Monday, February 21, 2011

Videos live views and stored away

Quietly emerged two years ago, social networks in which texts are replaced by sounds and images are installed on the Internet thanks to the spread of smartphones with cameras and mics. One of the most popular is the Swedish network Bambuser. com, that advertises free live video from an iPhone or an Android phone.

The quality varies, but in all cases, the magic of live full play to the fullest. The issuer of the sequence is pinpointed on a Google map, which appears on the screen of the viewer next to the video. Once released, the clip is stored on servers Bambuser, and can be viewed offline. As a social network in text mode, each member has a personal page Bambuser, his fans, his followers and followed.

David Cameron arrives in Cairo

British Prime Minister, David Cameron, arrived in Cairo and became the first international personality who has traveled to Egypt after the resignation of Hosni Mubarak, on 11 February. The official MENA news agency reported that Cameron was greeted at the Cairo airport by Minister of Trade and Industry, Samiha Fawzi, who, according to local press, will leave the portfolio in the government reshuffle to be announced in the coming hours.

Egypt: the "citizen journalism" Mona and Gigi on Twitter

Cairo, Special Envoy - To monitor and understand political life of Mona Ibrahim Seif and Gigi, you have to spend so much time reading their tweets to discuss with them. Under the names @ @ Gsquare86 monasosh and these two figures of the Egyptian revolution, aged 25 and 24 years, acquired via Twitter a real capacity for mobilization.

In the now vast community activists Net Egypt, the two girls have several common features, which have helped forge a friendship that has nothing virtual. Mona and Gigi do not stay in front of a computer to distribute information or express their feelings: they are always closer to the action.

Uprising in Libya

In Libya, the escalating violence in the capital Tripoli, the building of the People's Congress have been set on fire. After reports of the station al-Jazeera during the night more than 60 people were killed in the protests. It was a night of violence in Tripoli. In the Libyan capital, came after reports of eye witnesses to the most severe clashes between demonstrators and security forces of the regime.

Unrest in Yemen

Yemen is in again in the protests against President Ali Abdallah Saleh a man lost his life. The police shot in the city of Aden in the south, a protester. He was initially injured were taken to a hospital and died of his injuries, doctors said the news agency. Four other people were injured, one of them seriously, it was said.

According to witnesses, the police shot out of two vehicles in the crowd. Only on Sunday in Aden one demonstrator was killed when police drove apart hundreds of participants in a demonstration with tear gas. So since the beginning of the protests against the governance died on 13 February alone in the port city of Twelve government opponents.

Afghanistan: Many dead in suicide attack near Kunduz

The terrorist struck outside a government building north of the northern Afghan city of Kunduz, in the operations area of the Bundeswehr, has a suicide bomber blew up. At least 20 people were killed according to official figures, injured dozens. Kunduz - A suicide attack in the northern Afghan province of Kunduz are dozens of people were killed and injured.

The attack occurred in Imam Saheb north of the provincial capital of Kunduz, where the army runs a camp with about 1,400 soldiers. The local authorities, the suicide bomber blew at 12.25 local time clock in front of the card department of the administration building in the air. Mohammed Ayob, the district chief of Imam Saheb told Daily Buzz World, had been 26 dead and 26 wounded were counted.

Concern to Ban Ki-Moon violent protests in the Arab world

The UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon on Monday expressed its "deep concern" at reports that are part of an "escalation of violence and bloodshed" in the countries of North Africa and the Middle East affected by Protests against power. Ban Ki-moon reiterated his opposition to the use of force "and called on all parties" to exercise utmost restraint "and" respect for fundamental freedoms, "said his spokesman, Martin Nesirky.

Washington defends the Internet free but under surveillance ...

Since coming to power of President Obama, the U.S. has erected the "Internet Freedom" in their official goal of foreign policy. This voluntarism was solemnly reaffirmed in January 2010 in a speech by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who proclaimed the advent of a new human right, the "right connections".

Incidentally, Clinton recalled that his country has a special responsibility because it is the "homeland" of the Internet. For Washington, the defense of the Internet is all the more natural it is to promote the export of U.S. companies like Google, Twitter and Facebook, whose leaders are close political and financial elites the country.

Museveni was reelected president of Uganda

President Yoweri Museveni won the election for a fourth term in Uganda by a large margin, although the opposition contested the result. Museveni's supporters, who governed the country since 1986 - singing, clapping and loud music put on their cars after the electoral commission said that the president received 68% of the vote against 26% of the opponent, Kizza Besigye.

Election observers from the European Union (EU) said the army's presence in the streets created an intimidating atmosphere, which, among other factors, questioned the transparency of the elections. "We found that the power of intimidation was exercised to the extent that severely compromises a level playing field among candidates and political parties competing," said Edward Scicluna, head of the group of EU observers.

Too many old pearl Revolution

"The whole Arab world is changing, except for Italy," he summed up with irony days ago a member of the national press. The young North African and Middle East are voting (as the English say) "with their feet" marching against regimes decades and overwhelming in their race dictators and satraps in our imagination that our perception and thought solid and immovable.

Now even Gaddafi, or closer to our shores (which are increasingly at risk of being Mediterranean port of arrival of immigrants). The Italian government follows in silence - shock, embarrassment or convenience? - The disruption while the many manifestations of opposition in Italy (certainly not a dictatorship, but certainly not a normal system of government) is in the feminine, the student and retirement in general (trade unions).

The hopes and concerns of Copts in Egypt post-Mubarak

Qena, Naga Hamadi (Upper Egypt), Special Envoy - Upper Egypt rallied late to major protests that have engulfed the Egyptian streets from January 25 to February 11, the day of the fall of President Hosni Mubarak. In this region, where men are considered armed, residents said it was better to stay home rather than go out with their guns.

While in the north, hundreds of thousands of demonstrators confronted bare hands, to bullets fired by police and tear gas Friday, January 28 called "Day of Wrath, small processions were formed in southern Egyptian cities before dispersing peacefully. "If the population of Upper Egypt soon to govern, because this region is closely controlled by the regime since the 1980 and 1990, when it was home to violent Islamist groups.

Thirty people die in Afghan suicide attack

At least 30 people were killed and dozens wounded in a suicide attack recorded in an administrative center of the Afghan government in the province of Kunduz, northern Afghanistan, officials said. The incident occurred around noon local time (07:30 GMT), when a suicide bomber detonated the charge he was carrying in front of a census office in Imam Sahib district, said district chief, Muhammad Ayub Haqyar.

Morocco peaceful protest ends in riot

The peaceful and festive day of demonstrations across Morocco for calling for democratic reforms led to breaking into riots in several towns that marred the claims and cast doubt on the future of the protests. A youth group was asked to call through the Facebook network concentrations asking for a new constitution that limits the executive branch of King Mohamed VI.

In the call, called the Day of Dignity, joined human rights organizations, leftist parties and, above all, the Islamist Justice and Charity Movement, who demonstrated his power to call in the biggest protest in Rabat with about 10 thousand people. But pacifism was diluted, as they began to emerge acts of vandalism and violence that targeted police stations, banks, catering establishments or government facilities.

Libyan crisis, Eni repatriates dependent family members and staff operational

In Libya, which is burning under the blows of the popular uprising, there is also a segment (significant) of Italy. These are the establishments of Eni. And if the leadership until recently dispensed calm and quiet, now the head of the company have indicated that the employee is returning. The news was announced through a statement which reads as "Eni informs that is going be the return of family members of employees of both non-operating closely." At this time, however, Eni "sees no problem with the facilities and operational structures.

Arab revolts are they "revolutions 2.0"?

LeCaire special envoy - They are changing the world. Internet users and bloggers, fans of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, have triggered a mass mobilization that extends to almost all Arab countries. The icon of this generation is called Wael Ghonim, and he is Egyptian. Aged 30 years, Chief Marketing Officer of Google for the Middle East, living in Dubai with his American wife and their two children, he acknowledged, after coming to Cairo to participate in the demonstration on January 25 and have been detained twelve days by the security forces, being the creator of the Facebook page "We are all Khaled Said." Named after a young man tortured and beaten to death by police in Alexandria, 6 June 2010, Page was at the heart of the awareness of young Egyptians and police abuse of power, and was the key, with other pages controlled by other youth movements, the mobilization of 25 January.

Libya: Commission moves, Italy does not Tomorrow Summit on Immigration

ROME - The popular uprising in Libya, Italy put in an awkward position, on the home front as in international relations. Why the emphasis of which Silvio Berlusconi had cloaked the moments of newfound "friendship" with Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, to the bewilderment of the U.S. and Britain, now opposes the deafening silence with which the Foreign Ministry following the street protests against the regime of Colonel.

The repression in Libya and totals more than 200 dead

Demonstrations against the Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi and claimed the lives of 204 people. Yesterday the streets of Benghazi, the second most populous city, were a mess. Government buildings were looted and the military and police firing on protesters. Habib al-Obaidi, who heads the intensive care unit at the main hospital in Tripoli Al-Jala, said yesterday 50 people were killed and hundreds were seriously injured.

Libyan Justice Minister resigns in protest against the "excessive use of force"

The social climate crisis Libya has had a branch of politics. The violent suppression of protests by the regime of Muammar Gaddafi, the NGOs claim that the death toll of over two hundred, have led the justice minister, Mustafa Abul Jalil, to resign. Although not officially confirmed, the newspaper Quryna, which belongs to a media group owned by Saif Islam, one of the dictator's sons, has taken on its website the news.

The university cost? As ever in Britain

About a few months ago he chose to come and study in London, perhaps hoping to escape the post-graduate unemployment in Italy, has suddenly found instead to come to terms with the most expensive public university in Europe. Not that the first was its economy, but today the annual fee payable is around 3200 pounds (equivalent to € 3800) and, if we add the high cost of rent, arriving more than a thousand pounds a month in the center for a single, and public transport, it is practically impossible to think only as a student in this city.

A bomb killed at least 28 dead in Afghanistan

At least twenty-eight civilians were killed Monday, February 21 in a suicide bombing outside the offices of administration of the province of Kunduz in northern Afghanistan where the Taliban insurgency is very active for two years. "The attack was perpetrated before the district headquarters, where people were lined up." All the victims are civilians.

They came to the district headquarters for various applications, "said Mohammad Ayob Haqyar, the district governor of Imam Sahib, where the attack took place. The province of Kunduz is seen as particularly unstable: February 10 A district governor was killed, along with two others by a suicide bomber who blew himself up in his office in Kunduz.

Put in at least 233 deaths in the protests in Libya

.- The death toll resulting from the repression of demonstrations in Libya to demand democratic reform amounted to "at least 233, according to the latest figures provided by Human Rights Watch (HRW). HRW quoted medical sources and others to give this figure, and asked the African Union and Arab and Western countries that want to rush the Tripoli government to stop the repression.

"There is a potential catastrophe for human rights in Libya, at a time when protesters faced a third day of the shooting and death," said Sarah Leah Whitson, director of HRW's Middle East and North Africa . "Libya is trying to impose a news blackout, but can not hide the killing," Whitson said in a statement.

Who is Mubarak's successor in a democratic Egypt?

Mohamed ElBaradei known in the West is only an outsider. Great opportunities expected from Amr Mussa, Secretary General of the Arab League. And what role the icons will play the young revolutionary movement? It was the day before Mubarak's overthrow. Amr Mussa, secretary general of the Arab League could hardly conceal that he would like to be the next president of Egypt.

Morocco recognizes five killed in unrest in Al Hoceima

The demonstrations that demanded yesterday in different parts of Morocco, King Mohamed VI reforms have resulted in 5 deaths and at least 128 injured, according to official figures that have made this day of protest on the Moroccan Interior Minister, Taib Cherkaoui. The most serious incidents occurred in Al Hoceima, capital of the province of the Rif, northern Morocco.

The riots that shook all day that city have left five dead, still unidentified, and many injured. As he explained the minister, the deaths occurred during the assault and burning of a bank by the protesters. The charred bodies of victims were found inside "of a bank branch on fire by the provocateurs." The head of Moroccan Interior explained that the demonstrations took place yesterday in 57 provinces, representing practically the entire country, but they "only 37,300 people participated." In the protests, there were 128 injured, 115 of whom are police officers.

Uprising in Libya: Gaddafi's son threatened to fight to the last man

Gaddafi's son Saif warns of civil war in Libya announced, but also reforms. At the same time are reported from Tripoli, the capital of heavy clashes between opponents and supporters of President Muammar al-Gaddafi. Hamburg - There was no question, no fully formulated speech. Saif al-Islam al-Gaddafi, son of the dictator, Muammar al-Gaddafi, sat down in a dark suit and tie in front of the camera and carried in a conversational tone and gesture-rich his assessment of the situation and his vision for Libya before.

Corruption in the Philippines

He pocketed millions: severance pay, bonuses, bribes. As publicized, as was greedy, he plundered the Philippine treasury, took General Angelo Reyes lives. He was just one of many thieves in government service - his country is among the most corrupt nations in general. Manila - There was an exit like in a Hollywood Tragedy: The General left on Tuesday 8 February, at the crack of dawn his house, hugged his wife Teresa and asked her to take good care of their five children.

Blog - Egypt: the little Facebook is born

Attack in the north at least 31 dead in Kunduz

KABUL - bloody suicide attack today in Imam Sahib district (the northern Afghan province of Kunduz). The district governor, Muhammad Ayub Haqyarm,''reported that the bodies recovered so far are 31 and wounded 39''instead. The suicide bomber triggered the explosive charge at the entrance of the Registry of the district, where many people were lined up, including women and children.

I myself''- said Haqyarm - I counted 31 bodies. The situation is totally an emergency, and I think the final budget will be even heavier.'' The district of Imam Sahib is the birthplace of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, leader of Hezb-e-Islami, one of three armed movements that oppose the government of Hamid Karzai and foreign troops supporting it.

Libya is at risk of civil war, said Gadhafi's son

.- Saif Al-Islam Gadhafi, son of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi veteran, said Sunday that his country is at risk of falling into civil war amid bloody protests that threaten the stability of government. Gadhafi's son, who denied having been hundreds of deaths in the protests, said the General People's Congress will meet on Monday to discuss an agenda "clear" of reforms and said that the government will "increase salaries." Saif Al-Islam Gadhafi said Libya was moving towards a "chaos" since a separatist movement was threatening national unity, since there was an attempt by Libya to divide into smaller Islamic states, but tens of thousands of citizens heading to Tripoli to defend Gadhafi.

An incident caused the evacuation passion of a terminal of an airport in Milan

The departure area of Terminal 1 at Malpensa Airport, one of two that serve the city of Milan (northern Italy), had to be evacuated today after an incident in the area of sales that ended in a shooting in which a man was wounded, as reported by sources of the company that manages the airfield, the SEA.

Apparently, the wounded man, a Tunisian national, has stamped his car he was traveling with his wife and children, against the glass of the check-in area of Terminal triggered after a violent argument between the couple. Then the man, a Tunisian about 40 years, has left the car with a knife and the police there have fired, wounding him in the foot.

The efficiency of the Colonel and the silence Italian

The wave of riots reached Libya. And a few days of the manifestation of anger on February 17 last, the bloody repression of Gaddafi has already produced hundreds of thousands of dead and wounded. One might expect a violent reaction of the Colonel, the longest-serving Arab leader and one of the most ruthless.

Today, his massacre outraged the international community and embarrassed Italy and its ruling class. Also because Libya has always been an important country for Italy. And today, beyond the historical links, is an important partner. Recently, relations between the two countries have been marked by the signing of the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Partnership signed in Benghazi August 30, 2008.

Follow live demonstrations in Libya

At least 233 people were killed in Libya in the past four days, according to a latest report from Human Rights Watch. In a televised speech Sunday night, Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi, a son of Libyan leader has raised a risk of civil war. & amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; lt; a href = "http://www. CoveritLive.

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Monopoli, farewell cards now you challenge the computer

NEW YORK - "Narrow Alley at the Control Tower: answer." But it's Monopoly Space Odyssey? The monolith that dominates the center of the board game most popular in the world - 750 million players - really seems to fall from another planet. The board on which children from every continent have learned the rudiments of capitalism - the objective, as we know, is to win the monopoly of the property at stake - had remained virtually unchanged for more than eighty years.

Young keep pressure on Bahrain

Thousands of youths take the place Pearl of Manama, the epicenter of the protests against the regime, while younger accounted for its concentration. Meanwhile, the General Union of Trade Unions of Bahrain withdrew the convening of a general strike, believing that their demands for withdrawal of the army of the capital and the right to demonstrate have been met.

The organization had called to hold a general strike from Sunday to support the political protests that erupted on 14 February in Bahrain and that until now have caused half a dozen dead. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, considered that Bahrain should immediately undertake political reforms, and the violence of security forces is "unacceptable." The opposition announced that it is prudent dialogue with Crown Prince Salman Ben Hamad Al-Khalifa on political reforms and continues to do as a condition for the resignation of the government, accusing it of the violent repression of demonstrations against the regime.

Egypt frees 108 political prisoners

.- Egypt released 108 political prisoners, reported state television on Sunday, following a commitment from Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq. Shafiq said Saturday, according to state news agency MENA, that 222 prisoners would be released soon, but did not say when. Shafiq had said that political prisoners were 487, said MENA.

Only a handful of people were arrested during the riots had started on 25 January that led to overthrow President Hosni Mubarak, said Shafiq according to MENA. Human rights groups say thousands of Egyptians were detained without charge under emergency laws in the country and that many of them could be classified as political prisoners.

France urged its citizens to leave Libya

While the revolt against the regime of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya festers and spreads, countries, companies and institutions are beginning to plan the departure of their nationals and workers. Foreign ministers of the EU are meeting this week in Brussels to agree a joint unreservedly condemns the crackdown on protests in Libya, where the six days of clashes between opponents and security forces have caused at least 233 people, according to Human Rights Watch estimates.

The Sultanate of Silvio indignant foreigners

"In the south coast of the Mediterranean, a leader after the other falls down from the fury of the people, shaking their thrones and their palaces. A little further north instead survives the Sultanate of Silvio, a power system based on the fidelity of the courtiers and the confusion of the boundary between business and politics.

Not even a rebellion among the girls of his harem, the Ruby, the Patrick and Nicole, was able to evict him. " "Why Europe should continue to deal with a leader like trying to hold on to power for the sole purpose of defending the judiciary? Why do friends and partners for Italy should accept this situation? ".

Somalia: deadly suicide bombing in Mogadishu

At least six policemen were killed Monday, February 21 in the morning in a suicide car bomb aimed at a camp by government forces in Mogadishu, according to a police official in Somalia. "Many others were injured, review should probably be higher, "said the official, policeman, Abdierrahman Issa. "A suicide bomber detonated a car bomb in the camp Darwish," which are based in particular of the police, near the port of the capital, according to a security official of the transitional government (TFG), Mohamed Ali.

Lebanon, economy and military bases priorities for the U.S. elections 2008

ROME - It is the eve of the 2008 election that the United States subject to the two prime candidates for the list with what I consider to protect their strategic interests. Carefully evaluate the responses of Berlusconi and Veltroni to decide which of the two leaders to support. The eventual victory Veltroni is judged "excellent".

Berlusconi's "more excellent". Italy and the Knights - we are still under the Bush administration - on the other hand the Americans have a clear idea: "The slow economic decline of the country undermines the ability to play a role in the international arena." But the U.S. does not matter, think about their interests.

In the midst of social tension, internet censorship East

China and Libya they see as a threat. In Morocco, internet helped in convening the march for democracy. Beijing joined the group of systems to which their citizens are demanding change. As a mirror of events in Arab countries, dozens gathered at the center of the capital to demand democracy. Before the call, the Government took no risks and has taken measures since the riots seen in North Africa.

NATO investigates civilian casualties in Afghanistan

After that the President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, said in a statement that the NATO force inside Afghanistan killed "about 50 civilians" during a continuing operation in Kunar province (east), the organization sent a team to investigate the matter. For its part, the governor of Kunar province reported that "a total of 63 people died." According to its accuracy, it is 13 insurgents, at least 20 women, 27 children and young people between seven and 20 years and three elders.

The Movement February 20 said that the protests will continue in Morocco

February 20 Movement organized the day of protests today in, denounced the violence committed by uncontrolled groups in some cities and announced their intention to continue demonstrating every day. According to Efe might know, this group of young people called the mobilization through the Internet plans to hold from Monday to Friday at 18.30 local time and GMT a sit-in Rabat to press its demand for a democratic constitution, but the other groups Participants today have not yet declared their position.

A reformist candidate to succeed Gaddafi

He had emerged as a reformer within the regime of his father, Muamah Gaddafi, but with his incendiary speech yesterday showed his face harder. Saif Islam (Sword of Islam), the natural successor of his father, gave no chance for any change in Libya, despite protests in several cities, and warned that it will defend the unity of the country "until the last man falls ".

Born in 1972 in a military base in Tripoli, Islam is the second child of eight is Gaddafi. He studied architecture at Tripoli and Vienna and has even a study in the Libyan capital. Had some diplomatic missions to Arab countries, although his first political movement was recognized when he helped negotiate the release of six foreign health had been sentenced to death in Libya.

Libya burns, rumors about a possible fugadel Rais. At least 61 dead in Tripoli

The perfect picture of what's going on in Libya at this time is the government building set on fire by protesters in Tripoli. Looted and burned other government buildings in Tripoli. The mob raided the headquarters of the national public television. And this morning, several police stations in the city was stormed and burnt.

The police and the Libyan security are completely absent in the center of the city, even the police have given to looting of offices and banks. The Arabic television Al Jazeera says at least 61 deaths in the capital. Meanwhile, the continuing escalation of blood in the North African country, but tension remains high throughout the Arab world and also in Iran.

Japan wants to have a foreign intelligence service, according to Wikileaks

According to a U.S. diplomatic telegram obtained by Wikileaks, Japan is putting up its first foreign intelligence service, modeled on the U.S. CIA and British MI6. This service was placed under the authority of the Japanese intelligence agency CIRO (Office of Research and government intelligence) called "Naicho" in Japanese, which depends directly on the Prime Minister, writes the Sydney Morning Herald, which reveals information.

Libya: 285 deaths, desertions from the military regime threat but promises reforms

TRIPOLI - "Libya is at a critical moment in its history. Already the next few hours, the People's Assembly will meet to discuss the reforms and that everyone wants a constitution for the country. But if the insurgency will not stop, will the civil war. Thousands of people are coming to defend Gaddafi in Tripoli and Libya.

It will do so until the last man. " It 's a mixture of threats and openings that Seif al-Islam, the second son of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's decision before the cameras of state television after another day of violence, during which were also circulated rumors of a father's escape in Venezuela.

Armed group in Iraq TV station burns

.- Several gunmen today stormed a TV station in Kurdish northern Iraq, the team shot and burned the building, apparently in retaliation for images transmitted over a protest, officials said channel. Later, about 2 000 protesters took their fourth day the streets of this Kurdish city located 260 kilometers (160 miles) northeast of Baghdad, to demand reforms and economic policies of the ruling parties that control the region.

Social upheaval shakes China

Hundreds of Chinese gathered in Beijing and Shanghai to extend the "Jasmine Revolution" of Arab countries to China in a few incidents that left without violence but with several arrests. As reported by the official press and Boxun, one of the websites which published the call for such events in Beijing at least two people were arrested by authorities in the central street of Wangfujing, the main commercial artery of the capital and located a few hundred meters from Tiananmen Square, scene of the tragic 1989 protests.