Monday, January 10, 2011

Haiti: an international report calls for the withdrawal of the government candidate

According to a UN diplomat, the evaluation report of the first round of presidential elections in Haiti prepared by experts of the Organization of American States (OAS), advocated the withdrawal of the candidate of the ruling party, arrived second according to provisional results. "It will be very difficult for (outgoing President Rene) Preval to ignore this recommendation," said the source.

Attack in Arizona: Obama is mourning the victims of Tucson

After the assassination of Arizona, U.S. President Obama to minute's silence across the country called - together with his wife, he came to the Garden of the White House. Even on the New York Stock Exchange rested for a moment the hustle and bustle. Washington - A few seconds 11 clock local time the presidential couple at the door of the White House.

Without saying a word. A military officer suggested the beginning of the minute of silence three times a bell. Then held the whole country stopped for a moment. Barack Obama had called for the gesture for the victims. In federal buildings across the country the flag at half mast. Even on the usually busy New York Stock Exchange rested for a minute, the hustle and bustle.

Eleven years in prison for an Iranian human rights

The Iranian judiciary has sentenced the lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh to eleven years in prison for his action in support of human rights, expanding the list of persons convicted after severe disturbances that followed the disputed re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The Iranian lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh, arrested in September 2010, was sentenced to eleven years in prison and twenty years' disqualification from his job and leaving Iran, said her husband, Reza Khandan, Monday, January 10 .

The armies of China and the U.S. suspicions liman

There is a rising rivalry, but both say they are willing to not pitch up. There is a noticeable mutual suspicion, but both say they want to improve confidence. The two major world powers-the United States and China-trying to build bridges, on the eve of the trip that President Hu Jintao next week to the United States.

Secretary of State for Defence, Robert Gates, visiting Beijing, and his Chinese counterpart, General Liang Guanglie, have downplayed the military rivalry between the two countries have said they need to increase cooperation, dialogue and exchanges between their militaries to avoid missteps.

Belgium: time passes, nothing happens

Belgium progresses. She now has the European record for the longest political crisis. Depressed, the Netherlands who had held since 1977 with 208 days without government. Now is the best world performance is to the Belgians: they have no government on March 30, they fight a recent record ... Iraq set to 289 days.

To see how things are going to Brussels, it is reasonable to think that the goal is reached. For it is certain the tick-tock tick-tock of the clock Belgian is not about to stop. Its mechanism is it that a bomb or a quiet belfry chimes punctuating the long wait for a shared population between disinterest, fear and suppressed anger? Mystery, for the kingdom of Albert II, opinion and observers are divided into three camps.

Thailand - New show of force "red shirts" in Bangkok

Referendum in Sdsudan: Several dead in the fight hand in the border region

On the second day of the referendum on the independence of southern Sudan, there has been in the oil-rich Abyei region, heavy fighting between tribal fighters and Arab militias - 23 people died. At the same time clarify the former U.S. President Carter first points of contention between North and South.

Khartoum - The second day of the referendum, thousands people of Sudan to the polls to decide on the independence of the South. According to observers, the vote on Monday was peaceful in many regions. It was overshadowed by heavy fighting in the oil-rich Abyei border region. In clashes between tribal fighters and Arab militias, 23 people were killed.

Ceasefire: Spain's government does not trust Eta offer

 How serious the Eta with its new offer for a ceasefire? and to require that the Basque terrorist organization "definitely" and "irrevocable" proclaimed the end of terrorism - The Spanish government remains skeptical. Madrid - The French police officer wearing a bulletproof vest, but the protection it could save your life.

In March, the official in Dammarie-les-Lys, near Paris by a suspected member of the terrorist organization ETA was shot. The official date was their last victim. The question is whether this should remain so - whether the Eta actually once and for all renounce violence. For the Basque terrorists have - again - a cease-fire was declared.

Sudan: the specter of another oil war

New deadly rains in Australia

The situation remains very worrying, Monday, January 10, in north-eastern Australia for several days devastated by unprecedented flooding, while the third largest city, Brisbane, is threatened by flooding. New rainfall have indeed fell on the capital of Queensland state, which has two million inhabitants, and on resorts around, causing sudden rise of water and causing the death of one additional person.

Iran announces the dismantling of a network of spies

According to information posted on state television, the Iranian Intelligence Ministry announced Monday, January 10 have dismantled a "network of spies and terrorists linked to the Zionist regime." He added that "most responsible" for the assassination of Iranian nuclear physicist Masood Ali Mohammadi, in January 2010, have been arrested in this operation.

On January 12, 2010, a motorcycle bomb killed Masood Ali Mohammadi, a leading nuclear physicist who taught at Tehran University but also working for the Revolutionary Guards (Pasdaran, the Iranian armed forces elite). The attack had been assigned by Tehran to "mercenaries" acting on behalf of Israeli intelligence and U.S..

Tunis, kidnapped a journalist on the web news of the revolt

TUNIS - The flow of Sidi Bouziz News is unstoppable, and the direct protest of the bounces on the internet through social networking sites, YouTube, blogs and Twitter channels. After the crackdown on activists in the Tunisian government websites, the revolt of the bread becomes the freedom of information.

So, Twitter messages appear as "the weapon that the police fear most is the camera." And the fear of censorship on what is happening in the North African country are justified: the detailed chronicle comes only through the web, which tells the streets of Tunis: those in which the protest was harshly repressed, while protesters burned pictures of President Zin El Abidin Ben Ali.

Tunisia: the funeral of a suicide of poverty

Metlaoui (south-west of Tunisia), correspondence - Everything seemed calm, Saturday, Jan. 8, early afternoon, in the souk Metlaoui, a town of 50,000 inhabitants in the region of Gafsa (south- West of Tunisia). The stalls of the souk, so full of fruits and vegetables. Women talking, children playing, when a man emerges as a fugitive.

"They're coming ... They will break everything!" The hubbub of the discussions stop. The new, repeated a hundred times, fuse, going from one stand to another. Within minutes, mothers grabbed their children. Bags and cartons are thrown to the ground. Feverishly, stands empty. Farther downtown, mounts a dull murmur.

Slaughter of Tucson, the killer in court And America stops to reflect

TUCSON - indicted on five charges, including murder and attempted murder of Democrat Gabrielle Giffords, the 22 year old Jared Lee Loughner, author of the massacre in the parking lot of a shopping center in Tucson, claimed the lives of six people and 14 injured, will appear today before a court in Phoenix, the capital of Arizona, the 14 premises, 22 hours Italian.

And the Italian 17 hours, America will observe the shocked silence requested by President Barack Obama to commemorate the victims of the shooting. In terms of investigations, according to authorities, Loughner fired 31 shots with a semiautomatic pistol before being blocked. President Barack Obama called on Americans to observe a minute's silence for the victims of the attack.

The United States introspection after the killing of Tucson

Two days after the shooting that claimed the lives of six persons and seriously wounded the elected Democrat Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona, America began a painful soul-searching - an extended session of introspection General claimed, on Saturday, by the sheriff in charge of the investigation. The term was coined in the public and the press across the Atlantic, soon challenged by another concept, that of political rhetoric.

In France it is fashionable filing agents in civilian clothes. "We need to denounce the excesses"

Filing agents. Or collect pictures and movies of plain clothes police officers who make public policy during the protests. It's called copwatching. He was born in Canada and the United States. And today is rampant in France. To reveal the practice that actually serves to denounce the excesses, was Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux.

Topic of great interest in Italy in light of recent student demonstrations last December 14 that have laid siege to Rome. On December 23, Hortefeux announced a complaint Indymedia Paris for the publication of photos of undercover agents with names, information and various insults: "These proceedings are totally unacceptable and irresponsible.

Spain, the announcement of ETA "general and permanent truce"

MADRID - The Basque separatist organization ETA announced a cease-fire "general, permanent and verifiable by the international community." With a video and a statement written in three languages (the dialect of Basque, Spanish and English) published on the newspaper Gara, the Basque separatist organization states that it has initiated a "definitive procedure" that will lead to the "end of armed confrontation.

Niger: what has exactly happened Saturday?

Assassination of Arizona: Dead girls was a 9-11-child

It was GEBN day of the worst terrorist attack in the U.S. - and died nine years later by the bullet of a running amok: Christina Green was on Saturday morning at the wrong time, wrong place. They just wanted to make their members of Congress personally. New York - She was a "Faces of Hope: Christina Green came on 11 September 2001 in West Grove (Pennsylvania) to the world.

Following the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history, a book of 50 babies was published, one from each state, which on this day of suffering, destruction and shock gave America a little confidence - Christina was one of these babies. "She was from the beginning especially since September 11, 2001 she was born.

Middle East conflict: Clinton condemned the new housing development

Bulldozer make since Sunday clearing the way - where now stands a hotel should be built in Arab Jerusalem Ostteilteil luxury apartments for Jewish settlers. U.S. Secretary of State Clinton spoke out against the construction of the Israelis, it was undermining the peace efforts. Abu Dhabi - Clear words of Hillary Clinton - but if they show an effect must be questioned.

The U.S. Secretary of State has condemned the demolition of a hotel in Arab East Jerusalem by Israel. "We are very concerned about the start of the demolition of the Shepherd Hotel in East Jerusalem," Clinton said after her arrival in the Gulf emirate of Abu Dhabi. "This disturbing trend is undermining the peace efforts in obtaining a two-state solution." This also contradicts the logic of a reasonable agreement between both sides over the future status of Jerusalem.

Attack in Arizona: Stop victims Giffords is responsive

It is a sign of hope: The U.S. politician Gabrielle Giffords is, according to the doctors temporarily out of the coma and was responsive. In one attack in Arizona on Saturday she had suffered a head leading. Washington - A day after the assassination of the U.S. politician Gabrielle Giffords have the doctors "cautious optimism" expressed about their health.

The politician had been addressed and are now in an artificial coma, doctors Michael Lemole and Peter Rhee said the trauma center at the University Hospital in Tucson (Arizona) on Sunday. The 40-year-old congressman was able to "simple commands" to follow. This points to the assessment of the physician "a high level of brain function." Giffords, who had suffered a smooth head penetration will, respirator and could not speak.

Gates's visit to Beijing: U.S. and China want to improve military cooperation

 Beijing - Reports and photos of other frightened China's new weapon developments recently on the Pentagon - now do Beijing and Washington to improve their cooperation in the military sector. In a meeting with his Chinese counterpart Liang Guanglie to U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said in Beijing for the existing differences of opinion on military issues in a "constant dialogue with each other" to solve, through greater transparency.

Iran: Nasrin Sotudeh condemned to eleven years in prison

 She represented the opposition, which has arrested the regime - now known, the Iranian lawyer Nasrin Sotudeh himself in jail. A court imposed a sentence of eleven years and a long prohibition against the running mate of Nobel Peace Prize winner Ebadi. Tehran - The Iranian regime's harassment against human rights defenders and government critics continues unabated: A court has sentenced the prominent human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotudeh to eleven years in prison.

Spain: Eta calls from permanent ceasefire

This time is to apply the word of the Eta: The Basque separatist group has declared a permanent, internationally verifiable ceasefire. A reaction of the Spanish government is still out, she had been skeptical of similar statements in the past. Madrid - In Spain, the Basque separatist group ETA declared a "permanent" ceasefire.

The ceasefire was comprehensive and "verifiable by the international community" to be, Eta said Monday in a statement on the website of the Basque daily newspaper Gara "with. This is the contribution of the Eta for the process of finding a lasting solution to the conflict and an end to the armed confrontation, "it says.

America to demArizona assassination: the wounded nation

The attack shocked the United States of Tucson. The people mourn, Democrats and Republicans debate the poisonous culture of debate in the country. Likely to change little: The boundaries of political passion and extremist violence dissolve. As a button, America's well-oiled coping and displacement machine in motion: President Barack Obama speaks of an "unspeakable tragedy," orders mourning flags and called on the nation, on Monday together in case of a moment of silence "in prayer or meditation".

Irn sentence to 11 years in jail for opposing counsel Nasrn Sotudeh

Iran has sentenced to 11 years in prison and 20 disabling at prestigious lawyer and human rights Nasrin Sotudeh. The ruling, which the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran has described as "grave miscarriage of justice" is the latest in a series with the authorities of the Islamic Republic intended to silence activists and opponents.

Since the controversial re-election of Mahmud Ahmanineyad in June 2009, the framework of civil liberties has narrowed significantly in the country. Sotudeh, 45, was arrested Sept. 4 on charges of "acting against national security" and to "cooperate with the Centre for Human Rights Defenders, the organization founded by Nobel Peace Laureate Shirin Ebadi.

South Sudn becomes a refugee area in the heart of secesin referendum

The referendum held in South Sudan to become the 53 th State of Africa and spread to Khartoum begins to cause problems. The number of returnees who are coming to the area threaten to create a humanitarian crisis. From Khartoum ships arriving every day about 600 people on board. These ships are in poor condition with a platform where all crowded, outdoor, living and cooking as they can.

The UN estimates that some 2,000 people arriving each day and since October has increased by 140,000, not counting those who continue to arrive daily. The area is becoming a place of refugees, people settled on the banks of the Nile because they have no where to go in Juba. They start to have problems with food and water.

The Pope: "No state monopoly on schools in the Middle East is guaranteed security of Christians"

The authorities of the countries of the Middle East, including Iraq, and the "Muslim religious leaders" have to "work to ensure that their fellow Christians can live in security." This is the appeal made at the hearing to the Diplomatic Corps accredited to the Holy See, Benedict XVI, who spoke about "the urgent need for governments in the region to adopt, despite the difficulties and threats, effective measures to protect religious minorities.

The Burmese Parliament is convened for the end of January

The Burmese Parliament, based on the controversial elections in November, will be convened for the first time January 31, another step in the junta's willingness to acquire the attributes of civilian rule while maintaining control of the country's institutions. According to an order from General Than Shwe, the junta's strongman in power, quoted by state television, the two Houses shall meet in the morning of 31 January in the capital, Naypyidaw.

Referendum in South Sudan: several dead in clashes in central Somalia

On the second day of a referendum on the independence of Southern Sudan must be spread over a week, the incidents are increasing. At least 23 people died in clashes with Arab nomads in the region of Abyei in central Sudan, relevant leaders in this region Monday. The central region of Abyei is inhabited by the Ngok Dinka, Dinka ethnic group related to South Sudan and the nomadic Arab Misseriya from the north, who fear losing their land in case of passage under the authority of the South.

Pakistan: Salman Taseer's killer says he acted alone

The alleged murderer of the governor of Punjab said he acted alone without the support of an Islamic organization, said, Monday, Jan. 10, police in Islamabad who has obtained his confession. "Mumtaz Qadri recorded confession in which he allegedly killed Salman Taseer alone, without the aid of any religious or extremist organization," said Haroon Joya, police chief of Islamabad where the district held the murder last Tuesday.

The iron heel of the Tsar Putin as Russia back in fear

MOSCOW - From the manual ever written at the time of Putin opponents: 1) Keep up the sign and remain silent, almost motionless. 2) Smiling and let the police search without protest. Even if you are a woman. 3) The other must be at least forty feet away. Even in their silence and without banners. 4) To give oneself to change every ten minutes, fifteen minutes maximum, with a companion.

But it quickly. Because if you keep the same sign in two protests, triggered the manifestation of crime and trouble. 5) Move away alone and without suspicious movements. So they already know who you are and where you go. They call it lonely picket line and go on stage every morning in front of number 13 of Tverskaya, the city hall, just below the equestrian statue of Yuri Dolgoruky, the mythical founder of Moscow.

In 2007 already, the drawer of Arizona followed Gabrielle Giffords

Iran, another blow to human rights lawyer of 11 years Ebadi

TEHRAN - The Iranian lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh, known for its commitment to human rights and because it represents the Nobel peace laureate Shirin Ebadi, was sentenced to 11 years in prison. He told the family of the lawyer, who has been forbidden to do business and to leave the country for twenty years.

The judges' said yesterday that my wife was sentenced to 11 years in prison, 20 of disqualification from the legal profession, and the prohibition to leave the country, "said the woman's husband, Reza Khandan. The lawyer, who was arrested last Sept. 20, has been recognized as "guilty of acts against the regime and to belong to the center of Human Rights Defenders, a group led by Nobel peace laureate Shirin Ebadi.

Algeria: "We are a disillusioned youth"

Foreign Ministers in Kunduz: Westerwelle travels to the advertising campaign into the combat zone

It was his first visit as foreign minister in Kunduz: Guido Westerwelle thanked the German soldiers in the camp in Afghanistan for their efforts - but his speech was also the policy at home. He campaigned in opposition to an extension of the parliamentary mandate. After political talks with the Afghan government in Kabul, Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle in the morning in the German camp has arrived in Kunduz.

Tunisia, the police fired into the crowd "killed fifty demonstrators"

TUNIS - They even fired on the funeral procession, did not hesitate to open fire on the crowd last Saturday in the central-Tunisian, not far from the border with Algeria, took to the streets because they are fed up. "Work and dignity," these are the watchwords of an unprecedented social protest in a country ruled with an iron fist by the eternal president, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

The epicenter of this latest tragic chapter in the "war bread" - the dead would be about fifty, more numerous casualties - two small towns of the interior, and Thala Kesserine, about 300 km south of Tunis. Too much blood to continue to keep it hidden. To repeat the usual old story for tourists, thanks in large part controlled by the information power, that all is well.

Tucson, America is in shock now MEPs fear

NEW YORK - "It is an attack on the institutions," said FBI chief Robert Mueller. But it is also "an attack on the American way of life": the American way of life. A constitution that ensures that "the possibility of peaceful assembly" to discuss public matters. As in the first amendment which was touched to read in Congress the other day, just to her, Gabrielle Giffords.

Doctors are doing everything possible to save a Member of the Tucson Jared Loughner - invited to that meeting ground, as other citizens, right by her - tried to kill. But meanwhile, the FBI is doing everything possible to "guarantee the security of all parliamentarians. Why Arizona might be the bomber also indicted for "terrorism." And from the border with Mexico "that" terror bounces across America: to the halls of power in Washington.

Assassination of Arizona, America lost debate

The country mourns blow left America's opinion leaders on the attack: After the assassination of the Democratic Representative Gabrielle Giffords give some Kommentatn Tea Party icon Sarah Palin is a shared responsibility. This could avenge bitter - and make Palin stronger. Washington - The assassination of the Democratic Representative Gabrielle Giffords is a tragedy.

But this tragedy could have for American policy and an opportunity to close ranks to find back to civilian use, and finally overcome the divisions that has shaped the presidency of George W. Bush America. But only hours after the assassination threatens to derail the debate again. Of all those who are excited last year at the loudest about the debate culture, the rhetoric of the Tea Party, the harsh words of the right to poison the baseless Obama-Hitler comparisons, then the debate itself with baseless allegations.

Jared, the son of gunslinger in Arizona climate of hate

NOW is the son of a nobody, an alien landed from another galaxy, the "gunman", the gunman on Saturday reported the blood in American political history. It is instead the son of this time and this place today from fiery fundamentalist fury of the new American right. The eager enthusiasm with which the champions of this fringe Republican ultras called "de Tea Party" reject any suspicion of being the fertile silt from which it can check the sole of terrorism is the most eloquent proof of their fear, suspicion of having exceeded the sow hate to pick up votes.

Shootout in Arizona: first indictments for the shooter

Gabrielle Giffords, Democrat elected to the Arizona seriously wounded in the head in Saturday's shootout, could "communicate" with his doctors on Sunday while the perpetrator of the shooting, Jared Lee Loughner, was charged with murder and attempted murder. According to the latest report, the shooting occurred during a political rally in the parking lot of a supermarket in Tucson, killed six people - including a 9 year old girl - and wounded 14, including elected in Arizona .