Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Strauss-Kahn to archiving, the waitress sues NY Post

The case with Dominique Strauss-Kahn will end in a bubble, ready to dissolve in the coming days. To hear the experts judicial record, in New York, all charges against the former director of the International Monetary Fund may be withdrawn at the hearing scheduled for July 18, if not before. The woman who accused him of sexual violence, by contrast, is painted now as a prostitute who would take advantage of the fame and money of his client to earn as much as possible.

Somali terrorist arrested: Warsame case embarrasses Obama

Barack Obama looks like George W. Bush? The ultimate victory over terrorism is likely to twist paradoxically against the president really disappointed this time in a bipartisan Democrats and Republicans. The U.S. government has captured a boss of Al Qaeda.

New hacker attack against Obama on the official website

Obama and hackers, part two. The site for re-election of the president was stormed by a group of pirates who managed to get the application for mobile phones and directing the supporters of Barack to two mirror sites. "Politicians lie," read on web pages that the president certainly would never have authorized.

"Politicians will say what they want to hear." The blitz seems more Dada than criminal operation. But it shows the incredible permeability of the system. And above all, comes just days away from fake tweets from other hackers had done on behalf of the user's Fox announced as breaking news of the tragic death of President.

China: an oil spill polluting the Gulf of Bohai

For a month, oil leaking from an oil platform in the Gulf of Bohai in the north of China. The National Bureau of Maritime Affairs said Tuesday, July 5 that the leak has contaminated an area of 840 square kilometers sea. The escape platform Penglai 19-3 "has caused a degree of pollution and damage to the marine environment undeniable," said a statement posted on the website of the office.

"The Chinese Maritime supervisors began an investigation," said the Chinese government, which is particularly interested in American operator of the platform, the company ConocoPhillips. Nuisance for fishing is considerable, according to China Daily, which reported that marine plants and dead rotting fish were seen around the island of Nanhuangcheng, 75 km from the platform.

Rebel offensive in the west, about 50 km from Tripoli

Libyan rebels launched an offensive in the west of the country, Gualicho, about fifty kilometers south of Tripoli. A journalist from Agence France Presse reported heavy exchanges of artillery fire between the insurgents and the forces of Muammar Gaddafi and NATO planes flying over the area, but no bomb.

"This morning we finally got the green light for the Atlantic Alliance and the attack began," said a member of the Revolutionary Committee of Zenteno. Last Sunday, the opposition announced that in the next 48 hours would have launched an offensive to regain large-scale areas south of Tripoli, in particular the strategic town of Bir al-Ghanam from which they could bombard the capital.