Monday, February 7, 2011

Resumption of exchanges of fire on the border between Thailand and Cambodia

Thailand and Cambodia have exchanged fire again on Monday 7 February. Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen said that fighting had resumed Monday morning for the fourth consecutive day while the Thais tried to retrieve wounded fighting with heavy weapons from the previous day. The strong man of Phnom Penh said that one of its soldiers was killed Sunday, bringing to six the number of deaths since the outbreak of war: a civilian sides, a Thai soldier and three Cambodians.

Brazil .- Dilma Rousseff weekly radio show premieres

BRASILIA, 7 Feb. The president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, resumed on Monday radio program that he created his political godfather and predecessor, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, in seeking to maintain direct contact with the population. The program will now be called 'Coffee with the President' and keep the same format that Lula maintained during his eight years in office (2003-2010).

Will air on Monday and will last only five minutes in which talk about an important matter of national interest or make announcements. "I want to make this program a meeting with the Brazilian people," he expressed in his inaugural program Rousseff. "I like to talk on the radio because it reaches more distant places," he added, was quoted by the Brazilian press.

Egypt after the protests, accusations

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry acknowledged Sunday evening, unnamed foreign diplomats for attempting to smuggle weapons into the country, facing a challenge unprecedented since the rise to power of President Hosni Mubarak ago nearly thirty years. "It was noted that some foreign embassies in Cairo tried to move arms and telecommunications equipment in diplomatic pouches, based on the principle of immunity" diplomacy, the ministry said in a statement.

The Arab world is facing enormous upheaval - and she desperately needs the help of the West:

If democracy is to remain in the region not only an interlude on the way to Islamism, we must help to an extent that puts everything in the shade. The upheavals in Tunisia and Egypt have reignited the debate about democracy in Muslim-majority countries again.

However, the discussion extends to one-dimensional. It usually begins with the example of Iran. There, the dreams were shattered by the beginning of a democracy in 1979. Ayatollah Khomeini returned to power and installed an Islamic dictatorship. The failure of democratic forces has impressed the leaders of the West long term.

Sarkozy Sheriff

French President Sarkozy wants to present himself at election time as a guarantor of law and order - again. His calculus: So far, the sheriff's approach still be considered accessible. But the old loop is not any more. Only a horrible murder, then public horror and, finally, the political exploitation of the emotions: Following this pattern, Nicolas Sarkozy has in the past acted again and again, when it came to present themselves to voters as a tough interior minister or leg vigorously cross-President.

Thailand Cambodia confrontation

Now the guns are silent, but the war of words continues unabated. Both sides make each other responsible for military use. Thailand's Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva adopt martial: "We Thais love peace, but we are also ready to fight.." And the State Department published a indignant statement: "Cambodian troops opened fire." Thailand had to defend himself.

Cambodian Foreign Minister Hor Namhong, also takes a different: About 300 soldiers were on Friday afternoon and again on Saturday morning invaded from neighboring Cambodia and were attacked on a broad front, he writes in a complaint to the UN Security Council. Another 20 kilometers beyond the border had taken Thai grenades.

In Cuba comes the optical fiber. But (for now) the freedom of the Web remains a mirage

A few more months and Cuba will eventually be the only nation isolated from the global telecommunications network. At least from a technical point of view, because the internet in the island of Fidel Castro is still subject to heavy censorship. Tomorrow, at Siboney, near Santiago de Cuba, the ship should land the French company Alcatel-Lucent, which two weeks ago in La Guaira, Venezuela, has begun laying fiber-optic submarine cable that will connect the island with the rest of the world: 1552 km of cables for a $ 70 million project funded by the Dawn, the program of political and economic cooperation for Latin America begun in 2004, Havana-Caracas axis.

Tunisia: Ben Ali's party will be dissolved

The Tunisian Ministry of Interior announced on Sunday evening, the "suspension" of the activities of the Democratic Constitutional Rally (RCD) party to power under President Ben Ali, in anticipation of its dissolution, in a statement read on television National. "In order to preserve the supreme national interest and to avoid any violation of the Act, the Minister of the Interior has decided to suspend all activities of the RCD, to prohibit all meetings or gatherings organized by its members and to close any premises belonging to the party or managed by him, "the statement said.

In the north-west of Tunisia, the police fired at a mob.

It apparently killed four demonstrators were injured over a dozen. The protests were directed against the police chief who allegedly hit a woman. Tunis - According to the Ministry of Interior were killed in the clashes in the north-west of Tunisia two people and injured 17 more.

A local journalist reported that two more people died on the way to hospital. Officially, this was not confirmed however. The official Tunisian news agency that around 1,000 people had attacked the police station in the town of Kef, after the police chief of a person acted against unduly.

It's rising in Russia the fear of renewed terrorism

Moscow - Just two weeks after the suicide attack on the Moscow airport is rising in Russia, the fear of renewed terrorism: The Chechen rebel leader Doku Umarov said on an Islamist website, Russia was expecting a year "of blood and tears." On the internet at the weekend were seen in a video Umarov and a young man at his side.

They stood before a black flag with a white sword and Arabic script. Umarov spoke of "a brother" who would be sent to Moscow to carry out a special operation. The attack on the Moscow airport he did not mention. The 46-year-old Umarov describes himself as "Emir of the Caucasus". He should be one of the most wanted men in Russia and will in the Russian Caucasus region form an independent Gottestaat to the Chechnya, Dagestan and may include other Muslim republics.

Hungra submitted to Brussels to reform the 'gag rule'

The clash between the European Commission and the Hungarian Government concerning the gag the press looks into ways of solution after the Hungarian side the EU executive announced on Thursday submitted an alternative text that responds to their objections. Budapest argues that the solution can not be imposed from Brussels, and insists that the future agreement should satisfy both sides.

The Commission ensures that only give its approval to the reform if they are fully compliant with EU law. Representatives of the Hungarian Government and the Commission have spent hours meeting in Brussels to find a solution to the crisis that has overshadowed the start of the Hungarian presidency of the Union.

SudSudan create the new state is a challenge to war and poverty

ROME - It is now official: it was born the 54th of Africa. It will be called SudSudan and was proclaimed by 98.83 per cent of the votes cast in the referendum a month ago. With a formal announcement that more substantial the president of Sudan, Omar el Bashir, has accepted the verdict and declared the birth of the new state.

But the problems, whether real, concrete, related to the management of power, are born right now. It will not be easy for a poor state, without infrastructure, forced to fight for half a century to repel the attacks of the army of the north, together with the separatist groups linked to Khartoum, start a recovery and rebalance wealth concentrated in few hands.

Cambodia appeals to UN against "aggression" Thai

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen called on Sunday for the UN to help "stop the agresssionpar Thailand" after clashes between the two armies at the border, according to a statement read on state television. Clashes had taken place the night of Friday to Saturday between Thai and Cambodian soldiers on the border between the two countries, leaving one dead and four wounded in the ranks of Thailand.

Tunisia: four dead in protest

More than 40 people were injured Sunday, including one man severely burned in the fire at police headquarters in the town of El Kef (NW Tunisia) show, Monday, February 7, hospital sources. "A badly burned man was transferred to hospital by Ben Arous [specializing in the care of burn victims] in Tunis," said one hospital source attached to the regional hospital of Kef.

"Almost all the injured were admitted for mild cases of asphyxia and respiratory difficulties. There are also some cases of fracture. They have all been discharged from the hospital Sunday night," the source said. Most were injured in the fire at the local headquarters of the police by marauding gangs.

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood agree to negotiate with the power

Groups of young people who are behind the rising anti-Mubarak have formed a coalition, ensuring Sunday they would not lift their occupation of Tahrir Square in Cairo as Egypt's president would not resign. In a statement, "Management Unified angry young revolutionaries" has promised not to leave, they hold with other protesters since Jan.

28, until their demands are met, the first of them being "the resignation of the president." The statement was read by Ziad al-Oulaimi at a press conference. It is one of six leaders of the coalition, formed on January 24, the eve of the first events, but announced Sunday. The coalition includes representatives of the Movement of April 6, Group for justice and freedom, "Campaign door to door", the "Grassroots Campaign to support ElBaradei," the Muslim Brotherhood and the Democratic Front .

In Cambodia and Thailand clashes continue

China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) called on Cambodia and Thailand return to the negotiating table to resolve their territorial dispute, while thousands of Thais have fled from the fighting that meet four days. The Chinese government urged Cambodia and Thailand to keep quiet to avoid an escalation of the conflict in a border area whose sovereignty is disputed both countries around the Preah Vihear temple, according to China's Xinhua news agency.

In Munich, the diplomats at the head of Egypt

"The World Magazine" These young people have raised the Egyptian street

Internet and in the street, youth was the spearhead of the uprising. The photographer Pauline Beugnies followed, for "The World Magazine", the activists who dared to challenge the regime. She said her images to cnn. fr.

Brazil .- A fire destroys part of the complex that prepares the carnival in Rio de Janeiro

RIO DE JANEIRO, 7 Feb. (Reuters) - A large fire destroyed part of the center in preparation for the carnival in Rio de Janeiro, destroying hundreds of costumes and floats less than a month after the beginning of this festival. Television footage showed thick columns of smoke rising over downtown Rio from a large section of the Samba City complex, where the main carnival groups spend months preparing for the annual parades.

Even a rais must know how to go

Hosni Mubarak is not AbidinBen Zine El-Ali. The Egyptian rai is a proud man. Its legitimacy is much higher than that of the former Tunisian president and it is hard to imagine Mr. Mubarak to flee to Saudi Arabia. The President has probably touched many of his countrymen by providing at the beginning of the week, he intended to die in Egypt.

It is likely that he still enjoys a certain popularity. Yet he must leave office. He must withdraw, and the sooner the better. The "Egyptian revolution" will enter its third week. Mubarak blocking any prospect of political change. Holding of the presidency led to the impasse, even more violence.

Extradition, the process via Assange "If the U.S. could be delivered to the Death Penalty"

LONDON - It was presented in London court this morning discussing the request for extradition from Sweden. Wearing a gray duffel coat, blue suit and tie: Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks appeared smiling as he entered the building at Belmarsh Magistrates' Court, south-east London, the highest court in Britain in terms of safety.

On the eve of the hearing, said in an interview with Assange Agoravox to be ready to appeal to the British justice in the extradition case of failure in Sweden, where, according to the Australian, "there is 40% chance for us to win. " The line of defense. The defense of the anticipated 39 year old who will denounce a lack of form in the request for extradition, or that the prosecutor had no right to demand the arrest because he has not charged with any crime.

What exit Hosni Mubarak?

Cairo Envoy - the twelfth day of the Egyptian revolution, the situation on the ground seems more secure than ever. Despite the combined pressure from insurgents in Tahrir Square and Western embassies, the scenario of the transition to the post-Mubarak was struggling to emerge on Saturday morning, February 5.

The clan of the president, confident that the silent majority supports the country, rallied around him. It plays perfectly on the reflexes of fear and indignation of a certain portion of the population, moved by the second speech of the old rais, in which he said his desire to die on Egyptian soil.

E 'dead John Paul Getty III Thirty years ago, the kidnapping in Italy

LONDON - John Paul Getty III, grandson of American oil magnate John Paul Getty, who half a century ago was considered the richest man in the world, has died at 54 years in the family estate in Buckinghamshire, UK. Getty III had long been ill, paralyzed and nearly blind due to a stroke provocatogli from an overdose at the age of 24.

A life marked by tragedy and drugs. From an early age: he was only 16 when she ascended the headlines after being the victim, in 1973, a sensational kidnapping in Rome, signed by the 'Ndrangheta. Caused a sensation on the method chosen by the bandits to urge the family to pay a ransom: the boy was cut off his right ear, which was sent to relatives.

Washington tolerates Hosni Mubarak

The American discourse concerning Egypt changed. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton admitted yesterday that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak may stay longer in the power of what the opposition wants to ensure elections in September. Mubarak vowed not to attend September's presidential election following protests about 200 thousand people calling for his resignation, but the protesters demanding that he left office immediately, while some sources say the United States is negotiating his departure.

Obama: "It 's time for change" in Cairo still principals in the square

CAIRO - Egyptian The square is not empty, the protests continued and a looming confrontation between government and opposition over political concessions necessary to stop the demonstrations. A delicate phase, in which the U.S. decided to give a precise indication, the transition must be rapid and the Muslim Brotherhood are not the only alternative to force in the country.

Barack Obama said in an interview tonight on Fox, which the U.S. president has suggested the need for change without any pressure on Mubarak. Opposition to the streets again. Opponents of the Egyptian president, Hosni Mubarak, have rejected as insufficient the concessions made in talks with Vice-President Omar Suleiman and continue to request that the Rais to take a step back.

French researchers ordered to be discreet

The Quai d'Orsay, requested the French from Egypt on site no longer speak to the media about this country. The information revealed by Mediapart, was confirmed by the department, Saturday, Feb. 5. The spokesman for the Quai d'Orsay, Bernard Valero, said that the recommendation concerned officials of the French researchers, who are subjected to "an obligation of confidentiality." He added that this rule applied to the official "especially when talking about what is happening in the country where he received a residence permit and work." "The second reason is that given the context in Egypt, for security reasons, there was a recommendation from the embassy to say do not do too much, do not show too publicly.

Clear Map Tunisia Ben Ali's party

Tunisian Interior Ministry has suspended all activities of the Democratic Constitutional Rally (RCD) party of ousted President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, which is the first step in the dissolution of the party. A statement which was broadcast on state television, said: "We have decided to suspend all activities of the RCD, ban any meeting or rally organized by members and close all premises belonging to this party or managed by him." Shortly after the minister of Interior, Fahrat Rajhi, said these measures were taken "pending file a formal complaint to the courts for the dissolution of the party and to clarify the events of this weekend." Violence in the African country has left seven people dead since Thursday.

Cable on Syria's serious economic problems

Al Jazeera is always on the White House hated the revenge of the television by Bush

NEW YORK - The following minute by minute the White House to understand what really happens in Egypt and the Arab world, regularly cites it as a trusted spokesman for the State Department. And yesterday Al Jazeera has bought a full page advertisement in The New York Times to celebrate this triumph in the background there is a large photo of Tahrir Square in Cairo invaded by the crowd, in inverted commas overlay the praises of the most famous anchorman and opinion of 'America: "Great journalism," says Rachel Maddow of MSNBC.

Cease-fire on the border between Thailand and Cambodia

Thailand and Cambodia agreed Saturday on a cease-fire after clashes that killed at least three deaths at the border. But the situation remains tense, and after fighting with heavy weapons for about two hours Friday, the exchange of gunfire took place again at dawn on Saturday for about thirty minutes, always near a disputed temple by the two countries.

Clashes also objected on the night of Friday 4th to Saturday, February 5 Thai and Cambodian soldiers on the border between the two countries, leaving one dead and four wounded in the ranks of Thailand. Bangkok and Phnom Penh dispute the sovereignty of a portion of a 4.6 km2 area around an eleventh century temple called Preah Vihear by Cambodians and Khao Phra Viharn by Thais.

Tunisian government party suspends activities Ben Ali

.- The Tunisian government has decided to suspend all activities of the Democratic Constitutional Rally (RCD) party of ousted President Ben Ali, which is the first step towards its dissolution. In a statement broadcast on public television, the Interior Ministry said it had decided to "suspend all activities of the RCD, to ban any meeting or rally organized by members and close all premises belonging to this party or managed by him." Shortly after the minister of Interior, Fahrat Rajhi, said on state television that these measures were taken "pending file a formal complaint to the courts for the dissolution" of the party and to clarify the events of this weekend " .

Tension rises renewed fighting in Tunisia, a victim

TUNIS - Back to up the voltage in Tunisia, and there is another victim: a man was killed in Kebili, a town about 400 km from the capital Tunis, during a rally resulted in clashes with the police. The man was hit by a tear gas canister while, along with other demonstrators, protesting against the appointment of the new governor of the region.

Little is served to suspend the activities and close the offices of the RCD, the party of deposed President Ben Ali, as decided by the government just to calm the situation. A Kef, in the north of the country, demonstrators stormed and torched the headquarters of the Prefecture. A revolt, today, following clashes yesterday consumatisi in the same city, during which four people died and another twenty were injured.

'Regional instability is urgent Israeli-Palestinian peace': Peres

.- The instability in the Middle East, emerging from popular uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, makes urgent the return of Palestinians and Israelis to the negotiating table to achieve a peace agreement, said Sunday the Israeli President Shimon Peres . "The dramatic events of recent days show the need to delete from the agenda the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as soon as possible and that is exploited to the detriment of both parties," Peres said while inaugurating an international conerencia Herzliya security , near Tel Aviv.

Thousands of Thais fleeing the Cambodian border clashes

Thai .- Thousands of civilians fled the border with Cambodia following the resumption of fighting between soldiers of both countries near the disputed temple of Preah Vihear, an official said Friday. The governor of the province of Si Sa Ket, Suwansujalit Somsak said that 15 thousand people have fled the area since Friday night began the fighting, which so far have resulted in five dead and thirty injured, some of them civilians.

Five people die in fresh protests in Tunisia

.- At least five people were killed and 50 others were injured after fresh protests last night at El Kef, in the northwest of the capital, according to EFE reported to police and union sources said. Four of these people died in El Kef and 50 injured in clash between police forces and demonstrators, told Reuters a member of the local police.

About a thousand people demonstrated yesterday in front of the central police station of El Kef demanding the dismissal of the chief of police "for abuse of power." Members of the police stationed at the police station "opened fire on demonstrators to repel the assault," the source said.

Border Dispute: Thailand and Cambodia agree on truce

Slight improvement between Thailand and Cambodia: After the heavy gun battles on Friday they have agreed on a ceasefire. The royalist yellow shirt accusing Thailand's prime minister, he had capitulated to Cambodia. Bangkok - After heavy gun battles between soldiers from the disputed border part between Thailand and Cambodia have at least five dead, both sides agreed to a ceasefire.

But the situation was still tense, a Cambodian general said on Saturday. Both sides gave each other the blame for the outbreak of fighting near Preah Vihear temple, which both countries claim. When the gun battles on Friday new figures show that at least four people were killed. According to the military, died in the two-hour fighting the Cambodian side, two soldiers and a civilian.

The deaths of four Roma children in Rome reveals the passivity of the Mayor

The tragic death of four Romanian children between four and eleven years old, died in Rome on Sunday evening by the fire which engulfed the hut where they lived in the Via Appia Nuova, near the airport of Ciampino, revealed that the city of Rome has spent two years making propaganda of an imposing and suggestive Nomad Plan but has never actually implemented.

The mayor, Gianni Alemanno, last night visited the scene of the tragedy and blamed the incident on "the damn bureaucracy", which he said has prevented the council to end the "cursed squatter camps" and implement the plan publicized relocation of the Roma, a promise that as the opposition and human rights associations have been buried in oblivion.

Agreement "Committee for reform" The Muslim Brotherhood: "not enough"

CAIRO - As the crowd in Tahrir Square celebrated its "martyrs" for the thirteenth consecutive day demanding the departure of Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian Vice-President Omar Suleiman began the dialogue with social forces and opposition members. The meeting was also attended by the Muslim Brotherhood, the main anti-government group, banned from politics for decades but at the same time tolerated.

Premier's speech

The words spoken by David Cameron last Saturday at the security conference in Monaco are arousing fierce controversy in Britain. Echoing what he said few months ago, Angela Merkel, and ideally by referring to the speech given in 2005 by Tony Blair in the aftermath of the attacks on the London Underground, Cameron said that "multiculturalism has failed", citing the end of what we call an attitude of "feel-good" against all the manifestations of Islamic extremism, as it would have planted roots in the Western democracies.

Egypt: Suleiman prepare a transitional government

The voltage does not fall in Egypt, following the events of "day of departure," which opponents hoped they would lead to the withdrawal of Hosni Mubarak. The 12th day of protest in the country, strangers would have blew up a gas terminal located Zouwayed Sheikh in Sinai, just 10 kilometers from the Gaza Strip, Israel and supplying, according to the Jewish state.

The pipeline is not damaged, but the supply was suspended as a precaution, according to Israel Radio. According to the SITE, which monitors internet activities of Al Qaeda and other Islamist groups, jihadists had invited "to make the Sinai Muslim unrest in Egypt to attack the pipeline between El Arish and the Israeli town of Ashkelon, saying it would have serious consequences for Israel.

Clinton calls for free elections in Egypt

Access to oil, political influence, loyal allies: The United States stands with the upheavals in the Middle East a lot at stake. Secretary Clinton appeared at the Munich Security Conference, deeply concerned, as demonstrated in front of the doors of several thousand people. Munich - At the protests against the 47th Munich security conference have gone on Saturday, several thousand anti-war to the streets.

Serbia: Tens of thousands of demonstrators call for new elections

 Tens of thousands of supporters of the Serbian nationalists demonstrated on Saturday in Belgrade against the pro-Western government. The participants of the protest action called "thieves" and "change" and called an early election. Around 10,000 policemen were deployed to prevent rioting. "For ten years, Serbia is under a corrupt and incompetent government," said the chairman of the Serbian Progressive Party, Tomislav Nikolic, in his speech.

Egypt: Gas pipeline explodes in Sinai

Only a bang, now blazing flames in the sky to the north of the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula is a pipeline exploded. The cable supplied Israel and Jordan with gas. The Egyptian state television reported an attack. Cairo - In the north of the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula is a gas pipeline exploded. A huge fire blazed in the vicinity of the Gaza Strip and Egyptian media and witnesses said.

The state television said there had been an attack by terrorists. "Saboteurs have the unstable security situation taken advantage of," it said. Details were not disclosed. No one was injured. The situation is under control. The explosion occurred at a gas compressor station near the provincial capital of el-Arish, only several hundred meters away from an airport, witnesses said.

Crisis in Egypt: Obama Calls for immediate start of change

President Obama has called Hosni Mubarak, who refuse to cease the will of the Egyptian population. The political transition must take place immediately. The U.S. came here only a supervisory role. Washington - "The whole world looks to Egypt," said U.S. President Barack Obama in his highly anticipated speech on the situation in the country.

He called for an immediate start of political change: "The transition process in the Egyptian government is now beginning," said Obama in Washington. Egyptian ruler Hosni Mubarak should no longer deny the will of the people. He had previously spoken twice with Mubarak, "Obama said. He had urged him to "listen to what puts forward the Egyptian people, and to reach a verdict." The Egyptian president had to ask in particular how he would make the political transition "effective, durable and legitimate." In his talks he had against Mubarak also made clear that "will not work for a return to the old conditions." There can be no oppression, no use of force and no blockage of more information.

U.S. reaction to crisis in Egypt

No attitude, no clear words: The U.S. government has slept through the crisis in Egypt. Far too late they have understood the seriousness of the situation and now is struggling behind the scenes to resolve the conflict. Obama denied it is his foreign policy discredited the long run. That's all just. For hours was the White House on Thursday without e-mail traffic.

The server was in the early morning on the mind. "Verizon is going to solve the problem," communications director Dan Pfeiffer announced - via Twitter, his next-best substitute. Even U.S. President Barack Obama, traveling in Pennsylvania, just staring at a blank Blackberry. "We use this old device called the telephone and call people," one employee told the site "Politico" almost surprised.