Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Syrian army carried out mass arrests

.- The military on Tuesday tightened control of outbreaks of protest against President Bashar Al Asad and made mass arrests in Syria, while six opposition figures were released. "The army controls all the districts of Banias (northwest) and arrests remain in this city and neighboring towns and Marqab Bayda, "said Rami Abdel Rahman, president of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (OSDH), based in London.

"This is the first government of Colombia that could end with the FARC"

The end of armed conflict that has plagued Colombia for more than half a century is closer than ever. The government of President Juan Manuel Santos is the first that can be raised "in a realistic way" to achieve this goal, according to Defense Minister says the South American country, Rodrigo Rivera (Pereira, 1963).

The gains in security in Colombia, he says, have managed to lower rates of violence and reduce the production of cocaine in his country, the world's largest producer. The Colombian government estimates suggest that cease to be in 2012. The Colombian politician, an attorney, visited Madrid before heading to Paris where he asked members of the G-8 "greater responsibility" in the fight against drug trafficking.

Tunisia and the exit strategy towards the first democratic elections

The Interim Government Tunisian break out of a dangerous impasse. Tuesday was in fact announced the creation of an ad hoc committee tasked with organizing the country's first democratic elections, scheduled for next July 24. The vote should get out of the constituent assembly charged with drafting the new institutional architecture to ferry the North African country out of the shadow of nearly thirty years of the regime of Zine el Abidine Ben Ali.

Pakistan: A bomb exploded outside a court

Two policemen, including a woman, were killed and five injured, Tuesday, May 10, the explosion of a bomb outside a court in north-western Pakistan. The bomb exploded outside the front gate of a district court in Nowshera, near the tribal stronghold of Taliban and Al Qaeda. "The blast killed two policemen, including a woman and wounded five others including two policemen," said the chief of district police.

Venezuela suffers new outage

Venezuela on Monday suffering from new problems with its electric grid, forcing power rationing in 19 of the 24 states, including the capital, probably until Wednesday. According to the Ministry of Electric Power, the cuts will be a minimum of three hours, while solving the shortcomings of the national electricity system in the west.

An electrical system failure on Monday left four states without power, and five partially affected, all close to the border with Colombia. Rationing has sparked unrest in Venezuela last year, around this time, suffered extensive power outages caused by the worst drought the country experienced in 45 years.

A trip to Tunis to save democracy

Not that bombers Djema el Fna succeed in their efforts to undermine the arrival of tourists in Morocco. So far in these first months of 2011 Morocco was the very nation that has best withstood the drop in tourists in the Arab and North African countries in general. And after the attack there was no escape for tourists, a sign that maybe it will be interpreted for what it is: a very serious incident but is not able to repeat frequently.

Tepco seeks financial aid from Tokyo

The operator of the plant in Fukushima, Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), has formally requested Tuesday, May 10, using the Japanese government to deal with various financial burdens resulting from the nuclear accident of March 11. "Currently, we are taking steps to ensure an adequate supply of electricity and avoid cuts planned," assured the CEO of TEPCO, Masataka Shimizu, in a letter to Minister of Economy, Banri Kaieda.

The three murderers ghost hovering over Long Island

Long Island's Nightmare multiplies. The tranquil beaches of this residential area a few miles from New York not only has become a macabre graveyard of dead prostitutes but it could be at least three murderers involved in the mystery surrounding his death and the other six victims have been found in the area and whose remains are being identified slowly.

"Despite how unpleasant it is thought, there is no evidence that the remains appeared to be the work of one murderer. Clearly Gilg Beach Beach has been using for a long time to get rid of bodies," he said Monday darkly Thomas Spota, Suffolk County prosecutor, told a news conference. The police have come to this conclusion after identifying the remains of Jessica Taylor, a prostitute in their twenties who disappeared in 2003.

Who are the most sought after Bin Laden?

On the FBI website, the name of Osama bin Laden was not (yet) erased from the list of "super-refined," the most wanted. But, next to the name of the founder and leader of the al Qaida terrorist network, there is the diction deceased, deceased, as if to say "this we removed him to come back." The killing of Osama, the sheikh of terror, change the map of the fugitives of America (and the world).

Côte d'Ivoire: 120 civilians killed by mercenaries fleeing pro-Gbagbo

Some 120 civilians were killed on May 5 and 6 in attacks along the Ivorian coast by militiamen loyal to ousted President Laurent Gbagbo and Liberian mercenaries fleeing Abidjan, as the Ivorian Ministry of Defence. "The last fighters in the pay of the former president, Laurent Gbagbo, were mercenaries from Liberia and Ivory Coast militia.

It was they who took hostage the vast Yopougon (Abidjan). Routed the 3 and May 4, 2011, they headed to their home areas, "said Monday, May 9 the ministry said in a statement. Yopougon, a huge district in the west of Abidjan became the last stronghold of the pro-Gbagbo after his arrest April 11, was the last area of the economic capital to go under the control of Republican Forces of Cote d ' Ivory (FRCI) the president Alassane Ouattara.

Hugo Chavez suspended their tour of Brazil, Ecuador and Cuba due to an injury in the knee

The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, has been forced to suspend the tour that was scheduled to begin today in Brazil and it would take then to Ecuador and Cuba, because of swelling in the knee that requires him to rest. The president, in a telephone statement to state television, said that doctors have ordered complete rest for several days.

"It hurts a lot because it slows down a little body but the soul will never be slowed," said Chavez to explain the reason to postpone it would be his first official visit to Brazil since he assumed the Presidency Dilma Rousseff. Chávez explained that since yesterday he had a knee injury due to an old product "younger years" that had intensified in recent months due to the hard work dynamics December and January.

Japan, TEPCO asks for help to the Prime Minister governoIl waiver to the salary

The TEPCO, the operator of Japan's Fukushima nuclear power plant, damaged by the earthquake and tsunami of 11 March, officially requested the help of the Japanese government to deal with the financial burden arising from the accident. For its part, the Japanese Prime Minister, Naoto Kan, has announced that it will give up his salary until the nuclear crisis will not be finished even if it continues to receive the compensation they deserve as a Member.

Idriss Deby reelected president of Chad with more than 88% of votes

The outgoing president of Chad, Idriss Deby, was elected in the first round of presidential elections on 25 April with 88.66% of the vote, according to preliminary results announced Monday, May 9 by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). The latter has proved to 64.22% participation in the elections, boycotted by the main opposition.

According to the statement of the INEC, the Minister Albert Pahimi Padacke, remained in contention, won 6.03% of the vote and opposing the bailiff Nadji Madou, 5.32%. Came to power in a coup in 1990, President Deby was almost certain to win because of withdrawal of nominations of the three main opponents.

Iran seeks nuclear talks with EU fair

The chief Iranian negotiator on nuclear issues said on Tuesday a letter sent in February by the foreign policy chief of the European Union, saying that talks on its nuclear program should be no pressure, state television reported. United States and its allies suspect Iran's program of uranium enrichment is a covert plan to develop atomic bombs.

Tehran says it needs nuclear technology to meet its domestic demand for electricity. In a letter in response to another posted by Catherine Ashton three months ago, the Iranian negotiator Saeed Jalili "stressed that the (upcoming) talks should be fair and without pressure," state television channel al Alam.

Cycling, an alternative to the high price of gasoline in the U.S.

The price of gasoline also has a psychological barrier. For the average consumer in the United States that line is four dollars a gallon, or about $ 1.05 a gallon. It is more expensive than what you pay in a supermarket in the suburbs for their milk. And when the price on foot hose is close to that ceiling, it looks more the portfolio and look for ways to save.

With energy so expensive, it is not surprising that many will seek other alternatives to travel such as bicycles and motorcycles. Drowned when the hose went portfolios in the summer of 2008. But this time, moreover, the trend is driven because there are more bike-friendly communities and invested millions of dollars in building green lanes.

Latin America .- Spanish animated television close agreements with Brazil, Argentina and Ecuador

MADRID, 10 May. Imira Entertainment, a Spanish company leader in audiovisual production and distribution specializing in child and youth content, has signed several agreements of its catalog in Latin America, with sales in Brazil, Argentina and Ecuador. In Brazil, preschool series produced by Imira, Vitaminix (104X2 *) and Saari (39X3 *) have been sold to-air channel Canal Futura.

Also, TV Cultura, also free TV, has acquired the fiction series' Wicked Science '(52x26'), produced by Jonathan M. Shiff Productions, FFC, Film Victoria, Network Ten and ZDF Enterprises. 'Wicked Science' has been sold to Channel 7 in Argentina, along with the animated series "Corneil & Bernie '(52x13 *) of Millimages.

Bin Laden and the plots of antiamerikanisti

Piazzale Loreto, 29 April 1945: I was not born yet, but I know what happened and I know that I participated in the celebrations - the barbarians, instinctive, and justified the people - for the murder of Mussolini and the exposure of his body to the crowd. I celebrated the exposure of the body not for personal hatred towards the man Benito Mussolini, as of hatred against the political leader and inventor of a dictatorship and bloody.

The EU formally adopts sanctions against the Syrian

President Bashar Al-Assad escape immediate sanctions because of differences within the Union, but his entourage and the main actors of the crackdown on the list of sanctioned individuals. In mind, the president's younger brother, described as "the principal architect of the crackdown against the demonstrators." It precedes the list on the right background and the new interior minister.

The highest officials of the repressive Syrian are also high, as leaders of political security, military intelligence and military intelligence of the Air Force. For nearly two months of almost daily demonstrations are staged against the regime of President Bashar Al-Assad, giving rise to bloody repression.

Japan closes nuclear plant for fear of another quake

.- The third largest energy operator in Japan said Monday it agreed to close a nuclear plant until you are better prepared for a major earthquake and tsunami that class in March triggered the worst nuclear crisis in 25 years. Chubu Electric Power agreed to close its Hamaoka plant in central Japan, raising concerns about energy supplies to the region, home to Toyota Motor Corp.

and other big manufacturers. The decision to close the Hamaoka plant, located about 200 miles southwest of Tokyo and is considered one of the complexes at greater risk in the event of a devastating earthquake, came after an unusually intense pressure from Prime Minister Naoto Kan. Facing public concern about an industry that supplies about 30 percent of the country's electricity, another nuclear power operator - Japan Atomic Power - said they had controlled a small radiation leak at its plant in Tsuruga, on the west coast, the first since it began operations in 1987.

Thousands of Libyan immigrants drown to save his life

Fleeing the conflict in Libya has become almost as dangerous as staying in the country, as hundreds of desperate immigrants drowned in the last few weeks trying to cross the Mediterranean aboard rickety boats. Aid agencies say that witnesses reported that a ship with between 500 and 600 people on board sank last week near the Libyan capital, Tripoli.

Many bodies were seen floating in the water, but it was unclear how many were drowned. Before the accident some 800 people had been missing since March 25 while trying to escape from Libya, according to the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Most came from sub-Saharan Africa. "The tragic truth is that probably never know how many people drowned in this latest tragedy," said Jean-Philippe Chauzy, spokesman for the International Organization for Migration (IOM) on Tuesday.

Rescued 56 immigrants who worked as slaves in Buenos Aires

BUENOS AIRES, 10 May. The Argentine authorities have rescued 56 immigrants, including three children, who were working in slavery in several textile mills located in the province of Buenos Aires (east). Nine people have been arrested for these acts. Immigrants - 44 Paraguayans and 12 Bolivians - made jeans in seven homes with small dimensions, situated in the district of Buenos Aires district Paraguayans Tres de Febrero.

The Turkish authorities say the situation at the mine controlled est

The situation in the silver mine Kütahya (Turkey) is under control, said the provincial governor, Kenan Çiftçi. The company workers are working to strengthen the levees, after one of the inmates (the complex consists of three) was broken on Sunday, creating a risk of which discharged 15 million cubic meters of cyanide the raft.

The report, which has picked up the newspaper Today's Zaman, have reassured the people of the area, which has now repeated the protests. The accident brought to mind the environmental catastrophe suffered last year in southwest Hungary, where a million cubic meters of red clay, a highly corrosive substance, were released when they break a raft in an aluminum factory, killing several people, wounding dozens, hundreds of displaced and unprecedented environmental damage.

Chavez canceled his trip to Brazil, Ecuador and Cuba

CARACAS, 10 May. The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, has canceled his tour of Brazil, Ecuador and Cuba, whose launch was scheduled for Tuesday due to a knee injury that forced him to stay on bedrest for several days. "This morning I went jogging (horseback riding), before he left the plane (...).

I banged my knee and there is a leakage of fluid, inflammation and pain. Here I am with the doctors and me have absolute rest for several days, "said Chavez, told Venezolana de Television (VTV). The president has also explained the seriousness of the injury. "I noon was with a band, but there is a liquid spill and it is unclear how far an intervention may be necessary," he noted.

Libya, Tripoli raid Born on: "We do not know where it is and if you live Gaddafi"

Overnight Tripoli has been subjected to particularly intense bombing by NATO planes, which for three consecutive hours have attacked several targets in different parts of the capital of Libya. In the city, from 2 am, there followed at least eight violent explosions and, according to eyewitnesses, "the direction from which came one of them indicates that you have targeted the complex of Muammar Gaddafi," is to say the residence of Colonel-bunker in Bab al-Aziziya.

Quebec invests in the Far North

The Quebec Premier Jean Charest, announced Monday, May 9 a colossal investment of 80 billion Canadian dollars (58 billion euros) in 25 years for infrastructure development of the Far North province. This program of development of Northern Québec covers an area of 1.2 million square kilometers which accounts for 72% of the territory of the province, which inhabits only 1.6% of Quebec's population, including indigenous communities.

Al Qaeda in Iraq put his men at the disposal of Bin Laden's deputy

.- The Islamic State of Iraq made available thus far "number 2" of Al Qaeda, Ayman al Zawahiri, to all men, which can be understood as support for this terrorist to become successor to Osama bin Laden . The Islamic State of Iraq, a conglomeration of terrorist groups led by Al Qaeda, made the announcement in a statement of its leader, Abu Baker al-Husseini al Baghdadi, posted on a website regularly used by Islamists, whose authenticity could not be ascertained.

The EU adopted the first package of sanctions against Syria

The European Union yesterday approved a first set of sanctions against Syria, including the arms embargo and materials used for repression as well as asset freezes and visa bans for 13 officials of the regime in Damascus. The list is not included, however, the Syrian president, Efe reported. The UN also expressed concern yesterday about the situation in Syria.

The UN undersecretary general for humanitarian affairs, Valerie Amos, said he hoped that an international body's humanitarian mission this week to gain access to the city of Dera, after the Government could stop him Sunday. For the president, Bashar Assad, the riots that shook the country are a matter of days.

The Hamaoka nuclear power plant in Japan will close

Japanese power company Chubu Electric Power announced Monday, May 9, halting its Hamaoka nuclear power plant, located in the center of the archipelago, 200 km southwest of Tokyo. Experts estimate there are 87% chance that an earthquake of magnitude 8 struck the region Hamaoka over the next thirty years.

"We decided to suspend operations of reactors 4 and 5 and to push the restart of Unit 3 of Hamaoka nuclear power plant," said President of the operator, Akihisa Mizuno. Unit 3 of the plant to five reactors is currently stopped for checks, and units 1 and 2 have already been closed. The private operator, which produces and distributes power in the center of the archipelago, followed a request from the Prime Minister, Naoto Kan, who had called him Friday to stop the plant.

Afghanistan: Taliban threaten a Canadian hostage

The Taliban have threatened to try to spy a young Canadian to hold hostage in Afghanistan and they have exhibited in a video received by the media Sunday evening. The date of abduction by Colin Rutherford, 26, in Ghazni province, a stronghold of Islamist insurgents in Central, is unclear, but the Canadian government had confirmed his death in February, saying he was visiting Afghanistan's tourists.

Obama wants to be "the final blow" to al-Qaida

In an interview with CBS television, U.S. President, Barack Obama, said that the information contained in computers seized from home of bin Laden were in operation. "That does not mean that we will defeat terrorism," Bush said, before adding: "But that means we have a chance, I think, to bring the final blow to this organization." The U.S.

president said he would be "some time" to exploit the information obtained during the operation. This information "can lead us to other terrorists that we are looking for long time," he said. "We now have the opportunity, we have not yet done, but we really have the opportunity to defeat al-Qaida in at least the border region between Pakistan and Afghanistan," he predicted.

Lidia Gueiler dies, unique head of state of Bolivia

The former president Lidia Gueiler Bolivia (1979-80), the only woman who assumed the post in this Andean country, died today in La Paz at 89 years of age, "in peace and after several weeks of physical force diminished ", local media reported his grandson Eduardo Siles. Gueiler began his political career in 1946, to join the then-underground Movimiento Nacionalista Revolucionario (MNR), Victor Paz Estenssoro, who ruled the country on three occasions.

A Cuban dissident dies under the blows of the police

According to information provided to by the dissident Guillermo Farinas, Juan Wilfredo Soto died Sunday in Santa Clara in central Cuba, three days after being arrested and beaten by police. Aged 46, he succumbed to his injuries in a hospital where he was taken Thursday by police who arrested him. Another dissident, Elizardo Sanchez called for "an independent investigation of the Government to clarify" the death of Soto, in his related "to the beatings he received" from the police.

Venezuela Colombia to extradite alleged drug trafficker Makled Walid

The alleged drug dealer Walid Makled Venezuela is in the hands of the Government of Hugo Chávez. Makled was arrested in August 2010 in the Colombian city of Cucuta and his extradition has been sought equally by the United States and Venezuela. At 42 years, was the third man wanted by the DEA Drug Enforcement Agency, accusing him of sending more than ten tons of cocaine a month to U.S.

territory. It has also been reported in Venezuela in order at least three murders and engaging in drug trafficking and money laundering. But her arrest sparked a storm after a complaint to civil and military officials of the Venezuelan government of being involved in illegal business in a few years made him one of the most successful entrepreneurs who has known the revolution.

Afghanistan after the attacks on Kandahar, the Taliban ready for a spring of terror

The spring offensive in Afghanistan announced a few days ago by Mullah Omar has started. The connection with the raid that led to the killing of Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan may be just a coincidence, but the feeling that the guerrillas have refused to send a message to Western governments and the government of Hamid Karzai is very strong.

The attack that paralyzed in a big way on Saturday and Sunday the city of Kandahar, the main center of the south, was followed on Monday morning by a new assault, this time in the province of Ghazni, in the district of Deh Yak. At least six Afghan policemen were killed and four seriously wounded when a column of vehicles was blocked by an explosion on the road and the concomitant small arms fire.