Sunday, March 27, 2011

Closure of nuclear power promise on Taiwan

The chairman of the opposition and pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), Tsai Ing-wen, who has declared his intention to become presidential candidate for 2012, announced that if his party wins the presidency, ending nuclear power plants on the island, even in construction. The PDP will close a plant under construction and accelerate the closure of three nuclear power plants currently operating in Taiwan, Tsai said at a news conference.

Hundreds attended the funeral of first deaths in attacks in Libya

Several hundred residents of Tripoli today attended the funeral of thirteen persons, alleged victims of the bombing of the international coalition on the Libyan capital, although the identity of the deceased is hard to verify. As reported by CNN correspondent in Tripoli, Nick Robertson, several hundred people went to the cemetery of the Martyrs of the Libyan capital, where it was to bury the alleged victims, who were in thirteen coffins draped with green cloth, the color of regime of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.

Syria, the Baath Party building on fire The army comes in Latakia

The protest in Syria is not subsiding. In the aftermath of anti-regime demonstrations bloodily suppressed, today thousands of people have returned to the streets. A TAFAS, a small town near Dara, the city in the south of the country by fighting in recent days, was stormed and set fire to a building of the Baath party of President Bashar al-Assad, and a police station.

Hundreds of protesters gathered again today in the main square of Dara, the city epicenter of unprecedented protests in the south of the country, beating dislocate, lauding the "freedom". A fire the local headquarters of the Baath Party also Latakia, where the army has joined in the evening in a massive way.

Germany: Anti-nuclear mobilization before a key vote for Merkel

Berlin Correspondent - Against the backdrop of a nuclear disaster in Japan, over two hundred thousand demonstrators across Germany have called for Saturday, March 26 closure of central Germany, on the eve of a regional election who became a plebiscite on energy policy Angela Merkel. One of the organizers, the association "Ausgestrahlt", announced that 250,000 people had marched in four German cities to demand an immediate end to the exploitation of the country's 17 nuclear reactors.

"Dragged bedroom and I will redeem Frattini trying to mediate"

BRUSSELS - Silvio Berlusconi arrived in Brussels and decided to skip the surprise summit of European People's Party. Turn makes the motorcade and ends at the hotel. Before a meeting to prepare the EU summit to be held in the evening. Then a nap, and many phone calls in Rome. With the press remains silent, but his face is taut.

In confidential talks reveals his concern about the Libyan crisis. He does not see a way out of hand to solve the puzzle of Tripoli. With ministers and associates it says perplexed by the military mission, even if he is aware that "now we can not flinch." But doubt has now made its way into his thoughts: "With hindsight I think we could stay out of the coalition to carve out a role as mediators." Bitter thoughts, a rash.

Clinton ruled out by the time U.S. intervention in Syria

.- The Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, denied on Sunday that U.S. will intervene in Syria in the same way it does now in Libya, and stated in a television interview that every Arab uprising is different. In an interview taped on Saturday, Clinton said the United States deplored the violence in Syria but that the circumstances were different from those in Libya, where Colonel and leader Muammar Gaddafi has used its air force and heavy artillery against civilians.

Five Palestinian missiles hit the target in Israel

Palestinian rockets into Israel attacked targets near populated city south of Tel Aviv, while Israeli jets aimed at targets in Gaza, in an increasingly heated dispute that has sparked fears of another war. Israeli police said the long-range Grad rockets fired from Gaza, ruled by Hamas, hit the town of Ashdod and an area north of the Mediterranean port.

There were no immediate reports of casualties. Emergency services reported that one of the rockets landed near Yavneh, a town about 45 kilometers from Gaza and about 20 kilometers from Tel Aviv. This area was bombed between December 2008 and January 2009 during the war in Gaza. Border Violence in Gaza has worsened in recent days, and a bomb attack Wednesday in Jerusalem, which Israeli police blamed on Palestinian militants, left one woman dead and at least 50 wounded.

West artillery and tank attacks Gadhafi

Western aircraft artillery and tanks attacked the forces of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi Misrata besieging a city in the West in the hands of the rebels. Coalition aircraft also bombed Gadhafi's palace in the military complex of the Bab Aziza, south of Tripoli, according to the Arab network Al Arabiya.

Gadhafi appeared last night in the palace with his followers in a ceremony broadcast on state television and reiterated Libya's intention to stay in Libya. In a defiant stance, Gadhafi said earlier that the Western powers who have attacked Libya for a fourth day to protect civilians under a mandate from the United Nations Organization (UNO), were "a group of fascists who end up in dustbin of history.

An appeal by the Libyan fighters

Yesterday, just when the protest was spreading in the Arab world in clashes with Syria, Yemen and Jordan and the coalition continued to bomb, came the news - after days of debate - that the command of operations in Libya passes Alliance Atlantic. I think we should start to listen and ask those who fight and die for their land whether or not to this posting.

A few days ago, on his blog, the anarchist Libyan Salem Saoud has appealed that tells much more than many newspapers and Tg that every day we hammer. That is why we join and spread. The call was taken up by various international and Italian sites. Good reading.

In Syria, the protest has caught the opponents

As in the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions, the wave of protest that took Syria since March 18 is a movement without leadership claimed or clearly identified. In this it contrasts with the recent initiatives launched against the regime in 2005 and 2006 at a time when President Bashar Al-Assad was on the defensive after the forced withdrawal from Lebanon following the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, in which the Syrian authorities were suspected.

All'Onu born axis of Bric new opponent for the U.S.

NEW YORK - Brasilia-Delhi-Moscow-Beijing is a quadrilateral of the new world order, the club of "non-interference", the real novelty of this first week of military action in Libya. Yesterday the UN Security Council their criticism of the no-fly zones have sent a message to the Arab world there is another side, compared with America and its European allies.

Regarded as the president of the post-Atlantic, with a truly global vision for biographical reasons, Barack Obama has already helped design a new reality of international politics. Unfortunately for him, is something that comes without and against the United States, as an alternative to the 'Order of the West.

Lower export of Japanese food

Due to high radiation levels detected in water, milk, spinach and other foods, at least six countries decided to restrict the import of products from Japan. The Japanese government says that vegetables and milk from Fukushima and three surrounding provinces have already been withdrawn from the market, but the governments of Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Russia and Canada want to take precautions, as before United took together.

Libyan aviation 'no longer exists as a fighting force'

The air force of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi 'no longer exists as a fighting force' and the international coalition now applied relentless pressure on the Libyan ground forces, a British official said today. The Vice Marshal Greg Bagwell, commander of the Royal Air Force UK operations against Libya, described as successful air operations of the international coalition and said the allies can now fly freely in the Libyan airspace.

Fukushima, New Sea radioiodine alarm evacuated reactor 2

Does not dim the nuclear alert in Japan. Evacuated the reactor 2 for the high radioactivity released. High radiation coming from the reactor core 3 Japan Agency for Atomic Safety does not mean to raise again the level of risk for the plant in Fukushima Daiichi, so that up to 6, "serious incident" (Chernobyl was classified at level 7 ).

This after some remarks made about areas near the plant. A very high level of radioactivity was detected for the first time in pulses from Tokyo, but not for sale. Much more serious is the situation at sea surveys have shown radiation levels 1250 times higher than normal. While continuing aftershocks, the number of victims has risen to over 27 thousand people dead or missing.

A highly radioactive pollution detected off Fukushima

Work is continuing at the center of Fukushima, Saturday, March 26, but they were further hampered by the discovery of radioactive spills in three of the six reactors. Three technicians have suffered burns after being exposed to the reactor No. 3 at a level of radioactivity 10 000 times higher than normally measured in such a place, according to the agency which manages the plant, TEPCO.

In total, nearly 700 people took turns to try to stabilize the reactor of the plant for several weeks in vain. The discovery of radioactive spills, which should be lifted as soon as possible according to the Nuclear Safety Agency of Japan, is just the latest incident in a long series since the earthquake that hit north of the island, 11 March, killing at least 10,151 dead and 17,053 missing.

Everything goes to NATO command, but the no-fly zone would be "reinforced"

BRUSSELS - The agreement came in the late afternoon, after a conference call between the Foreign Ministers of the United States, France, Britain and Turkey. The command of military operations in Libya will fully NATO. Already by Sunday, the Alliance will inherit U.S. Africa Command (Africom U.S.) management of no-fly zone.

That is, pure and simple fly. Then, by Tuesday, coinciding with the Summit Conference of the coalition to be held in London, NATO will also take over the direction of the no-fly zone plus, ugly term that indicates even the bombing missions militias that attack Gaddafi civilians. At this point all military activities will be concentrated under the command of Shape (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe) in Mons, from maritime patrol to check on the embargo, air interdiction, ground attack missions.

Attack on church in Lebanon caused serious damage

.- A bomb exploded today in the church of Our Lady (Syrian Orthodox Christian) from the Lebanese town of Zahle, causing no casualties, although significant damage in an attack that condemned all political and religious authorities of the country.

Burma earthquake kills at least 60 dead and 90 wounded

The magnitude 6.8 quake that struck the east of Burma, felt throughout the Indochina Peninsula and China, has killed at least 60 dead and 90 wounded in the country, said a senior Burmese. "The toll rose to more than 60 people in the communes of Tarlay, Lin and Tachilek Mine," this official said on condition of anonymity.

"The roads are closed. According to our information more than 130 buildings collapsed, and fear a balance much more important because the moment you can not reach many areas. On the Thai side of the border, a 52 year old woman died after falling off the wall of his house in the district of Mae Si.

NATO countries still no agreement on NATO's role in Libya

Libya, the challenge of the rebels: "Are you ready to export oil, we have agreements with Qatar"

The rebels conquered the oil center of Ras Lanuf and launch a challenge: "We are ready to export oil in less than a week. We have already signed agreements with Qatar. " Meanwhile, Gaddafi called for an end of air strikes and launched a new appeal for an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council. The request came this morning after the intense Allied bombing along the road connecting Ajbadiya, the strategic eastern town recaptured by insurgents yesterday, and Sirte, the hometown of the Rais.

In Canada, early elections will be held May 2

Canadians will go to the polls on May 2 for early elections. The announcement was made Saturday, March 26, following the adoption of a censure motion against the minority Conservative government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The censure motion, described as "historic" because because of "contempt of parliament" criticized the government, brought down the Conservative government.

It was supported by 156 votes, all opposition members present, 145 votes against the Conservatives. A few hours before the vote on the motion of censure, the Canadian Liberal Party leader, Michael Ignatieff, accused Governmentof "contempt of Parliament" after his refusal to deliver accurate information to members on the cost of its program against crime, the purchase of fighter planes and tax exemptions offered to companies.

Gaddafi besieged Measured "massacre of civilians, 100 dead

TRIPOLI - The symbol of a regime's war against its people has a name: Measured. There will be no release that could compensate the people of this city. Nothing can compensate for the massacre that is bleeding at this time. If only one camera was able to enter a measured no one would doubt. Be able to take back the 100 dead and 1300 injured in a week of blood flooded the streets and squares of the city under siege.

The Syrians burn buildings to protest repression

Thousands attended the funeral of a person killed in the protests against the government in Syria burned the headquarters of the ruling Baath party and a police station, while authorities released 260 prisoners in an attempt to quell the unrest. Authorities said at least two people were killed during riots.

President Bashar al-Assad faces the worst crisis in its 11-year rule after security forces fired on demonstrators on Friday calling for political reform, raising the death toll to 55, according to Amnesty International. In the coastal city of Latakia, which characterizes the religious diversity, dozens of people staged a protest before attacking Baath offices, said Amar Qurabi, in exile in Egypt and who heads the National Organization for Human Rights to Syria.

Raises the number of confirmed deaths to more than 10 000 in Japan

The number of confirmed dead after the tsunami and registered on 11 March in the Northeast more than 10,000, within two weeks after the disaster, said Friday the Japanese police. According to the latest statistics released on Friday at 11:00 (02:00 GMT), police said 10 thousand 35 were confirmed dead and 17 000 443 people are missing.

The amount is two thousand wounded 775, police said, which centralizes the statistics produced by the different prefectures concerned and identify the bodies. His last trial balance, at 23:00 Thursday local (14:00 GMT), were more than 27 000 dead or missing, including nine thousand 811 confirmed dead, is identified, and 17 thousand 541 people unaccounted for .

Libyan regime will release four journalists

The Libyan authorities have announced the release within 24 hours of four journalists of Al Jazeera, were arrested last week in western Afghanistan, reported the Qatari channel itself. Reporters are two journalists, one Tunisian and one Mauritanian, and a Norwegian and a British camera, said the chain did not provide their names.

Last night, the two journalists from the French agency AFP and Getty Images photographer captured by Libyan troops on Saturday while covering the fighting near the city of Ajdabiya, were released in Tripoli. The Libyan authorities had announced a few hours before Britain's Dave Clark, the Colombian-German and American Robert Schmidt Joe Radle (the latter Getty photographer) would be released.

Libyan rebels take the oil city of Ras Lanuf

Libyan rebel forces have taken the oil city of Ras Lanuf in quick counteroffensive launched yesterday with the recovery of the strategic Ajdabiya and continued today with the oil port of Brega, according to sources have assured the opposition. The thrust of the insurgents has already surpassed and reached Ras Lanuf Jawad Bin, and is pushing back the troops of the regime to Sirte, Gaddafi's hometown.

I live in a country that has a project

I would not write my first post on fattoquotidiano. it with the stereotypical Italian saudade all of those like me who decided to leave Italy. Therefore I do not carry over and only the facts they find interesting and on which we can all discuss. Brief Introduction I studied forestry and environmental sciences in power and I realized after a year and a half, working between Salerno and Florence, which for me was the chance to have a sufficient salary to live alone and be independent.

Libya: an intervention criticized on the merits and the form

Should it intervene militarily in Libya under an international mandate? In France, the intervention of the coalition been a sort of "sacred union". But in recent days, critics of the intervention begin to make their voices heard. Journal of arguments. Even within states that have defended this action, the consensus becomes more fragile as the military operation lasts.

In France, where parliamentary debate took place three days after the first missile, a vast majority of politicians defended the government decision. While cautioning against "turning Arab public opinions" and the assumption of "a form of stalemate in the conflict," the patron saint of Socialist deputies, Jean-Marc Ayrault, chose to criticize the Minister of Interior, Claude Gueant, who had spoken of "crusade".

Bombs in Tripoli, the Libyan jets destroyed Command NATO no-fly zone "

TRIPOLI - The shield of the Atlantic Alliance will be there, "to protect civilians and enforce the no-fly zone." The announcement of turkish foreign minister, Akhmed Davotoglu who had spoken command of the Alliance from Monday or Tuesday has been confirmed, but only in part, by the Secretary General of NATO Rasmussen.

"We will protect civilians," he said after the Council Atalanti, "and will impose the no-fly zone." Then, with CNN, the same Rasmussen said that NATO will have the operation guide for the no-fly zone within a couple of days. "Unified guidance on problems therefore remain open. A consensus is still considering that ' Atlantic Alliance to assume "greater responsibility." Rasmussen has done so clearly given to understand that there are some aspects of the transaction (the bombing of military targets on the ground, for example) that will remain for now in the hands of the current coalition.

The authorities deny that the Yemeni president will resign

.- The authorities in Yemen tonight denied reports and speculation that the Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, has agreed to resign in the next two months. Saleh is still under strong political pressure from the opposition, demanding his resignation, and popular protests that began in the heat of the riots in Tunisia and Egypt, where the crackdown by security forces has caused dozens dead.

Leave at least 25 people quake in eastern Burma

The magnitude 7 earthquake struck eastern Burma on Thursday night, felt in the Indochinese peninsula and in China, has killed at least 25 dead, 24 in Burma, said a senior Burmese Friday morning. The human losses have been concentrated in the municipality of Tarlay, belonging to the town of Tachilek, where residents reported heavy shaking.

"In total, 24 people died," said the official, who also said more than 20 injured. "Five monasteries and 35 buildings collapsed," he added. On the Thai side of the border, a 52 year old woman died after falling off the wall of his house in the district of Mae If, as an officer of the local police.

Resume bombing in Tripoli

The international coalition aircraft have resumed the bombing of Tripoli today, with goals such as military installations Tayura neighborhood, Libyan state television reported. State television says that there are also civilian targets. The district is the foremost Tayura protests in Tripoli and where gadafistas forces have repressed the attempts of the worst violence the regime's opponents to take to the streets.

The eruption of anger against the Assad in Syria extends

The Syrian crisis continues to swell. And the government of President Bashar Assad continues to try to stop the protests in several parts of the country. The Minister of the Asad Buthayna Chaabane, friendly face of the regime and to the press spokesman, acknowledged in an interview to the English edition of Al Jazeera that the government lift the state of emergency imposed after the 1963 coup.

But you pacifists who would you do?

"But you peace in this situation what would you do?" Every time the same thing. When conflict erupts (1st Gulf, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Gulf 2, now Libya) on time we are witnessing the "liturgy" of journalists who call some illustrious exponent of world peace / non-violent and poses the question (also convinced that it put a intelligent question.) Interviewed the victim tries to articulate the answer, but a shrewd reporter will not let him "beat around the bush", "Yes, but you'd Gaddafi left free to continue the slaughter of the insurgents? How would you have stopped with the non-violence? "...

In Yemen, the pro-and anti-Saleh expressed without violence

Libya green light to the mission of Peter to Frattini: "You're a fool"

ROME - In the House passes the resolution by just seven votes of the majority over Libya. The document was adopted with 300 votes in favor, 293 against and 2 abstentions. On motion made by the PD, IDV and the third pole, which reached an understanding that unlike the Senate, there was almost unanimous: 547 votes in favor, the 10 against, 29 abstentions.

"The opposition is playing dirty - thunders Defence Minister Ignazio La Russa - and has dragged the political debate in the international arena by voting against our motion and hoping we did not have the numbers. But once again they miscalculated and you are wrong. " For Massimo D'Alema, however, the opposition has taken on responsibility for the country: "There is another Italy that wants to change, which is on the side of hope and freedom." Frattini's intervention.

UN urges Syria to stop violence

.- The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) Navi Pillay today called on Syria to halt the violence against opposition rallies, and expressed concern about the situation in the Arab country. Pillay advised the government in Damascus to "learn" from recent events in the Middle Eastern countries and to avoid hatred, violence and chaos after the brutal crackdown on peaceful demonstrators.

Japan detects radioactivity to 30 miles from coast

Japanese scientists have found measurable concentrations of iodine-131 and cesium-137 radioactive seawater samples taken at about 30 kilometers from the coast, said Thursday the body of the UN nuclear watchdog. "The iodine concentrations are at or above regulatory limits Japanese and cesium levels are far below them," he said Thursday the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA, for its acronym in English).

16 killed in attack gadafista

At least 16 people died, including five children and wounded 23 others in the town of Misrata, 210 kilometers east of Tripoli, from attacks by the brigades of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi. The National Transitional Council spokesman Acting (CNRT), Abdelhafiz Hoga, told a press conference in Benghazi that "there are snipers on the roofs of buildings and security forces (of Gadhafi) block the entrances to the hospitals." Those attacks came despite international coalition aircraft deployed in Libya to enforce no-fly zone approved by the UN bombed today in Misrata gadafistas positions, isolation between Tripoli and Sirte, Al Jazeera channel reported.

Japan evacaa workers Fukushima reactor 2 of the high radioactivity

Growing concern about the nuclear plant in Fukushima 1, affected by the earthquake and tsunami of 11 March. In the reactor 2 were detected radiation levels well above normal, according to TEPCO, the company that operates the plant, forcing the evacuation of the technicians working to try to repair it.

Although at first instance was reported 10 million levels above normal, TEPCO has been reported in a subsequent press conference has erred in measurements. "There has been a confusion between iodine 134 and cobalt 56," said Sakae Muto, vice president of the company. TEPCO will conduct an analysis of radiation levels.

NATO will lead all operations militariL'Italia not give up the role of France

NATO will assume command of all military operations in Libya. The announcement came on a day of great excitement diplomat, with a meeting in Addis Ababa between the African Union and the regime of Muammar Gaddafi to study the possibility to call for elections in the North African country. The Atlantic Alliance has announced that "within a few days" will not only complete control with regard to the no-fly zones, but for all military operations against the objectives of land to ensure compliance with Security Council Resolution 1973 's UN.

Reconstruction after the earthquake, an issue for the Japanese Mafia

After the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan, first arrived on the scene were neither non-governmental organizations, or even the army. The yakuza, the Japanese mafia, have sent hundreds of men and dozens of trucks loaded with blankets, dried noodles, flashlights and diapers. They subsequently opened the doors of their businesses to refugees in Tokyo.

Jake Adelstein, an American journalist specializing in Japanese mafia, author of Tokyo Vice: An American Report on the Police Beat in Japan (published by Pantheon Books), explains the interest of the yakuza in the Tohoku region, hit by earthquake. "The Japanese organized crime owns 3% to 4% of the construction industry.

Syria, Assad announced reforms "I never ordered to shoot"

BEIRUT - The protest widespread worries the regime in Syria, to compel the president of one of the most immovable regimes of the Middle East to announce a series of radical reforms, largely the result of the requests of thousands of people these days have shown in city of Dara, in the south, suffering the crackdown by the security forces.

At least one hundred people died in clashes in recent days, according to the complaint of the opposition. But Assad assures, "I have given orders to shoot." And in the evening, also announced he had given the order to release all the arrested protesters during the unrest of recent days.