Sunday, July 24, 2011

"I have enough material for 20 explosions" The last 82 days before the massacre

"November 2010, shooting training, necessary to obtain the license for the Glock." "December, started the cycle of steroids, never been in better shape now, I've gone from 86 to 93 pounds and I have increased my strength. Serve. " January 2011: "Purchased $ 550 of ammunition by a small American distributor, which in turn is supplied by another dealer." These are some of the chilling pages of Anders Breivik Behring that reconstruct each month, even day by day and then all the stages of preparation of the massacre on Friday.

The Republicans and demcratas negociacin still stuck to one week the deadline for bankruptcy

Trying to save something at the last minute of U.S. credibility as a major economic power, Congress moved yesterday to seek some form of agreement to avoid bankruptcy. Different options were advancing throughout the day, but none of them still has bipartisan support to solve this problem with long-term guarantees.

The chairman of the House of Representatives, John Boehner, Republican called the group throughout the evening to present what is considered a final proposal on their part. If this is not accepted by the Democrats, Boehner has warned that no further negotiations. What happens then? Nobody knows.

Israel lives two angry demonstrations this weekend

Jerusalem would be less and hundreds of people have marched on Sunday to the Israeli parliament after Saturday's mass demonstration in Tel Aviv. They have demanded the prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, decent housing for all "We want social justice," has been one of the slogans chanted by hundreds of demonstrators have marched Sunday through the streets of Jerusalem.

Concentration has started around 7.30 in a square near the Jerusalem municipality with Gan Havradim to the park, right next to the Knesset. So there you have wanted to move outraged to convey a message to Netanyahu. "Here we are, your government has to give us a solution now," said Arelina, a professor at a community center, while the deafening sound of whistles and bongos only communication allowed less than five feet, the dreaded troops Yamam (units National Police Special) by observing a few meters from the demonstrators.

You can hear explosions in Tripoli while NATO attacks Gadhafi complex

- Explosions rocked the center of Tripoli for the second straight night, while Britain said on Sunday that weeks of NATO bombing led to great damage to the fortified residence of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi. The Libyan leader clings to power despite four months of NATO air attacks and a long conflict with rebels who demand an end to his term of 41 years, who have captured vast expanses of the North African country.

Attacks in Norway: A whole country is crying for his children

Was executed in cold blood and a jubilant young offenders - after the double attack with more than 90 deaths have stunned the Norwegians. Within hours, her country has changed. The brunt of the grief in Sundvollen - the place off the island, where the offender struck. A hotel made of brown wood is the focus of an entire people.

Less than two kilometers away is the island Ut√łya, which happened on Friday, the worst disaster in Norway since the Second World War. 85 people were shot, executed effectively, presumably by a radical right-minded assassin, the 32-year-old Anders Behring as hundreds of relatives gathered at this hotel off the island, parents huddle in the chairs outside, young people are silently weeping in the arms.

The lie of the young Murdoch

The Anglo-Saxons do not like lies. Crime in general is serious, very serious for all politicians in the lead. But the lying is perhaps even more. It is the fear of being put the lie to shake the dreams of the protagonists of the scandal interceptions. By Rebekah Brooks, a former director of the group News International, Rupert Murdoch, to the Prime Minister, all apologize, more or less deeply, the damage to spy on victims, but they proclaim in unison: I knew nothing until a few days ago.

Norway in shock, more than 90 dead Confess "Christian fundamentalist"

 The number of victims of two attacks which yesterday plunged into a nightmare, the quiet and open Norway, in Oslo - where a car bomb has killed 7 people - and the island of Utoya where a killer disguised as a police officer has rallied hundreds of students participating in a summer camp for young people Labour, killing at least 85, maybe more.

The assailant arrested by the police, Anders Breivik Behring, has confessed, is a man of 32 years, Norwegian, who in his Facebook profile and online describes himself as a Christian fundamentalist, conservative, tied to the far right, anti-Islamic orientation . And 'responsible for both actions, according to police.

U.S. debt, the ultimatum of Obama "I want a solution by Monday"

NEW YORK - 58 minutes of a tense summit and then all at home, "homework". Final deadline: "By Monday morning I want to have on my desk solution, you have to show me how America will avoid default." And 'well done, for now, the long-awaited summit at the White House on the debt. Started at 11 precise, Washington time, finished two minutes before noon.

A meeting convened by Barack Obama with the four most important exponents of the two parties: the Republicans John Boehner Speaker of the House and the Senate leader Mitch McConnell, the Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and members of a number of Senators Harry Reid . "Like four schoolboys summoned by the dean," said the reporter allowed to peek in the pool a few seconds before the start of the summit.

Train accident in China

At least 32 people were killed and 100 injured, Saturday, July 23, in a train accident in China caused by a succession of dramatic events. A high speed train was left to rest after a power failure following the lightning had hit the track. The train was then violently hit by a second convoy that followed him and derailed.

Two of his car then fell of the viaduct on which the TGV was immobilized. The accident occurred around 20 h 30 local time (12 h 30 GMT) in the city of Wenzhou in the eastern province of Zhejiang. The accident, which occurred less than a month after the grand opening of the high-speed train linking Beijing to Shanghai (1300 km), ask again, according to the media, the question of reliability TGV network in China.

Violent clashes leave 140 injured in Cairo

Protesters board .- Egyptian military and alleged "baltaguiya" (thugs) today held violent clashes near the headquarters of the Armed Forces in Cairo, which killed more than 140 wounded, officials said. A pro-reform activists march started from Tahrir Square, the epicenter of the protests, to the headquarters of the military junta, where he met with barricades erected by the army, and attack with stones and petrol bombs civilians.