Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I will not vote the government motion on Libya

I share many of the arguments of Paul Flores D'Arcais on the Libyan affair, but I do not think - and indeed the director of Micromega not the question - that I can vote for any motion with the one who has kissed the ring first and Gaddafi The hours wore camouflage fatigues and appending awkwardly late in the grounds of the French and the British, not to mention the questions that are going through the White House, the German Chancellor, the Governments of India, Chinese, Russian.

NATO security transfers in three provinces to Afghan army

Afghan forces will secure themselves from this year, security in three provinces and four cities in place of NATO, announced Tuesday, March 22 President Hamid Karzai, launching a process to be completed in late 2014. The Afghanistan "take full responsibility for security" provinces "in Kabul, with the exception of Surobi district, Panjshir, Bamiyan" and the provincial capital Herat (West), Lashkar Gah (South), Mazar- e-Sharif (north) and Mihtarlam (East), said the head of state of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai.

Tanks deployed in the capital of General pass with the opposition

SANA'A - More and more high tension in Yemen: Sana'a the capital will see a lot of circular tanks, deployed mostly around the presidential palace, after the announcement of the defection of several senior officers, passed with the opposition. The governor of Aden, the second most important city in the country, has sided with the demonstrators.

UN papers comes an appeal by the Secretary-General for an immediate halt to the violence and start the dialogue. The President, however, does not yield, "the majority of the people with me," said Ali Abdallah Saleh, "resist." LOOK AT THE PICTURES Military and diplomatic step with the rebels.

The IAEA confirms radioactivity in food

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) confirmed the presence of radioactive iodine in the Fukushima area, the region where the plant is severely damaged by the devastating tsunami that followed the earthquake of 11 March. The UN body said the contamination was confirmed by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, and, "according to the latest data, it is contaminated products found in the measurement tasks performed between 16 and March 18.

Bombard Tripoli for a second day, no new ceasefire Gadhafi

The antiaircraft guns shot rang on Sunday in the Libyan capital, while the bullets describing luminous arcs in the sky, which began the second night of attacks on allies in the North African country. Meanwhile, the Libyan regime of Col. Moammar Gadhafi announced a ceasefire from Sunday at 1900 GMT in response to the appeal launched on Saturday by the African Union "the immediate cessation of hostilities," said an army spokesman.

Living in London but to participate Italy

Why, if you live in London, read on sites like Ilfattoquotidiano. it, to inform you of what's happening in Italy and participated in protests against Berlusconi? You do it because you think you have relatives or to return to Italy and interest in, or simply because you feel Italian, or even because the current situation of our country in you emotions such as anger, shame and would like to help change anything? This is one of the questions that I pose in my doctoral research on the political participation of Italian citizens resident in London.

Upsurge of violence on the border between Gaza and Israel

Another day of violence, the largest for several months, took place at the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip, controlled by Hamas, Tuesday, March 22. The balance sheet, according to Palestinian medical sources, is at least eight deaths on the Palestinian side, including three children. "At least four martyrs were killed in shootings of young people playing football in the neighborhood Chajaïya" in eastern Gaza City, said Abu Adham Selmiya, head of emergency services in the band Gaza.

The diplomat is discovered Belpaese

War has come. A stone's throw from us. Because Libya is right there, just beyond our shores. We knew for some time that North Africa is in turmoil. Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria as well. And then Libya. But until yesterday we had imagined - would imagine - that it was "without them." Movements, revolutions, riots, even exploding inside them.

We are concerned first and foremost for the effects on migration flows. The first - the only - concern expressed by the government through its leading members in the beginning. For most Italians, however, it was - has always treated me - with events far away, affecting distant worlds. In time and culture.

Hamas launches 50 artillery shells at Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that his country would take "all necessary measures" to protect its citizens, after Hamas launched about 50 shells into Israeli territory from the Gaza Strip. "The prime minister considered seriously ( ...) Hamas attacks against people of Israel. " Israel will take "all necessary measures to protect its citizens." Ezedin Al Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas in power in the Gaza Strip in fact broke the truce observed since two years ago with Israel yesterday by firing about 50 shells into Israeli territory, causing two injuries, after death, this week, two Islamist fighters in the group.

Sarkozy meets with members of his Government to consider operating in Libya

.- French President Nicolas Sarkozy, meeting this afternoon to members of his government to discuss the progress of military operations against the regime of Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi said the Elysee. A French presidential spokesman told Efe that the meeting aims to "examine the status of operations." Sarkozy has called on Prime Minister François Fillon, the foreign minister, Alain Juppe and Defense, Gérard Longuet, and the Chief of Army, Edouard Guillaud.

War in Libya, to the insurgents Zintan expect international forces

A Zintan light artillery is there. The guerrillas are supplied with weapons, but require immediate intervention of international forces "otherwise their battle will be lost." Julien (real name) is a European professional come to work in the Libyan city. He had contacts with the insurgents and knows the concerns of local people.

Zintan, a city south of Tripoli near the border with Tunisia, is going through hours of tension and waiting, hoping that the attacks against Gaddafi does not concentrate only in the north, but also fall in the south. For it is from the southern part of Libya that the reinforcements are coming dictator, probably mercenaries to deal with the armed opposition.

A Fukushima, electricity partially restored in the Reactor 3

Work resumed at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in an attempt to restore the reactor cooling systems damaged by the earthquake of 11 March. The six reactors at the plant now have an external power line, after laying a cable to the distributor of units 3 and 4, said the Nuclear Security Agency (NSA).

The electricity was partially restored in the control room of reactor 3, the lights have been switched, according to public broadcaster NHK. However, the cooling of reactors using water cannon has not yet resumed. The cloud emitted by the central Fukushima must arrive in the French sky Wednesday, but the risk of radioactive fallout are a priori "negligible" and have "no impact" on health, according to ASN and the Research Commission and Independent Information on Radioactivity (CRIIRAD).

The cry of the general radio rebel soldiers, Gaddafi abandoned "

Benghazi - Sometimes I feel like crying. Her voice breaks into sobs. Yet General Abdul Fatah Yunis is a tough guy. He was a faithful Gaddafi, was her interior minister, but even before the February 17 has sided with the rebels in hiding. And now is the commander of the Libyan army ragged free and tries to retrieve his old comrade in arms.

Gen. Mohammed al-Ayat, in fact, has remained with the dictator. The petition, launched the endless appeals over the radio of the insurgents. Reminds him of the friends, the time spent together, the close relations between their families. Complains. Almost sobbing in the grip of an emotion, perhaps authentic.

Protesters march for a fifth day in southern Syria

Hundreds of people marched in the south of Libya for a fifth day, protesting against the government of President Bashar al-Assad and chanting "Freedom, freedom. Peace, peace." The demonstrators gathered near the old Omari mosque in Dera and the nearby town of Nawa Hauran on the strategic plateau, near the border with Jordan, imitating a wave of uprisings that have overthrown Arab leaders in Tunis and Egypt.

In Japan increased to seven thousand 700 dead

.- The death toll from the earthquake and subsequent tsunami on 11 in Japan increased to 7 000 700 and 11 000 missing to 651, according to latest police figures. Nine days after the earthquake of 9 degrees on the northeast coast of Japan, which caused the worst natural disaster after World War II, the hopes of finding survivors are slim.

Assistance efforts focus on seeking shelter to survivors who have lost their homes, including about 360 000 evacuees, most of which remain in 2 000 200 shelters licensed by the authorities. Among them are the 200 000 evacuees around the nuclear plant in Fukushima, where technicians and military struggle to lower the temperature of the reactor to prevent further radiation leaks.

Russia calls for bombing halt 'indiscriminate' in Libya

Russia on Sunday urged the military to attack targets in Libya to stop the''indiscriminate''use of force, according to Moscow, has left civilian deaths. The attacks by the aviation have exceeded the provisions of a Security Council resolution the United Nations, which approved impose a flight ban area and authorized all necessary measures to protect civilians, said Foreign Ministry spokesman Russian Alexander Lukashevich, in a statement.

Sound again the batteries in Trpoli antiareas

The anti-aircraft batteries have started to listen again, after a strong explosion in Tripoli in the fourth night of allied bombing targets of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, who remains defiant in not honoring the cease-fire that calls for the international community. First we heard a loud explosion, followed by anti-aircraft battery, which so far has not caused serious damage to coalition forces.

Equation pacifist

For those fans of the peace, who does the war has never doubt that the conflict is always no ifs and buts, and those who defend the non-violence is likely to be absent or maceration. So the first post-conflict intercontinental 11 / 9 (ie not directly resulted from 11 September 2001 and the choices made by the Americans) do not seem to clot when a clear and unanimous response from those who opposed (and in any case always?) use of arms.

Libya: fighting intensifies, the coalition splits

Violence has increased in Libya, Monday, March 21, while the forces of Muammar Gaddafi said they took Misrata, the third largest city, where attacks by loyalist forces killed at least 40 dead and 300 wounded, according to medical staff on site. Three days after the start of air strikes to stop the "bloodbath", the countries involved in the coalition were hesitant about how to extend military operations.

Fukushima, alarm for 2:03 reactors suspended distribution milk and vegetables

TOKYO - The situation of nuclear power plant in Fukushima, affected by the earthquake and tsunami of 11 March, remains unstable. The engineers reconnected cables for electricity in reactors 1, 5 and 6 and believe that they can restart cooling systems as soon as possible. But it remains alert to the reactor 2, which is still not out of steam generated from the fuel tank and the 3 where, due to an increase of pressure and release of a gray smoke origin is still unclear, the staff was evacuated.

Exposed to high radiation levels in six employees Fukushima

Takeo Iwamoto, representative of the company that manages the Japanese nuclear plant Fukushima 1, Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) said on Saturday that six workers were exposed to high radiation levels, although still working to solve the problem created by the earthquake. "No adverse health effects and it remains uncertain whether they were assigned to other tasks," Iwamoto said, adding that they were exposed to more than 100 mSv.

Yemen's president dismisses government

President Ali Abdullah Saleh, Ali dismissed the government and instructed Muyawar the administrative affairs until the formation of a new government, according to the Yemeni government agency, SANA. Saleh, under pressure from the opposition that he left office, issued the decree after several ministers have resigned from their posts in protest against the repression of popular revolts against the regime, which broke out several weeks ago in the country.

Allied bombing attacks do not stop Gaddafi

Allied military intervention in Libya, which now enters its fourth day of bombing has not stopped for the moment the offensive Muammar Gaddafi on the cities which remain under rebel control. Forces loyal to the dictator have taken up early in Tuesday's attack on Misrata, third largest city east of Tripoli.

Tanks and heavy artillery have been deployed around the enclave and begun to fire on rebel targets also causing civilian casualties. Yesterday, British planes stopped bombing in the area forced the presence of civilians as human shields. Gadhafi's offense is leading Misrata just what it seeks to avoid the international coalition, civilian casualties.

EEUU/Chile.- Obama holds a second meeting with Piñera before leaving El Salvador

SANTIAGO, 22 Mar. (Reuters) - U.S. President, Barack Obama, held a second meeting on Tuesday with President of Chile, Salvador Piñera, before heading to El Salvador, the last stop of his tour of America America. The meeting, which is outside the original agenda, lasted 15 minutes. Obama, who opted for a new era in relations with Latin America, has made a nod to American society, the key to creating jobs in America.

The irreducible logic of war

The relationship between life and the right dedication Stefano Rodota interesting reflections in his life and the rules, Feltrinelli, 2009. If there is one area of life where the law has great difficulty in penetrating it, as demonstrated by the tragic events of recent days, just to the war. As we have always striven Democratic Lawyers, ever since the first Gulf War, to highlight the fundamental difference between a use of force internationally, lawful because authorized by the United Nations, and the war, prohibited as such by international law .

Hamas ready to observe a truce with conditions

The Ezzedine Al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas to power in Gaza, said they were ready Monday, March 21, in a statement, meet again for a truce on condition that Israel "cease its aggression" against Palestinian Territory . This statement came in a climate of growing tension between Hamas and Israel.

Saturday, Ezzedine Al-Qassam fired fifty shells into Israeli territory after the death of two of its militants the previous day. These shots, unprecedented since the Israeli offensive Cast Lead, December 2008-January 2009 against the Gaza Strip, lightly wounding two Israelis and caused minor damage.

The yellow of the tug is returning to Tripoli

Italy apprehensive about the Italian tugboat was kidnapped last night in Tripoli. The boat "Ace 22" of the company Neapolitan Augusta Offshore sailing from 13.30 to north-northwest with unknown destination, perhaps an oil rig. On board there are 11 crew members, of whom eight Italians. In the evening the Ace 22 has reversed course, after being intercepted by a military helicopter of the coalition.

Japan's nuclear crisis begins to stabilize

One of six nuclear reactors impacted by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan seemed to stabilize on Saturday, as officials struggled to restore electricity to the affected plant to cool it to prevent further catastrophe. Engineers reported some progress after five fire trucks threw water for about three hours a reactor number 3, widely regarded as the most dangerous in the devastated Fukushima Daiichi plant, due to its use of plutonium, a highly toxic element.

EU provides for no-fly zone imposed on Libya

The head of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen said Sunday that it has imposed no-fly zone in Libya after the start yesterday of the allied operation Odyssey sunrise "against the North African country. Mullen said in a statement to CNN that air and sea attacks U.S., France and Britain have managed to impose "de facto" no-fly zone that includes the resolution 1973 adopted on Thursday by the Security Council UN.

The Syrian authorities arrested Hussein Loay writer, defender of the protests against rge

The wave of riots that live the Arab world also shakes Syria, where hundreds of people demonstrated today in two southern towns to demand freedom. It is the fifth consecutive day that the country recorded protests against the regime of Bashar al Assad, in power since 2000. The demonstrations that have taken place in the cities of Deraa and Nawa, have been accompanied, one day more, the Syrian regime's repression.

EEUU/Chile.- Obama holds a second meeting with Piñera before leaving El Salvador

SANTIAGO, 22 Mar. (Reuters) - U.S. President, Barack Obama, held a second meeting on Tuesday with President of Chile, Salvador Piñera, before heading to El Salvador, the last stop of his tour of America America. The meeting, which is outside the original agenda, lasted 15 minutes. Obama, who opted for a new era in relations with Latin America, has made a nod to American society, the key to creating jobs in America.

Libya, where the cats were deteriorating

Often, more recently, and alas, it is suspected that behind us is a war for oil. But wars are not made to "take the oil," tout court: you can almost always get comfortable signing an agreement with a handshake. Who has the oil but needs to sell it. Certainly, the increased demand and diminishing resources have led to a seller's market, rather than the buyer, but the goal remains the same for both.

Libya: the European press, Sarkozy arises "warlord"

"Warlord" most French newspapers, but also foreign securities, stoop Monday, March 21 on the new role endorsed by Nicolas Sarkozy in launching military action in Libya. Style wants to be different. A "short statement" before the cameras of the world, Saturday afternoon, "serious face, voice neutral, upright posture," the Journal du Dimanche, without responding to questions from the press.

"I'm not doing this for fun," he confided, however, the weekly. To be worthy of the challenge, he "consulted extensively with Jacques Chirac, who said no to war in Iraq," révèleLe Parisien. "The president played the solemn" and, armed with this new posture, "has not met the Cantonal, Sunday evening," souligneLe World (Article Subscribers edition).

Tripoli declares a cease-fire destroyed buildings of the residence of Saddam

TRIPOLI - A twenty-four hours and 110 missiles from the beginning of the operation Odyssey Dawn, on Wednesday launched a massive attack on Libya by the international coalition led by the United States, France and the United Kingdom, the international coalition military operations do not stop. Even when armed forces of Gaddafi announced that they have decided on a ceasefire immediately.

And if the UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon calls for Tripoli "can deliver the goods", the United States do not believe it, "Gaddafi will not being respected. The operation goes on," says Tom Donilon, Adviser White House national security. So much so that in the evening comes the news that a building of the residential complex of Saddam was completely destroyed.

State of emergency in Yemen

Yemeni security forces opened fire from rooftops and homes to tens of thousands of demonstrators (pictured) and killed at least 42 people as they entered a place in the center of the capital to demand the departure of its autocratic president. Many victims, including children, were shot in the head and neck and their bodies were left lying on the floor or were taken by other protesters who tried desperately to avoid covering their wounds bleed scarves.

Arab League believed unnecessary bombing of Libya

The secretary general of the Arab League, Amr Moussa, said today that "the protection of civilians does not need a military operation in Libya. "What happened in Libya is different from the purpose of imposing a no-fly zone, we want to protect civilians and not to bomb more civilians," Musa said in a joint press conference with European Parliament President, Jerzy Buzek, the Arab League headquarters in Cairo.

The technicians connect the six reactors at Fukushima to an external energy source

Operators who are struggling to stabilize the Fukushima nuclear power cables have been extended up to six reactors at the plant in a new way to restore power in all units and re-cooling system. The workers resumed their work after that, as happened during the day yesterday with the reactors 3 and 4, were forced to suspend the smoke coming from the reactors 2 and 3, according to Kyodo.

Thanks to this new attempt to regain control was achieved in the wake of the nuclear facilities lighting, as announced some national media. Operators have been another step toward reviving the cooling systems of the plant to stop radiation and a constant source of light will help workers to arrange the instruments damaged by the earthquake and tsunami.

Libya .- Brazil calls for "effective ceasefire" to protect civilians

BRASILIA, 22 Mar. The president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, has asked the parties to the conflict Libyan an "effective ceasefire" to avoid damage to civilians. This was expressed through a statement released Tuesday by the Foreign Ministry. The president has advocated an end to the attacks and the opening of a dialogue as the only way to ensure the safety of the public and avoiding an escalation of clashes between supporters and opponents of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

The revolt of the "pacifists" Berlusconi

That old fox Victor Felts has scented the air. Available today on the shot ("No to war crazy. But do not take in around") is not only a nod to the League's discontent. There is a large chunk of the electorate that Berlusconi sees Italian participation in the Libyan mission to the smoke and mirrors. To act as a megaphone to protest the Blue Area, the official forum of the sympathizers of the PDL.

Japanese food contaminated withdrawn from the market

The discovery of contaminated spinach, 120 kilometers of damaged central Fukushima, was unexpected. Radiation levels they contain is 27 times higher than the permitted standard, reports the Kyodo news agency. Japanese authorities urged people not to panic, declaring that the consumption of these foods was not dangerous to health.

WHO is monitoring the situation "carefully" but said that the Japanese Ministry of Health has been open about contaminated food. "It should be noted that short-term exposure to levels of radiation recorded on the contaminated spinach does not pose a health risk in the short term," Monday, March 21 provided the voice of the organization, Peter Cordingley.

Saxony-Anhalt, comes back to the CDU and Merkel Voters punish Liberals

BERLIN - The non-involvement in the West against Gaddafi and the conversion to no to nuclear power after the tragedy of Japanese do not save Angela Merkel and Guido Westerwelle from a clear election defeat. Consultations in the eastern state of Saxony-Anhalt, one of the poorest of the 16 states (Bundeslaender) of the Federal Republic of Germany, the chancellor and his deputy, the Liberal leader and Foreign Minister, raking in a heavy failure.

Extend the protests in southern Syria

The protests spread to the south of Syria, with hundreds of people demonstrating against the government in the city of Jassem, said activists, but the authorities used force to quell the recent demonstrations. Security forces killed four civilians in the protests that emerged last week in the city of Deraa, in the most serious challenge to the government of President Bashar al-Assad since the official 45-year replaced his father 11 years ago.

Slow response to the nuclear crisis, admits Japan

A week after the earthquake and tsunami that caused a nuclear crisis, the Japanese government admitted slowness in responding to the disaster, and welcomed the growing support of the United States hoping to avoid a complete fusion power plant in Fukushima Dai-ichi. While the death toll from the earthquake and subsequent tsunami on 11 in Japan increased to seven thousand 197 people, the whole world was on alert, watching for any evidence of increased radioactivity dangerous spread of the installation of six reactors, or that damage to the Japanese economy could cause a domino effect across the globe.

Thousands of Moroccans take to the streets, despite the announcement of reforms

.- Thousands of Moroccans took to the streets in dozens of cities to demand a new constitution and democratic change, despite the recent announcement of King Mohammed VI of constitutional reforms. The protests, called by the youth of the Movement February 20, were most up in Casablanca, Morocco's economic capital, with more than 15 000 people, according to Efe found, although organizers raised that figure to 60 000.

The judges convicted the former president of Israel to seven years for Violation prisin

Former Israeli President Moshe Katsav has been sentenced to seven years in prison after a court found him guilty of raping a woman and sexually abusing two others. The convicted person must also pay 125,000 shekels (about 25,000 euros) to victims. His imprisonment is scheduled for May 8. "They are wrong.

They are all lies," Katsav and shouted tearfully hugged his son after hearing the sentence, as recorded by the online edition of Haaretz daily newspaper. The three judges of the Tel Aviv court charged with judging the former president considered in its ruling that the testimony that Katsav has made during the trial are "full of lies." Katsav, 65, has denied all the charges, which date back to the nineties, when he was tourism minister of the conservative Likud and when justice has proven cinsierado violated on two occasions to an office worker.