Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Libya: State TV shows Gaddafi son

In the early hours of Wednesday is in the pictures shown by the Libyan state television to see a man in officer's uniform, as Khamis, the son of the ruler, Muammar al-Gaddafi looks and visited injured soldiers in hospital.

Khamis al-Gaddafi, the commander of an elite unit of the permanent staff of his father. The rebels in Libya had recently announced his death repeatedly, most recently in the past week. Are unclear and the information about a NATO bombing in Slitan, 160 kilometers east of Tripoli. There, according to the Gaddafi regime 85 civilians were killed.

The Western alliance on Tuesday but had expressly declared, was the attack on an army base converted to farm there will be no civilian casualties. The press in Tripoli authorities brought foreign journalists to the scene of the bombing. Were lying in the rubble of items such as beds and school books also indicate a civilian use of the property, a BBC reporter reported on Wednesday, took part in the guided tour.

In the morgue of the journalists were shown Slitan 30 deaths, most of them men of military age. However, two children and two women were among them have been. An injured 15-year-old in hospital Slitan told the reporter that her mother and four other relatives were killed in the airstrike.

They were all civilians. The EU expands from under the sanctions against the Qaddafi regime. Two other business units would be included in the blacklist, but the names announced only on Thursday, a spokesman said on Wednesday in Brussels.

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