Friday, June 24, 2011

Gas Dispute in Ukraine: Tymoshenko called start of the trial as a farce

She appeared with a rose in his hand: the former Ukrainian Prime Minister Tymoshenko, sued  to a gas agreement with Russia. It's about a deal with Russia. It's about power and money. This is the background for the appearance of Tymoshenko in Kiev in court. The indictment puts the former Ukrainian prime minister in connection with abuse of office concluded by gas deal with Russia. According to the prosecution, these agreements have been extremely unfavorable for Kiev.

France and Spain withdrew troops from Afghanistan

After the U.S. President, Barack Obama, announced the withdrawal of 10,000 troops in Afghanistan between July and December this year, France and Spain reported the return of their troops, a timetable will be similar to the U.S. forces. The office of French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced the withdrawal of its nearly four thousand soldiers in Afghanistan will begin this summer in coordination "with our allies and the Afghan authorities." As France has a smaller contingent of troops deployed in the region than does the United States, its removal will also be lower.

Agreement at EU summit: Italian Draghi as new ECB chief

The Heads of State and Government have agreed on the Italian Mario Draghi as the new President of the European Central Bank. The EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy reported on Friday in Brussels. Draghi start this office on 1 November in Frankfurt.

Israel ready to intercept a flotilla to Gaza

Israel "is determined" to intercept a fleet of ten vessels to sail from Greece next week to transport humanitarian aid to Gaza, warned Thursday the Israeli ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor. "Israel is determined to stop the fleet. Israel has the right to self-defense".

Romania is preparing a law to exterminate 2 million stray dogs

On June 21, Romania's Parliament has postponed once again due to time constraints, the discussion of a law to kill stray dogs that populate the country. And fortunately, because the well-known PL Bill 912 would authorize the brutal extermination of more than 2 million stray. Dogs are taken to the neck on the street with a large caliper, sedated by injection calming place, knocked down, thrown in the incinerator and burned en masse.