Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Japan: new concern for the No. 3 reactor in Fukushima

Earlier in the day, black smoke is briefly exit the No. 3 reactor of the plant, causing the temporary evacuation of workers who try to avoid a nuclear catastrophe. The Nuclear Safety Agency said ignore the cause of this smoke that came from the enclosure housing the reactor. Citing Tepco operator, Kyodo news agency reported around 9 am 40 (Paris time) as the smoke cleared.

The scrolls were first reported at about 8: 30 pm (Paris time). This smoke, which the authorities do not classify as a serious incident does not appear to have increased radioactivity around the plant. The Nuclear Safety Agency has reported a 283.7 microsieverts radioactivity after the smoke had been seen, as against 435 microsieverts two hours earlier.

"Neither war nor tyranny," move the peace But voices in the movement against the 'inertia'

ROME - A flag of peace stained with blood. On the web part the antiwar mobilization to Libya (perlapace on the site. Com, but also on facebook) and there is now an appointment to the streets Saturday in Rome, the event for the public water and anti-nuclear (parade to 14.30 from Piazza della Repubblica to Piazza San Giovanni) will also be mobilized for peace.

But the archipelago is divided peace: no to war "without ifs and buts" this time is not enough, because there is also a need to stop the repression against the insurgents and to stand against the tyrant Gaddafi. Flavio Lotti Tavola della of peace, the sign of acronyms that each year organizes the march Perugia-Assisi, has gone live with the call ("Italy repudiates war") calls to display the flag of peace to the windows, but clarifies ten points in a location where you found many of the associations for peace: "One thing is for the UN resolution, its application is another.

Mubarak is accused of murder

The deposed President Hosni Mubarak has been accused of murder for the death of 386 people during the rebellion that led to his overthrow on 11 February, revealed the daily Al Ahram on its website. The indictment was issued by the human rights commission investigating the acts of violence during the 18 days of Egyptian rebellion, which erupted on January 25, emulating the success of the Revolution Jasmines in Tunisia.

New detected radioactive debris in water spinach

.- Were detected radioactive debris today in drinking water from a village in Fukushima (northeastern Japan) and spinach to the neighboring province of Ibaraki, although the authorities insist Nipponese do not pose a health risk. Yesterday, we detected traces of iodine in milk Fukushima, so that has stopped the sale of fresh milk from the province, where the nuclear plant to cool its reactors difficulties since the earthquake of 9 degrees on day 11.

We do not go Gadhafi says U.S.

United States clarified that the operation "Odyssey at dawn" is not intended to assassinate Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, as reported by the Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, and the director of the Joint Staff at the Pentagon, William Gortney. " It would be foolish to kill Gadhafi in the military operation against strategic targets in Libya.

I think it important that we operate under the mandate of Security Council resolution the United Nations. " When asked about the objectives of the offensive to head with the United Kingdom and France, Gates said: "If I started to add goals to generate another problem. I think it is foolish to set goals that do not know whether they can be reached.

One dead and thirty wounded by a bomb next to the bus station in Jerusalem

Introduced a bomb in a bag next to the bus station in Jerusalem has exploded around two p.m., killing at least one woman and injuring otras30 people. At least two of them remain in serious condition. The bomb has exploded the windows and caused extensive damage to one of the articulated bus line 74 that was close.

Police have described the occurrence of "terrorist attack", although a spokesman for the Israel Embassy in Washington has been quick to rule it a suicide action, as initially thought. After the explosion, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has suspended his trip to Russia. Netanyahu has said a few hours after they defend "with an iron will" against the attack.

Libya, lean figure for all

In January, Libya has brought its share of shares in Finmeccanica 2 per cent and had outstanding € 800 million of contracts. And committed. L 'Ansaldo for two railway systems, which resulted in 16 Agusta helicopters and entered into joint venture with the Libyan government to assemble a new near Tripoli and then sell them all over the world, even though the law prohibits trading in '90 185 arms to countries at war and it is perfectly clear that he could take advantage of the Agusta-triangulation coverage offered by the Libyan state to export to areas of crisis and, finally, Selex Sistemi Integrati Marina Grossi in Guarguaglini that was making the electronic control of boundaries in southern Libya.

Chad: three opponents calling for a boycott of the presidential

The three main opponents to Chadian President Idriss Deby, Saleh Kebzabo, Wadal Abdelkader Kamougue and Ngarlejy Yorongar announced on Tuesday, March 22, they were suspending their participation in the presidential election and called for a boycott of the election on April 24. The five candidates running against President Deby, MM.

Kebzabo, Kamougué Yorongar and Minister Albert Pahimi Padacké and opposing counsel Nadji Madou, president of the Socialist Alliance for a full revival (ASRI), had attached conditions to their participation in the first round. Building on the progress of legislation they called for new voter cards, printing of ballots scanned and secured, securing voting equipment and its delivery, the redevelopment of the electoral commission and compliance by authorities of the provisions relating to influence peddling and the use of the symbol of state property.

The insurgents returned to the offensive in the desert road you decide the future

The conclusion is that the operation of the Odyssey Alba, whose task is to ensure a no-fly zone in order to prevent aviation Gaddafi rages on population served and serves not so indirectly supporting the insurgents. Which I have begun to catch up to the west. And the logical consequence. The decisive action by the Security Council is not aseptic.

Can not. For the principles behind it is not neutral. Although formally imposed limits. Limits that some coalition members are ready to overcome, however, openly pointing the elimination of the Gaddafi regime. The coalition aircraft and missiles of the U.S. Navy will significantly reduce the logistics Gaddafi.

Four people killed during protests in Syria

At least four people including a soldier, died during protests in the Syrian city of Deraa, in the south of the country, according to an NGO and an opposition website. Web page counter to the Syrian regime "Akhbar Al Sharq, quoting witnesses, reported that three people died while trying to disperse the Syrian security forces to those attending the funerals of those killed during the demonstrations in that city.

Discuss nuclear accident in Fukushima

The Board of Governors of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) meets in Vienna tomorrow in an extraordinary session to discuss the nuclear emergency situation created in Japan after a strong earthquake and subsequent tsunami on 11 March. The director-general, Japan's Yukiya Amano, 35 states report to executive members of the IAEA on his recent visit to Japan.

According to sources close to the IAEA said the meeting will be only known object in more detail the situation on the ground in the area of the Fukushima nuclear power plant, radioactivity emanating due to the serious harm suffered and the measures that the nuclear agency the UN is out there.

A million loyal, ready to defend Gadhafi

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi predicted to have a "long war" against the allies bombed the country, but hopes that will win, because "all the people are armed." In an official message on TV, Gadhafi said that all Libyans are ready for martyrdom. "We will win and you're going to die." In parallel, the Ministry of Defence announced the start of an operation to arm a million men and women.

Gadhafi said in Tripoli airport in Libya is willing human shields to defend their country. Gadhafi called savages and criminals to the leaders of France, the U.S. and the UK, and according to him, fall like Hitler and Mussolini. "All tyrants fall under the pressure of the masses." He accused Western leaders not to "remember the lessons that history provides," referring to the defeated in other conflicts such as Somalia, Vietnam and Iraq.

Berlusconi appointed minister to an investigation for mafia trnsfuga

Silvio Berlusconi today opened a mini-government forced the resignation of Culture Minister Sandro Bondi, and the new composition of the majority. Democratic Party Responsible Initiative, a pastiche of a dozen escapees who was instrumental in saving the motion of censure in December and it still is today, joined the Cabinet to a shady character, which the President made yesterday objections " institutional.

The reasons no to this war

The war has already broken out, pace of the President denies that, and will be a war again founding: a new balance and new policy direction. Despite the attack on Libya is cloaked in humanitarian and progressive - the protection of civilians - you can not leave out important questions and considerations.

The "international community" has only now realized that Gaddafi is a danger? that the Libyan civilian population is humiliated, and now the massacre? Why did they race to contract, to sell arms to support a regime unpresentable? Gaddafi went well until the oil contracts guaranteed and blocked the flow of immigrants from south to north and becomes an enemy to be deleted when the Libyan population - and more! - Put it in crisis and narrow? And why so late and did not intervene when Gaddafi was crushed in the corner and closed some bunker? Answering that behind all this there is a geopolitical reasons and the profit motive is all too easy.

Egypt: Fire Department of the Interior after an event

An impressive fire raged Tuesday, March 22 in the afternoon several floors of a building next to the Egyptian Interior Ministry in Cairo, before whom the police had indicated earlier in the day. A thick smoke rose from the administration building while firefighters attempted to extinguish the fire, according to images of public television.

The fire then spread to another building department. The causes of fire were not immediately known. Just before the start of the flames, thousands of police gathered outside the ministry to protest against their working conditions. "Suddenly we saw the building catch fire," he told state television one of the police protesters, saying the protesters had nothing to do with the disaster.

The scheme is now hoping "The worst is over"

TRIPOLI - The air war progresses, but on the third day of bombing the international gheddafiani already do a budget. "It is not all bad for us." The chief propagandist Abdel Majid al-Durst, the man in Gaddafi's government of printing, it is as if the agencies were reading before they get on the computer.

Or as though listening to the calls of those who began to see swell in the Berlusconi government, a tsunami in the relationship between Europeans and between Europeans and Americans. "They just bombed near the port, a base of our sea: they were not there, and do not engage in combat, but they continue to throw bombs.

Explosion in Jerusalem kills at least 30 injured

An explosion near a bus station killed at least 30 wounded in a Jewish neighborhood of Jerusalem, as reported by the police and medical sources. Police described the blast as a "terrorist attack", a term that refers to Israel attacks Palestinians. It was the first such incident in Jerusalem in seven years.

So far no one has claimed responsibility for the attack, which according to the police was caused by a bomb near the central bus station and the main conference hall of the city. At the peak of a Palestinian uprising that began in 2000 but that died out in recent years, militants perpetrated dozens of bomb attacks in Jerusalem.

Fukushima reactor show improvement, Japan says

.- The reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, which was seriously damaged after the earthquake and tsunami a week ago, are showing improvement, but the situation remains uncertain, said Sunday's second in command of the Cabinet of Japan, Tetsuro Fukuyama. The Health Ministry also said in a statement that radiation levels exceeded the safety standards and in nearby Fukushima prefecture of Ibaraki.

Destroyed building residential complex Gadhafi

.- An administrative building located in the residential complex of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi in Bab el Aziziya in Tripoli, was totally destroyed by a missile, said the Libyan government. The administrative building, about 50 meters from the tent where Colonel generally received their VIP guests, was hit by a missile, a spokesman of the regime, Ibrahim Musa, foreign journalists who were transported by bus to the place.

"We are not aware of civilian casualties"

"We are not aware of civilian casualties. Our mission here is to protect civilians and we choose our goals and plan our actions with a high priority," he assured the U.S. Navy Admiral Gerard Hueber, in a teleconference from the flagship Mount Whitney, in the Mediterranean Sea. Hueber explained that, despite the coalition air raids in recent days, government forces of Muammar Gaddafi "continue their attacks," besieging the cities of Ajdabiya, and Zauiya Misrata.

Yemen, Saleh: "Golpe lead to bloody civil war"

Those who want to "gain power through a coup d'etat should be aware that this will lead to a" civil war, a bloody war. " It 's the stark warning launched by the Yemeni President, Ali Abdullah Saleh, after the defection of several generals, including the powerful Ali Mohsen, who decided to join the cause of the demonstrators.

Speaking in front of some military commanders, the Yemeni leader, for weeks the target of protests, called on the military 'rebels' to "carefully consider" the risks of a possible coup. Saleh had met yesterday, the National Council of Defense, after which a statement in the armed forces had said they would face any "attack on the Constitution and democratic order." The end of the regime in Yemen seems ever closer.

Strong concerns caused by the plume

Still missiles on Tripoli and Misurata Sirte The recovery scheme

ROME - The third day of the raid on Libya. An attack that sees Italian fighters also re-committed. Berlusconi assures that our Tornado "did not shoot and not shoot," but the words of the prime minister are at odds with those of pilots. And even though the UN resolution does not provide targeted attacks against the Colonel, the number one objective seems to him.

One scenario that generates strong diplomatic tensions in the coalition, for a mission that was created to protect civilians and not to lay the Rais. Today, coalition forces have struck Sabah, a stronghold of Colonel in the south of the country. Also under siege Sirte, the hometown of Saddam, where the Libyan authorities complain many deaths.

Jerusalem bus explodes

A bus exploded Wednesday in Jerusalem and witnesses saw several people lying on the ground or carried on stretchers. The explosion occurred near the main entrance to the city and shattered windows nearby. The outbreak appears to have been intentional, in which case it is the first attack on a bus in years.

It came amid growing tensions between Israel and the militant Islamic group Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip. At the moment it is unclear whether the explosion occurred inside the bus or somewhere nearby. It discusses the possibility of a suicide bombing, though no group has been attributed so far.

Increased to eight thousand 450 the dead by the Japanese earthquake

The death toll from the earthquake and tsunami of March 11 in Japan rose to the 8000 450 12 000 931 while others are missing, according to data released today by the Japanese police. Nine days after the earthquake of 9 degrees on the northeast coast of Japan, which caused the worst natural disaster after World War II, two people were found alive today in the rubble in the province of Miyagi, although hopes of finding more survivors diminish with the passage of the hours.

EU does not recognize Libya ceasefire

.- The United States said Sunday it would not recognize a cease-fire declared by the forces of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi. "Our vision at this time (...) is not true, or was immediately violated," he told reporters on national security adviser in the White House, Tom Donilon. United States and its allies had a "good day" in his speech in Libya, said Donilon told reporters in Rio de Janeiro, where President Obama closed on Sunday the Brazilian stage of his first tour of Latin America.

Estonian seven kidnapped in eastern Lbano

Seven Estonians have been kidnapped by gunmen in the Lebanese town of Zahle in the east. According to the sources cited by security forces, a group of individuals with their faces covered driving a black Mercedes car and two white vans arrived at the scene of the kidnapping and arrested seven citizens who apparently spent on this bike town in the Bekaa Valley.

Although early reports did think that among the hostages were Ukrainians, the consul of Estonia, Sami Kamouh, has reported that the seven cyclists have a passport from their country. "The general security of Zahle has called me and told me they have found roles of Estonian citizens," harelatado Kamouh to.

Israel, seven years' imprisonment to former President Katzav sentenced for rape and harassment

Former Israeli President Moshe Katzav was sentenced to seven years in prison for rape and sexual harassment against its employee when he was tourism minister in the late nineties. Katsav will also pay a compensation of 28 thousand euro. It starts in January 2007 with his resignation as president, only to be indicted for rape and sexual assault in March 2009.

Last December he was found guilty of rape, harassment, indecent acts and obstruction of justice, following an investigation that lasted four years and a process. For judges Karra George, Judith and Miriam Shevach Sokolov, Katsav, 65, is guilty of two rapes against an official from the Ministry of Tourism, between 1996 and 1999, and abuse and sexual harassment against two officials Presidency between 2000 and 2007.

These embarrassing Salvadoran Ministers

The last leg of Latin-American Barack Obama is not the least important: after Brazil and Chile, El Salvador, Tuesday, March 22. It's one of those countries weakened by the crisis, attracted by the petrodollars of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, bete noire of Washington. Between the American president and his Salvadoran counterpart, Mauricio Funes, the hot issues abound: uncontrolled immigration, drug trafficking and insecurity stemming from poverty.

Tornado, Berlusconi denies the bombing but the pilots said: "Libyan hit targets"

ROME - If the management control of international military operation in Libya uncertainty reigns in charge of diplomatic tensions, it is not clearer the size of the role played by the Italian armed forces. Our Tornado participate actively in the mission, hitting enemy targets, or merely the means to support allies? On the characteristics and limitations of our commitment veivolo versions provided by politicians and military are highly divergent.

Nine Palestinians killed by Israeli shelling

.- Israeli airstrikes and bombings killed nine Palestinians in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, medical officials said, the deadliest days in months of conflict in the coastal enclave. Palestinian medical officials said three teenagers from 12, 16 and 17, who played football, and an adult family member killed by Israeli bombing, while five militants died in two air strikes then in another area of the Gaza Strip.

China provides a business of 60 billion dollars with its own GPS

.- The global navigation system (GPS, for its acronym in English) created by China, Beidou, will become a business of 60 billion dollars (42 million euros in 1300) by 2020, according to forecasts collected today the local press. "Before 2015, our project will have generated an industry Beidou valued at thirty thousand 400 million dollars," said Liu Jingnan, chief executive of Global Navigation Satellite Congress of China, was quoted by Xinhua news agency.

Nigeria sees low oil prices in coming months

.- The Nigeria's oil minister said he expected world oil prices decline slightly in coming months and that members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries () do not consider their current level of damage to the global economy. Oil prices rose last month for $ 110 a barrel after political unrest in Libya halved the country's production in North Africa.

Saudi Arabia, the world's largest exporter, has vowed to meet any supply gap, but prices have remained near the maximum of two and a half played last month. On Friday Brent crude closed at 113.93 dollars a barrel while U.S. crude ended at 101.42 dollars a barrel. "He expects a slight and gradual reduction of oil prices globally over the coming months.

Do not drink this water

High levels of radioactive contamination (160 times above normal) found in vegetables and milk from the vicinity of the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan has forced the Prime Minister, Naoto Kan, to alert the population not consume. In Tokyo, they have found particles of radioactive iodine in tap water and authorities have banned its use in infants.

The experts consulted consider not "imminent" the negative health effects and insist that the risk comes from the accumulation of pollution, but others, in any case, would not drink the water in Tokyo. Dr. Joachim Breckow, professor of the Institute of Medical Physics and Radiation Protection, University of Applied Sciences (THM) of Germany, independent expert of the IAEA, said that a concentration of 100 becquerels per kilo or liter of food is almost normal.

Undecided at all

Let us arm ourselves, and then we start seeing it: in front of the chaos that reigns in the coalition anti-Gaddafi's famous quip of 'let us arm ourselves and games "should be revised. But there is very little to smile about. It had never happened, despite the bumpy history of international missions, a few hours after the roaring start of military operations inside the invincible armed people began to argue about almost everything.

Tighter controls on fish and seafood around Fukushima

Japanese officials call it, Tuesday, March 22, to strengthen controls on fish and seafood, after the discovery of abnormally high levels of radioactive substances in the seawater near the nuclear plant accident in Fukushima. The Ministry of Health has asked the Chiba and Ibaraki prefectures, east of Tokyo, to strengthen monitoring and inspection programs are landed along the coasts.

"Usually, the Office of Public Health conducts sampling and analysis elements to ensure food security," said a ministry official. According to the Jiji news agency, the Department of Science will proceed, starting Wednesday, with sea trials at eight locations and 30 km from the coast of Fukushima.

"Born Without a separate Italian command" Clash between Italy and France on the mission

ROME - The military operations against the regime of Muammar Gaddafi's going on, but who and how to handle the coordination of air strikes and bombings at the moment is far from clear. And the command of the mission in western Libya is at the center of a diplomatic row between Italy and France, with our country that calls for a reduction of the role of Paris and the involvement of NATO.

Otherwise, says Foreign Minister Franco Frattini Republic TV, "Italy will set up its own separate command for operations starting from our bases." The direct involvement of NATO in command of the operations was also requested by the Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi: "For us it is essential to a clear definition of the mission limited to the no-fly zones, the embargo, the protection of civilians", so such as the fact that "the operational command of NATO steps" or otherwise "a coordination different from what is today," said Berlusconi.

Fire destroys building of the Egyptian Interior Ministry

A fire Tuesday destroyed the seven-story building of the Interior Ministry in downtown Cairo police during demonstrations in search of better pay and working conditions. A ministry source said the fire likely was linked to the demonstrations, without elaborating. But witnesses said the protests had been peaceful and accused officials of using them to cover the burning of potentially incriminating documents.

Mine explosion in Pakistan leaves five dead and 50 trapped

.- At least five miners were killed and about 50 were caught today in the interior of a coal mine in Quetta, capital of the Pakistani province of Baluchistan, officials said. The mine collapsed after a series of explosions due to gas accumulation by the poor ventilation of the mine, located in the area of Sorang, Geo News said.

Local authorities said Sunday that the death toll may increase in the state-owned mine, under the control of Mineral Development Corporation of Pakistan (PMDC), and that about 50 miners remain underground. The explosions in coal mines are common in Pakistan, most of them located in the provinces of Balochistan and Sindh, where security measures are poor.

Damaged military operation Libyan air defense

.- The military operation led by an international coalition had achieved "significant damage" the air defense system and the Libyan regime was introduced and an air exclusion zone, said on Sunday a senior Pentagon official. "The attacks were highly effective and strongly damaged air defense systems of the regime "of Moammar Gadhafi, said Vice Adm.

William Gortney during a news conference. The main threat to U.S. aircraft, British and French, countries leading the international coalition, are surface-to-air SA-5 long-range but "the capacity (Gadhafi forces) has been greatly reduced," he added. Gortney added that the allied operation "Odyssey of the Dawn" is not intended to Gadhafi and the Libyan leader's forces are becoming increasingly isolated and confused.

"France will grow 1.5% through 2013"

Eric Heyer is deputy director of the French Observatory of Economic Sciences and a specialist in French economy. Considers that France, with its social safety net, managed to cushion the brutal impact of the crisis. But he argues that the economic and fiscal rigor imposed by Brussels can slow recovery.

Question: How is the economic situation in France? Answer: It is terrible. We left a huge financial crisis that has affected all European countries and has greatly influenced the strike, which has reached 9.3%, a level not seen for 10 years. Is lower than in Spain, but is worse in part because there has been an explosion of long-term unemployed.

Nuclear power, Greenpeace: "Hazardous also 14 European reactors"

TEPCO's technical center in No. 3 of Fukushima "Some nuclear power plants will not pass safety tests," he said Guenther Oettinger, EU Commissioner for Energy, on the eve of yesterday's extraordinary meeting in Brussels called to discuss nuclear safety in Europe . Words that have startled the political world and industry, despite the assurances top post of Commissioner himself "optimistic about the possibility that all EU countries participate in the stress test on power in the second half of 2011." "Perhaps the Commissioner any information that we have," said Stephan Kurth, nuclear scientist Öko-Institut in Germany.

Relive the events of Tuesday, March 22

The main information Tuesday, March 22 The situation gets stuck in the East against the backdrop of international tensions. The international coalition continued its operations in Libya, while the violence continued in the cities of Misrata, and Yefren Zentani. The Security Council of the United Nations should meet on Thursday.

The insurgents, outgunned and gasoline, were always the target of the pro-Gaddafi. Within the coalition continued to opposing voices to be heard, particularly about the command of this opérationLire the views of Jean-Yves Boisseron: "We must negotiate with Colonel Qaddafi to avoid getting bogged down" on Big Read Browser: Rony Brauman: intervention in Libya, a gear "appalling" & amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; lt; a href = "http://www.

"Up there, the war is not a game if I sort out the enemy"

ROME - In peace and war between the Italian and Libyan coasts at a speed of "mach 2, twice that of sound, there are 20-minute flight. Between sky of Gioia del Colle and a "scramble" with a mig in the Sicilian Channel, less than half. Lt. Col. Salvatore T. is an Italian driver in the war. E 'was born in Pozzuoli.

He is 39 years old, a wife, two little girls and his fighter "Typhoon". Commanded the 12th squadron of the 36th wing. The "Strali. "My daughters who works as I do think the boy wizard who sits on the air. War is a word you do not know which is right at this moment do not know." Epper the war began.

Middle East: Israeli air force attacked militants in the Gaza Strip

The Israeli armed forces have responded to the rocket fire from Gaza with air strikes. They bombed tunnels and weapons caches militant Palestinians. According to Palestinian sources, while 17 people were injured, including children. Jerusalem - The attack was a reaction to the shelling of Israeli border towns in the past week, said an Israeli military spokesman: The Israeli Air Force during the night to Tuesday targets in Gaza Strip attacked. According to the army since the beginning, more than 130 shells and rockets from the Gaza Strip struck on Israeli territory, only 56 last week.