Thursday, August 4, 2011

Obama bitter birthday: recession and crisis of consensus

 "The U.S. economy has weakened, we must redouble our efforts to revitalize." It is with this warning that Barack Obama faces a bitter anniversary: 50 years old today between the distrust of markets, the disaffection of his left base, the nightmare of a relapse into recession. For several hours, and seeks refuge in his distraction Chicago, where "the young president with too much white hair" now spends the holiday.

He will try to console themselves remembering the previous two illustrious history in the gallery of the Young Presidents Progressives, passed quickly through the same cycle - high expectations, big disappointment - that John Kennedy and Bill Clinton. Small consolation. The Kennedy myth was too short to wear in comparison with reality, and still the American Dream was in full bloom in the sixties.

Clinton did not have wars or recessions tragic inherited from his predecessor, enjoyed the spirit of the New Economy and the most glorious phase (for the U.S. capitalist) globalization. Obama focuses its mandate in a crisis of American leadership in the world, a financial emergency, and a difficulty of ideas running through all the Western left.

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