Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Clinton after the League

Hillary Clinton is playing in the dark and emotional event for the Pakistan office of uncertainty for the Italian event. The problem with the Italian event, the U.S. secretary of state, is that apparently is just easier to understand, clarify, organize, and tell. There's less drama, but Clinton quickly realized that there was something inexplicable, as in religions and traditions unknown.

What was discussed for a whole day, to end clashes with the world, the Italian Parliament, sharing not only between majority and opposition, but also within each discrete part and ferocity? The fact care about Clinton, because he will also make a report that one day Wikileaks spread around the world.

Bin Laden lived in Pakistan for 7 years

Nearly a week after the death of Osama Bin Laden during an attack by U.S. forces on his home in Abbottabad in Pakistan, new elements appear, gradually drawing the path taken by the leader of al-Qaida since fleeing Afghanistan. According to the testimony of several people present in Abbottabad, including women of bin Laden, the most wanted man in the world could have lived more than seven years in Pakistan before his death.

Syrian troops enter residential areas to curb protests

.- Syrian troops supported by armored vehicles entered today in residential areas in the city of Homs and other localities in the south as part of its campaign to stop the protests against the regime of Bashar Al Assad. The soldiers broke this morning in two districts of Homs, in the first raid on residential areas of the third largest city in Syria, denounced human rights activists.

After the entry of the military machine gun fire were heard and bombs in the city, home to one million people, according to witnesses quoted by Arab media. Syrian troops and eight tanks also entered the southern city of Tafas, near Dara, where the protests originated in the middle of last March to demand democratic reforms.

Cairo, clashes between Muslims and Christians At least 12 dead and 230 injured

The tension rises again in Egypt. Salafist groups and Copts clashed last night in Cairo waging a real battle around a Christian church, according to medical sources, left 12 dead on the ground and over 230 wounded. The army announced that 190 people were arrested and will be tried in military courts.

New clashes between extremist Muslims and Coptic Christians erupted again today, causing five others wounded. The authors of the violent scontriscoppiati overnight in Cairo are a "criminal minority" immediately and will be judged and condemned "with the more severe penalties," said Egyptian Minister of Justice, Abdel Aziz El Ghenzy.

After bin Laden, the United States are intensifying their hunt for Al Qaeda in Yemen

After shooting Osama bin Laden, the U.S. wants to continue to hunt down leaders of Al Qaeda, particularly in Yemen. Several U.S. media reported on Saturday May 7, the firing of missiles from drones, made Thursday in southern Yemen, were intended to destroy the radical imam Anwar Al-Aulaqi, a senior Islamist group.

The attack was not a success, according to members of the Obama administration cited anonymously by CNN and The New York Times, since Al-Aulaqi, an imam of U.S. origin, is still alive. Two members of Al Qaeda would still have been killed by firing drone, the first attack claimed by the United States on Yemeni soil for almost a year.

One protester killed in clashes in southern Yemen

.- A Yemeni protester was killed and four others wounded in clashes with police during a protest in the southern city of Taiz, medics said. Hamud Aqlan The doctor, who works in a field hospital set up by the opposition, told Efe that the victims were shot by officers against demonstrators. The police fired into the air and used tear gas to break up a concentration of about two thousand people calling for the resignation of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, in the center of Taiz, 250 miles southwest of Sanaa.

Mexico anti-war cries

Following in the footsteps of a poet who lost his son, a mother seeking justice for her baby two years ago burned in the flames of a nursery or a grandparent who does not understand why the military strafed last week to her grandson a crossroads, Mexico, yesterday cried in silence against war, against impunity and corruption policy.

Since the end of 2006, Felipe Calderon became president of the Republic, more than 40,000 people have been killed in violence, but it was not until now that the country's streets are filled with people who, as Mexico have expressed their weariness: "No more blood. We're up to the mother." Javier has been the Sicilian poet who has managed to channel all this accumulated pain.

Libya, La Russa: "There are no weapons to the rebels" Raid NATO, after hearing loud explosions in Tripoli

The Ministry of Defence is not aware "of the supply of arms by the rebels announced yesterday Italian Libyans. "I do not know that Italy has given or intends to make weapons - said today the Minister Ignazio La Russa - if not defensive tools such as trucks and things like that." The denial follows the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who recalled that Italy provide "self-defense" in the Doha agreements within the framework of Resolution 1973, but no material of attack.

25 dead after a plane crash in Indonesia

Twenty-five people were killed Saturday, May 7, in the crash of a commuter plane that crashed in Indonesia at sea in the remote province of Papua. The aircraft, a turbo-propeller-type MA-60 Chinese-made, "plunged into the sea about 500 meters from the runway when it was landing phase" at the airport in Kaimana, said the Indonesian Ministry of Transport.

The aircraft of the Indonesian airline Merpati Nusantara, who was flying to Sorong, a town in the northern province, has "exploded" and disintegrated into numerous pieces by touching the water. "All passengers are dead" and "15 bodies were found in the water," added the authorities, citing "bad weather and low visibility." Due to a high number of accidents, the European Union had placed in July 2007 on its "blacklist" all 51 Indonesian airlines, forbidding them to put their planes in the 27 EU countries.

Prison fight in Baghdad kills at least 18 dead

.- At least 18 people were killed Sunday in clashes between security officers and inmates in a complex prisoner of the Interior Ministry in Baghdad, security sources said. Among the dead was a commander of Al Qaeda known as "the emir of Baghdad", who planned an attack on a Catholic church in October that killed more than 50 people, said Gen.

Qassim al-Moussawi, spokesman for Baghdad security . The skirmish in the anti-terrorist unit in the district of Karrada in Baghdad, began when an inmate stole a gun from a guard, killing several officers and Interior Ministry officials, and handed the weapon to other inmates, said Musawi .

At least 12 dead and 186 wounded in sectarian clashes in Cairo

At least 12 people have died and over 180 injured, 11 of them very serious, a new night armed clashes between Christians and Muslims in Egypt. In the district of Imbaba, Cairo, calm was slowly returning fire while the embers of the Church of Mar Mina still smoldered after that during last night a group of the Salafi Muslims attacked Christians in believing that there remained locked a Coptic conversion to Islam.

Baghdad prison riot antiterrorismoUccisi 11 suspected al-Qaeda agents and 7

At least eleven detainees and seven agents. And 'that the death toll of the uprising broke out yesterday in a Baghdad prison, managed by the Unit for Combating Terrorism of the Iraqi Interior Ministry, and lasted six hours. The detainees were all dead nell'ammutinamento suspected of belonging to al Qaeda.

According to preliminary reports provided by general security spokesman, Qassim al-Moussawi, the fighting would start during the interrogation Huthaifa extremist al-Batawi, known as the "emir of Baghdad '. The agents wanted to find out details of any preparations for attacks to avenge the death of Osama Bin Laden.

Blog - Syria: Deraa tanks leave ... to go to Baniyas

Dies in clash with security forces in Iraq leader of Al Qaeda

A leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq was killed today during a standoff of several hours with Iraqi police and soldiers also died in an army officer near Kirkuk, 250 kilometers north of Baghdad, police said. The sources explained that the Army and the Police received information about where the leader was sheltering Al Qaeda, identified as Ali Abdullah Hazem, in the center of the city of Al Huwaiya, 50 miles southwest of Kirkuk.

Increased to 10 killed in clashes in Egyptian church

.- The death toll from sectarian strife because of an alleged conversion of an Egyptian Christian woman to Islam on Sunday rose to 10, while the prime minister called for an emergency cabinet meeting to discuss the violence. Witnesses said about 500 known as the Salafist Islamist conservatives gathered Saturday outside the Church of St.

Menas in the Imbaba neighborhood of Cairo demanding that Christians surrender to the woman who said she had converted to Islam. Tensions rose, shots were fired and both sides hurled petrol bombs and stones. Soldiers and police went to church, fired in the air and used tear gas to separate them, witnesses said.

Tnez curfew after several days of rioting in the capital

The Tunisian Government to reinstate a curfew in the capital, which had been lifted on February 15, from nine pm to five am, announced in a joint statement last night the ministries of Interior and Defense. With this action seeking to end "violence and looting" that took place from Thursday on the outskirts of the capital, especially in the neighborhood of Ethadamen where some shops were looted and burned several vehicles.

The U.S. broadcast video of Osama bin Laden

The United States have published five of the seized video to Abbotabad. In one of them while Bin Laden is clearly visible, with a remote in his hand and looked at a video of himself in which he appears much younger. In the film we see an 'old' Bin Laden, sitting on the ground, his white beard, a blanket over his shoulders and a wool cap on his head, while the remote control in hand sliding images of a 'young' Bin Laden, the beard still black, while down from a mountain path.

Obama paid tribute to the squad that killed bin Laden

To close what he described as "historic week," President Barack Obama has decorated Friday, May 6, members of the commando that killed Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan. On the military base of Fort Campbell, Kentucky, Mr. Obama and his Vice President Joe Biden paid tribute to soldiers who participated in the mission, saying they had "decapitated al-Qaida." "It was a chance for me to say on behalf of all Americans and all peoples throughout the world, good job.

In Syria, the army steps in Banias

.- At least six people were killed Saturday in the coastal city of Banias (northwest), one focus of the protest taken by the army, while the opposition proposed the holding of free elections in six months to end to the crisis. Four women who demanded the release of detainees at the entrance of the city were killed by gunfire from security forces, according to a human rights activist.

Initially, three protesters were reported killed. Also, two people were killed, said an official of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The army opened fire at the end of the day in several districts of the city, according to human rights activists. These are the neighborhoods of the Corniche, at the southern entrance, in the souk and the bridges and Ras Marqb nabe.

The rain caused the plane crash in Indonesia

A plane with 27 people aboard crashed into the sea off the coast of Indonesia's Papua province in the east of the archipelago, with no survivors. The state-owned plane crashed into the sea Merpati half a kilometer from Papuan of Kaimana airport when its landing approach to land amid the rain. According to the spokesman of the civil aviation department, Bambang Ervan, model aircraft in the Xian MA-60 carrying six crew and 21 passengers, among them a child and two babies.

Gadhafi troops continued their offensive on all fronts in Libya

.- The troops of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi to, today continued its offensive on all fronts in the war in Libya, according to the Qatari television network Al Jazeera, while NATO bombed several targets in different parts of the country. The regime's forces on Saturday launched an attack against the city of Yalu, in the desert south of Libya, whose control is disputed for several days the rebels and troops of Gadhafi, said the source.

The flight of refugees from Libya migratario aggravates the drama at sea

The regime of Muammar Gaddafi used the thousands of desperate people seeking to flee the civil war in Libya as a weapon against Europe. In the last week, the increased flow of migrants trying to reach Italian shores has become a tragedy, the sinking of a boat yesterday with 600 people on board near Tripoli.

This morning, we have experienced dramatic moments thrown in the water the 500 immigrants who arrived in Lampedusa in another vessel, including many women and children, but have finally been rescued. The barge has arrived in the port of the Italian island about four in the morning, guided by three members of the Guardia di Finanza who had come on board.

Osama, the Pentangono disseminate video den of Abbottabad

Pakistan, the refuge of Osama Bin Laden, the Pentagon announced: "The one found in the hideout of Abbotabad is the largest video archive of Osama." So closely around the White House gives green light to the diffusion of five videos depicting the prince of terror in his hideout north of Islamabad in Pakistan.

The video, then. Osama bin Laden appears in the first act of his own to watch a movie on TV, as if in preparation for a new message. He anticipated the ABC. U.S. analysts believe "very interesting" the video in which Bin Laden "look at themselves" on TV, why do not exclude that the leader of Al Qaeda was working on a new message to spread terror in the near future.

Syria: the army wants to stifle dissent in Baniyas

In the aftermath of a massive day of mobilization against the government of Bashar al-Assad, during which 26 people were killed across the country by militants of Human Rights, the Syrian government tried to neutralize the force some pockets of resistance. In the sights of the army, the city of Baniyas, one of the epicenters of the protest in the north-west, circled for over a week by the military.

The coffee is also no parking for the police

London. A police van parked with flashing lights lit in blue stripes reserved for the bus stop. The fact attracts the attention of passers-by who think in an emergency, a call to 999 (our 113). But no car chases or excitement. Only one of the two agents descend slowly from the car and goes at a slow pace towards a Costa coffee, and then return without rushing toward the van carrying two coffees in hand.

In Hainan, the western luxury woos Chinese millionaires

Looking for the new Mille Italy

No need to be "patriotic" to feel the absence of their country? First, how do we know what must be "home"? For me, the home may well be an imaginary pantheon, made with the faces of all the teachers who most influenced me: by Montanelli to Pasolini, from Good to Patience, etc. It could be home, yet, the galaxy of friends worried that Italy still have questions.

Or the many "liberated areas" scattered here and there, of people "satisfied" that experiments new forms of consumer research and "stand together". These are the "homelands" that here I chased and even here in London, where possible, re-created. What made me most sad in Naples and Milan were kids my age: apathetic, arrogant, conceited.

The EU is willing to punish 14 members of the Syrian regime

The twenty-seven European states have agreed, Friday, May 6, punish 14 members of the Syrian regime, excluding the immediate President Bashar Al-Assad. These sanctions would include a freeze on assets and visa bans against those leaders. The principle of an embargo on arms and equipment of repression is also acquired.

The agreement reached by the ambassadors of Twenty-Seven in Brussels has yet to be formally endorsed by governments and opens the way for entry into force of an initial package of sanctions against the Syrian regime by Tuesday, has said a European diplomat. But the bloc also agreed to "work without delay to additional restrictive measures for those responsible for violent repression against civilians, and particularly to examine the full inclusion on the list of the highest level Syrian leadership "said one diplomat.

Correa revolution moves forward with its citizens in Ecuador

President Rafael Correa assumed the victory of their proposals in the referendum to be held in Ecuador. It is the third in his few more than four years in office and reinforces in power. The consultation proposes a major judicial reform that will allow the Executive to have more control over the system, and the creation of a monitoring body for the press will also be useful to the government to limit freedom of expression.

Libya, the rebels' weapons from Italy soon. " Saddam bombed the oil deposits in Misurata

Very soon the rebels receive weapons from Italy. To fight against forces loyal to Gaddafi. The sources said the National Transitional Council: Vice-President Abdel Hafiz Cnt Ghoga said military representatives of the insurgents were in Italy and have reached a supply agreement with Italian leaders. But the news was denied by the foreign ministry sources, who remember that Italy provides "self-defense" in the Doha agreements within the framework of Resolution 1973, but no material of attack.

USA: hiring is accelerating, but unemployment rises

Hiring has accelerated in the United States in April, but this has not prevented the unemployment rate rise after four months of declines. The U.S. economy created 244,000 net new jobs in seasonally adjusted data that month, or 10.4% more than in March, said the monthly report on employment in the Department of Labor, published Friday 6 May in Washington.

It's the largest increase in employment since May 2009. Contrary to what happened then, where the bulk of the increase was caused by temporary hires in the public sector, it is the result of good dynamic private sector. The increase in hiring has been particularly strong in the manufacturing sector (32%).