Monday, March 21, 2011

Tanks loyal to occupy center Misrata Gadhafi

Several tanks of forces loyal to Muammar Gadhafi have occupied, in the early afternoon, the center of Misrata, city under rebel control located 150 kilometers east of Tripoli, reported the Qatari television network Al Jazeera . Abou Abdelbasset Merzouk, appointed spokesman for the youth of the revolution of February 17, told the Qatari chain gadhafistas forces have been firing large caliber shells to cover the raid armor.

The audio message to Gaddafi

The methods that were used against the Libyan people are terrorist methods but in the end we will win that war. And we will do it by land, not by air. You'll have to get off the ground and fight. And you definitely losers. From the North, South, East and West will go down as one people, and never give up, our revolution will win.

And we will not give neither France nor Britain, nor America, and who are enemies are conspiring against us to win the antiquities of Libya. Do not let the smooth pass. The wealth of these countries belong to our children, and we will fight on behalf of our children and our children, we will fight until the end.

A Fukushima, relief operations are continuing

The main events of Monday, March 21 Smoke still leaking reactors 2 and 3 nuclear power plant in Fukushima, but decreased by Tepco operator. Some of the staff who is close has been ordered to evacuate. Unit 3 raises the most concern because it contains MOX, mixed oxide of plutonium and uranium from recycling products.

The balance sheet. Japan is in the rain, disrupting relief operations and increasing the uneasiness of the population vis-à-vis the fallout. The government said that the level of radioactivity present in rain, tap water, or in some food around the plant damaged by the earthquake and tsunami is no risk to health.

Improves the situation in Fukushima "But the panel does not re-open more"

TOKYO - They survived for nine days under the rubble of their home in Ishinomaki, a city gate by the earthquake and tsunami of 11 March. And now they see the light. A small sign of hope for the devastated areas of the country comes from the story of a woman of 80 years, Sumi Abe, Jin and his nephew, 16 years.

Polishes and virtually unscathed, the two were found by rescuers who have rescued. But the grandmother and grandson of one of the few stories with happy endings because the death toll continues to rise: police records speak of Japan's 8,450 confirmed dead, while the number of missing is 12,931 people.

Electricity is the key in Japan's nuclear crisis

The operator of the Fukushima nuclear power plant, TEPCO confirmed the reconnection of the current through an external transmission line, a step that would allow the provision of electricity in the complex to achieve cool the reactors, critical point of the tragedy radioactive. The company said the first unit will be reconnected 2, followed by the 1, 3 and 4.

The reason is that the unit 2 appears to be "least damaged" following the events of recent days, following the earthquake and tsunami that hit the Northeast in Japan a week ago. After the electrical connection, the authorities hoped to begin pumping water needed to cool the reactors were exposed during the last days at high temperatures.

Coalition forces stepping up attacks against Gadhafi

The international coalition aircraft bombed again on Sunday the military forces of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, who for his part promised a "long war" and warned that all his people are "armed" and "expire." This first phase of air strikes is "a success" and allowed to establish a no-fly zone, said Sunday the U.S.

top official, Adm. Michael Mullen, and said that troops loyal to Gadhafi and do not advance to Benghazi, a bastion of the rebellion. "We are the victors, the vanquished you. Never abandon the battlefield as we defend our land and our dignity," the Libyan leader said in an audio message, the second from the start on Saturday of the international military operation was launched under the UN resolution 1973, adopted on Thursday.

F-18 fighters patrolling Spaniards begin on Libya

Two Spanish F-18 fighters have carried out this morning the first surveillance flight to avoid violation of the Libyan-fly zone, bounded by the international coalition. The two planes left their base at noon in southern Sardinia, accompanied by a Boeing 707 supply, and as confirmed by the Defence Minister, Carme Chacón, early afternoon, returned to the Italian island "without incident" .

On the basis of Decimomannu remained two fighters have not yet participated in the "combat air patrol." According to military sources, the operations of Spanish fighters are not without risk because they were not totally destroyed the air defenses of pro-Gaddafi. The aim, according to the sources, a mission of "moderate risk." The minister, who has attended in San Fernando (Cádiz) after launching the Maritime Action Ship Tornado, the fourth of the initial series of four built for the Spanish Navy has confirmed that the submarine S-74 Tramontana, based in Cartagena , and F-100 frigate Méndez Núñez "for pre-positioning have sailed way to the area of operations." Chacón explained that the bases of Rota (Cádiz) and Morón (Sevilla) "are media that prepositions to come to the area." The four bombers, who yesterday arrived in Sardinia, must ensure that no hostile aircraft intrudes into Libyan airspace.

The misunderstanding of the United States

If you have heard about the ferry "Express Mistral", if you follow the strange story, it is more likely to help them in the story that is about to follow, and that is the story of our time. So the "Mistral" was not starting, it could not get and could not stay in the Mediterranean Sea that was going through.

We are in mid-March 2011, in a strange coincidence with the celebration of a united Italy, but now, it's just a detail of color. You should avoid entering into the sad story (refugee ship that was held down and away for fear that those refugees could have really asked the right to asylum that was feared, therefore, not rejected because they were considered dangerous wanderers without a country but because, according to international law, were in search of a homeland and a law to trust).

Improvement in trompe-l'oeil in Fukushima

While Japanese Prime Minister, Naoto Kan, felt, Monday, March 21, that the situation at the Fukushima nuclear plant was improving gradually, the operator Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) announced that the six reactors at the plant Nuclear Fukushima 1 were connected to the mains, smoke billows from the reactor 3 has dampened hopes.

Immediately, TEPCO announced a partial evacuation of personnel in the nuclear power plant. Units 3 and 4, the most severely damaged by the earthquake and tsunami that occurred on March 11, had been connected Monday. TEPCO is still assessing the damage to cooling systems of reactors and other components of the plant before attempting to restart.

Egypt, a victory of "yes" to referendum via the Yemeni government in Syria clashes

CAIRO - The "yes" to the constitutional amendments won the referendum that took place yesterday in Egypt. Yes I have reached 77.2% while they have not cashed the 22.18% of the vote. This was announced by the chairman of the committee supervising the referendum. The agency Mena, meanwhile, indicated that in the four regions we have obtained between 75% and 90% of the vote.

The turnout was 41%. The referendum on amendments to the Constitution was the first vote after Mubarak. In support of Yes has been backed by the Muslim Brotherhood and the party of former Rais, the National Democratic Party. For no young people of the revolution and the parties that support them and the Copts, as well as the most popular presidential candidate Mohamed El Baradei, the subject of an assault yesterday at a polling station, and Amr Moussa, the current secretary general of the Arab League.

Rise to seven thousand 197 people killed in Japan quake

The earthquake and tsunami that hit northeastern Japan on March 11 left 197 dead seven thousand, while the missing are 10 000 905, according to the latest balance sheet announced on Saturday by police Japan. The nine-magnitude quake, the strongest ever recorded in the archipelago Japan, triggered a tsunami that reached a height of 23 meters.

The death toll now exceeds those reported after the earthquake that struck Kobe (West) in January 1995 and caused six thousand 434 deaths. The power supply should be restored on Saturday in a reactor, two, five and sieis Japanese nuclear power plant in Fukushima, and Sunday in the reactors three and four, said the Nuclear Security Agency.

Gadhafi says the allies will win

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi to, said today that Libya is prepared to maintain a "long war" against the Western Allies, who launch attacks from yesterday gadafistas positions. In a speech broadcast by Libyan state television, Gadhafi promised a victory against what it described as "new Nazis" and says he is "making all Libyans." Libya is preparing "for a long war" that allied forces can not afford, said Gadhafi in his second public speech since the operation launched against his regime by international forces and sponsored by the UN to protect civilians Libyans.

The Italian government claims the NATO umbrella

Italy is still living with apprehension the developments Libyans. The Tornado have come back today from Trapani to patrol the skies over the former colony. The Government has asked the international community that NATO take over the coordination of operations in its former colony. And the Northern League, the partner holding the government of Silvio Berlusconi, completing a parliamentary resolution, which will be voted on tomorrow, which hardens the conditions for the training to support military intervention.

Heightened tension on the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip, Israeli warning

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel Danny Ayalon launched Monday, March 21, death threats against leaders of Hamas in the wake of firing dozens of rockets from Gaza into southern Israel. "If Hamas decides to escalate, we will end (...) We have several levels of action before ground forces enter [in Gaza], including direct threats against the leaders Hamas, "warned Mr.

Ayalon public radio. The warning from Mr Ayalon, Israel's ultranationalist party member-Beiteinu head of Israeli diplomacy Avigdor Lieberman, has been launched while the situation remained very tense at the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip, controlled by the Islamist Hamas. A rocket fired from Gaza exploded Sunday in the Israeli city of Ashkelon without causing any casualties or damage.

Fear for the helicopter drops you Merkel, the aircraft is likely to fall

BERLIN - Fear in the sky for the helicopter to Angela Merkel. The aircraft on which the police had just traveled the Chancellor on Wednesday was on the verge of crashing to the ground, writes this morning the Bild am Sonntag, the Sunday's Bild: both turbine helicopter, a Super Puma 332, would be blocked when the aircraft was at an altitude of about 1600 feet making him fall down, only a hundred meters from the ground crew was able to put them back on.

Japan raises serious crisis Fukushima

.- Japan today raised the level of severity grade nuclear accident in Fukushima, where they continued efforts to provide electricity through external cables and cool the reactors with risky operations from trucks. Nuclear Security Agency of Japan raised the alert to level 5 Fukushima, the accident "with far-reaching consequences," considering that there was "a radiation leak continued." This worsening occurred despite warning that in the vicinity of the plant radioactivity measurements showed a slight decline, today, compared to the levels recorded on Thursday.

Allies bombed Libya

With bombing, France, USA and the UK began yesterday an intervention in Libya with the aim of ending the repression of Muammar Gadhafi against people who asks out of power. World leaders gathered in Paris to allow participation after considering the dictator, with 42 years in power, not complied with resolution 1973 adopted on Thursday the Security Council of the Organization of the United Nations (UN), asking him to cease the attacks against the rebels.

The clouds of smoke over Fukushima reconexin force to stop the reactors 3 and 4

The appearance of two clouds of smoke over the reactors 2 and 3 in central Fukushima, damaged by the earthquake and tsunami of March 11, has revived concerns about the state of the nuclear plant, after the company this morning Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), which operates the plant, announced that the six reactors were connected to power and when the prime minister himself, Naoto Kan, had assured that the situation was improving "gradually" in gravity.

Cyprus, Russia, China and the African Union in Libya against the attack. Also criticized the Arab League

Germany, Cyprus, Russia, China, Venezuela and Iran. And not only. African Union and Arab League also expressed condemnation of armed intervention against Libya began yesterday from France, Great Britain, USA, Spain, Canada and Italy. The greek Cypriot President Demetris Christofias expresses its opposition to the use by the British air base of Akrotiri, which the RAF has on the island to take part in the bombing of Gaddafi: "In Britain, we said that we do not want Both bases are used, because we are against, "said the greek Cypriot leader also pointed out that the special summit in Paris yesterday, where it was decided the attack has already been authorized by the UN, has not raised a voice unified European Union.

The Egyptians have validated the constitutional reform

The constitutional amendments submitted to referendum Saturday, March 19 in Egypt have been approved by 77% of voters, according to the electoral commission, with a participation rate of 41%. The victory of "yes" opens the way for parliamentary elections that could take place as early as September. Constitutional reform is a prerequisite for the holding of parliamentary and presidential elections expected to allow the establishment of an elected civilian government in Egypt.

Tokyo capital in agony "Here we will not live longer"

TOKYO - Tokyo for eight days was a city scared but waiting for good news. Today is a capital city in agony. It comes as close to collapse and expects the worst. Within hours, the remaining trust has yielded to despair. The slow exodus in recent days has taken on the size of the leak. Over four million people have left the city by train, car or storage.

White-collar workers, foreigners and families with children trying to reach the small town south of Kansai, in order to escape from the danger of the atomic cloud. In the northern suburbs of Tokyo comes the wave instead of desperate people fleeing from Fukushima and cities destroyed by the tsunami.

100 nationals arriving in Mexico from Japan

.- After 14 hours of travel on a charter flight, 100 Mexicans arrived on Friday the country from Japan, who decided to return voluntarily after the explosions of nuclear plants in the earthquake and tsunami occurred on 11 March. The airline's flight KE9015 Korea Airline, which took off at six o'clock on Thursday afternoon (Japan time), also a group of Central Americans arrived, a Peruvian and a Canadian Terminal International Airport of Mexico City (AICM).

Egyptians vote in referendum; attack ElBaradei

The Egyptians attended multitudinously to the polls yesterday after the historic departure of former President Hosni Mubarak, in a referendum to decide on political reform but was marred by an attack on presidential candidate Mohamed ElBaradei. Groups of youths hurled projectiles pushed and former head of the Nuclear Regulatory Agency of the United Nations (UN) when he tried to vote in the constitutional consultation, which will define the speed with which Egyptians can hold elections.

The Syrian army is deployed to prevent protests against rge

The wave of protest that runs the Arab world continues to shake Syria, where today the army has been deployed at the entrances to the southern city of Dera. The soldiers try to contain the protest of the demonstrators and their anger over the deaths of five people in clashes with security forces in recent days.

The regime of Bashar Assad's response to the protests with the use of force: the latest victim yesterday fell deadly police shootings, as demonstrators demanded the release of 15 jailed for making painted protest. Several dozen people have been arrested this month, including two Deraa humanitarian activists, which has turned the mood in this region bordering Jordan.

Intelligence, a key to success

Satellite imagery and intercepts electronic signals: the military intelligence needed to conduct any military operation, is one of the keys to success of the international operation in Libya against the forces of Colonel Gaddafi. The military intelligence services of countries in the coalition, like the United States, Great Britain or France, have accumulated data on the Libyan weapons systems.

Among the sports desperate "I do not want us to the test"

TOKYO - What will really be this radiation? You do not see, do not hurt, I'll be caught some, too? Because no one controls us, tells us something? Where are those machines that you always see on TV? And then, to know the truth, would serve to something, it might save us? Dark thoughts of six hundred troubled souls, the first vanguard of the tsunami refugees arrived in Tokyo homeless, jobless and without a future.

Bahrain reduced to eight hours under curfew

.- The authorities in Bahrain today reduced to eight hours a curfew in parts of Manama, but will continue for twelve hours in other areas, a military spokesman announced on state television. Thus, from now on there will be a curfew from 20.00 local time (17.00 GMT) until 04.00 local time (0100 GMT) in some neighborhoods, while others will from the 16.00 local time (13.00 GMT), while the rest of the city there will be.

Muammar Gadhafi meets the Allied offensive

Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi said the operation "Odyssey at dawn" that launched air and ground yesterday France, USA and the UK. After the allies began bombing the city of Benghazi yesterday afternoon (09:45 hours from Mexico), state television broadcast a recording in which Gadhafi promised to respond to the West and attacking civilians and military in the Mediterranean.

"The weapons depots are open to defend Libya. The Mediterranean has become a real battleground. " Muammar asked the Arab peoples, Africans, Asians and Latin Americans to take their side and called the air strikes the Western coalition as an "unjustified aggression" against which "the Libyan people will fight." Libyan television reported that in Tripoli, the capital of the country, the regime's forces were aimed at allied aircraft.

Messi, Keita and Pique combating racism in the ad 'Put Offside Racism'

BARCELONA, 21 Mar. The FC Barcelona Foundation and UNESCO to celebrate World Day Against Racial Discrimination, issued on Monday March 21 announcement 'Put Offside Racism' ('Stop Racism in Out of Bounds'), starring by Leo Messi Barça, Seydou Keita and Gerard Pique. The announcement, in which three players appear Blaugrana painting a graffiti that reads the slogan of the campaign, contains fragments in Catalan, Castilian, English and French which makes clear that everyone has their role in the fight against racism.

Upload Why Marine Le Pen in France?

The first round of cantonal elections held yesterday in France illustrates this: the far-right National Front of Marine Le Pen, who garnered 15%, progresses to a uniformly accelerated motion. A resounding poll published March 5 by Le Parisien, I warned, shaking up and down the French political landscape.

More than one then rubbed his eyes in disbelief as she, as smiling and jubilant, jumping from TV to TV mode explaining the escalation: "I have not come here to bear." Marine Le Pen, a lawyer, intelligent, populist friend step on the field and traipsing the streets, he added: "I am the only one currently capable of defeating Dominique Strauss-Kahn [Socialist leader, current president of the International Monetary Fund and the politician considered most popular French].

Libya, Tripoli hijacked ship stopped all communications

Continue the yellow of the Italian fishing boat, seized Saturday by the Libyan authorities, and that last night, after pointing to the platform Eni has backtracked on the port. But still do not know anything. If that is not on board with the crew of eight Italians are armed Libyans. And that worries a lot.

According to experts, in fact, it would be Gaddafi's first retaliation against Italy yesterday, in one of his messages, Rais called "traitor." To give weight to this argument, the fact that the crew was forced to shut down radio communications. A clear sign of how the Libyans have not the slightest intention of coming to myths advice.

Syria protest turns to riot in the town of Dera

Security forces fired Sunday, March 20 live bullets and tear gas on thousands of protesters in Deraa in southern Syria, killing one and injuring over 100, said an activist of human rights on site. "Security forces aided by the police fired live bullets at the demonstrators, whose number exceeds 10 000 people," said the activist, adding that gas bombs containing "toxic".

The demonstrators, who demanded more freedom and an end to corruption in Syria torched the headquarters of the Baath party (in power) in Deraa, according to residents. With the backing of protesters from nearby villages, they also set fire to the courthouse and offices of two mobile phone companies.

The engines roar of the gun of the West

PARIS the international summit of interventionist countries decided on the immediate military attack Gaddafi warned that a halt to raids is subject to its yield. The powers of the air acting on the basis of the UN resolution came in the Italian bases. The military operation began, but the political debate in Europe is wide open.

To help the insurgents, to prevent the militia of the Libyan dictator occupy Benghazi and Tobruk, assist refugees and stem the tide of migrants, are objectives shared by all. It remains a very deep difference of views about the limits on political strategy and tactics of intervention against Gaddafi.

President Saleh said the majority support of the people''''

Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh, said he has the support of "most people", despite the dissenting opinion cascade of military officers and Government officials, the official Saba news agency. "Resist. Most Yemeni town is in favor of security, stability and constitutional legality, "said the chief executive to a delegation of notables, adding that" those who appeal to chaos, violence, hatred and sabotage are so only a tiny minority.

Japan cooled nuclear danger

Japanese Army helicopters were able to pour a large amount of water on two of the reactors at the Fukushima nuclear power plant to cool the fuel, which threatens to enter merger. Apparatus, type CH-47 Chinook, flying over the central and threw four times seven thousand 500 liters of water into the reactors 3 and 4 damaged by the earthquake last Friday.

However, authorities reported last night the white smoke out of the reactors, which so far do not know if water vapor inside them and could be radioactive. The plant, operated by Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), has accumulated a number of serious problems was generated from natural disaster.

Lebanese television reported 48 deaths by international offensive

.- The Libyan armed forces reported the deaths of 48 people and 150 injured in the attack carried out today by the forces of the United States and some European countries, Libyan state television reported. The report could not be independently confirmed. United States, Britain, France led an international offensive against the forces and air defenses in Moammar Gadhafi who launched cruise missiles and airstrikes launched.

Increase to 8,649 dead and 13,262 missing in Japan

The death toll from the earthquake and tsunami on 11 in Japan has increased up to 8,649 people, while 13,262 others were missing, according to the latest report released by the Japanese police. The police have identified about 4,080 deaths, nearly half of those found in a total of 12 prefectures. The remains of 2,990 have been returned to their families, according to Kyodo.

Meanwhile, the number of people whose families have been reported missing has risen to 13,262 in six prefectures, although it is expected that some of them are in some 2,000 temporary shelters enabled. However, it is feared that fatalities increase because only in one province, Miyagi, local police spoke of 15,000 dead.

Tragedy and operetta

Have thought that Sarkozy, what must have thought the European leaders meeting in Paris when he arrived Silvio Berlusconi? They were shaking hands with the premier of a great country whose presence is crucial in the coalition seeking to oust Qaddafi? Or in their minds the image of the polished gentleman with a smile fake remains difficult to separate from the room, ridiculous expression that follows him for months and follows us around the world: bunga bunga? It is not a question to mock those who have already did everything to become a laughingstock.

Thousands of Moroccans demonstrate for social justice

Thousands of Moroccans protesting Sunday, March 20, Rabat and Casablanca in particular, to demand greater democracy and social justice, despite the recent announcement by King Mohammed VI of radical political reform. Some 4,000 people including many Islamists and veiled women, gathered in Rabat before starting a march.

"The Moroccan people demand change," chanted protesters demanding the "resignation of the government." In Casablanca, several thousand people - over 10,000 according to organizers - also marched, chanting "no to corruption and cronyism." Some slogans calling for "a king who reigns but does not govern." Marches and rallies were also planned in other Moroccan cities, the call of "movement of 20 February," a movement initiated by young Moroccans on the social network Facebook in the aftermath of Tunisia and Egypt.

The party of the rebels in the city But the raid did not erase the fear

Tobruk - They say the Shabab, the young fighters, often adolescents, which last night democracy comes from the sky. Libya falls on the scale from "Rafale" and "Mirage", which is not always seen flying in the clouds Mediterranean, firing missiles per hour near Benghazi, threatened by the forces of evil.

The first message came from just before sunset, a French bullet hit a vehicle of Gaddafi who threatened the capital of Cyrenaica. The missile was a biblical sword of our millennium. Not only the Shabab, but everyone on the ground, insurgents and witnesses rely on air that action backed by Western and Arab, to finally drive out the dictator, who was imprisoned in the bunker of Tripoli.

Shoot protesters in Bahrain

Bahraini forces fired at a group of Shiites who ignored the ban to state as six leaders of the radical wing of the opposition were arrested, two days after the bloody suppression of protests in Manama. United Nations denounced the assault, by the Bahrain Police, hospitals and medical centers, in "flagrant violation" of international law.

The situation was tense in Manama and in Shiite villages around the capital. The movement was disrupted by a massive deployment of forces. One hundred people tried to demonstrate in the town of Deih, west of Manama, but police fired guns and threw tear gas against protesters. Bahraini opposition vowed to continue their demonstrations "peaceful" for democracy, saying that the military will suffocate the protest movement launched in mid-February.

Gadhafi air defense into action

An air raid on Tripoli took place at dawn on Sunday and deployed air defense in the Libyan capital went into action. A plane flew over the area of residence-leader Muammar Gadhafi headquarters in Bab al Aziziya. The anti-aircraft guns installed in the residence and the environment as well as in other areas of Tripoli, opened fire just after 2:20 local (00:20 GMT) red lines marking the sky.

No indication of the targets of attack could be achieved immediately. On the other hand, a Libyan official source said at least 48 people were killed in air raids and missile launches by the coalition against several cities. A "48 people died, of which 26 in Tripoli," said the source, who requested anonymity said that "the balance was tentative." Libyan armed forces confirmed the death toll first and added the figure of 150 wounded in a statement released by the Libyan news agency Jana.

Ukraine's nuclear gamble continues despite Chernbil and Fukushima

Interest in ecological tours tours of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant has soared on the eve of the 25 th anniversary of the greatest catastrophe in the history of civil atom. A curiosity for this ghostly scene of the accident contributed Fukushima, saying the travel agency that organizes years trips from Kiev.

A day in Chernobyl exclusion zone and a radius of 30 miles costs $ 180 (127 euros). For this sum you can see how nature, left to itself, splits, feral and engulfs an urban environment and Pripyat. In this town, whose 50,000 inhabitants were evacuated in a day, you may still be portrayed next to the shield of the Soviet Union and also to find "private objects" as "kitchen utensils and toys," says advertising of extreme tourism.