Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Yemen protesters always demand the departure of Saleh

Tens of thousands of protesters again took to the streets in Taiz and Aden, southern Yemen, Wednesday, April 6, demanding the resignation of President Saleh. These events were caused by the death of a protester shot and killed Tuesday in Taiz, witnesses said. The balance of the wave of violence in this city, Hodeidah on the Red Sea and in the capital, Sanaa, is now 25 dead.

In Aden, eight activists were also arrested. Negotiations between opposition leaders and diplomats representing member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), which Saleh has accepted the mediation took place. After the meeting, a spokesman for the opposition, Mohammed Qahtran, expressed his optimism but recognized that the negotiation of the details could take time.

Muammar Gadhafi lost a third of its weapons

The Libyan government forces shelled the rebels who tried to retrieve a key oil port and retreated despite reports of the Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) that almost a third of the heavy weapons have Muammar Gadhafi been destroyed. The rebels managed to take over the port of Brega, aided by international air campaign that bombed Gadhafi heavy weapons, but the attack with rockets and tanks indicate that the government offensive capability is intact.

"Obama has returned to seek common solutions to Latin America"

Less than I expected, but more than I had. Analysts, politicians and scholars agree to assess what have been the first two years of the Obama Administration as to the relationship with Latin America is concerned. Maybe, there is a consensus that some promises are fulfilled. And there are some that, despite the problems on the agenda, see advances and progress, returning to the path that had been traveling before George W.

Libya: NATO promises to protect the town of Misrata

So they had to retreat, Tuesday, April 5, east of the oil port of Brega, Libya strongly criticize the rebels NATO. They accuse the Atlantic Alliance does not act quickly enough to help them. The situation is particularly worrying in Misrata, their last in the West, the forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi bombed for seven hours on Tuesday, killing two and twenty-six wounded, reported the insurgents.

U.S. envoy arrives in Benghazi to meet with Libyan opposition

.- Chris Stevens, the U.S. sent to Benghazi, arrived in the Libyan capital of the rebels to meet with members of the National Transitional Council (CNT) and assess the possibility of providing support "non-lethal," the U.S. government. "Our representative has arrived in Benghazi and is meeting with members of the CNT," said today the acting spokesman of the State Department, Mark Toner, in his daily briefing.

Fukushima: Tepco clog the leak of radioactive water into the ocean

The leak of highly radioactive water that leaked into the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident in the ocean was blocked, announcement, Wednesday, April 6, Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO). "The workers have confirmed that at 5 h 38 Water flowing from the pit stopped," said TEPCO said in a statement. The technicians had discovered last week, a gap of 20 cm in the wall of a pit near the shore technique and connected to the reactor 2.

Court in The Hague said that Gadhafi planned civilian deaths

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has evidence that the government of Moammar Gadhafi planned to crush the protests killing civilians before the outbreak of an uprising in Libya, said the court's prosecutor. The government protests that began on February 15 were transformed into civil war after Gadhafi forces opened fire on demonstrators.

Then the leader put down uprisings in western Libya, leaving the east and the town of Misrata in rebel hands. The NATO-led forces are holding the balance in Libya but have been unable so far to give the rebels an undisputed victory. The Security Council United Nations, which on March 17 approved air strikes against the Libyan Government to continue to prevent civilian killings, in February sent the case to the ICC, the first permanent world tribunal to judge war crimes.

"Diseases do not appear tardarn"

The humanitarian situation in Ivory Coast deepens after the dialogue initiated by France yesterday for the resignation of President Laurent Gbagbo has not come to any terms. The constant siege by supporters of President-elect, Alassane Ouattara, to the residence where the president has retreated late this afternoon, while civilians are afraid to leave the streets, taken by gunmen from both sides and necessary, increasingly important for water, food and medicines.

Gbagbo, a militant who clung to power

France confirms negotiations with President of Cote d'Ivoire

The French government confirmed that negotiations with President Laurent Gbagbo on "the conditions for its withdrawal" of Ivory Coast and written recognition of the authority of the elected president, Alassane Ouattara. This was announced by French Foreign Minister, Alain Juppe, who also said that the fighting "ceased" in the economic capital, Abidjan.

Juppe, who was speaking at the French National Assembly, said today he has spoken with the United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, on this aspect of the solution to the crisis in Ivory Coast, and is "of agreement. " Gallo Minister added that the departure of Gbagbo in the country must be preceded by the publication of a document in which the outgoing president stating his "renunciation of power" and its recognition of Ouattara's authority as "president." He said that the ongoing negotiations with Gbagbo "and his family" consists precisely in knowing in detail the conditions of their departure, and indicated that one of his advisers is with this purpose in the French embassy in Ivory Coast.

After the revelations of Wikileaks, the U.S. ambassador to Ecuador returned

The Ecuadorian government has requested, Tuesday, April 5, the departure of the U.S. ambassador in Quito, after the publication of a telegram by Wikileaks in which she states that President Rafael Correa has appointed a police chief in the knowledge he was corrupt. The Ecuadorian government "decided to treat this lady persona non grata, and we asked what she leaves the country," he told a news conference the foreign minister, Ricardo Patiño, citing the U.S.

President of Ivory Coast, 'entrenched' at escalation of attacks

Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo was outgoing Tuesday "entrenched with a handful of the faithful" in a bunker at his residence in Abidjan, said the AFP spokesman of the UN Operation in Côte d'Ivoire (UNOCI), Hamadoun Toure. "He's barricaded in the basement of his residence, with a handful of the faithful.

It is in a bunker," he said. Supporters of his rival Alassane Ouattara Gbagbo's residence attacked, whose chief of staff said he had "stopped fighting" and called for a ceasefire. Meanwhile, French Foreign Minister has said that Gbagbo is negotiating his departure with international forces in calling for his resignation.

Palestine and Israel say goodbye to 'martyr for freedom'

Palestinians and Israelis still shocked after the death of Juliano Mer-Khamis, theater director and activist shot dead on Tuesday in the Jenin refugee camp. Many of them have passed today by the Al Midan Theatre in the Israeli city of Haifa, where the coffin was installed by the artist. "Martyr of Freedom" read a huge poster with his face set beside the coffin of Mer-Khamis.

Condolences have come from one side or the other of the invisible border that divides Israel from the Palestinian territories, which is further evidence of the personality of this son of a Jewish mother and Palestinian father spent searching for understanding between the enemies. The funeral cortege made Yalame stop at the checkpoint on the outskirts of Jenin that prevents Palestinians from entering Israel and vice versa.

Brussels, journalists posing as lobbyists and "corrupt" 4 MEPs

Bribery in Brussels. A scandal that has forced some MEPs to resign. The scoop, revealed on March 22, and some journalists from the British newspaper The Sunday Times that they are fake lobbyists for eight months and have offered bribes to sixty MEPs to push through amendments in the vote. In 4 have accepted it, and anything but mind-boggling figures.

And now comes the response of the Parliament, which has announced to strengthen the code of conduct of MEPs and the rules governing the activities of lobbyists. Response also necessitated by the demands investigation OLAF (Office of the European anti-fraud). The journalists posing as lobbyists have given money to 60 Euro MPs to introduce amendments.

Côte d'Ivoire, Laurent Gbagbo to back wall

Having stood up to the camp of Alassane Ouattara, recognized as the winner of presidential elections by the international community, then to the aerial assault of the UN and France, Laurent Gbagbo was backs to the wall yet, Tuesday, April 5. All stakeholders, including the Quai d'Orsay, hoped earlier in the day a very fast start of Laurent Gbagbo.

He was announced by the agency before being denied by the Elysée and the UN. Laurent Gbagbo wants? The day of Tuesday, April 5th will be remembered as one who prepared the departure of Laurent Gbagbo, after four months of tension and fighting. A day twists, punctuated by the contradictory statements of each other.

UN launches offensive against loyal to the outgoing president of Ivory Coast

The troops of the United Nations Organization in Cote d'Ivoire (UNOCI), supported by French forces conducted air strikes against supporters of Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo outgoing. "UNOCI helicopters fired at military camps and Akuedo Agban and on the palace and Gbagbo's residence, said police spokesman, Hamadoun Toure.

The attacks on military camps intended to Gbagbo's forces used heavy artillery against civilians. The international community officially recognized as president-elect Alassane Ouattara, Gbagbo but has not allowed to take possession, for what they have unleashed a series of clashes between both forces, killing at least 800 dead.

U.S. and Colombia agree to approve the Free Trade Agreement

United States and Colombia led to an agreement that opens the door to the immediate adoption of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the two countries, an essential tool for trade and for strengthening political relations in a time when tensions have arisen between the two closest allies in the region.

Barack Obama and Colombian President, Juan Manuel Santos, are scheduled to meet tomorrow in Washington to finalize the details of the historic compromise. The White House announced the adoption by the Colombian authorities of a plan to guarantee the labor rights of workers in this country, the most important obstacle remained to be overcome for the passage of NAFTA, which, according to the note issued by the American presidency, "clears the way for the trade agreement with Colombia to be sent to Congress." For his part, President Santos said Tuesday in a speech at Brown University as part of the celebration in the center of the Iberoamerican Forum, which the FTA negotiations are "progressing" and hoped to reach a conclusion "in the future faster." Santos, who took part today in New York at a meeting of the Security Council of UN plans to extend their stay in the United States to complete the commitment.

Tension still very vivid in Syria

Syrian official media announced on Tuesday, April 5, killing two policemen on patrol in the outskirts of Damascus by "armed men". The law enforcement personnel have been killed in the area of Kafar Batna, not far from Duma, a neighborhood in the northern outskirts of the capital, where security forces have killed eight opposition protesters last week.

The tension is still strong in several Syrian cities, where the protest against the regime of Bashar al-Assad does not relax. On Monday, Syrian authorities have appointed a new governor in Deraa, where the general strike had been voted on Tuesday, and affirmed their desire to quickly repeal the emergency law.

Plane Crash UN in Congo, there are 32 dead

A plane of the Organization of the United Nations (UN) crashed while attempting to land at the airport in Kinshasa, Congo's capital, leaving 32 people dead and one survivor. "We can confirm only one survivor of the 33 people aboard the plane (...)" said UN spokesman in New York, Farhan Haq. A UN source in Kinshasa, who declined to be identified, said the plane landed hard, "broke in two and burst into flames." In New York, the head of the mission of UN peacekeeping, Alain Le Roy, said the flight carrying four crewmembers and 24 passengers were believed were agency staff.

The first hearing of the case lasted nine minutes Ruby

Nine minutes and 50 seconds. That lasted for the first hearing yesterday Ruby Case, in which Silvio Berlusconi is accused of power abuse and child prostitution. A lightning session awaited by dozens of journalists from around the world, which served primarily to two things. Turri said the judge Giulia in absentia of the accused and prime minister, who did not attend and was justified in sending a letter saying that he would have liked to but could not because he had "institutional efforts." And fixed the date of the second hearing for May 31.

Benetton, the myriad colors of oppression

The court of an obscure town in Patagonia, Argentina ordered the Mapuche community-Tehuelche and to clear the 534 acres of land they had settled, the property of "Tierras del Sur Argentina SA Benetton. That decision is in clear contrast to the various sources of law both nationally and internationally.

As to the first, remember that the Argentine Constitution provides in Article. 75, para. 17, which are recognized indigenous rights to possession and ownership of lands traditionally occupied. These rights are confirmed by art. 34 of the Constitution of Chubut province, where were the occupants, who adds that this land is inalienable and can not be fettered intrasmissibili charges.

Final assault in Abidjan

Gadhafi, ready to reform, not to leave

Ibrahim Musa, a spokesman for the Libyan Government, said the regime is willing to negotiate all forms of political reform, such as elections or a referendum, but rejected a resignation of Col. Moammar Gadhafi. "The way Libya is governed is a separate issue. What political system implemented in the country? That is negotiable.

We talk. We can do everything, election or referendum. " However, he pointed out that Gadhafi is the safety valve for the country and the unity of the people and tribes. "We think it is very important for any transition to a democratic and transparent." Musa, who answered questions about the scope of the negotiations with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), said his country is ready for any negotiations with Western powers, but deny that they "decide what they should do the Libyan people ".

Argentina .- Claudio Tolcachir back to Madrid with the premiere of 'The Wind in a violin'

MADRID, April 6. The stage director and playwright Claudio Tolcachir Argentine back to Madrid with the Company Timbre 4 to present the three shows that signature as author and director: 'The omission of the Coleman family' assembly which was released in Spain ' Third Body (The story of an absurd attempt) ', presented last season in the Small Hall of the Spanish Theatre, and' The Wind in a violin ', his new proposal, released in Paris last fall.

The family of a Libyan rebel known if still alive after the images posted on Youtube

Ahmed Gheriani is lying face down in the middle of a road in eastern Libya and in the hands of troops Muanmar Gaddafi: "Say Qaddafi alive! ... Di Muammar alive!" Says a voice coming from behind camera that records it. He responds: "Allahu Akbar" which means "God is great." In the second 23 of the video, posted on the YouTube website, you hear shots and the camera fails to focus on the Libyan rebel.

Immigrants, Bossi shouts "foer the ball. And in Europe, the League that the protection for refugees

While in Italy, the League would like to see the refugees landed in Lampedusa "foer the ball" in Europe calls for the implementation of exceptional measures to accommodate. In Strasbourg it was voted by a large majority a report of initiative (and therefore worthless legislation) made by the League's Fiorello Provera claiming the application of Directive 55 of 2001, which provides exceptional temporary protection to refugees.

In Paris, the Ivorian community divided over the French intervention

Tuesday morning, many Ivorian Boulevard Barbès Paris had gathered to discuss the latest events that shake their country. The bombardment by the French army and UN negotiations on the departure of Laurent Gbagbo and the "final assault" from whom they affectionately call "hope Alassane. In the district, most Ivorians supporting the offensive Ouattara.

Seen from Paris, the conflict is easily resolved: "It's like a football match, there is a loser, there is a winner. Alassane won the election, do not look any further", says Ibrahim, 23 year-old business student. Around him, all agree. "Gbagbo is dead politically, it must be done by using all means, even if the UN should continue to intervene," added the young man.