reported the clashes, but did not provide details. Hitherto unknown whether the shock caused deaths or injuries. The latest incident comes two months after eight people were killed and dozens wounded in fighting between Cambodian and Thai troops at the border.

Time: Egyptian blogger on the most influential of 2011

It 's the manager of Google and Egyptian blogger Wael Ghonim, symbol of the revolt in Tahrir square against former President Hosni Mubarak, who led the ranking of the most influential people of 2011 according to the magazine "Time". Ghonim passed the economist and Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz, the CEO of Netflix and Reed Hastings.

Mark Zuckerberg is only sixth. Julian Assange, already undermined by the young founder of Facebook to appoint a "person of the year, finishing ninth behind Angela Merkel, in the eighth. Motivations. "Wael helped start a peaceful revolution, enfatizando the fact that the scheme would have listened to citizens who have exercised their right to demonstrate peacefully," said the leader of the Egyptian Mohamed El Baradei.

Moscow, kidnapped the son of the king of antivirus

It 's been kidnapped in Moscow Ivan Kaspersky, the son of the twenty-year old Russian programmer Eugene, lab eponymous founder in 1997 became famous worldwide for its antivirus software. The announcement was made a police source, as the news agency Itar-Tass. Members are involved in the investigation of various investigative facilities.

According to Interfax, the son of Kaspersky would have disappeared April 19 and initially deal with the case were only the secret services. Three million euro: the loot, according to the website Lifenews, asked by the kidnappers for the release of Ivan. The young man joined the fourth year of the faculty of mathematics and cybernetics at Moscow.

Bomb in Karachi killed at least 16

It 's at least 16 dead and several wounded the budget of a bomb in Karachi, southern Pakistan, in a crowded reception for betting. The explosion was caused by a grenade thrown by unknown persons. The wounded over 35, were transported to the nearest hospital in the metropolis. At least ten were in serious condition.

The attack occurred in a Ghasia Mandi, near the area of Liyari, an area where there have been several killings in the wake of a feud between rival political clans. According to police, home to the bookies and illegal gambling is run by criminals. The attack could be the result of a battle between rival gangs.

Blog - Freezing of assets: the Arabic translation of a headache for banks

Finland threatens rescue Portugus

The Portuguese authorities in Lisbon yesterday negotiating a bailout billionaire with European envoys and the International Monetary Fund to avert disaster. They did it with an eye to thousands of miles away, aware that their economic future passes through the Finnish Parliament says yes to the rescue Portuguese in the coming days and is fulfilled and the European requirement for unanimity.

The procedure was complicated substantially after the True Finns party, which opposes financial aid to struggling countries like the EU is now negotiating, achieved massive support in the elections last Sunday. His victory has plunged the political Finnish convoluted negotiations to form a coalition government, which announced last several weeks.

2 Diary from Palestine - Ramallah

Empty streets, all televisions tuned to the game, silence, then the excited voice of the announcer booms and bursts through the streets. It's not Fabio Caressa, who whispers in comparison to the microphone. Yet the atmosphere is that of playing Italy in the World Cup. If not at home, people in bars to cheer and suffer together.

Among the names of Mourinho and Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Guardiola, the words are in Arabic. We are in Ramallah, the capital of Palestine, which was to Arafat. The game is the final of the Copa del Rey, the Spanish international trophy, but, in fact, we're in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and late evening.

In the short term, the Japanese growth will suffer the consequences of the earthquake

The earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan will have to have short term negative impact on Japanese growth. After the slowdown, growth will benefit the efforts of reconstruction. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), GDP growth will be limited to 0.8% in 2011, when it expected a growth of 1.7% before the disaster.

"The immediate impact of this horrible disaster is likely to be important, extending beyond the regions devastated by the earthquake and tsunami," she says in a report. "However, experience from past disasters in Japan and other developed countries suggests that the short-term negative impact on economic output will be followed by a rebound with accelerated spending on reconstruction," says the OECD.