Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fukushima plant decontamination water stopped five hours after its commissioning

The plant decontamination of radioactive water built at the Fukushima nuclear power plant  was arrested five hours after its inception, because of excessive levels of radiation, said the Saturday, June 18 operator of the plant. Parts of the system that absorb radioactive cesium must be changed much sooner than expected because of excessive levels of radiation, officials said Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO).

French court opens an investigation against Ben Ali and Mubarak

The Paris prosecutor's office announced Friday, June 17, he had opened two criminal investigations against  MM. Ben Ali and Mubarak. The two judicial inquiries were opened on June 14, said the prosecutor.

Saudi women get behind the wheel

Many Saudi women drove a car Friday, June 17 in response to a call by activists to challenge the ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia. Several postings on social networking testified.

United Airlines planes grounded by computer failure

All the U.S. airline United Airlines planes, on Friday night, grounded  due to a computer failure. "At about 19 h 15, Chicago time, United Airlines had a computer crash that interrupted the departure of flights with the shipments at airports and reservation systems," said a spokesman.

Angelina Jolie Visits Syrian Refugees

Actress Angelina Jolie was briefed on the situation of Syrian refugees in Turkey. The UN special ambassador had boxes of toys here. In the camps the situation is more tense: Some people have begun a hunger strike. Altinözü - She came in a private plane, and with boxes full of toys.

Suppression of protests in Syria leaves over 20 dead

At least 22 protesters were killed by gunfire from security forces of Syria, another day of massive protests against the government of President Bashar al-Assad in the country. According to the local coordinating committee, a group that coordinates and documents the demonstrations, repression on Friday claimed ten lives in the southern village of Deal, nine in the central city of Homs, two in the capital's suburb Harasta, and a more in the northern Aleppo.

Israel is determined to use force against the upcoming Gaza flotilla

Less than two weeks before the start of a new flotilla to Gaza, the determination of Israeli military officials is flawless: no boats will be allowed to break the naval blockade imposed by the Jewish state in order to reach the territory controlled by the Islamist movement Hamas.

Israel does not intend to make an excessive use of force, but if his soldiers "face violence" of some passengers, "they respond", which means there is likely to be injured and perhaps killed.

UN Human Rights Council has condemned discrimination based on sexual orientation

The UN Human Rights Council has condemned, for the first time, discrimination based on sexual orientation. By resolution, the body strengthens the rights of gays and lesbians. Opposition came mainly from African and Arab states. It is a step toward equality for gays and lesbians: The UN Human Rights Council on Friday demanded in a resolution independent equal rights for all people of their sexual orientation.

Morocco is entering a new era

Morocco will not longer be a quasi-absolute monarchy, although in practice not as authoritarian, but also will become a European-style parliamentary monarchy. You'll be halfway there. King Mohamed VI, 47, delivered a speech tonight in which he presented the new Constitution, which provides a cut of his powers and an increase in the Government and Parliament.

Specifically, the king must choose the prime minister, to be named Prime Minister, within the parliamentary majority. This will now appoint the ministers, senior officials, directors of public companies and ambassadors, although some of these positions require the approval of the sovereign.