Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Security Council backs EU proposal on Syria

The opposition of China and Russia today prevented the Security Council agreed to a UN statement condemning the Syrian regime's repression against peaceful demonstrators, diplomats said. Confirmed that "there was no agreement on a presidential statement" from the Council after the maximum security agency has held several meetings this week in search of an agreement on a common text against repression in Syria.

200 members of the Syrian Baath resigning because of the repression of protests

200 members of the Syrian ruling party, the Baath, which belongs to President Bashar Assad, has submitted his resignation Wednesday in Deraa province to protest the crackdown by security forces of the anti-government demonstrations that recorded in the area. Through a joint statement, the militants justified his resignation "in the negative position adopted by the Baath Party leadership, the party in power since 1963, to the events in Syria and Deraa.

Diary from Palestine 8 - A school for Vik

Goodbye Palestine. For the last chapter of our trip we go back a few days. April 25. In Italy's Liberation Day. Travel companions for Peace Luisa Morgantini have worthily celebrated the anniversary of the Jordan Valley. Along with Fathey Kidrath, coordinator of the popular committees in the valley, its former MEP Morgantini, has laid the foundation stone of a school that is dedicated to Vittorio Arrigoni.

The S & P degrades the perspective of the debt rating of Japan

The rating agency Standard and Poor's (S & P) lowered, Wednesday, April 27, the prospect of the rating the long-term debt of Japan. It changes from "stable" to "negative," S & P believes that the cost of the earthquake of March 11 would exacerbate the Japanese heavy deficit. The agency, however, maintains its long-term sovereign rating to AA-, the fourth best score possible on a total of 22, which corresponds to a transmitter of high quality.

13 dead and 200 wounded in fresh protests in Yemen

At least 13 demonstrators have been killed this Wednesdays in Sana'a and 220 more injured when loyalists of the regime have abrierto fire on a new protest. Thousands of Yemenis had gathered to express their rejection of an agreement providing for the departure of President Ali Abdullah Saleh in exchange for immunity.

The violent response by fears that the tough regime are trying to sabotage the pact. "The people want their departure, not an initiative," chanted the demonstrators to paraphrase the slogan of all Arab riots ("The people want the fall of the regime"). From four in the later thousands of people marched through the streets heading north Sixty convened by the coalition of youth groups that are behind the mobilization against Saleh.

U.S., Panetta Petraeus and new heads of the CIA and the Pentagon. So Obama opens to the Republicans

Leon Panetta, now director of the CIA, the Pentagon. And General David Petraeus instead of Panetta, to head the intelligence agency. These are the choices that Barack Obama is preparing to announce this week, and he hopes to appease Republican opponents and strengthen control over the military and security organs of the United States.

The change was largely expected, set in motion by the will of Robert Gates, current Secretary of Defense (appointed by the previous administration, that of George W. Bush) to step down by summer 2011. The reshuffling at the top of the administration but will be even larger. Gen. John Allen, the current deputy commander of U.S.

AQIM releases video of kidnapped four French nationals in Niger

Al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) released Tuesday, April 26, a video containing messages of four French nationals it abducted in Niger seven months ago. The hostages are pleading with the President Nicolas Sarkozy to withdraw French troops from Afghanistan, according to the U.S. Centers for monitoring Islamist websites (SITE).

France "does everything possible" to secure the release of the hostages, said Wednesday the government spokesman Baroin, reporting the work of the Council of Ministers. Asked about the existence of "contacts" with the kidnappers, he said "I can not tell you more." "At a time when I speak, we are to authenticate the document and especially to date.

Syria, the UN calls for an investigation "transparent" Italy summoned the Syrian

"We will do what we can, but we can not do everything at the same time." Too busy to Libya, the international forces in Syria for the time they choose the path of diplomacy. Following the election of the Minister of Defence, Liam Fox, coming slowly the initiatives of various countries and institutions to stop the massacre of Syrian anti-regime demonstrators by security forces in Damascus.

Topping the list of the USA, which proposes sanctions against the Syrian authorities, there would have to Maher Assad, brother of the president and head of presidential guards. The same that has authorized the dispatch of tanks to Daraa and the ensuing clashes that caused dozens of civilian casualties.

Yemen: Saleh seeks a more dignified exit that Mubarak and Ben Ali "

Francois Burgat is CNRS researcher and former director of the French Center for Archaeology and Social Sciences in Sanaa (CEFAS). He believes that President Saleh will hold its promise to leave and that the opposition will be able to take over. It is therefore reasonable to assume that it will keep its promise, especially since, for now, much of the street does not accept the plan and showed no scenes of jubilation.

Abbas and Meshal to sign reconciliation agreement

The president of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) Mahmoud Abbas and the head of Hamas political bureau, Khaled Meshal, the reconciliation agreement signed on 5 May in Cairo, said one of the mediators between the two factions, Munib Al Masri. "Abbas and Meshal, along with leaders of other Palestinian factions and independent leader, will travel to Egypt to sign the agreement," said al Masri, an independent political and influential Palestinian businessman.

NATO strikes again Misrata

NATO air strikes forced the Libyan government troops to withdraw from their positions in the besieged city of Misrata night, but they resumed the bombing of the port area using Grad missiles on Wednesday, a rebel spokesman. Forces loyal to Muammar Gadhafi also launched Grad missiles, Russian-made ammunition fired in multiple shocks that according to human rights groups are very inaccurate, in the center of the town rebel Zinta.

Mysterious death in the control tower

French police murder faces full of questions. A 34 year old man has been stabbed in the workplace. This could be one more crime in the statistics but for one detail: it has been in the airport control tower Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg (located in eastern France, at the confluence of the borders of Switzerland and Germany) , a high security area where only authorized persons have access.

The victim, who was chief of the driver and father of a child, went to join his post when he was five or six fatal stabbings in the throat and chest. Another employee has found, already dead, surrounded by a pool of blood on the landing of the tenth floor of the tower in an area without a security camera located between the elevator and the staircase leading to the control room.

The French company Total confirms that it has discovered a new gas field in Bolivia

PARIS, Oct 27. (Reuters) - French energy company Total has confirmed on Wednesday it has discovered a new gas field located in a field in southeastern Bolivia. "We confirm that we have made a discovery in the block here," said a spokeswoman for the company gala, which has a 60 percent stake in the Bolivian firm here, which is the operator.

Previously, the Government of Bolivia and sources of the energy market had moved to the new site is an important discovery because it could initially produce 6.5 million cubic meters of gas per day. Total spokeswoman has refused to confirm this figure and explained that the company reporting the finding in the next.

Who betrayed Tripoli

I'm trying to imagine what will be the Italy-Libya chapter in the history books of Carlucci, that books are not communists. The protagonists, as is known, are the bloodthirsty Colonel Gaddafi, which binds us even closer to the Treaty of fraternal friendship (triumphantly ratified almost unanimously by Parliament, but four cats and a few mavericks radicals) are the insurgents, who two months are slaughtered by their former glory and worship leader, is a French president in elections that he immediately realized that it is more noticeable when you bomb, that NATO is an alliance entirely devoid of political vision at the moment.

Provided for in the Schengen Agreement?

On 17 April, Paris blocked for several hours rail traffic from Italy, Rome has denounced as a violation of the Schengen Agreement. The Commission agreed with France, which was based on Article 25 of the Schengen border code, fearing disturbances to public order, due to the presence of protesters wanting to accompany the Tunisian immigrants in France.

"We received a letter from the French authorities who tell us that it was a measure of public policy, a very temporary interruption, unique, and now the traffic is normal," said European Commissioner for immigration Cecilia Malmström. "It seems that it does not fall under the rules of the Schengen border control," she added.

Syrian troops reinforced pockets of protest

Syrian troops tightened security in the outbreak of protests against President Bashar al-Assad, who faced growing international pressure to end the violence that human rights groups say killed more than 450 already dead. Tanks patrolled the streets in the southern city of Dera, where the uprising against Assad began almost six weeks ago, soldiers took over the night the suburb of Douma, Damascus, and security forces around the volatile coastal city of Banias.

Fatah and Hamas agree to form interim government

The Fatah movement of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas arrived here Wednesday an agreement with the rival Hamas group to form an interim government and set a date for general elections, said Egyptian intelligence. "The consultations resulted in full understanding on all points of discussion, even set a tentative deal with specific tasks and set a date for elections," he said in a statement Egyptian intelligence.

Captured one of the biggest drug lords Centroamrica

A joint operation by security forces of Guatemala, the FBI and the Drug Enforcement estadoundiense (DEA) has resulted in the capture of Lorenzana Waldemar Lima, Patriarch, one of the biggest drug lords in Central America. The arrest occurred when Lorenzana, 71, was traveling in a vehicle by the municipality of El gourd, located about 65 miles northeast of Guatemala City, as reported by the Central American country's chief prosecutor, Claudia Paz y Paz.

Revolutions: no leader can be

Maybe you have not noticed, but in recent months have shown us the news almost daily images of demonstrations, riots and popular uprisings in the Mediterranean, never introduce a leader of the revolt. The only leader who was mentioned was to be killed: Ben Ali, Mubarak, Gaddafi, Bashar al-Asad, and so on.

We have seen pictures of the state television (few) images filmed by independent reporters (a little 'more), images taken directly from some protesters with an amateur camera phone or even with (many). We have seen a veritable revolution in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and now in Syria. Yet no commentator has bothered to tell who is who, in those countries, was put in charge of the opposition to the regime, who has driven or simply inspired men and women take to the streets to ask, rather: pretending , freedom and democracy.

The international community should it intervene in Syria?

Kills eight NATO soldiers in Afghanistan shooting

Eight foreign soldiers of the NATO-led force in Afghanistan were killed Wednesday in a shooting involving an Air Force pilot Afghan in Kabul airport, the military alliance said in one incident of this kind with more victims fatal. A contractor, whose identity was unknown, also died in the shooting, said the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) led by NATO, in a statement.

The shooting occurred after a series of attacks by Afghan security forces against its NATO instructors perpetrated by soldiers or insurgents dressed in uniform who have managed to infiltrate their ranks. Such incidents underscore the challenge facing U.S. forces and NATO as they prepare for the gradual transfer of security responsibilities to begin in July and end with the withdrawal of all combat troops by end of 2014 .

Ivory Coast: preliminary investigation against Gbagbo and his associates

.- The authorities have opened a "preliminary investigation" against deposed President Laurent Gbagbo and his relatives, said Tuesday the government of new president Alassane Ouattara TCI on national television. "Concerning those arrested since April 11 (...), the former head of state, his wife and 60 people from his clan were assigned under house arrest in Abidjan and other cities," spokesman Patrick Achi after the cabinet meeting.

Iberoam .- The Spanish people living abroad grew by 8.2% last year to reach 1.7 million

MADRID, 27 Abr. The number of people with Spanish nationality who live abroad has increased by 8.2 (128,655 people) percent in the last year to reach 1,702,778, according to data from the Register of Spanish Abroad (PERE) dated January 1, 2011. By continent, 61.6 percent (1,049,465) of residents abroad has fixed his residence in America, 35 percent (602,178) in Europe and 3 percent in the rest of the world (14,917 in Africa , 19,310 in Asia and 16,908 in Oceania).

Found the black box housing the Air France plane

The robot submarine Remora 6000 has found at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean housing one of the two black boxes of Air France plane that crashed into the sea on 1 dejunio 2009. As reported by the Office of Research and Analysis for the security of the French civil aviation (BEA, in its French acronym).

In his first dive, which lasted over 12 hours, the robot has photographed the housing flight data recorder (FDR Flight Data Recorder) but has not found the memory unit (Crash Survivable Memory Unit, CSMU) which is which contains data that could shed some light on what happened to the Airbus 330 while covering the route Rio de Janeiro and Paris.

Sai Baba, the guru of 12 billion €

"My life is my message," said Sathya Sai Baba, the last of the great Indian guru, philanthropist and educator, who passed away April 24 in just 85 years. After a month of inpatient hospital in Puttaparthi, in Andhra Pradesh, though he had told his followers that he would live up to 93 in good health.

Leaving millions of faithful around the world who thought he was immortal, in consternation and dismay - how can a god die? - And one of the largest business empires in India, Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust, valued at about € 12 billion. Where in 1993 the government had tried to see clearly (as the Trust's budget is not transparent) so as to have opened an investigation to find out how he had Sai Baba to put on an empire that at the time was valued at $ 2 billion .

The pro-Gaddafi attacked the port of Misrata after being driven from the city

The forces pro-Gaddafi attacked Tuesday, April 26 Port Misrata, while the rebels were assured that the Libyan leader was entering "a lost battle." Around 13 h 30 (Tripoli time), several Grad rockets hit the port and 12 km east of Misrata, only link with the outside world for this great coastal city 200 km east of the capital, which forces pro-Gaddafi cut all access roads.

A ship of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), came to continue the evacuation of thousands of Africans stranded in the city, had to depart at 2 km off for security reasons. According to the rebels, he left the port at the request of NATO. On Monday, Washington had estimated that 2,000 African migrants were still waiting on the port.

UN condemns violence in Syria and the Security Council a resolution fails

.- The Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon reiterated his condemnation of the use of violence against civilians in Syria, Yemen and Libya, while the Security Council failed to agree on a sanction against the government of President Bashar al-Assad. "totally condemn the continued use of violence against peaceful demonstrators, particularly the use of tanks and fire that caused injuries and death to hundreds of people," said Ban told reporters after informing the Security Council members on recent developments in the region.

Japanese emperors comfort to survivors of tsunami and earthquake

Japanese Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko on Wednesday met and talked with survivors of the earthquake and tsunami last month, offering comfort and consolation in a role that has helped the monarchy to stay relevant in the modern era. While other royals from around the world would travel to London for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Japanese imperial family had obligations bleaker after the March 11 disaster, which left 28,000 dead or missing, devastated the region Northeast of the country and triggered a nuclear crisis.

United States authorizes the purchase of oil to Libyan opposition

The U.S. Government today eased economic sanctions imposed against Libya by authorizing the purchase of oil and other energy sources that are produced in areas controlled by the National Transitional Council (CNT). The Treasury Department said that U.S. companies can transact with Qatar Petroleum and Vitol Group, the largest oil trading company in the world, related to oil, gas or petroleum products are exported to Libya under the "auspices" of CNT and provided the regime of Moammar Gadhafi does not receive "any benefits." Qatar has agreed to sell the Libyan oil on behalf of the Libyan rebels, a way of providing finance to the U.S.

EEUU/Argentina.- CNH (Fiat Industrial) will invest 68.5 million to build a plant in Argentina

BURR RIDGE (UNITED STATES), 27 Abr. The agricultural equipment maker CNH, belonging to the Fiat industrial group, will invest hundred million dollars (68.5 million euros) to build a tractor plant in Argentina, which devoted its production to markets in Latin America. The company made this announcement following a meeting between the president of Industrial Fiat, Sergio Marchionne, (also CEO of Fiat and Chrysler) and Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

Sweden calls for explanation from Venezuela to Colombia deportation Becerra

The extradition of alleged FARC guerrilla, Joaquín Pérez Alberto Becerra, Colombia has generated reactions in Sweden, which today called for an explanation from Venezuela for not informing him of his arrest and delivery to Bogota. Becerra, born in Colombia, but a Swedish national, was arrested last Saturday while trying to enter Venezuela from Frankfurt and extradited only two days later.

Teo Zetterman spokesman Swedish Foreign Ministry, told Agence France Presse that "yet we receive no response" from the government in Caracas. The spokesman has said that are not yet clear "what is charged officially" Becerra. "We are focusing on is to provide consular support ... The Swedish Embassy has contacted him and is following the case, contact with legal representatives," he added Zetterman.

Brazil .- Rousseff agrees to take "all measures" deemed necessary to curb inflation

BRASILIA, Oct 27. (Reuters) - The president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, has promised to implement "all measures" deemed necessary to curb inflation that reached 6.44 percent, near the top of the official target range expected this year. This was the second time in just two days Rousseff spoke forcefully about his determination to curb rising prices, which highlights a growing concern for the Government to the extent that inflation is threatening to keep their tendency to rise.

President, what are the "natural development"?

When we speak of the Head of State should go with feet of lead. For three reasons: institutional respect, because Napolitano is the only (maybe the only) that inspires confidence to the Italians, because Berlusconi fails to diminish the constitutional integrity. But the "natural development" of our military intervention in Libya, are allowed a number of concerns.

The first is a constitutional right: Italy rejects war and enter into a conflict, siding with one of the contenders, it looks like its a mission of peace, not even bothered all the hypocrisy that we are capable. The second is that there are no "rockets extreme, extreme accuracy" because there are no targets of "extreme, extreme" certainty.

Moscow city hall allows for the first time holding a Gay Pride

The mayor of Moscow has allowed for the first time to hold a Gay Pride in the Russian capital, said, Tuesday, April 26, the organizer Nikolai Alexeyev, president of the association Gayrussia. So far, Russian authorities refused rallies in defense of gay rights. The event, which 500 people are allowed to participate, will take place May 28 Bolotnaïa in the center of the Russian capital, but away from main thoroughfares of the city, according to Mr Alexeyev.

Wikileaks: Child soldiers became prisoners-children

The evaluation reports prepared by interrogators at Guantanamo are revealed by Wikileaks shows that among the dozens of detainees arrived at Guantanamo Bay while they were still minors, many were directly classified as "enemy combatants" and thus treated as adults and detained indefinitely. This attitude is consistent with the American judicial tradition: until 2010 in various states, a criminal under 16 years could be sentenced to life imprisonment without possibility of early release, even if he had killed anyone.

A brutal beating at the Berlin subway shocked Germany

Footage from the subway in Berlin last Friday has shocked Germany. They see how two guys unleashing a brutal beating of a third party who was returning home after attending a sporting event. The boy, aged 29, received a blow that knocked him down and immediately began to stand, unable to show resistance, several kicks to the head that left him unconscious.

Today, four days later, opened his eyes but not yet fully recovered speech. Despite the excessive violence you see in the video and the shock reflected in the German media, a German judge has released the two assailants because no one has filed a charge against them. The attackers, both 18, were released after questioning and to recognize authors of the beating inflicted on early Saturday in the Friedrichstrasse station, in central Berlin.

The great business of the royal wedding

The numbers that revolve around what has been called "the biggest television event in history" - BBC and Sky talk of a television audience of 2 billion people - are staggering. Visit Britain, the tourist agency of the United Kingdom, has estimated that more than one million visitors who reach the capital for the wedding between Prince William and Kate Midlleton, of which 400 000 will arrive by train the same day.

Wikileaks: The French detainees in Guantanamo noted for their "discipline"

Little soldiers of jihad, restive prisoners to the authority of their guardians. Thus appear the seven French detainees in Guantanamo, reading their case files revealed by Wikileaks. Aged 22 to 41 years when they were arrested in Afghanistan in late 2001, they spent two and a half years and three years on the U.S.

base. Their mistake: have found in Afghanistan at the wrong time, driven by their radical faith, thus becoming "enemy combatants". Obsessed by their "links" with senior supposed Al-Qaeda, the U.S. military see them as sources to tap. The first four to be delivered to France, July 27, 2004, were Nizar Sassi, Brahim Yadel, Mourad Benchellali and Imad Achab Kanouni.