Sunday, February 6, 2011

Police and Army Brazilians occupy eight slums without firing a shot Ro

At dawn, under a summer heat, about 850 men, including police and military have carried out a bloodless operation brillanete and occupation of eight favelas in Rio de Janeiro, in the castizo varrio of Santa Teresa, which the Portuguese had built in imitation of Alfama in Lisbon, and in the Complexo de São Carlos, in the center of the city.

The operation was carried out by military police forces backed by 17 armored M113 Navy and four amphibians Clanf model. Lasted only ninety minutes. At the end, have been launched from the top of the favelas occupied giving off blue smoke rockets to indicate that the operation had been performed successfully.

In Egypt, the transition began, by Robert Solé

The days of "all hazards" both followed in Egypt, not to look like. Friday would be that the "departure" (Hosni Mubarak). It did not happen, but opponents still hold his head in the plan, after having bandaged their wounds: they have gathered impressive crowds and still have not evacuated the Tahrir Square, Cairo.

The army - the institution praised on all sides and dreaded - is unable to impose the cease-fire. Egypt is unrecognizable. We are seeing things that no one would have imagined a fortnight ago. Not since the 1952 revolution, citizens had dared to publicly insult a president in office and demand his departure.

Qualify as''insufficient''announced reforms in Egypt

.- The amendments proposed by the regime of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to overcome the political crisis rocking the country are "insufficient", judged the Muslim Brotherhood on Sunday, the first opposition force in Egypt. "The declaration is insufficient," said Mohamed Mursi, who participated Sunday in a meeting between the government and representatives of various opposition groups.

Following discussions, the government announced an agreement whereby the parties would form a joint committee of jurists and politicians to carry out democratic reforms with a view to the elections. However, demonstrators are installed in Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo demanding that Mubarak immediately resign from power.

Irn starts in the trial of three Americans accused of spying

A door closed and no consular presence, has launched today the trial of three American hikers to which Iran is accused of espionage and illegally entering the country. Joshua Fattal, Shane Bauer and Sarah Shourd have pleaded guilty to the charges against them, but the prosecution says it has "solid evidence" that the three are cooperating with U.S.

intelligence agencies. UU. In the Islamic Republic, that offense is punishable by death. No date has been set for the next hearing. Data from the trial, which began at ten o'clock before the Tehran Revolutionary Court, were met through PressTV, Iranian television in English that often gives the confessions of those involved in cases with international resonance.

Why Yemen in turn raises

Thursday, February 3, tens of thousands of demonstrators marched through the streets of Sanaa, the Yemeni capital, to demand the ouster of President Ali Abdallah Saleh, in power since 1990. Pressed by a week of protest, the head of state had yet given up on Wednesday seeking a third term, while making some concessions to the opposition.

The developments inevitably recalls the popular revolts of Tunisia and Egypt. Yet the people of this country in the Arabian Peninsula is special to raise. The economic and social unrest in the heart of Yemen, which has 24 million inhabitants, has long been struck by poverty and unemployment.

West supports gradual transition in Egypt

.- The President of the United States, Barack Obama and most influential European countries support the Egyptian Vice President, Omar Suleiman, in an effort to bring down popular discontent without immediately removing power to President Hosni Mubarak. A note posted Sunday on The New York Times (NYT), citing U.S.

government officials, Suleiman has offered the West an''orderly transition''that would include constitutional reform and create contacts with the opposition. The newspaper referred to as evidence statements on the eve of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who said the transition would take some time''Egypt''and before''needed to do certain things to prepare'' .

Egypt: EU leaders divided on the ouster of Mubarak

European Office Brussels - The heads of State and Government of the Twenty-seven, met at a summit in Brussels, asked, Friday, Feb. 4, the transition process begins "now" in Egypt. European leaders also called the Cairo authorities to "meet the aspirations of the Egyptian people" by "political reform and not punishment." They call for the establishment of a government with a broad-based and free elections.

British Prime Minister: Cameron sees multiculturalism as a failed approach

Less passive tolerance, but a "muscular liberalism": the British Premier David Cameron in a speech to the multicultural approach demonized - and reminded the world to attention Angela Merkel's words. The European Union, he called for more vigilance. Munich - British Prime Minister David Cameron sees in multicultural approach one of the causes for the problem of his country with radical Islamists.

Westerners urging Mubarak to begin the transition

Yet they do not call at the start of rais Egyptian Western countries kept up the pressure, Friday, Feb. 4, on Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to remedy the problems without precedent in the country. This government would be responsible for implementing the reforms necessary for holding free and fair elections this year, according to this text, sponsored by Republican John McCain and Democrat John Kerry, two former candidates for the U.S.

Long queues at the banks reopened today in Cairo

.- Long lines formed in Cairo on the doors of the banks reopened today after being closed since Jan. 27. In a journey made by Efe by different sectors of the capital were hundreds or dozens of people queuing, depending on the branches, which operate with limited hours and limited in number. "I've been waiting five days to open banks in order to collect my wages.

I have no money and I asked for loans, but today I have to charge to return," he told Efe Mohamed Ahmed, waiting to enter a bank branch.

Several demonstrations in support of anti-Mubarak worldwide

UA experts will meet with the two presidents of Ivory Coast

.- The team of experts from the African Union (AU) arrived Sunday to Ivory Coast to consult with Laurent Gbagbo and Alassane Ouattara, both inaugurated president after the last election, a two-headed solution to this crisis, said a note the organization. Following a meeting yesterday in Addis Ababa Ramtane Lamamra, team coordinator of the Peace and Security Council of the AU, the team of experts will arrive in Abidjan for talks with Gbagbo and Ouattara, and is expected to remain at home until next Thursday, February 10.

Alarm FAO, food prices increased for the seventh consecutive month

On February 3, was published in the FAO Food Price Index, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, which measures the monthly change in international prices of a basket of five groups of foods intended for use as global economy - sugar, cereals, dairy products, meat and fat and oil - and prices are based on 55 international markets.

The index of products, with the exception of meat has gone up again for the seventh consecutive month and in January 2011 increased by 3.4%, the highest percentage increase since the FAO has started to monitor prices, in 1990. The FAO said that this increase is not a "food crisis", but the leap in power fear a repetition of the situation that occurred in 2007-2008 when the price of agricultural products has risen so much to bring countries such as Haiti and the internal clashes in Bangladesh.

Thousands of demonstrators across the country to demand the departure of Mubarak

This is the "Day of departure" long awaited by the demonstrators. Friday, February 4, the opposition to President Hosni Mubarak called for a general mobilization after prayers, in the early afternoon to collect a million people in the country. And 11th day of a revolt that has killed at least 300 dead and thousands injured according to the UN, this bet might be won, says envoy World in Cairo, Benjamin Barthe.

At least 30 killed in fighting between soldiers in Sudan

.- At least 30 soldiers were killed in fighting among the members of a military unit in northern Sudan, an official of the nation's south. The Minister of Information in Upper Nile State, Both Peter Lam said the soldiers clashed in a dispute over which of the two governments north and south _del país_ had to give some pieces of artillery.

A municipal officer Melut, Teng Akuoc Diing, said the clash occurred Saturday in the town and in other Upper Nile state. The soldiers of the Sudanese Armed Forces also fought each other in the town of Paloich. According to a 2005 peace plan, the north and south Sudan have their own armies.

Arrested one of Italy's guides kidnapped in the Sahara

ALGIERS - One of the guides who accompanied in his tour in the Sahara Sandra Maria Mariani, the Italian tourists kidnapped on February 2 in the south of Algeria, was arrested. Ansa said Anis Rahmani, editor of the daily Ennahar, one of the most knowledgeable about terrorism in Algeria. "The man was arrested yesterday evening - he explained - and an accomplice was involved in the abduction." "This arrest is a very positive sign - said Rahmani - Algerian security services are following all the tracks." "The travel agency has warned the authorities 24 hours after Italy's kidnapping - he added - a very strange".

In Algeria, Bouteflika promised to stabilize prices of basic commodities and an end to emergency rule

President Abdelaziz Bouteflika pledged, Thursday, January 3, next to a lifting of the state of emergency in Algeria and has announced various measures to address the economic discontent of the civil society, in a storm in the Arab world protest. He also commented for the first time the riots of January 4 to 9 that killed 5 people and injured over 800.

He said "these overruns regrettable" and bowed to the memory of the victims, according to APS at the beginning of a Council of Ministers which has taken an exceptional importance of the measures announced. President Bouteflika is facing a flood of claims that have resulted in recent years, many spontaneous movements of angry citizens, whether against the lack of housing or poor quality of housing supplied to them, unemployment or the rising price.

Resigns party leadership of Egyptian President

The Egyptian government party leadership resigned, a move seen as positive step by the United States, which caused controversy emissary to consider "vital" that Hosni Mubarak remains in power during the democratic transition. While thousands of people demonstrated for the twelfth consecutive day in Cairo, Mubarak tried to show that kept the power.

As president of the National Democratic Party (NDP), to "Hossam Badrawi appoint as secretary general of the party" after the resignation of the Executive Committee. At a meeting filmed by television, the president met with Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq, who ruled yesterday that Mubarak leaves office his vice president Omar Suleiman.

Suleiman agreed with the opposition to reform the Egyptian constitution

The Government and people of Egypt are ready for a transition process that no one predicts neither quick nor easy. Vice President Suleiman today met with several opposition groups, among which are the Muslim Brotherhood, and have reached several agreements, including limiting presidential terms to two terms and amend the requirements to stand for election as so far the conditions were so complex that was virtually impossible for the rest of the political groups presented.

Bangladesh, countries anticliché

Sheet metal walls embedded in the clay, the common house is full to bursting. That collection day to Atalor, a village located about fifty kilometers from Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. The "banker" is there, one hand on the book of accounts and the other on the calculator while seated at a thirty women draped in shawls.

One after another, they just get up and put a small wad of cash to the employee of the Grameen Bank, "Bank of the poor" invented by Professor Muhammad Yunus, microcredit pioneer and Nobel Peace 2006. Outside, a rooster crows. Taslima Begum tending 3,665 taka (37 euros) for repayment of the loan to buy his fruit stall.

In Egypt resignation of Mubarak's party leadership

.- The party leadership Egyptian government on Saturday presented his resignation, a move seen as positive step by the United States, which caused controversy emissary to consider "vital" that Hosni Mubarak remains in power during the democratic transition. For its part, the Muslim Brotherhood, one of the main components of the Egyptian opposition, announced late Saturday in a statement that "started a dialogue" with those responsible "to see how far they are willing to accept the demands of the people" .

Shoot the jewel of Mexico

The plane of the eight o'clock that covers the route Mexico City-Monterrey crowded. The nine, almost. The occupant of the seat 5-A will account for 5-B is Chilean mining engineer, and that usually travels to Mexico every month to take care of business investment, a multinational based in Switzerland.

Said that a while now, it does so with some concern, he shares with his family, about the situation of violence in the north. Twelve hours later, the engineer looks at his luxury hotel to an armored van to drive to the airport in Monterrey to address the last flight back to Mexico City.

Egypt, the constitutional reform committee by March

The Egyptian side will form a commission for constitutional reforms. The agreement was reached during the negotiations between Vice-President, Omar Suleiman, and the front of the opposition, including the Muslim Brotherhood. The Egyptian question seems therefore to move towards a shared conclusion.

In Tunis, a commission investigating victims of the revolution

Tunis Special Envoy - The complaints office is at two levels: on the third floor is home to the families of "martyrs" of the revolution Tunisia; second, victims of corruption. Above, the fourth, there are those who think, around the jurist Yadh Ben Achour, a former member of the Constitutional Council, the electoral reforms needed for future presidential and parliamentary elections.

Kheireddine Pasha Street, near Tunis Montplaisir, the three commissions of inquiry set up after the fall of former President Zine El-Ali AbidineBen settled in the same building that still bears all white on its front the sign Bank habitat. Outside, the crowd became impatient. In recent days, from 8 o'clock in the morning, Tunisians rushing the doors of the building entrance.

Muslim Brotherhood initiate dialogue with Egyptian officials

.- The Muslim Brotherhood, one of the main components of the Egyptian opposition, announced late Saturday in a statement that "started a dialogue" with those responsible "to see how far they are willing to accept the demands of the people." An official of the movement said, requesting anonymity, that a "meeting took place on Saturday morning between those responsible for the Muslim Brotherhood and Vice President Omar Suleiman." "Desiring to preserve the interests of the nation and its institutions, and concerned about preserving the country's independence and rejecting any international or regional interference in our internal affairs, began a dialogue to see how far they are willing to accept the demands of the people" indicate.

Resigned en bloc party the dome Mubarak

When you meet twelve days of Egyptian society protest to demand the end of the Mubarak era, something seems to move within the Egyptian government. In what could be interpreted as a first step towards the exit of Hosni Mubarak's government, the top leader of the ruling National Democratic Party has resigned en bloc, as reported this afternoon, Egyptian state television.

What has happened is not the resignation of Mubarak's own party leadership, as initially reported the television channel Al Arabiya, which has ground hours later. Among those who have resigned is Gamal Mubarak, son of current president and designated successor of the regime. The new secretary general of the ruling party is Hossam Badrawi, a politician from the liberal wing of the training, which replaces Saftwat el-Sherif, 77, one of the key figures in the 30-year rule to represent better than anyone the power of the old guard.

Britain, the turning point of Cameron "Multiculturalism has failed"

LONDON - He was one of the highlights of Blairism: the idea of a multicultural society in which all ethnic groups, races, religions of the world can live together with equal rights, without giving up their values, their principles, their own traditions. The "Cool Britannia" of Tony Blair had done so.

Indian, Chinese, Jamaicans, Pakistanis, Arabs, blacks and whites and every "color" in the "Cool Britannia" maintained with pride, like a flag, its own identity, while living, working and voting in the United Kingdom. An opposite pattern, in a sense, that of the United States, where immigrants from all over the world enter the "melting pot", the melting pot that breeds originating in and produce a new, American.

In Niger, the opponent's head in Issoufou historic first round of presidential

The fifth attempt may be good for "Zaki", (lion, in Hausa). Mahamadou Issoufou (59), a candidate in every election since the introduction of pluralism in Niger in 1992, is in fact topped the first round of presidential elections on 31 January, according to results released Thursday night. His campaign slogan - "Hope has arrived in time" - in fact betrays the patience that this politician has demonstrated.

U.S. envoy says that Mubarak could stay in power

.- The United States special envoy to Egypt Frank Wisner, said today that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak could remain in government to lead the transition to democracy. Wisner statements take place this Saturday, when a relative calm returned to Egypt after 11 days of protests demanding the resignation of Mubarak and shortly after he resigned the leadership of the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP).

Tnez Four dead in the police shooting of a manifestation

At least four people have died in Tunisia and another 17 were injured by police gunfire, as reported by the Ministry of Interior. The police opened fire to disperse a thousand assailants who tried to take the station in the town of Kef, northwest of the country, throwing stones and incendiary cocktail.

But, according to AFP news agency account, the source of the news is still a little weak, a member of a union and a resident of the town of Kef. The facts have occurred hours after two people arrested in a police station in the town of Sidi Bouzid, where the revolt began Tunisian social forced out of power by Ben Ali, died as a result of intentional arson in cell where they were, according to some witnesses in the area.

To confinement in Sharm or Germany's dilemma over the fate of Mubarak

CAIRO - The protest is struggling to become a popular revolution. But the government, backed by the army, is struggling to turn to cover it up. Effort to reduce it to a tame reform of the regime. Twelve days after the demonstration on January 25 it is clear that Egypt is not like before, it is still early to Egypt groped a portrait of tomorrow.

Since I used it, for the first time in the chronicles of Egypt, the word revolution, it is natural to venture a comparison with the first revolutionary Paris, where the monarchy and the revolution still lived together, and the king and his wife Marie Antoinette did not know they would have lost their heads.

The demonstrators gathered in Tahrir Square for the "day of departure"

Maliki ruled a third term

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki declared that it will run for a third term, and considered it "perhaps intolerable" for the Egyptian people that their president has been nearly 30 years in power. "The Constitution does not prohibit third, even fourth or fifth term, but I've decided, and that from the beginning, not going beyond my current term.

"I hope to amend the Constitution to set a limit of two terms as prime minister," said Maliki , whose second government was sworn in by Parliament in December, more than nine months after the legislative elections. Maliki formed his first government in May 2006. "Two terms, eight years is enough for a prime minister, if you have a program, whether it is effective and cooperates with the Parliament." In all humility, during my first term I was able to cope with the confessional, Al Qaeda and the deterioration of security conditions.

Shootings leave 20 dead in Sudan

.- At least 20 people were killed in a gun battle between Sudanese troops in a southern city, the military said, warning there was a risk of more clashes as the country divided his forces before South Sudan's independence from Khartoum. Clashes with mortars and machine guns erupted on Thursday in Malakal and further incidents occurred on Friday when part of an Army unit refused to redeploy to their guns to the north, in a process of disengagement before the secession of South Sudan .

Message to Australian Government: Assange asks his home for protection

It is a cry for help via video message: ian Assange invites Australian Prime Minister, to bring him to his home country. The WikiLeaks-founder is in the UK under house arrest, he complains of death threats - on Monday to rule on his extradition to Sweden. Sydney - WikiLeaks-founder Ian Assange does not feel safe: A few days before further consultation on a possible extradition from Britain to Sweden Assange invited the Australian Prime Minister Gillard ia to bring him back to his home country.

Require prominent intellectuals Berlusconi: "Resign Now!"

The first articulated example of the growing public outrage against Silvio Berlusconi held today in Milan Palasharp. Convened by the Association for Freedom and Justice, intellectuals like Umberto Eco, Roberto Saviano, the pianist Maurizio Pollini, journalist Concita De Gregorio and Paul Ginsborg, a historian English and Italian citizen, have now demanded the resignation of Prime Minister to some 9,000 people who filled the sports center and several thousand others who have followed the event from the outside screens.

Three dead protesters-police clashes in the city of Le Kef

TUNIS - Back to the tension high in Tunisia. Police fired on a crowd of demonstrators in the town of Le Kef, in the north-west of Tunisia, killing at least three people, local sources, while they were ongoing clashes between demonstrators and police outside the headquarters of the Prefecture. According to state television, the budget instead of a dead and seventeen wounded, one of them in critical condition.

Those of Democrats Bush

It all began with Mrs. Laura. The former first lady, interviewed by Larry King confessed, after eight years of silence "politically correct" with regard to his roommate at the White House, that his position on gay marriage was completely different from that of President George Bush, her husband. Mrs.

Bush also made clear that his thinking on abortion had always contrasted with that of George, because you think you are right to maintain and protect the right of choice granted to women. With the calmness that had characterized him during eight years in Washington, Mrs. Laura had confided to Larry that the two arguments were often cause for debate at dinner with George, but never the subject of disputes themselves.

An Italian tourist kidnapped in southern Algeria

This is the first Westerner to be kidnapped since 2003 in this area: an Italian tourist traveling alone with a driver and a guide was removed in southern Algeria early Wednesday evening, sources said on Friday safe the region. The woman, aged 56, whose identity was not revealed, was kidnapped about 18 pm in Alidena area, 130 km south of Djanet, the main town in southeastern Algeria.

His driver and guide were then released, the sources said, and interrogated. They have said the kidnappers, "fourteen men were traveling in two Toyota Station. It is unclear to what destination the tourist was driving. She had contacted a travel agency located in Djanet, in 2300 km of Algiers near the border with Libya, an oasis populated mainly by Tuaregs Azjar.

Muslim call fails against the government in Damascus

A call for Muslims in Syria demonstrated against the government in Damascus failed, despite the mobilization was promoted by activists on the Internet as the "Day of Rage", an echo of protests in Egypt. Only yesterday the rains flooded the streets of the Syrian capital, since no anti-government demonstration disrupted the daily activities of that country, whose government is one of the strictest regimes in the Arab world.

It breaks the ruling party in Egypt

The executive committee of the party in power in Egypt, the National Democratic Party (NDP), including Gamal Mubarak, son of President Hosni Mubarak, resigned on Saturday, announced the Egyptian state television. "The executive committee members resigned their posts. It has been decided to appoint Hosam Badrawi party's general secretary, announced the channel.

Badrawi, known to maintain good relations with the opposition, was also named chairman of the NDP's political committee, a position hitherto occupied by Gamal Mubarak, son of President Hosni Mubarak, said the source.