Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Air scare for Michelle Obama

A plane carrying the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, had to abort the landing procedure and regain altitude due to an error of civilian air traffic controller, reports the Washington Post. The incident, which has no injuries, occurred Monday, April 18 near the military base at Andrews, Maryland, east of Washington, which is based fleet of aircraft used by U.S.

officials, including President Obama. Mrs. Obama, wife of Vice President Joe Biden, Jill, were aboard a Boeing 737 returned to New York when the control tower at Andrews realized that their aircraft was too close to a military transport plane C-17 during takeoff, according to the Post, quoting "federal officials aware of the incident." The officials attributed the fault to a civilian controller in the Washington area, who gave the green light to the landing 737.

Japanese exports suffered from the catastrophe of the post-earthquake

Japanese exports have decreased in March 2011, at a rate higher than expected, indicating that the impact of the earthquake of March 11 and lasting nuclear crisis penalize the Japanese economy. The disaster has affected the activity of many companies whose supply chains have been cut or disturbed. Toyota has announced that it would temporarily reduce production in China due to lack of spare parts.

Argentina .- A court fourteen people blame the fire that claimed the lives of 194 people in a room in 2004

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) The Court of Criminal Appeals on Wednesday blamed fourteen people by the fire that killed 194 people in late 2004 by firing flares into the establishment. However, we still do not know the penalty for the fourteen defendants. Among the convicts, are the components and the manager of the band 'Street' as well as the owner and other responsible local Cromañón Republic, three former officials of the Government of Buenos Aires and a former deputy commissioner of the Federal Police.

Yemen: UN fails to adopt a common position

In New York, the Security Council of the UN, which met on Tuesday 19 April for the first time on the situation in Yemen, failed to agree on a joint statement. A press statement was drafted by Germany and Lebanon, two members of the Council, but was eventually blocked by a minority. "There was a call for restraint and we heard some disturbing reports on Yemen," said Susan Rice, the U.S.

ambassador. "The members of the Security Council had a discussion that was worth it," she said without further detail. The ambassador added that the Council had expressed its support for the mediation of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) - Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain - charged with finding a solution to the crisis Yemen, where the president clings to power despite a strong challenge from the street.

It lists the new constitution of Libya, said Gadhafi's son

.- The son of Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi said the government would prevail over the rebels trying to overthrow his father and a new constitution was ready when the insurgency was defeated, on Wednesday said the station Al Arabiya. The satellite channel based in Dubai said Saif al Islam, speaking on Libyan state television, accused the rebel National Council based in Benghazi to be motivated by "power and wealth of oil".

Diary from Palestine

"Ahlan wa Sahlan fi filashtin": Welcome to Palestine. Forget a normal world, made up of cities and roads. Here are villages which can be accessed only by narrow streets which then become Tunnel highways that can take only a few, others do not. Here there are walls and barbed wire, which guarantee Israel's security, but cut and territories do not allow ordinary people, peasants and workers, through what was once their land.

Still no news of kidnapped two French nationals in Abidjan

French authorities still have no news of two French, director of the Novotel Abidjan and a businessman, kidnapped on April 4 in the Ivorian capital. Two others, a Malaysian and a Beninese, were arrested the same day. The four people disappeared in Abidjan was plagued by heavy fighting between followers of the outgoing president, Laurent Gbagbo, Alassane Ouattara and supporters, which continued until the arrest, Monday, April 18 Mr Gbagbo .

Troops attempt to eliminate Ouattara Gbagbo's Ivorian stronghold

.- The security forces in Ivory Coast have launched an offensive to end the last militias and mercenaries loyal to former President Laurent Gbagbo, who remain entrenched in a neighborhood of Abidjan, officials said. After days of heavy fighting, Alassane Ouattara got coming to power last week, ending four months of post-election disputes.

But the crowded Yopougon neighborhood is full of pro-Gbagbo fighters who retired after an assault with French support and the UN concluded with the arrest of former leader. "The Republican forces have gone on the offensive," he told Reuters on Wednesday a government source Ouattara. "There are many mercenaries there.

Two reporters killed in Misurata

As often happens, unfortunately, to make the costs of the wars, as well as for civilians, reporters are sent to the front. Eyes and ears of the conflict and of violence against them. It 'happened again, Misurata, where two reporters were killed due to artillery shells fired during the fighting in the city between forces loyal to Gaddafi and the insurgents.

The victims are called Chris Hondros and Tim Hetherington, both aged 41. Together with their two other journalists were injured. The artillery shells exploded in the center of the city that two months is under siege by the forces of Colonel. The two reporters were very popular in the environment of war reporting.

Libya: Paris is sending liaison officers to insurgent

After an interview with Nicolas Sarkozy, Mr. Abdeljalil delivered a speech in which he welcomed that France supported the insurgents "from the start." He also called Nicolas Sarkozy to go to Benghazi, the stronghold of insurgents. "We'll help you," said Nicolas Sarkozy, according to the presidency. "How do the English, there are military elements who are with our diplomatic representative of the NLC", it was assured of the same source, insisting that it had "absolutely nothing to do with the troops "on the ground.

Unicef calls for greater child protection in the Middle East and Africa

.- The United Nations Fund for Children (UNICEF) today warned again about the impact that the conflicts in the Middle East and North Africa have on children and called on warring parties to redouble their efforts to protect children of violent episodes. "The effects of violence on children caught in conflicts that escalate in the Middle East and North Africa great concern for UNICEF, said today the executive director of the UN fund for children, Anthony Lake, in a statement .

Dies Oscar-nominated photographer Tim Hetherington during the fighting in Misrata

The documentary photographer Tim Hetherington has killed today during fighting between rebels and troops loyal to Muammar Gaddafi. Three other journalists were injured, one seriously. Initially reported the death of photographer Chris Hondros, although he later qualified that he was seriously injured.

The news of the death of Tim Hetherington, 41 years, later this afternoon the specializing in photography British Journal of Photography. The publication quoted a source at the French photographer André Liohn he wrote in his Facebook profile: "Sad news. Tim Hetherington Misrata now dead, while covering the front lines.

New violence in the UN is going to look Yemenmentre

An unnamed motorcyclist, shortly after dawn, opened fire on the garrison of anti-government protesters in the coastal town of al-Hudaydah, Yemen. The protesters were preparing for the dawn prayer, the first of the five canonical observant Muslims. According to testimonies gathered by international news agencies, the motorcyclist was shot in the pile of people camped out for days to show their opposition to President Ali Abdullah Saleh, in power for over thirty years.

A year after the spill, residents of Louisiana worried and bitter

Syrian apply strict control measures against protesters

The Syrian government approved the repeal of the Emergency Law in force in the Arab republic since 1963, a move announced last weekend by President Bashar Al Assad, but that seems unlikely to stop the violent repression with which the Baathist regime, which dominates the country for four decades through the Assad dynasty, is responding to the protests.

Before the announcement of the end of the emergency, the Ministry of the Interior asked the Syrians did not support any protest and warned he will do what the law allows to prevent them from occurring. This is the case of Homs, a city of about 700 000 inhabitants located in the center of the country, where security forces opened fire early this morning against the thousands of people, who had been on the streets to protest against the Government and fire several opponents who died during another protest on Sunday.

The UN report possible war crimes in Libya

.- The forces of the Libyan regime of Muammar Gadhafi are using bombs and weapons of war in Misrata populated urban areas, which could be considered "war crimes", said the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay. In his attempt to regain control of the Libyan town of Misrata, pro-government fighters are launching massive attacks, including near medical facilities, while stationed snipers have fired "deliberately against civilians," he said.

Erdogan proposes dividing Istanbul into two cities

Istanbul, bridge between east and west, the only city that lies on two continents together by the Bosphorus Strait, could lose their unique status. The Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan Reccep, has announced its intention to split it in two cities to win the general election in June. Erdogan, who was mayor of Istanbul before entering national politics, has presented the project as part of his party's election, the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP).

Libya, Italy will send ten military instructors like Britain and France

Italy in Libya will send ten military instructors. A decision made "after a meeting between Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and British Prime Minister, David Cameron, as he explained the defense minister, Ignazio La Russa, after meeting with his British counterpart, Liam Fox. An important choice to meet the demands of the rebels in Libya, that "young people are willing to fight for the cause, but lack the necessary capacity," La Russa added, "And so we go where there are conditions of safety to give our know-how and helped fight an army, however, is professional.

In Burkina Faso, "a popular uprising is unlikely"

For three weeks, Burkina Faso is shaken by movements of anger, driven particularly by the army. Damien Glez, director of the satirical weekly Le Journal du Burkina Thursday, the dispute does not threaten the president Blaise Compaore, head of the country for twenty-four. What is complex is that these campaigns are very different claims.

The presidential guard has been raised for example by a history of housing allowance. But there are also students who demonstrated against police brutality after the death of one of them. Unions are on the warpath about the cost of living. And more generally, there is a weariness of a portion of the population that is tired of seeing the president still facing international issues, and very little interest in national issues.

Syrian regime approves state of emergency lifted

.- The government approved a bill to lift the state of emergency, one of the main demands of the protests in the country, more than a month after the start of the movement that was amplified in recent days. However, the regime said it would not accept any new event in the country, where four people were shot to death on Tuesday when security forces dispersed a sit-in Homs (160 km north of Damascus), said a militant .

Gadhafi reappears on public television

Colonel Muammar Gadhafi made today a new public television appearance Libya TV, in a program of interviews with notable people in the country, according to images broadcast by that network. The chain, which has stated that the interviews have taken place in the morning, has been broadcast with images devoid of sound.

Gadhafi, according to the same images, the team has received television in his shop in Bab El Aziziya, the palace headquarters located in the vicinity of Tripoli's Green Square. The last public appearance of the Libyan leader was even a week ago, on 14 April. Just that day, the official television network broadcast images of the leader board a jeep running through different parts of the capital, saying that this tour took place shortly after a series of air strikes by NATO aircraft on Tripoli .

Attacked the website that gathers signatures to free Chinese dissident Ai Weiwei

The Change web platform. org, which museums around the world have gathered over 90,000 signatures calling for the release of Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei, announced today that it has been attacked by hackers from China. The platform reported on its website that are suffering from Monday intermittent periods of inactivity due to a page denial of service attack DDoS from China.

The attack comes as the campaign has surpassed the 92,000 signatures from 175 countries calling for the release of the famous dissident, detained without charge by the authorities in Beijing on April 3. Ai's creator and activist, known for having participated in the design of the Beijing Olympic Stadium by Sunflower recent exhibition at the London gallery Tate, radicalized his stance against Chinese rule since the 2008 Sichuan earthquake killed thousands of children by the collapse of schools.

The new PidUE

On March 30, 2011 submitted with Sonia Alfano and colleagues ALDA, a parliamentary question to the European Commission and the Council of Ministers on the revision of the constitution presented to parliament by the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. In particular, we asked the two bodies if they consider the text of the paper should be regarded as having a decided contrast to the Treaty on European Union.

Raul Castro succeeded his brother as head of the Cuban Communist Party

Cuban President Raul Castro, was appointed first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), succeeding his brother Fidel, who led the party since its founding in 1965, announced Tuesday, April 19, a party official during the closing ceremony of the congress. In a special message issued Tuesday by the press, Fidel Castro has confirmed that, as he had announced in March he gave up his post as first secretary in favor of his brother, which he relinquished power in 2006 for health reasons.

U.S., near collision between the jet Michelle Obama

The failure of an air traffic controller has almost caused a disaster, a White House jet carrying Michelle Obama was forced to pull up at the last minute as he was landing at Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland. The plane of first lady she had to "hang" as the jargon, it was coming down the runway on which there was a 200-ton military cargo plane.

The cargo had not released the track on time, "explained an official of the base. Who also confirmed the presence of the first lady on the airplane. Michelle Obama was returning after participating in a television program and a few other meetings with Vice President Joe Biden in New York.

Death Arrigoni, Hamas raid against the Jordanian Salafi Suicide, killing another sought

 Two people died of the budget today conducted raids against Hamas last three Salafists are wanted for the murder of Vittorio Arrigoni. Medical sources said from Gaza, adding that two of the Salafists were wounded in the operation: either he died because of injuries. The other victim is the Jordanian Abu Abdel Rahman Bereitz that he would commit suicide to avoid capture making exploded.

Chernobyl: the international community releases 550 million euros

Twenty-five years after the Chernobyl disaster, the international community has made, Tuesday, April 19, at the head of Ukraine to help finance a long-term answer for the worst civilian nuclear accident in history. The leaders of the G8 and the European Union gathered in Kiev for a donor conference recalling the quarter century of disaster back in the news with the episode of the Japanese central Fukushima.

Syria protests continue, the government denounced the "sabotage"

The protest movement regime in Syria has grown with new events, Monday, April 18, after the death of eleven demonstrators killed by security forces in the region of Homs, according to activists of human rights . The authorities, meanwhile, blamed the violence of recent days to "criminal elements" guilty of "sabotage".

Thousands of people attended the funerals of at least seven people killed Sunday in Homs in central Syria, while demonstrations were held in Dera in the south, the epicenter of unprecedented challenge launched March 15, and nearly Idleb (northwest). The opposition has found insufficient the promise of President Bashar al-Assad to repeal in the coming days the emergency law in force for five decades, calling for a multiparty system and also the release of political prisoners.