Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan, Fukushima after emergency in other central

Increases to four the number of nuclear power stations are running into problems. All those located along the coast. Tokai A cooling system was completely blocked for several hours. Then one of the three generators has begun to function properly while the other two are in distress. The plant is the same where September 30, 1999 occurred the previous worst nuclear accident in the death of three employees.

Leaders of euro zone countries agreed on a pact on competitiveness

Countries in the euro area have done, Friday, March 11 evening, a small step in their response to the debt crisis, adopting a "pact" to reform their economies, condition in Germany to help countries difficulty of monetary union. The Heads of State and Government of the eurozone, a summit meeting in Brussels, have agreed on a pact for the euro "in order to improve their competitiveness in order to avoid new crisis debt.

Wikileaks, Crowley resigned from the State Department spokesman

WASHINGTON - The cyclone Wikileaks is another victim: the U.S. State Department spokesman, Philip J. Crowley, has resigned after being finished in the middle of strong controversy in the U.S. for his critical comments on the conditions of detention of Bradley Manning, the man who delivered millions of documents to Wikileaks.

Resignation accepted "with regret" by Hillary Clinton, but due, because of strong pressure from the White House, embarrassed by the strong views expressed by them. During a meeting with students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a few days ago, Crowley was described as "ridiculous, stupid and counterproductive" the conditions in which Manning was being held.

Japan rules out serious damage to nuclear plant

The Japanese Government said today that the explosion that occurred at the Fukushima nuclear plant 1 (northern Japan) was not in the reactor, and caused a major radiation leak. In a press conference, the minister spokesman Yukio Edan, said the blast, which also damaged the steel shell that protects the reactor, was due to a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen and said it has lowered the level of radioactivity in the area.

Besides the March 8

"The achievement of equal opportunities for women is not only important for me as president. It 's something I care deeply as a father of two daughters, who wants to see her girls grow up in a world where there are no limits to what they want to pursue. " Barack Obama said yesterday in his weekly speech to the nation on the occasion of "Women's History Month" in which, in the U.S., the growing number of events aimed at strengthening and advancement of women.

Earthquake in Japan: concern about nuclear plants

Japan was struck by the most violent earthquake in its history, Friday, March 11. The earthquake, of magnitude 8.9, occurred off the coast of northeastern Japan. Followed by many powerful aftershocks, it caused an impressive tsunami. Waves of up to ten meters high swept Sendai, the city closest to the epicenter of the earthquake.

The balance sheet, still tentative, reported at least a thousand dead and scores missing. In the evening, the city of Kesennuma (74 000 inhabitants) near Sendai, was the victim of major fires, and one third of its area was submerged by the tsunami. Moreover, according to Japanese news agency Kyodo, in the province of Fukushima, the level of radioactivity is a thousand times higher than normal at the entrance to the central atom of Daiichi and, according to Kyodo, there are leaks radioactive, that the authorities deny.

Fourteen injured in clashes during protests in Yemen

) .- At least fourteen people were injured in clashes during protests against the Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, in different parts of the country, witnesses and medical sources. In the Yemeni capital, at least seven people were injured in clashes between protesters and armed citizens in a residential neighborhood near the University of Sanaa, witnesses told Efe.

Witnesses explained that residents of the neighborhood of Al Kuwait, near the square where concentrations are held daily in front of the University of the capital against the Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, opened fire on protesters. Neighborhood residents opposed the demonstrators new tents set up outside the place of concentrations.

Passengers stranded at airports

About 23 thousand passengers were stranded in the airports Tokyoites, Narita and Haneda, which temporarily paralyzed after the quake activity. A spokesman for the Narita International Airport in Tokyo, which suspended its activities after the earthquake to check the damage on the tracks, said no damage was found in them, yet they were the flights are arriving at Narita diverted to other airports away from the worst affected areas, which are concentrated in the north and east of the archipelago.

Libya, Gaddafi takes over control of Al Jazeera journalist killed in ambush

The power in Libya back more and more clearly in the hands of Muammar Gaddafi. The Rais rinconquista Brega, a major oil port in Eastern Libya, 250 km from Benghazi, forcing the rebels to flee after new bombings of the scheme on the outskirts of the city. The Libyan television channel reported that the colonel of the militia have "cleaned up the city from the armed gangs" and a reporter from Agence France Presse noted that the rebels were retreating, under a hail of artillery, to Ajdabiya, 80 km away.

Earthquake: Aftershocks expected to last several weeks "

This is the strongest earthquake ever recorded in Japan. Friday, March 11, an earthquake of magnitude 8.9, followed by numerous and significant aftershocks hit north-east, triggering a tsunami with waves reaching ten meters, and causing hundreds of deaths and many missing. Jerome Vergne, a seismologist at the Institute de Physique du Globe de Strasbourg, decrypts this phenomenon.

Japan suffers from numerous and strong earthquakes. This country is indeed on the edge of two tectonic plates. At this point, the Pacific plate slides to the west and plunges under the North American plate, which includes part of Eurasia at a rate of almost 9 centimeters per year. This subduction does not occur continuously but jerky, each saccade is reflected by an earthquake.

After the massacre of settlers in Itamar way to another 500 homes in West Bank

JERUSALEM - The permission to build 500 new housing units in the West Bank is a first reaction to the Israeli government's brutal killing of five family members Fogel, in the settlement of Itamar in the West Bank, during the night between Friday and Saturday. The approval of new construction projects came last night after an extraordinary meeting of the special inter-ministerial committee for settlement policy.

Manifest eight thousand journalists against Erdogan policy

.- About 20 000 health workers and six thousand and eight thousand journalists said today in Ankara and Istanbul against the policies of the moderate Islamist government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the arrest of more than 68 colleagues. In the largest protest of the press in recent years, thousands of reporters marched down Istanbul's Istiklal Avenue to the central Taksim Square to demand the release of 68 journalists imprisoned in Turkey in recent weeks.

A Jalisco gelatin was''buildings''

Japheth Rabago is one of many Mexicans living in Japan. He fell in love and married a Japanese girl who "took him" five years ago the nation Japan, where he works as a waiter in a Mexican restaurant. At 23:46 Thursday night (Mexico time), ie 2:46 in Tokyo, was a five-degree earthquake Richter scale. Japheth was the capital of Japan and soon learn that in other parts of the country, the tremor was higher and left disaster and death, including a tsunami.

Libya launches wave of arrests of demonstrators

.- Libyan security forces have launched a wave of arbitrary arrests and "disappearances" in the capital to quell protests against the ruling regime of Moammar Gadhafi, said Sunday the organization Human Rights Watch. The group based in New York said that evidence collected from residents of Tripoli on scores of people were detained if they helped to organize or take part in the protests, or suspected of talking to foreign media.

United States, the State may spy on the Twitter account of the supporters of Wikileaks

A federal judge in the court of the Eastern District of Virginia granted the prosecutor access to some Twitter accounts for the Wikileaks case, including e-mail addresses of Internet users and all related information. It 'happened Friday, when Judge Theresa Buchanan rejected the arguments raised by the American Civil Liberties (ACLU), by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and by some private lawyers representing the owners of the Twitter account.

The pro-Gaddafi take Zaouïa and continue their advance towards the east

Forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi continued their advance Friday, March 11, towards the eastern Gulf of Sirte. On the coastal road linking the main cities, aviation loyalist continued all day to pound rebel positions. The intense bombardment that hit Lanouf Ras blocked the progression of the insurgents left Benghazi to conquer the coastal cities to Tripoli.

Last Saturday, the rebels had advanced to Ben Jawad, a town a few dozen miles west of Ras Lanuf, but had been expelled the next day by pro-Gaddafi, whose strikes have steadily rapidly since. On the humanitarian front, Ras Lanuf, doctors called the International Red Cross for help. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) said on its side to negotiate with the Libyan authorities to send a humanitarian mission in Libya, where thousands of immigrants awaiting repatriation.

Gaddafi is advancing, the rebels on the run "We cleaned Brega"

TRIPOLI - The opposition guerrillas are losing ground in the ongoing civil war in Cyrenaica against the regular forces and militia in the pay of Gaddafi. Dozens of rebels are fighting in retreat after heavy bombardments of the new regime at the gates of Brega, a major oil port in Eastern Libya, about 250 km west of Benghazi.

State TV has announced that "Brega has been cleaned up" by rebel forces. And now working toward Benghazi Libyan armed forces to "liberate the people hostage to terrorists" after the victorious offensive of the last hours to the east. The spokesman said the army loyal to Qadhafi Minad Hussein, meeting with reporters in Tripoli.

Police target protesters in Yemen

The Yemen security forces attacked with tear gas and shooting thousands of protesters who had camped one month in the central square of the capital, Sanaa. Five demonstrators were killed - two in Sana'a, Aden and two in a 12 years in Mukalla - and hundreds were injured in demonstrations against the regime of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, said a local authority.

The television broadcast images of protesters hit by tear gas lying in the square, the axis of opposition protests demanding the resignation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh. The president, U.S. ally in the fight against terrorism, has 32 years in power. Salé had pledged in a speech last Thursday to "continue to protect" the protesters were in favor or against his regime.

With all its fury, earthquake marks the history of Japan

For more than two minutes seemed endless terrifying, an earthquake shook Japan. The strongest earthquake in history shook houses and buildings, cracked roads and disturbed even those who have learned to live with skyscrapers swaying. Then came a devastating tsunami that hit the Northeast of the country and killed hundreds of people.

Even in a country accustomed to earthquakes, the disaster was shocking. The quake of 8.9 magnitude on the Richter scale was the first big blow of a series of powerful aftershocks have left more than a thousand dead and missing until the end of this year and according to police. An assessment of the overall economic fallout was impossible in the hours after the quake, the strongest that has shaken the region in nearly a thousand 200 years.

Arab world to date

Thousands of people demonstrated against the regime within walking distance of a residence of King Hamad bin Issa Al Khalifa, near Manama. Tens of thousands of protesters in Bahrain loudly demanded political freedoms and the resignation of King days after security forces violently repressed a similar protest.

But this time there are repeated scenes of violence on Friday when police fired rubber bullets and tear gas against protesters to remove them from another palace in a skirmish that left dozens wounded, witnesses said. Forces Algerian riot police prevented a new event organized by the opposition party Rally for Culture and Democracy (RCD) to request a change of regime.

Japan, NHK public television: "10 thousand dead in Miyagi prefecture"

Japan faces at this moment the most serious crisis since the Second World War. He said the prime minister, Naoto Kan, at a press conference. Naoto Kan has appealed to citizens because it gives rise to a "new Japan". The death toll is constantly updated. "More than 10 thousand estimated dead in Miyagi prefecture, one of the hardest hit by the earthquake-tsunami on Friday.

The public television reported, the NHK, citing police sources. The figures provided by official count, however, are much more cautious about the Japanese police for more than 3 thousand people dead and missing from the earthquake that devastated the northeast Friday in Japan. Also announced new aftershocks in the coming days with new tsunami warning, according to the Japanese Meteorological Agency.

"Sarkozy seems to want to kill Gaddafi alone"

"French President Nicolas Sarkozy is running amok," Thorsten Knuf concerned, in the Berliner Zeitung, after his repeated calls for a military response to the war in Libya and in particular to targeted strikes. "It seems that Sarkozy wants to overthrow the Libyan dictator alone. A few months ago, he would willingly have sold nuclear power plants.

Now, Sarkozy is leading the hunt anti-Gaddafi. A struggle between man and man," quipped the German journalist. In the Libyan case, Nicolas Sarkozy has in effect become the "leader reported going into the war," added the editorial Swiss daily Le Temps. On the eve of the extraordinary EU summit European Union, which opened Friday, March 11, Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister, David Cameron, sent a letter with Twenty-Seven proposing, among other things, the introduction of a no-fly zone mandated by the Security Council of UN.

The teacher order: all in a row without losing control of the Apocalypse

They had waited for 15 years, Tomoaki and his wife Yukiko, that child and the clock continues to advance. When, in October, Yukiko Kubota had seen in a positive pregnancy test done at home had fainted. How could they imagine that many other threats were about to move against their dream? As soon as the tremors subsided, Tomoaki ran to join his wife.

"There was no public transport, traffic was blocked, neutral human walking in all directions and I could not communicate with Yukiko." He walked for three hours, to the palace where he worked, his wife, clinging to a blanket. He saw that the building was still standing. He climbed the stairs to the eighth floor of course, tried his wife was not.

Egypt legalize political groups repressed by Mubarak

.- The military junta that took power in Egypt will lift restrictions on political groups banned and suppressed during the regime of Hosni Mubarak, including the Muslim Brotherhood to form his own party. According to the Egyptian news agency Mena said, citing military officials, the restrictions will be lifted after the constitutional referendum of March 19, so that different groups will end three decades in hiding.

Tapatías units shipped to 25 ground rescuers to Japan

Compatriots in Japanese territory and Guadalajara in rescue mission took part in the eventful day phenomenon caused by the quake. Mexican Ambassador Miguel Ruiz-Cabañas reported that 500 thousand Mexicans are found in Japan, of these, 60 are located in the Tohoku area, the most affected by the earthquake of 8.9 degrees and the tsunami in Japan, but until press time only two of them had been located, the rest is unknown situation.

Arab League adopted no-fly zone in Libya

Muammar Gadhafi forces again shelled the positions of the Libyan uprising, while the Arab League urged the United Nations Organization (UN) to establish a no-fly zone and stated that the Libyan regime has lost its "legitimacy." United States "welcomed" the call of the Arab League and stressed that the international community was "united" in its demand the cessation of violence in Libya.

The Arab League meeting in Cairo, said the Libyan regime had "lost its legitimacy" due to the repression of his people, who killed hundreds of people and the flight of more than 250 thousand people. Therefore requested that the Security Council authorized the UN to create a no-fly zone to protect the people of Libya and also decided to "cooperate" with the National Transitional Council (CNT), founded by the opposition in Benghazi.

What can we faredi front of the tsunami

He feels deep sadness for the terrible earthquake that struck the Pacific, our thoughts turn to the Japanese, the people involved in so many lands and all living beings. When disasters like this happen, one of the key things to remember is that we always have the choice to work with honesty and generosity rather than fear.

We can choose to face any natural disaster in the great united and renewed mission to build and rebuild a sustainable world for all. No matter what your religion or your work, or your economic status. The important thing is that you choose to change the world in spite of what often seem insurmountable.

Japan: "The wave advance inexorably"

The terrible season of major risks

The Japanese giant catastrophe reminds us that we have entered more than two decades in the era of large risks. Of all kinds: first of all geological and climate, the age of melting glaciers, majestic volcanoes, earthquakes of high magnitude and tsunamis, the tsunami, the tsunami. The clash between the continental shelves and the resulting ruins, the victims, hundreds of thousands homeless.

It seems that the deep forces of the earth are all together and are awakened by sending air balance achieved for centuries and millennia endangering the survival of many species of plants and animals. It seems that the gods have withdrawn beyond the atmosphere surrounding the planet in distant galaxies beyond space and over time.

The Quartet condemns 'unjustified' attack in Itamar

.- The Middle East Quartet strongly condemned the "wanton" killing of five Israelis in the Jewish settlement of Itamar, near Nablus in the northern occupied Palestinian West Bank territory. In a statement issued today in New York, the Quartet, consisting of U.S., EU, UN and Russia, "condemns in the strongest possible terms today's violent murder of five members of an Israeli family, including three children, in the West Bank "offered his condolences to the loved ones of the victims and the Israelis, and added that" attacks against civilians are unacceptable under any circumstances.

Nuclear alert in Japan quake

In addition to hundreds of deaths caused by the earthquake and tsunami, the Japanese authorities are concerned about the damage to five reactors in Fukushima nuclear power plants 1 and 2, so they declared an emergency. Radiation to the central control unit 1 reactor nuclear plant in Fukushima 1 increased about a thousand times above normal after the powerful earthquake, so that improved security measures.

Germany says it has support for caution in Libya

.- The German Foreign Minister, Guido Westerwelle, said today that Germany has majority support among the community partners in its cautious stance with regard to international military action in Libya. "Many countries, not only Germany, are very cautious about military intervention," the minister told reporters after the informal meeting of foreign ministers of the European Union (EU) in Gödöllö, near Budapest "We should not recklessly threaten military intervention, but seek for freedom, peace and democracy, not only Libya but throughout the region, "said Westerwelle, referring to the French proposal to initiate military action under certain conditions to support of rebellion.

Portuguese tens of thousands demonstrate against the precariousness of the largest concentration outside parties

Tens of thousands of people, mostly young, left yesterday to the streets to protest peacefully against the "precarious" in Lisbon, Oporto and other Portuguese cities, in the largest demonstration to be held in this county outside parties and unions from the revolution of April 25, 1974. Organizers say 300,000 people in Lisbon only responded to the call of the self-à Geração scratch (Generation in trouble), conducted through Facebook by a small group of young people is a little over a month.

C-Day in London: "For a new Italy no longer a slave of the powers"

The C-Day was named today to rally in London as the capital of many Italians who have gathered in front of Downing Street to make their voices heard. Under a warm sun of March in London, the protesters arrived in front of the residence of Prime Minister David Cameron, armed with placards, banners and megaphones.

One of them reads: "Wanted chairman of honest, decent, respectful of the Constitution. Refrain mythomaniac, sessodipendenti, collude and blackmailed. " About 150 people attended the sit-in organized by the people in the capital London Viola, the group's former star foreign detachment of several public events in recent months.

Portfolio Sound - Tour "tour" of Tripoli

Among the ghosts the country eaten by the wave of Sendai

SENDAI - Now the ocean is back in its place. But after yesterday has moved to the ground, the survivors of Miyagi Oki, the great shock that sweeps the prefecture every 40 years, no longer recognize the bay of Matsushima. Natori on the beach of the fishing village in the valley of Sendai, regurgitated the 273 bodies from the sand during the retreat of the monster were taken away at dawn.

There are still traces of the remains, etched in the dirt, mold as a children's game. The epicenter of the tsunami is now deserted, silent and motionless, enveloped by the smoke of dozens of boats adrift in the sea still burn, like torches in a ritual of souls. But it is all over the Northeast of Japan, thirty hours after the most violent earthquake of the century, to appear before people as a new and unfamiliar land.

Two dead and scores injured in Yemen

.- At least two people were killed and dozens wounded in clashes between security forces and demonstrators in several cities of Yemen, during another day of protests against the regime of Ali Abdullah Saleh. The major incident occurred in the capital, where earlier today the police tried to evict thousands of protesters for several weeks are camped outside the University of Sana'a.

According to Efe could check, the officers used smoke canisters and fired in the air to disperse the demonstrators, forcing them to raise the tents that were installed on a street near the University, after the neighbors protested this camping . There, one protester was shot dead in a clash between protesters and residents of this area, according to eyewitnesses told Efe.

Confirm nuclear plant explosion

The Chief of Cabinet Secretariat of Japan, Yukio Edan, confirmed that there was an explosion and radiation leak at the nuclear plant in Fukushima of the firm Tokyo Electric Power Co's (TEPCO). "We are analyzing the cause and the situation and make this age when we have more information, "Edan said. "At the moment, we believe that an evacuation of 10 km (radius) is appropriate," he added.

Earlier in the day, Japan warned of a meltdown in the reactor that was damaged when a powerful earthquake and tsunami rocked the northeastern coast, but said the risk of escape of radiation containment systems was small. Edan also said that Japan had extended the evacuation area around the nuclear plant in Fukushima.

The EU needs to evaluate the effects of sanctions on Libya

.- The European Union needs to evaluate the effectiveness of sanctions on Libya before deciding further action, said Saturday the head of the bloc's foreign policy, Catherine Ashton. Ashton also said before an informal meeting of EU foreign ministers to travel from Budapest to Cairo to discuss Arab League on Libya.

When asked about whether the EU was seeking to impose more sanctions on Libya, including measures to vital sector of oil and gas, Ashton said: "As you know, we have taken action not only against people but against what we call entities" he said. "And with all the sanctions is really important that we continue to analyze how effective they are and if there is more we can do.

China enacts the 'civil death' of the Nobel Peace Prize

When the Nobel committee awarded the Peace Award 2010 to jailed Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo, his wife, Liu Xia, was totally surprised. He thought that he had exerted diplomatic pressure the Beijing government to prevent her husband from receiving the prize was so strong that they would bear fruit. Not so.

The Norwegian committee resisted and Xia Liu October 8 savored that one of the sweetest moments of his life after years of fear, threats and forced separation from her husband. That same weekend, the police accompanied him to visit him in prison in Jinzhou (Liaoning Province), where her husband is serving 11 years for inciting subversion of state power.

Use in Wisconsin a law against public employees dirittidei

NEW YORK - Protesters invade the halls of parliament in Madison. Some are dragged out. The police barred the doors. The legislators, who were shut out, in a rather daring, coming from the window. What happens in Wisconsin, was passed by the Democrats to the Republicans in November? Why so much anger on the part of public employees? It happens that, after weeks of bitter debates and massive demonstrations, a law was passed limiting the rights of public workers' unions (the so-called union).

Images of Japanese earthquake

Fukushima, evacuations and nuclear nightmare is contaminated

TOKYO - Perhaps in order not to alarm the Japanese authorities do not have much information about the incident at the nuclear plant in Fukushima. In the Italian night, the situation back under control seems to - as confirmed by the International Atomic Energy Agency - the first while they are contaminated.

Three are chosen to sample between the 90 patients evacuated to a hospital, five kilometers from the central place. The authorities ordered the expulsion of 140 000 people living within a radius of twenty kilometers from the plant, a measure "purely precautionary," said the Agency for Nuclear and Industrial Safety in Japan.