Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Chile .- Chile maintains a red alert for the eruption of Puyehue

SANTIAGO / BUENOS AIRES, 8 Jun. The Chilean authorities have decided to maintain the red alert in the area affected by the volcanic eruption of Puyehue-Cordón complex Caulle, while the airports in the country, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay gradually become to normal. The ash is still perceived in some cities, although with much less intensity than a few days ago when volcanic activity was at its worst.

The network is mobilized to the Syrian blogger kidnapped

We publish a translation of the last blog post appeared in A. Amin, written by her cousin Rania, with the latest information on the Syrian blogger kidnapped by three armed men on June 6 last year. I talked on the phone with both parents to Amina, and all we can say now is that it's gone. His father is desperately trying to find out where his daughter and who took it.

Unfortunately, in Syria there are at least 18 different police forces, as well as various militias of the parties and the gang. We do not know who has the power, and therefore we do not know who to ask for his release. E 'are likely to forcibly deported. Based on the experiences of other family members imprisoned, we believe that will be released soon.

Libya: the Minister of Labour defector

Labour Minister Libyan, Al Amin Manfur, defected when he was in Geneva for the Assembly of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) said, Tuesday, June 7, the Libyan Mission to the UN. "Yes, it was confirmed his defection," said a representative of the Libyan mission in Geneva, after information in this direction have appeared on sites Helvetian.

In February, during a special session of the Council of Human Rights on Libya, the Libyan diplomatic mission had defected in full session, to applause from members of the UN organization. The European Union has declared its hand on Tuesday for sanctions against six port authorities controlled by the Libyan regime of Muammar Gaddafi because of "the gravity of the situation in the country," the EU said in a statement.

Turkey will give refuge to Syrians

- Turkey on Wednesday opened its doors to refugees and urged Syrians to Damascus to stop violence against civilians, after thousands of people fled a village near the border for fear of a military assault. With public opinion in the West puzzled by the violence in Syria, Britain and France were preparing a Security Council resolution for the UN to condemn the repression of President Bashar al-Assad, but it seems that there is no consensus for military intervention.

ONU/Iberoam.- Ban Ki Moon on Friday begins a tour of Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil

NEW YORK, 8 Jun. United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki Moon, will start next Friday on a tour of Latin America that will take you through Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil, in all cases to meet the authorities and representantres civil society, as reported on Wednesday the international organization.

In Colombia, Ban will attend the signing of the Act on Victims and helicopters fly over areas affected by recent floods. It shall also meet with some of those affected by this storm. Moreover, the UN has reported that, as in Argentina, the Secretary General will visit the International Centre for Human Rights Promotion and deliver a speech at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Yemen makes fighting in hell''''

Cruel war scenes, with bodies lying in the streets, were on Wednesday in a city in southern Yemen after clashes between government forces and Islamist militants, a local official said, highlighting the many sources of conflict in the country. President Ali Abdullah Saleh, 69, is being treated in the Saudi capital Riyadh after injuries suffered Friday when his palace in Sana'a was bombed.

So far, reports on his condition was mixed, ranging from reports that they were minor injuries to his body with 40 percent burns. A truce between their forces and tribal members who support the governing pro-democracy protests in Sana'a. Western and Arab powers have worked to persuade Saleh to stay out of the country and allow a negotiated transition of power.

Japan announces possible closure of 54 nuclear reactors

The 54 Japanese nuclear reactors could be closed in April 2012, adding more than 30 billion dollars annually to the country's energy bill, if communities object to the operations by security fears, officials said Wednesday the Ministry of Commerce . Since the earthquake and tsunami of 11 March, which triggered a crisis of radiation in the Fukushima Daiichi plant north of Tokyo, the concern of local authorities has prevented the resumption of at least four reactors stopped for maintenance and routine inspections .

Peru .- Humala starts tomorrow tour of Latin America

LIMA, 8 Jun. elected president of Peru, Ollanta Humala, will begin this Thursday for a ten days tour through the region that will take you to Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile, in what will be their first approach to the countries of the region before taking office on 28 July. Humala will leave for Brazil on Wednesday night (early Thursday in Spain), where he will meet with President Dilma Rousseff, who was the first to congratulate him after his victory in Sunday's election.

They complain that Israel hinders the distribution of aid to Palestinians

Restrictions on freedom of movement imposed by Israel in the Palestinian territories hinder the humanitarian work and cost to donors millions of dollars each year, report the Association of International Development Agencies (AIDA). According to the "Restricting Aid: Challenges to deliver assistance to the Occupied Palestinian Territories", released today by AIDA (which comprises more than eighty NGOs, international aid and development), organizations are faced each year losses of over $ 4.5 million because of the difficulties imposed by Israel.

North Korea tested a short-range missile last week

North Korea tested a short-range missile off the coast of the Yellow Sea (West Sea) in the middle of last week, said sources with the South Korean secret service cited by the local agency Yonhap. "North Korea fired a short-range missile KN-06 on its west coast in the middle of last week," said the source, who also added that the Communist army appears to pursue an improvement in the effectiveness of these missiles.

New attacks leave ten dead Misrata

The forces of Muammar Gadhafi on Misrata escalated their attacks in western Libya, and caused at least ten dead and 26 wounded, according to a rebel spokesman said in the city to the Qatari television network Al Jazeera. The spokesman, Hasan al Misrati said that thousands of gadafistas advanced on the third Libyan town in rebel hands for several months, and bombed from the east, west and south.

LAN gradually restored its flights to and from destination in Argentina

SANTIAGO, Chile 8 Jun. LAN Airlines is restoring its flights to and from Argentina gradually, after the suspensions announced as a result of the ash cloud that caused the eruption of Puyehue Chile, in the center of the country. Have already resumed routes to the cities of Buenos Aires, Mendoza and Córdoba.

The company cited by the Chilean newspaper El Mercurio regrets any inconvenience that may have caused to passengers, and ensures that it will take steps to provide they can reach their destinations. To this end it has established a telephone number - 24 hours - and has uploaded information to the website of the company.

Chief of Staff Resigns Rousseff after the controversy over his estate

BRASILIA, 8 Jun. Brazilian cabinet chief, Antonio Palocci, has submitted his resignation to the president of the country, Dilma Rousseff, who has accepted, according to the Palocchi own department, the Civil House. Despite its neglect, Palocci is claimed to remember that the Attorney General of the Republic, Roberto Gurgel, has filed the legal proceedings against him for alleged influence peddling.

Case Battisti, tomorrow the decision on extradition by Brazilian Court

It will arrive tomorrow, the verdict of the Supreme Federal Tribunal of Brasilia on the possible extradition of Cesare Battisti. According to the Brazilian media, most analysts believe that the majority of the 11 judges could confirm the permanence of the former Italian terrorist in Brazil. 'It's always risky to make this type of analysis, "he pointed out, however, the state attorney general, Luis Inacio Lucena Adams, noting that some judges might change their minds at the last minute.

Argentina and Uruguay close their airports Puyehue Cloud

The ash cloud from the Puyehue volcano in southern Chile, today has caused some chaos in the affected air traffic at airports in Buenos Aires and Montevideo, forced to cancel some flights, both international and local. The ash did not fall on the capital Buenos Aires or the surrounding suburbs as they did on other southern cities, since last Saturday covered by a dense layer of gray, but the airborne dust was visible to the naked eye in broad areas cord locations around Buenos Aires, and some hospitals were on alert, not so much the direct effect of the ash as the problems caused by ash in patients with asthma or other respiratory ailments.

Yemen: Saleh's departure is a highly symbolic defeat for the regime "

The struggle for power is bound for Yemen. While the opposition believes that the President objected, Ali Abdullah Saleh, who was wounded in the attack Friday, June 3 cons of his palace and hospitalized in Saudi Arabia, no longer in a position to govern, his camp maintains that it is always a constitutional head of state.

Franck Mermier, researcher at CNRS and the French Institute of the Near East, the president can not exercise the power again. The changing political and security situation in the country depend, as a specialist in Yemen, the outcome of the conflict between the president's clan, led by his son and nephews who control the major security agencies, and its main Tribal and political opponents.

Mass grave in a house in Texas found 30 bodies, including children

HOUSTON - Before the announcement shock, then denial: the mystery is the discovery of 30 bodies, including children, who were found buried in a sort of mass grave in Liberty County, at an intersection between two roads in the state Texas, between the towns of Hardin and Daisetta. The news was broadcast by local TV Krpc and confirmed by CNN: According to early reports, the corpses were dismembered.

Espionage mission: Iran sends submarine One Red Sea

Tehran - There is already the second challenge of this type that approximately four months had seen the last Iranian naval mission in the Red Sea for massive diplomatic upset - now comes the next venture from Tehran. Iran has for the first time U-boats sent to the region. The goal is to collect "information about warships of other countries," says the semi-official Iranian news agency Fars.

A naval unit with the U-boats had been staying since May in the Gulf of Aden off Yemen and is now run in the Red Sea, they say. How many ships are involved in the mission is still unclear. The U-boats accompanied the Association for a "reconnaissance mission". The boats will gather information about foreign fleets and measure the water depth in international waters.

The Yemeni leader wounds could be more serious than expected

The injuries suffered by the Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, in an attack on his palace over the weekend were more serious than initially reported, an official said, raising further doubts about his political future in the impoverished Arab nation . At first it was reported that Saleh received shrapnel wounds.

His vice president was quoted on Monday saying he would return to Yemen in the coming days from Saudi Arabia where he is receiving medical treatment. The Yemeni official, like other early American, said Saleh is a more serious condition with burns over 40 percent of his body. Britain called on Tuesday for an orderly transition of power.

Greece, Germany calls for cuts in state-owned companies and shoppers

 - Events of madness, political assaults, death threats that reach Brussels, a short future whose only certainty is heavy sacrifices for all. And 'This is the scenario in which Greece is trying to achieve, with the confidence of EU partners, a new loan to try to stave off bankruptcy. "It 's clear that we are at a critical point," said Bob Traa, head of mission in Greece for the International Monetary Fund, however, recognizing the progress.

Chile .- The ash cloud from the Chilean Peyehue arrived in Buenos Aires

BUENOS AIRES, 7 Jun. The ash cloud caused by the eruption of volcano in Chile on Tuesday Peyehue has come to the province of Buenos Aires and has already begun to be felt in the capital of Argentina, which has worsened the situation of airports that have been forced to suspend further flights. "The cloud passed through the territory of the province of Buenos Aires and is already suburban area and coming to Capital (Federal)," reported the head of the Emergency Council of the Province of Buenos Aires, Jorge Echarren.