Thursday, February 10, 2011

Struggle against Mubarak killed in protests in the south of Egypt

Bloody protests against the regime of Husni Mubarak of Egypt in the south: in clashes between opposition supporters and government forces have killed three people and injured over a hundred people. Cairo - In the Kharga oasis town in southern Egypt, it is for days of heavy fighting between opponents of the regime and security forces.

In the clashes were three people killed and more than a hundred were injured, reported the TV channel Al-Arabiya. The police have used the 500-kilometer south of Cairo city of tear gas and fired live ammunition at protesters. The demonstrators set the local headquarters of the ruling party NDP and a police station and court house on fire.

Iraq: Many dead in car bomb Series

Bloodbath in the north of Iraq: In a series of car bomb attacks were at least nine people and over 70 injured. The disputed region is inhabited by Kurds, Sunnis and Turkmen. Kirkuk - The dead include two policemen and a child in Kirkuk in northern Iraq exploded almost simultaneously in different places with three prepared explosives cars.

In the series of attacks at least nine people were killed. 78 other people suffered injuries. The first bomb detonated outside the building of the Kurdish secret service, the second at a gas station and the third before a social security office. In Kirkuk, about 290 miles from Badad it comes to tensions.

In Cairo, the streets remain mobilized until a new show of force

A notice to hold universally

Tahrir Square this afternoon contains the breath to the possible imminence of his victory, given the proximity of the ad announced the resignation of Mubarak. The democracy movement triggered by the Egyptian youth cyber has made out a key issue Mubarak. In recent days the motto came to be: "If the" rais "is stubborn in his efforts to cling to power, more so are we." And it turns out in every way unlikely to face a transition to democracy in the Nile Valley with Mubarak as head of state.

Gust: Battle of rumors about the tender Brazilian

Rio de Janeiro, Correspondent - Brazil's intention to buy 36 fighter jets gives rise to a "little war" psychological among the three countries concerned by this call for tenders, France, Sweden and the United States. Without new information on the future government's choice of Dilma Rousseff, Brazilian media, or based in Brazil, are regularly echoed rumors fed largely by a desire "intoxication" to the detriment of other competitors in the race.

In the next few hours could end the era of Mubarak in Egypt

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, might soon give power to Vice President, Omar Suleiman, according to the ruling party's general secretary was quoted by the BBC. Hossan Badrawi, general secretary of National Democratic Party, told the British public broadcaster Mubarak "probably" will address the nation tonight.

His comments came after Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq told the Arabic service of the BBC that it is considering the possibility that Mubarak give up power. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of people stood expectantly in Cairo's Tahrir Square, the epicenter of the protests in Egypt, in an atmosphere of euphoria at the possibility that the hours of President Mubarak in power are numbered.

Nerves and hope in the Place de la Liberation

It's time for prayer in the square of the Liberation and silence reigns. All pray with the mind set on the clock, counting the minutes that pass, hoping that Mubarak delivers his speech. A screen projected. The message they hope is the final departure and that queen a tense euphoria in the square has been the focus of demonstrations in Egypt, since the Jan.

25 riots broke out. Everyone is very nervous, rumors have come to the square minutes ago and there is confusion because they could not watch TV news and all are coming from outside, transmitted by word of mouth. Everyone knows that there is a military committee met and growing talk that the president could leave office in the coming hours.

France, the judiciary strikes against interference Sarkozy

Courts closed, suspended hearings, judges in the square. From Marseille to Caen, from Bordeaux to Lyon, explodes the protest of the French courts against President Sarkozy. After blocking non-urgent hearings and the suspension of activities by the assemblies voted in the last days of 170 out of 195 courts, today was the day the streets to [...]

Tunisia: President Announces social negotiations

The Tunisian president Acting Fouad Mebazaa, announced Wednesday, Feb. 9, the opening "soon" from "social negotiations at the national level" in a speech on national television just hours after he had been invested emergency powers by Parliament. The Tunisian Senate had voted earlier law allowing interim president to rule by decree-law, act two of a scuttling of the bicameral parliament inherited from the era of Ali Zine El-AbidineBen.

Roweny, commander of the Egyptian Army: "Everything that you loved will comply"

The Army has taken the reins in Egypt. After 17 days of demonstrations and Liberation Square calling for the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian army commander, Hassan al Roweny has made known to the Egyptians thousands of protesters that "whatever you wish will be fulfilled." Roweny has addressed the protesters from one of the stage erected in the square, calling on protesters to sing the national anthem and maintain the security of Egypt.

Demigods caught cheating

Tokyo Correspondent - A new scandal tarnishes the image a bit of sumo. After dozens of illegal paris wrestlers on baseball in particular, proved in 2010, highlighting the same year, its links with the underworld, the Japanese wrestling is concerned, since February 2, by accusations of cheating. The outcome of many battles have been settled against payment.

Described by the President of the Japan Sumo Association (JSA), Hanaregoma of "indelible stain in the long history of sumo," the practice was revealed by the survey of paris. Police found text messages sent by wrestlers specifying the conduct of future battles and the amounts to be paid.

Egypt, Mubarak to resign Army: "We protect the nation"

CAIRO - Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak might resign in the coming hours. The Egyptian Prime Minister Shafiq said in an interview with the BBC and confirm some signs that give the sense of acceleration after sanguinese celebrations marking the country for days. To the point that the Muslim Brotherhood, the President would let down the Cairo and that the CIA expected the farewell for now.

No coincidence that the Secretary General of the Egyptian government NDP party, Hossan Badrawi, "hopes" that Mubarak to transfer power to Vice-President Omar Suleiman. Indeed, according to the TV station al-Jazeera, Mubarak would have left the country for an unspecified location. Acceleration that seems to be confirmed by the words of a senior military official announced that Egyptian megaphone to the square Tharia "good news for tonight" and that the protesters' demands are met.

Barracks attack in Pakistan leaves 31 dead

A child in school uniform blew himself up Thursday in a military recruitment center Pakistan, killing at 31 cadets, officials said, in an attack that challenges the Government's said that weakened the militants. The Pakistani army has carried out a series of offensives against Taliban insurgents linked to Al-Qaeda, which claimed responsibility for the attack.

Operations in the lawless tribal areas along the Afghan border have failed to break the resolution of Taliban fighters determined to destabilize the US-backed government. The pump in the northwestern town of Mardan suggests that militants are regrouping after a period of relative calm. In a sign of nervousness of the government on security issues, the soldiers at the gate of the military recorded to allow drivers before they entered the coffins in the room.

Army protesters Egypt offers to meet you ask

The Egyptian army commander Hassan al-Roweny protesters said Thursday in Tahrir Square in Cairo that "all that you wish will be fulfilled," one witness told Reuters news agency. Meanwhile, CNN reported that President Hosni Mubarak could transfer his power as army chief to the institution, but without citing sources.

Roweny spoke to the protesters from a stage erected in the Paza and called the people to sing the national anthem and keep the country safe. When protesters heard his words, sang: "The people demand the downfall of the regime" and "the regime has fallen."

Egypt, Prime Minister: "Mubarak would resign"

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak could leave the presidency. " E 'as the Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq announced, quoted by the satellite TV' al-Arabiya '. "The situation - he said - could be resolved soon." While the broadcaster al-Jazeera speaks of a leak to the press that Saddam would leave the country for an unspecified location.

The Secretary General of the National Democratic Party, Hossam Badrawi, had previously announced that "the answer to the demands of the people" will come by tomorrow. To confirm the hypothesis of a step back is also Mubarak Al Hurra, the Arabic-language American television that the power would be to take a military committee.

Budget Valentine's Day

Talking about love, for once. Valentine's Day arrives, and in the ritual procession of the American calendar is an essential stop. After Thanksgiving orange, red and green Christmas, and before the fluorescent green of St. Patrick's Day (when, even in the White House fountains, water color is mint), comes from the crimson Valentine's Day.

Full of red screens, pubs, rays. Pink into the playground. United States, the festival is not just for lovers. From kindergarten, we send the "valentines", small cards tender. It provides teachers with chocolates, cookies, heart-shaped four-legged companions (as the national federation of retailers, U.S.

Baby-bomber kills 31 people at the recruitment center killing

Mardan - He was only 12 years, the suicide bomber who blew himself up in the air in a Pakistani army recruitment center in Mardan, about thirty miles north-east of Peshawar. According to sources close to investigators, the budget of the massacre has become worse. Initially it was about a dozen deaths that would later come to 31 and about 35 wounded.

The attack was claimed by the Taliban in Pakistan. The attack was an act of revenge against the raids in the area by U.S. drones and military offensives against the local army. "We claim with pride this suicide attack," said a rebel spokesman, Azam Tariq, speaking by satellite phone. "We will continue this way against those who provide security to Americans, is our revenge for the raids with spy planes and military operations in the tribal areas," said Tariq, referring to U.S.

In Cairo, protesters left the Tahrir Square to Parliament

"We came here to prevent members from entering the PND. We will stay until our demands are met or we will die here," said Mohammed Abdullah, 25, while the crowd chanted anti-Mubarak slogans and waving Egyptian flags. In response, Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit affirmed that the military could intervene in case of chaos "to take things in hand".

"Aboul Gheit called for the preservation of the Constitution to prevent the country from descending into chaos," recounts an interview with the Minister to Al-Arabiya. This follows warnings Omar Suleiman. Tuesday night, the vice president warned that if the demonstrators did not sit at the negotiating table, the country could be a thank you to the coup, leading to chaos.

Frattini's silence on foreign policy

The results of the referendum confirm that almost all of southern Sudanese have voted for the secession of the southern regions of the North and the Khartoum government. With a turnout that leaves no shadows: more than 90 percent. In short, next July would be born the 54th African state. It is a historic event for the continent and an upheaval in the geopolitical balance in the heart of Africa: all relations with neighboring countries - and even less close - will change, there will be a race to the vast resources of the South (most oil, precious woods, mines, land, agricultural products), there will be several industrialized countries (the United States on his head, so did their utmost for the success of the referendum) eager to build relationships and relations with the new political leadership and we will a whole state to be built, given the almost total absence of facilities and infrastructure in South Sudan.

I Ahmed, 27, tortured in the jails of Ben Ali

Leather jacket, keffiyeh around his neck and cap on his head, Ahmed paces with Safwan and Hamed, the streets of the city Ettadhamen, a suburb north of Tunis. All three have the same simple childhood in a working class family in the impoverished neighborhood where they have piled up tens of thousands of Tunisians came for a job.

All three share a common faith and a rigorous practice of Islam ... which led them in the jails of Ben Ali. Ahmed, 27, is the last of the three to be released. Monday, January 31, he was granted an amnesty in respect of political prisoners by the transitional government. After three years and eight months in prison, Ahmed is free, but bears the marks of beatings suffered in detention.

Mass protest in Cairo: the movement seems to be getting stronger

Egypt's government wants the country prescribe rest, but the opposition can get you down - on the contrary: The protest movement seems to be getting stronger, people travel from around the country to the demonstrations in Cairo. On Friday threatened a new escalation of violence. "Go away, Mubarak!" - "Enough!" - "Be not weary, do not be tired Freedom is not free!" The slogans in Cairo's Tahrir Square are clear: dictator Hosni Mubarak would be selling at.

Ruby Affair: Italy's judiciary raises charges against Berlusconi

The Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi to stand trial in the Ruby affair in court. Milan prosecutors have now applied for a rapid procedure. The charges: abuse of office and abetting in prostitution with minors. Milan - The Milan prosecutor has requested a trial of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Berlusconi accused of abuse and sexual relations with a minor. The prime minister is suspected of having paid at parties to any of its property at that time a Moroccan minors, nicknamed Ruby for sex. He is said to have abused his office last May, the release Karima el-Maroughs, so to obtain her real name, when it was for robbery suspect in police custody.

Donald Rumsfeld's memoirs: Revenge of the Hawk

Repentance is different: The former U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld used his war memoirs to the general reckoning, he blasphemes of George W. Bush and Condoleezza Rice pulls her to Gerhard Schröder and Jacques Chirac. ruminate about their own mistakes? To him, waste of time. Robert McNamara was 79 years old when he apologized for the Vietnam War.

"We were wrong, terribly wrong," former U.S. defense secretary wrote in 1995 in his memoirs. "And we owe future generations a statement as to why this was so." After his resignation, he took almost three decades to admit the painful insight. Donald Rumsfeld is 78 years old, but only for four years, no more Pentagon chief.

The days of the Egyptian President Mubarak in power are numbered.

The days of the Egyptian President Mubarak in power are numbered. Even in neighboring countries, the rulers tremble. The yearning for freedom, prosperity and happiness is driving people into the streets in Morocco, Syria, Jordan, Yemen. Popular anger in Arabia - a review. Tents and barricades have replaced the cars and trucks roar normally on Tahrir Square in the heart of Cairo.

Normally. But here nothing is normal. The place has become the center of the struggle for freedom in the Arab world. The protesters endure here are proud of their country. Egypt had become a role model, says a man Another agrees with him: "What happened in Egypt, consequences for many countries in this region." The Arab world is in turmoil.

Ian Assange delivered to Sweden?

Such a step is not necessary, a high-ranking witness told a London court. The defense of the WikiLeaks co-founder made serious allegations against the Swedish justice system. London - ian Assange sat quietly in his seat and made occasional notes, as the former Swedish prosecutor Sven-Erik Alhem appeared before a London court on Tuesday in the trial of the WikiLeaks co-founder - as a witness for Assange.

French head of government: Fillon lie regarding a holiday sponsored from Mubarak

The Prime Minister has come up with Egypt's President Mubarak invited to a Christmas holiday - with sponsored flight in a machine of the President and boat trip on the Nile. Paris - France's government is facing another scandal involving a sponsored by North African private patrons leave.

Prime Minister Francois Fillon confirmed on Tuesday that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak had invited him and his family to a Christmas holiday. Fillon office released a statement with which he responded to a revealing story in the weekly newspaper Le Canard Enchaîné. The Prime Minister admitted the fact of including women and children, 26th December to 2 to January at the invitation of Mubarak in Aswan have geurlaubt resort.

China submits to arrest a prominent dissident

The human rights defenders in China are under scrutiny of the regime. The authorities in that country remain under house arrest for one of the most prominent activists, C Guangcg, according to the complaint concerned himself in a video posted on YouTube by the U.S. NGO Aid China. "I left a small prison to enter larger," says C in his first comments since his release from prison last September after serving a sentence for accusing the authorities to reach out forced abortions, reports BBC.

Wael Ghonim: new icon of the Egyptian revolution

He became a symbol of protest in Egypt. Wael Ghonim young cyber-activist of 30 years arrested during protests against President Hosni Mubarak was greeted as a hero Tuesday Tahrir Square after twelve days of detention. Greeted by a crowd of demonstrators who cheered with tears in his eyes, the head of marketing for Google Middle East and North Africa, did not hesitate: "I'm not a hero, you are the hero is you who have stayed here instead.

Egypt threatens to curb, if there is chaos

The cornered regime of Hosni Mubarak said that the military will intervene if the protests cause a state of chaos in Egypt. "If there is chaos, the military will intervene to control the country," said Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit, the channel Al Arabiya television. Yesterday, the protesters surrounded the parliament and the seat of government, while incidents in the South left five dead.

Six dead in plane crash in the Irish from Cork Airport

Six people were killed and six others were injured when a plane crashed while preparing to land at Cork Airport in southern Ireland, according to official sources have confirmed to the EFE agency. The device is a small airplane type 18-seater Fairchild Metroliner, of which 12 were occupied by the British company hired Manx2 the Spanish airline Air Lada.

The aircraft, flying from Belfast (Northern Ireland), traveled 10 passengers and two crew. A spokeswoman for the Council Cork County Council explained that the other six people have been moved to the regional hospital, four of whom are in serious condition. The accident occurred shortly before 10.00 GMT, when the unit was preparing to take land in foggy conditions and "low visibility", according to the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) in a statement.

A minister in southern Sudan killed

The minister of the semi-autonomous southern Sudan on Rural Development and Cooperatives, Jimmy Lemi Milla and his bodyguard were shot dead on Wednesday 9 February. "There was shooting at the ministerial complex in which the Minister of Rural Development and Cooperatives has been killed and his bodyguard," said a spokesman for the Popular Army for the Liberation of Sudan.

"It seems that the head [fire] is the driver of the minister, and he was also killed." Previously he "also killed a guard at the entrance to the ministry," added the spokesman, indicating that the precise reasons for these firings were still undetermined. "They are all from the same ethnic group, and it possible that this is a personal matter," he added.

The 'pearl' of Suleimn

The speech fickle Omar Suleiman, who was appointed vice president of Egypt on 29 January, showed his more provocative yesterday in a statement to the directors of the Egyptian press. After sweetening the ears of Washington and Brussels in recent weeks with promises of transition, former head of military intelligence during the past 20 years, called for keeping the old order.

And what is more alarming if possible, Egyptian society defined as "lack of democratic culture." The new strongman of Mubarak opened at the post office with a moderator and willing to "open immediate negotiations with the political forces to start a dialogue on issues related to constitutional and legislative reforms." Days later and before popular pressure urging him to dissolve parliament and announce elections, Suleiman was clear in the case: "No Parliament would not have reforms" and upholds the institutions until elections scheduled for September.

Harmattan / 3

Wash and industry awareness of humanitarian aid. These are the key issues affecting the international cooperation. The first relates to the interventions from the bottom, the psychological attitude of the helpers, the trend superomistico, superiority. The second one covers interventions from above, major projects, the imposition of a development model that is not a real help, but in fact presupposes a relationship of subordination by the receiver.

Meeting between lightning military of both Koreas

Talks between military officials and southern North Korea abruptly ended Wednesday without reaching an agreement. This meeting between the two neighbors was the first since the deadly bombing in November of a South Korean island by forces from Pyongyang, which had heightened tensions between the two neighbors.

The delegation from North Korea crossed the border ten minutes after leaving the negotiating table, taking place since yesterday in a border village in the demilitarized zone. No official explanation was advanced to explain this sudden departure. An official with the Ministry of Defence South Korean Yonhap news agency quoted, attributed the failure of the meeting to "differences over the agenda." According to another official, quoted by YTN television, the atmosphere "was pretty emotional." South Korea demanded during the meeting that the North apologizes and pledges to punish those responsible for two serious incidents in 2010: the sinking of a corvette South Korean who killed 46 people, and the bombing of 23 November (4 people including 2 soldiers).

NGOs denounce the abuses and torture of the Egyptian Army

The Egyptian army has secretly detained hundreds, possibly thousands, of suspected opponents of the regime since the outbreak of social revolt against the presidency of Hosni Mubarak, according to a report the British newspaper The Guardian based on testimonies of victims of such abuse. The military, the keys to resolving the crisis, apparently have remained neutral on the development of citizen protest in cities such as Cairo and Alexandria.

Perun resign shirt

It is not known if the deputy Christopher Lee, twice elected to Congress in Washington in a college of the State of New York, and - as an ancient way want to say - born with a caul. But it is certain that he died without a shirt. Politically dead. Died in the sense that, just yesterday, after the appearance of a picture of him shirtless (convict was Facebook, once again) has given up immediately, with a very heartfelt letter to his bench as a parliamentarian.

Amr Moussa: Western analysis on the role of the Muslim Brotherhood "is false"

Cairo, Special Envoy - In an interview with Le Monde, Egyptian Amr Moussa, 74, secretary general of the Arab League since 2001, describes current events in Egypt "revolution", as demonstrators in the square Tahrir, when Vice-President Omar Suleiman qualifies as "intifada", that is to say, "uprising".

"It's a revolution, he says Cecile Hennion, Special Envoy of the World in Cairo. Its scale is such that we can already say that Egypt from January 25 is radically different than before. The popular vote stood with clarity and courage, saying all that change is inevitable. The Egyptian youth, supported by all generations, today said things that no one dared to say for several decades.

Dilma Rousseff Lula distances himself from

The bitter war between France and the United States take the contract to modernize the Brazilian Air Force, considered one of the biggest deals of the decade, has experienced a significant shift to state publicly yesterday the new president Dilma Rousseff the F- 18 Boeing Super Hornet is a better deal than the Rafale, Dassault.

The agency said the Brazilian president raised the issue of fighter aircraft during the important visit of U.S. Treasury secretary, Timothy Geithner, and assured him his preference for the purchase of more than 30 F-18 aircraft, provided that they improve some aspects of technology transfer, a large Brazilian demand.

Brazil to slash more than 22,000 million euros of budget

BRASILIA, 10 Feb. The Brazilian Finance Minister Guido Mantega, has announced a cut of 50,000 million reais ($ 22.258 million euros) in the budgets of 2011, as part of measures to contain inflation and ensure and economic growth of 5 percent this year. In parallel with public accounts will be audited, as announced by Planning Minister Miriam Belchior.

This measure is mainly due to the need to eliminate economic incentives approved in the last two years to avoid the impact of the crisis in the South American country. "We eliminate all the tax benefits that were adopted to support the economy in 2009 and 2010, when the Government began to implement tax breaks, approved grants and increased costs," said Mantega.

Former President Aristide intends to return to Haiti in the coming days

In a statement released mid-January, said Mr. Aristide had wanted to return home for medical reasons but also "to help serve [his] brothers and sisters in Haiti as a private citizen in the field of education." Jean-Bertrand Aristide, 57, a former opponent of the Duvalier dictatorship (1957-1986) priest and proponent of "liberation theology", was first elected to lead the country in 1990 before being expelled the country eight months later by a military coup.

The Army says North Korea will not meet with the South

The North Korean Army said today that he will not engage in a dialogue with South Korea, after yesterday's results completed without a military meeting two days work to reduce tension in the area. In a statement quoted by the Yonhap agency, North Korean military delegation accused South Korea of not contributing to the improvement of inter-Korean relations and said the South Korean Army is only interested in maintaining the high level of tension on the peninsula.

Russia confirms that the suicide bomber was a Moscow airport in Ingushetia

The suicide bomber who blew himself up at the Moscow Domodedovo airport on 24 January was Magomed Yevloev, a 20 year old from the village of Ali-Yurt in Ingushetia, said yesterday the leader of the North Caucasus territory, Iunus- Yevkurov Bek, based on comparative analysis of DNA from remains of the bomber and family members Yevloev.

The blast, caused by the detonation of the equivalent to 5 kilos of TNT, killed 36 people. As implicated in the crime have been arrested three alleged accomplices, Magomed Yevloev two brothers and a villager. According Yevkurov, brothers, Ahmed and Fatima, knew the criminal intent and Magomed not reported to authorities.

Brazilian companies are leading the financing of the electoral campaign of Alejandro Toledo

LIMA, 9 Feb. (Reuters) - Brazilian companies listed as major financial support of the electoral campaign of the candidate favored to win Peru's presidential elections, former President Alejandro Toledo (2001-2006). Toledo financing is not astronomical but analysts say shows the great interest of Brazilian companies that have invested billions of dollars, mainly in the field of construction in the South American country.

Paris does not provide reinforcement in Afghanistan in 2011

France did not intend to send more troops to Afghanistan but troops will redeploy in 2011 based in areas where security will be transferred to Afghan authorities said Tuesday in Washington the French defense minister, Alain Juppe . "We are in an overall budget of 4000 soldiers who are on the ground, and we have no intention of passing it," Mr.

Juppe told reporters after meeting his U.S. counterpart Robert Gates. "It is already a considerable effort on the part of France, has long argued, since we are in Afghanistan since the beginning" after the overthrow of the Taliban regime in late 2001, he added. Asked about any requests for reinforcements made by the United States, "I told them clearly indicated that we did not have that ability," said number two in the government.

Iran, under house arrest an opposition leader

TEHRAN - Mehdi Karrubi, a leading Iranian opposition leader, was placed under house arrest: report it SahamNews quoted by his son, the official website of the Etemad-Melli party, which Karrubi is president.