Sunday, January 2, 2011

U.S. health policy: Republicans want to overturn Obama's reform

The health reform of U.S. President Barack Obama has been passed - but the Republicans continue feeling against the law created. Even in January, the party wants to bring reform to the case. This she needed but Democratic supporters. Washington - Republicans in the House want to bring the Gesundheitsrefom U.S.

President Barack Obama to case. The legislation has already passed. Republican Fred Upton, the new chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, said his party plan in the House in January, a vote to repeal the reform. This should happen before Obama's speech on the state of the nation in late January.

Earthquake measuring 7.1

WASHINGTON - An earthquake measuring 7.1 on the Richter scale hit the central region of Chile at 17.20 local time (21:20 Italian). The news is the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). The epicenter was located 590 km south-west from Santiago, Chile, at a depth of only 16 km. The Observatory of Hawaii does not report the tsunami risk.

On February 27 Chile was ravaged by an earthquake of magnitude 8.8 which killed over 500 dead and destroyed entire villages, leaving more than two million homeless people.

Russia wants to nail her to the ground Tupolev-154B

A Tupolev-154B company Kolovia burning on the runway of the airport of Surgut, Russia. / TVL'Agence Russian Federal transportation, Rostransnadzor a "proposed" Sunday, January 2 to ban flying aircraft Tupolev-154B, until the causes of the spectacular crash Saturday in an aircraft of this type have been established.

This organization also stressed that this action will be lifted after the adoption of "measures to reduce the level of risk during the operation of the park planes Tu-154B. According Rostransnadzor Fifteen of these aircraft are operated in Russia, but no information on the number of planes in service around the world, particularly in the former USSR, were available.

Stadium as a stop target: Israel is terrorist planner in court

They planned to intelligence information a missile attack on the largest football stadium in Jerusalem: The Israeli prosecutor has charged two suspected terrorists. They should be militants of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. Jerusalem - The Israeli prosecutor has filed charges against four Palestinians and one Israeli.

It is about an alleged planned attack on the Teddy Kollek stadium in Jerusalem that the Israeli domestic intelligence service has failed to prevent within reason. The two main suspects, a Palestinian and an Israeli Arab, had been indicted on Sunday, told the secret service Shin Beth. The prosecutors accuse them of membership and support of a terrorist organization, weapons possession and conspiracy to commit a crime "before.

Yellow keeping the Queen mysterious illness is killing dogs

LONDON - Six dogs died and another thirty dying. A mysterious disease is wiping out the quadrupeds at Sandringham, the royal estate in Norfolk where Queen Elizabeth spends New Year holiday surrounded by her loyal corgi. Lethal spores, weed killer, a bacterial infection or even poison? The Daily Mail has learned that the Queen has asked to the animal Health Trust to investigate possible causes of the epidemic that began in late summer to mow the little animals.

Bolivia will again raise fuel prices

Strikes and demonstrations were held in Bolivia Thursday, December 30, against rising fuel prices. / DAVID MERCADOLe Bolivian government will again raise fuel prices, after suspending the rise facing a violent social unrest, announced Sunday, January 2nd Vice-President Alvaro Garcia. Mr. Garcia, who did not say when the increase would intervene, argued that Bolivia subsidized imports and fuel consumption (up to $ 360 million per year according to official estimates) and that Part of this fuel was sold smuggled into neighboring countries.

The end of the middl

That's where we dell'amicone door policy, taking the arm of the party believe that a pat on the back and a joke are the way to successful foreign policy. Behind the Lula no extradition of the terrorist murderer Cesare Battisti is the story of a country and there are human stories of the now former Brazilian president and his successor Dilma Roussef: the result is a wrong decision and unacceptable, but in any way unexpected or surprising.

Côte d'Ivoire: the pro-Gbagbo always threatening to take the hotel Ouattara

A helmet protects the blue Gulf Hotel, Abidjan, which serves as headquarters to Alassane Ouattara and his government. Pending a possible attack to "bare hands" supporters of Laurent Gbagbo on the headquarters of his rival Alassane Ouattara. Charles Ble Goude, leader of "Young Patriots", asked the fervent supporters of Laurent Gbagbo to stand ready to assault unarmed and "bare hands" after January 1, Hotel du Golf, which serves HQ Alassane Ouattara.

Year to date: M than 10,000 dead in Afghanistan

Cruel balance for Afghanistan: The war, according to an independent organization last year more than 10,000 people dead, among the fatalities in 2000 were civilians. In many places, the security situation had deteriorated - even at the Bundeswehr site Kunduz. Kabul - by attacks and fighting in Afghanistan have been killed in the past year, more than 10,000 people.

Among the victims of violence, around 2,000 civilians, as the news agency icasualties on the basis of official figures and information provided by the independent website. org on Sunday charged. The Afghan Interior Ministry on the number of civilians killed, police and insurgents 8560th The Defence Ministry in Kabul registered 810 Afghan soldiers dead.

Tehran says it downed two drones Western

A senior commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guards said he killed two drones "Western spies" in the Gulf, Sunday, Jan. 2. He did not say when these events allegedly took place. "Westerners have capabilities that can not be ignored, particularly satellites, or for example they spy planes that can take pictures," he told the Fars News Agency, Ali Amir Hajizadeh, commander of the Air Force of the Guardians of the Revolution.

Dilma Rousseff get 40 minutes to Prince Felipe and promises to support the Spanish as a second language in Brazil

True to its property of timeliness, this morning the brand new president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, came to the meeting he had with Prince Philip at 9.30, a quarter of an hour before finding the door of the palace cars of the two leaders . The encounter with the Prince was the first private meeting with a foreign leader.

Should have been the second, after Hugo Chavez, Venezuela's president, who left yesterday without waiting for an appointment and without explanation. The conversation between Prince Dilma and lasted 40 minutes in which the interpreter had little work because both are understood in almost everything.

Cock stroke in Mississippi

Question: what is freedom in Mississippi? Answer: This is a kidney. Or, if you want more appropriately monetize the exchange, that is U.S. $ 200,000, multiplied by the number of years of life that dialysis can give to those who - as in the case of Jamie Scott, who was sentenced to two life sentences for complicity in robbery in 1993 - of functioning kidneys no longer has any of them.

Just this fact, a kidney, is the price that Gladys Scott - Jamie's sister and, as you pay for the same offense, not one, but two lives in prison - has in fact paid to leave, along with her sister, from prison in which is closed for 16 years. The story - already reported, even by some Italian media, space and tones usually reserved for "colored news" - is actually very simple.

Sakineh case: "The stoning may be deleted"

The sentence of stoning for Sakineh Mohammadi-Ashtiani could be undone. He said Malek Ajdar Sharifi, head of the Iranian judiciary in Azerbaijan, which has as its capital Tabriz, where he is imprisoned Sakineh. "Everything is possible," said Sharifi, because there are still "some doubts" about the "evidence" in the case of the woman, who was sentenced to death by stoning for adultery in 2006 and for the murder of her husband.

Gulf, Iran's announcement "pulled down two spy planes"

TEHRAN - Iran announced that it had killed two "spy planes" over the skies of the Gulf. A leader of the Revolutionary Guards official Fars agency said that "Many of our spy planes were shot down by our enemies. We have also killed two in the Gulf. But it is the first time that we announce." The military chief has not explained where the activities were conducted and what nationality they were airplanes.

New hope for Sakineh "Condemnation may be broken"

TEHRAN - The sentence of stoning for Sakineh Ashtiani-Mohammadi, the Iranian woman whose death sentence has mobilized the international community, could be undone. He said a "high source" of the Iranian Ministry of Justice Iranian Fars agency, quoted by Agence France Presse. "Everything is possible," said the head of the judiciary in the province of Eastern Azerbaijan, Malek Ajdar Sharifi, when a reporter asked him if the sentence can be annulled.

The pope condemns massacre in Egypt "vile gesture, an offense against humanity"

ROME - The attack against the Coptic Christian community in Egypt was "a cowardly act of death" that "offends God and humanity." The strong condemnation from Pope Benedict XVI is back at the end of the Angelus on Sunday, on the massacre carried out in the New Year's Eve in Alexandria, Egypt. "Yesterday morning - said the pontiff - have learned with sorrow the news of the serious attack against the Coptic Christian community made in Alexandria, Egypt.

Armed mitIran: 100 celebrities call for release of German Reporter

Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg agrees with Franz Beckenbauer, Josef Ackermann and Günther Jauch: 100 celebrities urging Iran's leadership to free two detained German journalists. The reporters wanted to talk about a woman who was sentenced to death for adultery. Berlin - The Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg and Guido Westerwelle are also business leaders such as Deutsche Telekom CEO René Obermann and railway chief Ruediger Grube.

Christians in the heart of Islam in the crosshairs of the fundamentalists

Even Christians targeted in the Middle East, this time in Egypt. After Baghdad, Alexandria. An attack announced that reveals how the Christian presence in the universe of the Crescent is increasingly at risk. The Benedict XVI stressed again and reported that Napolitano spoke of persecution: a bloody persecution that threatens one of the most basic human rights, freedom of worship.

A drama of which should bear the entire international community. Especially the Muslim countries should do so that they have inside religious minorities. Pena a terrible religious homogenization, which will arise, inevitably, new conflicts and tensions. The Iraqi branch of Al Qaeda, had already threatened the Copts, who are accused of preventing the conversion to Islam for two women in their communities.

The Ivorian president refuses to leave office

The current president of Ivory Coast, Laurent Gbagbo, yesterday rejected the ultimatum to relinquish power that gave the opposition leader and winner of the last election, Alassane Ouattara, whom the international community recognizes as new Ivorian president. A senior UN official also warned Gbagbo and his officials can be accused of human rights violations.

Meanwhile, the population is growing fear that violence will trigger a new civil war. Prime Minister designated by Ouattara and leader of the New Forces, Guillaume Soro, Gbagbo threatened that if he does not leave office, the country's new leaders will be forced "to consider further measures." Gbagbo has refused to acknowledge that he lost the presidential election to Ouattara on 28 November.

2011 for peace

Do not you remember just anybody and nobody remembers him, but on January 1 would be the World Day of Peace, a tragic mockery seems to want to keep in mind while other twenty-one people died in Alexandria, hit by a car by armed workers for the global war, as opposed to the Crusades, to divide the world in strictly confined areas, a sort of fanaticism Yalta that aims to destroy any contamination and dialogue and shot dead as still living of the principles ispirarorono the French Revolution: liberty, fraternity, equality.

The year of Barack Obama

"Mele Kalikimaka." Merry Christmas in Hawaiian. Barack Obama has given hope just got out of the lineup of the plane that brought him to Hawaii, where the president spent with family and old friends a few times in Chicago, the year-end holidays. It 'been a troubled 2010 for him to come to the White House in the wake of one of the most striking phenomena of collective fascination with the past few decades, and soon scontratosi with the reality of government, the opposition Republican, the tangle of power and interests of a complex society.