Monday, August 8, 2011

London, second night of Flames warfare, looting and hundreds of arrests

Over 100 people arrested: it is the budget of the operation by Scotland Yard after the second night of rioting and looting in London. After the revolt of Tottenham on Saturday night, new violence has rocked it last night, other districts of the capital, where groups of youths clashed with police looting shops and damaging cars and buildings.

In particular in Brixton (formerly Theater years ago of serious racial violence), hundreds of people looted a department store, throwing rocks at the agents, another fifty vandals caused damage in Oxford Circus in the heart of the capital and tourist Other clashes took place at Enfield.

This would be at least partially organized violence, including through social networks. The violence first broke out in the night between Saturday and Sunday in the multi-ethnic district of Tottenham, after a demonstration called to protest the murder of Mark Duggan, prejudiced killed in a shootout with police.

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