Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Pentgono announced cuts of 60,000 million euros

The Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, announced yesterday that put the Pentagon budget cuts totaling 78,000 million dollars (about 60,000 million euros) over the next five years. This will be the first contraction of the U.S. military budget since the occurrence of the 2001 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, after the nation launched two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Gates explained that the two branches of the Pentagon that will be most affected will be the Army and Marines. The first body will lose 40,000 soldiers, and the second, 20,000. "Since I took up my post four years ago, I have always said that it is necessary to maintain the structure of our armed forces, while maintaining growth in our budget that is realistic and modest in its long-term forecasts, said at a press conference the head of the Pentagon, a Republican who has served under Presidents George W.

Côte d'Ivoire: the ambassadors of Great Britain and Canada returned

The government of Laurent Gbagbo, one of the two presidents announced the Côte d'Ivoire, Abidjan announced the dismissal of ambassadors of Great Britain and Canada, Thursday, Jan. 6. These decisions were taken "under the principle of reciprocity governing diplomatic relations," said a statement read by spokesman of the government, Ahoua Don Mello, on state television RTI.

Britain and Canada had withdrawn in late December accreditation of ambassadors in their countries Ivorian appointed by Laurent Gbagbo and indicated they would recognize the representatives appointed by his rival Alassane Ouattara, President recognized by the international community. France, leading international efforts to get the departure of Mr Gbagbo's power, had, meanwhile, indicated late December that the approval process was underway for the new ambassador in Paris appointed by Mr.

Cuts in Pentagon spending to slow U.S. military

The Pentagon will cut into its programming and operating costs over the next five years to slow the growth of military spending, announced Thursday, January 6 Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. Some 150 billion (115 billion euros) will be saved over the years from 2012 to 2016 through restructuring or abandonment of weapons programs and lower operating costs.

Aware of the growing political pressure to curb the budget deficit, Robert Gates, a Republican from the Obama team, warned last summer that he intended to save money and reallocate the whole amount saved in other programs. The objective was to maintain a real growth in defense spending from 3% is considered necessary to ensure the state forces and continue the modernization of the army.

The unrest continued, with the arrest of dissidents

Between street protests, lawyers' strike, suicide attempts and arrests of Internet users, social unrest part of Sidi Bouzid three weeks ago has continued Thursday, January 6, Tunisia, despite government measures to calm . A rapper and three activists and bloggers have been arrested by police, according to their families and the organization Reporters Without Borders (RSF).

Last May, these bloggers had actively participated with a group of Internet in a campaign against cyber censorship and denounced lock websites. Police came looking Hamada Ben Amor, 22, better known on the internet under the nickname "The General" at his parents' home in Sfax, 5 30 pm local (4 h 30 GMT).

The attack in Mali would be an isolated

Tunisia's 25-year-old who detonated a grenade, Wednesday, January 5, outside the Embassy of France in Bamako told police he wanted to prove to "old friends" of Al Qaeda that was "able to strike a blow himself," said a police source. During his interrogation in the anti-criminal brigade in Bamako, the young man, "as an individual, a hatred of France," said he had been first contacted in 2005 when armed Islamists was " in Koranic schools in Mauritania.

Dilma Rousseff launches program to combat poverty in Brazil

The Brazilian president, Dilma Rousseff, did not want to waste time and before the eighth day of his inauguration has convened ten ministers and launched what he called the "PAC against poverty", their first against a particular program painful reality that despite the great successes achieved by his predecessor, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, even "embarrass the country" as she said Friday in his speech referring to the 22 million citizens live in "extreme poverty".

Maryland parcels delivered explosives to two government offices

WASHINGTON - Two parcels delivered in two different government offices in the state of Maryland, have exploded. The packages were sent to the Maryland Department of Transportation, Hanover, and Jeffrey Building, Annapolis. Local radio reported that police said Wtop Maryland nobody was seriously hurt, but a spokesman for the mayor of Annapolis, Joshua J.

Cohen says that an employee injured in the incident would post office in Annapolis. The first parcel exploded in the mail room of the Department of Maryland at 13.00 local transport. The second package is exploded 30 minutes later at Annapolis, in a building where the mail is usually used for the collection of the Maryland State Chamber.

Oil spill, the U.S. government for BP guilty of environmental disaster

The explosion of the BP platform in the Gulf of Mexico could be avoided. Among the causes of one of the greatest environmental disasters in history, there were in fact the wrong choices of managers of the oil company. Which have tended more to the need to lower costs, than to that of providing security.

These are the conclusions of the National oil spill commission, the commission charged by the White House to investigate the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon platform, on 20 April. Disaster that killed 11 people and environmental contamination of the oil spill. "The decisions taken by BP and its partners did Halliburton and Transocean lot of time and money to companies, but increased the risk of explosion which then became a reality in the well Macondo," the report says the committee, which will be released for weeks next.

Obama Names William Daley Secretary General of the White House

The President of the United States, Barack Obama, decided to appoint William Daley, a former minister of Bill Clinton, near Wall Street, as Secretary General of the White House. According to senior U.S. officials, the appointment should be made official Thursday, January 6, Obama has scheduled an announcement regarding the "personal" from the White House at 14 h 30 (19 h 30 GMT).

As Secretary General, right-hand man of Mr. Obama, Mr. Daley will rule on the famous "West Wing", the West Wing of the White House staffed the President's closest aides. He succeeds Pete Rouse, who assured the interim following the departure early October 2010, Rahm Emanuel, who ran for mayor of Chicago.

Côte d'Ivoire: Ouattara wants a commando operation to "remove" Gbagbo

Alassane Ouattara, recognized President Cote d'Ivoire by the international community has called for Thursday, January 6 commando action "nonviolent" of West Africa to hunt Laurent Gbagbo's power and "take it elsewhere." "If he persists, he belongs to the ECOWAS [Economic Community of West Africa] to take the necessary measures and these measures may include legitimate force," he said at a conference Press at his headquarters in the Hotel du Golf d'Abidjan, blockaded forces loyal to the regime.

The elected leader of the Ivory Coast calls to The Hague to inquire of his rival crmenes

"Laurent Gbagbo has blood on his hands. He has ordered the assassination of foreign agents citizens," he assured Alassane Ouattara, the winning candidate in the November 28 elections in Ivory Coast and continues to be held at a hotel in Abidjan to waiting for the current president, Laurent Gbagbo, left office.

"Of course I have proof. I have written to UN Secretary General to ask the International Criminal Court sent an investigation team. I have said that would be done in the coming days," he told radio station Europe 1. Ouattara has also encouraged international powers to tighten economic sanctions already imposed travel bans and Gbagbo and his staff.

Obama chooses a director of JP Morgan as the new chief of staff

Barack Obama President William Daley has picked up U.S. bank executive now JP Morgan, as a future chief of staff in the context of the profound reshaping of his team after the poor results Democrats in legislative elections held last November, according to reported a senior White House. The official announcement was made at 14.30 (20.30 CET Spanish) and involves the appointment of current chief of staff, Pete Rouse, to the post of adviser to the president.

Tnez protests spread to a dozen cities in Algeria

Tunisia protests spread to neighboring Algeria, the most populous and wealthiest country in the Maghreb. In the capital, in a dozen cities, including Boumerdes, and, above all, in Oran, the second largest city in the country, hundreds of young people very violently confronted the police throughout the afternoon of Wednesday and sometimes until the early hours of Thursday.

The origin of the protest is not as precise as it was in Tunisia, but is just as spontaneous. The first signs of discontent emerged in Algeria on Tuesday, but left the next day when young, sometimes hooded and provided with sticks or iron bars, they seized the center of Oran and at least four districts of Algiers, including downtown Bab el Oued.

Tunisia: "An awkward silence prevailed in Europe"

Isabelle Mandraud, journalist with "Le Monde", believes that economic difficulties have undermined the tacit contract on which rested the Tunisian regime. The next day, December 18, an event took place in the city, soon followed by others throughout the country. The economic situation is somewhat less successful than last year, and especially youth unemployment has increased a lot.

Indeed, the Tunisian economy can not absorb the thousands of young graduates from universities each year. This movement, which has now lasted three weeks and sees here and there manifestations arise in several cities, is significant and unprecedented in recent years. That said, at present, nobody can say what the outcome will be.

Historic referendum: UN urges fair elections in Sudan

In a few days of southern Sudan will decide whether to split off into a separate state. The referendum is the decades-long civil war put an end. UN human rights commissioner Pillay urged those in power now urges a fair vote.  Four days before the start of the referendum on the independence of Southern Sudan has UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay called for a fair conduct of the vote.

Afghanistan: U.S. troopincrease of 1,400 men

Washington wants to deploy according to a newspaper report more than one thousand additional marines to Afghanistan. Background is therefore the struggle in the spring season, to the soldiers to reinforce the troops especially in the south of the country. Washington - The U.S. government is thinking about it, send 1400 additional marines to Afghanistan.

In this way, the U.S. troops before the new fighting season in the spring to be strengthened, reported the Wall Street Journal. The U.S. currently has about 100,000 troops stationed in Afghanistan. President Barack Obama is under pressure to present results in the fight against the Taliban, only to take from this year announced the withdrawal of U.S.

The United States sends 1,400 more troops to Afghanistan

The United States agreed Thursday, 6 January 1400 to send more Marines to Afghanistan. The defense secretary, Robert Gates, has "approved the dispatch of Marines as reinforcements in southern Afghanistan to build on progress achieved and consolidated, and put the enemy under pressure during the campaign winter, "said Col.

Dave Lapan, a Pentagon spokesman. The Wall Street Journal, citing U.S. officials, these reinforcements could arrive as early as mid-January before the spring, which is conducive to the resumption of large-scale fighting, and will be deployed in the south, around Kandahar. Further reinforcements of marines, the U.S.

The violence broke out in Algeria by rising prices

Violence has erupted in the Maghreb region. The riots, which began in Tunis a few days ago, have spread to Algeria, where a deep tension reigns after riots and clashes during part of last night in several neighborhoods of Algiers because of rising prices. The most violent protests have erupted in the ancient quarter of Bab El Oued, ten minutes from downtown Algiers, where traces of the fighting and destruction were still visible, according to Efe.

La Russa: "Miotto killed in a clash late I also informed of the attack"

VALLEY Gulistan (Afghanistan) - It 's still controversy about the death of the Alpine Matteo Miotto. The news of the exchange of gun shots during which the soldier is dead - now he was told that the young soldier had been the victim of a sniper - was notified only in a second stage at the same defense minister, Ignazio La Russa, who said he "angry" with the military.

Today, a visit to Gulistan, where the corporal's Julia was killed on Dec. 31, La Russa gave his explanation of why this happened, after the lack of clarity about the different versions of the incident had raised a number of criticisms "It is a reflection of an old method used in previous governments, to say the truth but not alarmed, trying to gild the pill." "My theory, though - says La Russa, speaking with journalists in Afghanistan - is that of transparency.

Irn arrested an American woman accused of spying

An American woman has been arrested in Iran on charges of spying after illegally entering the country, according to newspaper said today the Iranian state in an information not yet officially confirmed. The story notes that the woman entered Iran through the border with Armenia and was detained by border guards in the town of Nordouz.

Carried in his teeth an object used for spying activities, adds the newspaper, which publishes information not always accurate. The newspaper identified the suspect as Talayan Hall, 55 years, but does not clarify the date of the arrest would have occurred. In July 2009, three American hikers were arrested near the border with Iraq.

Pedophile ex-priest son accused Secretary of Hitler

Martin Bormann Jr was a priest who raped and beat his students. Not a priest anywhere, but the son of one of the most important Nazi leaders, Hitler's personal secretary, Martin Bormann. The accusations come from a former student at a religious school in Salzburg and refers to incidents that would occur in the 60s.

Victor M. , A 63 year old Austrian, told the magazine Profil episodes of harassment, beatings and violence of which he was the victim when he was 12. Bormann was then a thirty year old priest, dean of the institute. Three other former students came forward and confirmed the version of Victor with regard to acts of pedophilia and Bormann's brutality, which in some cases stamped his boys so violently as to leave them covered in blood.

The Brazilian press on Baptists "The Hague would give reason to Italy"

BRASILIA - Brazil has not complied with the extradition treaty, and then the international tribunal in The Hague would "definitely" reason to Italy in case Baptists. The largest Brazilian newspaper writes today, the Folha de S. Paul, who has been consulted about some of the top lawyers in the country.

Francisco Rezek, former Foreign Minister of the Government Collor de Mello, former judge of the Supreme Federal Tribunal and a former member of the Hague Tribunal from 1997 to 2006, has no doubts: "The condemnation of Brazil for failing to comply with the extradition treaty force is safe, but we still hope that the Stf repair the mistake by former President Lula - Rezek said the newspaper of Sao Paulo -.

City of Mafia

The Italian Mafia is stretching its tentacles upon the UK economy, especially in the financial sector, using the City of London as a strategic base for operations of money laundering. The alarm is launched by Professor Vincenzo Ruggiero, co-director of the Centre of Crime and Conflict Middlesex University, and Robert Fort, director of FLARE (Freedom, Legality and Rights in Europe), the European NGO that fights against organized crime.

Stories of prison Butyrki

Incidentally, on a cold January day, before the Butyrki, the oldest Moscow detention center, one can not help but have a thought for the defendants who live by - 13 ° C in open cells to all the winds, a simple iron gate serving window. Life is pretty tough to Butyrki! Built in the eighteenth century on the orders of Catherine the Great, the fortress of red brick was originally a barracks for hussars.

Iran claims to have an American spy

An "American spy" was arrested a week ago on the border with Armenia while trying to cross into Iran, said Thursday the semi-official Fars agency quoted an unidentified source. "There are about a week, an American spy, identified as Hal Talayan, was arrested by security officers Nordouz," Fars said, quoting an "informed source".

"This 55 year old woman, entered Armenia in Iran since then she had no visa, had equipment spy [microphones] implanted in the teeth", Fars added. The information disclosed on Wednesday by two websites ultraconservative and repeated in an editorial in the official daily Iran, has not been confirmed officially.

The violence in Côte d'Ivoire have been 210 fatalities since mid-December

The violence in Côte d'Ivoire, which is plunged into a serious political crisis since the presidential elections of 28 November, two hundred and ten have died since mid-December, announced Thursday, Jan. 6 an official of the UN in Abidjan. While the previous report dated December 30 was as of one hundred and seventy to nine dead, there were "thirty-one people died" since then, bringing the total to "two hundred and ten dead," he told a Simon Munzu press briefing, Chief of the Division of Human Rights of the United Nations Operation in Côte d'Ivoire (UNOCI).

Gaza border: Israeli soldiers killed one Palestinian

In the vicinity of the Gaza Strip by the Israeli army soldiers have at least one Palestinian killed. A military spokesman said a group tried to overcome the barrier to Israel. Then troops had opened fire. Gaza City - The violence on the border with the Gaza Strip has escalated again. Israeli soldiers killed on the night of Thursday, two Palestinians.

A military spokesman said the soldiers had opened fire on a group of Palestinians who had tried to overcome the barrier to Israel. Palestinian doctors said that two men were fatally wounded. The Israeli military said one dead and one injured. The identity of the victims were not disclosed.

Republican majority: New parliament chief says the Obama campaign

Washington - The ceremonial opening with a declaration of war: Republican John Boehner was elected on Wednesday as the new President of the U.S. House of Representatives. He replaced Democrat Nancy Pelosi, the slip after the election defeat of their party in November now in the role of minority leader.

The 61-year-old from Ohio, Boehner received 241 votes. His Republicans have in the new parliament with 242 seats. Boehner has his election, the third most powerful man in the country: If Barack Obama and his deputy, Joe Biden, something happened, he would move into the White House. Boehner told a pre-release Speech According to the household expenses had gotten out of hand.

Mali: French's embassy bombing

Explosion outside the French Embassy in Mali: A man lit a bomb, injuring two people. He was arrested. The backgrounds are unclear. Bamako - In a bomb attack on the French Embassy in Mali were injured on Wednesday evening, two people. As the news agency learned from security sources, a man threw an explosive device in front of the diplomatic mission in the capital Bamako.

The explosion is attributed to two people were injured. They were taken to hospital. The man, who had thrown the bomb, had been arrested and was currently being interrogated, it was said. The security measures around the embassy in the West African country have been strengthened considerably.

Newspaper report: U.S. citizen to have been arrested in Iran

In Iran is a U.S. citizen was fixed. A state newspaper reported the woman had had with Soviet espionage - among other things, was a "microphone in the teeth" have been installed. There is no official confirmation it has not yet. Tehran - few details are known about the case so far: The Iranian government newspaper Iran reported on Thursday, a U.S.

citizen had been arrested in the Islamic Republic. According to the report is a 55-year-old woman who tried to cross illegally the border with Iran. The authorities had discovered that the woman had a "microphone in the teeth" and carried with them other spying devices have. Officially the arrest was not immediately confirmed.

Bagnasco: astonished to intolerance "Europe speaks against persecution"

GENOA - "Together with the Holy Father Benedict XVI in front of astonished us so much violence and religious intolerance, sorrow and wonder why?". These are the words of the Archbishop of Genoa and president of CEI, Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, delivered this morning during the homily for the Mass of the Epiphany in the cathedral of San Lorenzo.

It is not a "rhetorical question and does not hide any desire for revenge," said the cardinal, but "it is sincere and comes from the blood of many Christians, their sufferings" and "gives question to the thrill that comes up from many parts of the earth because ?. The head of the bishops therefore calls for action by the EU: "The international community, starting with Europe, makes you feel a strong voice and a clear word that the right to freedom of religion is observed everywhere without exception." For the faithful, Bagnasco calls instead of being "missionaries of the Gospel" because "it is not being arrogant but bright." "The example of our brothers in faith, and that might give their lives to Jesus and the Church will shake the torpor of the easy things, always lukewarm to the door, the ease of following the sluggish current of the world." Finally, the cardinal urged Christians to pray for their persecutors, because it opened my eyes to the light.

Chat - Why Tunisia ablaze she?

The Syrian Bride is not just a film Samar's dream: war defeats

SARA 'for love, with a capital A, it always ends with the passionate, the better it is contrasted. Or will it be because the story of the blonde and the moustachioed Nabih Samar, separated by a Syrian Druze border war, follows the script of Syrian Bride, The winning entry of Israel Eran Riklis. The fact is that yesterday thousands of virtual guests, most from the East but also from the West, attended on Facebook at the wedding between the two, blessed with the International Red Cross.

The police blame on the Mexican U.S. border patrol the death of a teenager

Mexico Police yesterday blamed a border patrol agent of the United States for the death of a 17-year allegedly trying to enter the country illegally. The boy, identified as Ramses Barron, was found dead Wednesday morning near a hospital in the city of Nogales in the Mexican state of Sonora. Three people would have left next to the center.

The body of the victim had a gunshot wound, according to witnesses quoted by police, was shot by a U.S. agent. Barron had been shot while trying to jump the fence that separates the two cities Nogales, one in Sonora and one in Arizona. The spokesman for the U.S. Border Patrol Tucson Sector (Arizona), David Jimarez, acknowledged that there was "an agent involved" in this event, but "details are sketchy." The investigation is carried out by the FBI, which has justified the officer was attacked with stones while trying to arrest a suspected drug traffickers.

The first order of the Right "From today we read the Constitution"

In the classroom where two centuries flowed in from the waves of popular instincts more tumultuous in the nation, "the House of Representatives" that is renewed only every two years yesterday by beating the new heart of American politics and pounding on the right. But it is a right, indeed, an American, then the federalist, libertarian, anti-government but also fiercely, fanatically devoted to the Constitution that today, at the behest of the controversial new members elected by the tide of populist Tea Party will be recited in a loud voice from the benches of the House.

The opposition of Venezuela returns to Parliament

All new members arrived yesterday marching and accompanied by their constituents to the installation of the National Assembly of Venezuela, which will legislate until 2016. Chavez's supporters, chanting the slogan "We are most / with Hugo Chávez Frías," and opponents under the slogan "Fifty-two percent / Fifty-two percent" in reference to the percentage of popular votes won in parliamentary elections 26 September 2010.

Growth and employment, the thorns of Barack but he is already thinking about 2012 election

NEW YORK - Barack Obama change the team and prepare a two-year period in the trenches. It's a real attitude of fighting what the president organize the day of establishment of the new House majority right. The White House wants the right men to deal with the guerrillas Republicans between now and November 2012, the appointment of the presidential election.

The mission that Obama relies on new staff is clear: the Republicans fit into their internal contradictions among the troops nazionalpopuliste who want the state minimum of big business and lobbyists begging subsidies and state orders. In the end all will be played on two points: if in the next 22 months there will be a solid growth with millions of jobs, and in this case those who can "put the hat" on the recovery.

The appointment of a U.S. CaracasChavez: "Ok Clinton, Penn, Chomsky and Stone"

Bill Clinton, Sean Penn, Noam Chomsky, Oliver Stone and Hugo Chavez are the options for the role of U.S. ambassador in Caracas. The list of names was proposed by Venezuelan president in order to unlock the diplomatic impasse generated in the United States after a challenge by Chavez Larry Palmer, the ambassador chosen by Barack Obama.

Palmer, an African American former ambassador of the United States in Honduras, had recently criticized the Venezuelan government, saying that army morale is low and that there were clear links between members of the leftist Chavez and the rebels in neighboring Colombia . After the veto Palmer, saying that Venezuela has many friends in the U.S., Venezuelan President then cited as potential ambassadors to his country Bill Clinton, actor Sean Penn, the linguist and philosopher Noam Chomsky and the director Oliver Stone, who had recently declared his admiration for Hugo Chavez in Caracas during the presentation of a documentary about his South American leaders on the left.

Israel Palestinians hiring again

The new Congress begins the assault on the work of Barack Obama

112, U.S. Congress opened today with the reading sessions in the full House of Representatives of the full text of the Constitution. It is a symbol of new times, we do not know whether for better or for worse. The brand-new Republican majority interprets this gesture as evidence of their loyalty to the founding principles of this nation.

The defeated Democrats see it as mere demagoguery or, worse, a sign of intransigence masked in respect of tradition. Either way, Thursday begins the assault on the work of Barack Obama. Never before had read the Constitution in Congress, out of the wonderful fantasy created by Frank Capra in Mr.