Saturday, April 16, 2011

Supreme Court ordered the dissolution of the party of Mubarak

.- The Supreme Administrative Court of Cairo on Wednesday ordered the dissolution of the National Democratic Party, led by former President Hosni Mubarak, who stepped down last February 11 under pressure from a popular uprising that broke out 18 days earlier. The National Democratic Party (NDP) was established in 1977 and led by then president Anwar al-Sadat, which this year enacted a law to allow formation of political groupings in the country, banned since January 1953, a year after the triumph of coup led by Gamal Abdel Nasser.

Bombing in Afghanistan, ISAF forces killed five soldiers and four Afghans

There are ten victims of a suicide attack in front of a joint military base in eastern Afghan-international. Besides the suicide bomber, were killed in 'explosion four Afghan soldiers and five in the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF, under NATO command). There are eight wounded, all Afghan soldiers.

Previously, hospital sources had reported the deaths of four people in a suicide bombing against a military base in the Afghan eastern province of Laghman. Action claiming the Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid had said that it had produced a budget of "three American soldiers killed and two wounded." The foreign troops killed in Afghanistan since the beginning of the year rose to 128 and 20 from April 1, 2011.

The Finns, steadfast supporters of nuclear

Olkiluoto, Special Envoy - A swarm of workmen busy 4000 on site OL3, the third reactor at the Olkiluoto, 300 kilometers northwest of Helsinki, on a peninsula in the Sea Baltic. The roof of the plant is surrounded by cranes. The site focuses there. It should be finished this summer. Two huge buildings surround the reactor.

In each, there are three diesel generators, two that start automatically in case of problems, and one that is activated manually. And yet this is an alternative power supply among others for the EPR, built in pain by the Franco-German consortium Areva-Siemens, and accumulating four years late.

Uneventful start the presidential elections in Nigeria

.- Nigeria's presidential elections began today with no notable incidents, although less than expected participation in the early days, local media reported today. The process occurs normally, but voter turnout is less than that recorded last week in the legislative elections in much of the country, especially in the southern part (mostly Christian), home area of President, Goodluck Jonathan.

Arrigoni, the sincerity of an anti-hero

Vittorio Arrigoni talks on Youtube by contacting Roberto Saviano. For Gaza. The small Palestinian coastal strip bordering Israel and Egypt was inhabited by about one and a half million Arab region is in fact occupied. The Palestinian Authority to claim as part of the Palestinian territories of Gaza and the battle of 2007 is in the hands of Hamas.

However, Israel maintains military control of airspace, borders and territorial waters and committing systematic abuses and human rights violations against the inhabitants. Now Hamas indirectly accuses Israel of masterminding the killing of Arrigoni to intimidate activists to foreigners who have come.

Lighting - The economy of Nigeria plagued by many ills

Nigeria, one of the giants of Africa, no shortage of economic assets: the continent's second largest economy behind South Africa, it has significant natural resources, foremost among them oil, which accounts for 40% of GDP. The country is in some years the 5th largest producer in OPEC, with 2.2 to 2.4 million barrels of crude extracts every day.

It is a high quality oil - the sweet crude - much sought after for fuel production. Nigeria also has many natural resources underutilized as gas, coal, gold or bauxite, which is extracted aluminum. Its agricultural sector, which still employs about 60% of the workforce, has great potential, agricultural land is underutilized.

France does not create a need for new UN resolution on Libya

French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said today that there is "no need for a new Security Council resolution of the UN" on Libya to force the Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi to give up power. The gala's top diplomat said that "the savage repression that has had on their people, Gadhafi has lost all legitimacy," Juppe told reporters as part of a symposium on changes in the Arab world.

Therefore, the Gaul minister stressed that the United States, the European Union (EU) and the Arab League consider that "there is no need for a new Security Council resolution for the UN to accept this principle," adding that the countries participating in the intervention in Libya applied "strictly" the ordinance of the United Nations force.

Syria, thousands take to the streets The police fired teargas into the crowd

Tens of thousands of people gathered in central Damascus square Abbasiin (Abbasid) from several marches from various suburbs north of the capital. According to some sources, between 15,000 and 20,000 people would be trying to create a permanent sit-in in the square, located in the north-east of the modern city center of Damascus, where there is also the namesake stadium.

Witnesses also state that vehicles of the security forces are carrying toward the square of the Abbasids many agents in riot gear to disperse the crowd. To drive deployment of police is also joining WOULD BE agents of the security services military barracks from Kfar Suse, and the state security of the barracks in Via Baghdad.

Afghanistan: suicide bombing in Kandahar, provincial police chief killed

A suicide bomber blew himself up Friday, April 15 in the police headquarters in Kandahar, the main city in southern Afghanistan, killing the head of the provincial police, local authorities said. "A suicide bomber set off explosives he was carrying into the headquarters of the police. The police chief was killed," said a spokesman for the province.

Kandahar, the birthplace of the Taliban and one of the main strongholds of their rebellion, is regularly hit by bloody insurgent attacks to include the Afghan security forces set to take over from NATO forces across the country by the end of 2014. Six Afghan policemen had been killed last Thursday, April 7, when the Taliban attack a police complex in the same city.

Eleven people die in attack on army post in Algeria

.- Ten armed soldiers and a civilian were killed in an attack by suspected Islamist terrorists against a checkpoint of the Algerian army in the province of Tizi Ouzou in Kabylia, Efe reported local sources. The terrorist attack was perpetrated on Friday night against a checkpoint of the Algerian army in the mountain village of Azazga, in which the assailants used machine guns and explosives, triggering a shootout between two parties, according to the sources mentioned.

Cameron, immigrants and retired in Rochdale

The statements with which David Cameron, before the assembly of party delegates in Hampshire, returned yesterday to reject the multi-ethnic society alive and well right in this country that governs, not too many as it did weeks ago, have provoked strong controversy , as indeed it was very likely. Individually, however, the first answer was not the leader of the opposition Labour Ed Miliband, on the shoulders of the prime minister whose party has a responsibility to reverse years of misguided immigration policies.

Computer graphics - Suicide attack in Kandahar

Syria lift emergency rule within days

.- The announcement was confirmed by President Bashir Al Assad, who had given a deadline of April 25 to implement reforms paísEl Syrian President Bashir al Assad, insisted Friday its commitment to repeal within the emergency law set imposed in the country since 1963, and one of the main demands of the opposition.

"At best, next week will end of making laws to end the emergency law," said Al Assad who chaired the first meeting of new Syrian Government, appointed on Thursday. In late March, Syrian President created a commission with the aim of preparing a law before 25 April, which would ensure "the preservation of national security, the dignity of citizens and the fight against terrorism" and pave the way for the repeal of emergency law.

Mubarak could be sentenced to hang

The prosecution requested the transfer of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak of a civil hospital in Sharm el-Sheikh in the Sinai, one military, where it will go to jail when his condition allows. The ousted president and his two sons, Alaa and Gamal found since last Wednesday in custody for a period of 15 days as part of an investigation into the use of violence against anti-regime demonstrations in January and February, which caused about 800 dead, officials said.

In memory of a pacifist uncomfortable

I have not had the pleasure of knowing personally Vittorio Arrigoni, but his testimony was receiving from Gaza several times a day on my Facebook page. Someone wanted to silence an uncomfortable voice, because it constantly informed on the misdeeds of Israeli colonialism, guilty of massacres that the international community has so far looked good from sanction by the power of veto in the United States in the Security Council Nations United.

Libya: Misrata rammed the gates of Gaddafi Ajdabiya

Clashes and shelling continued Saturday, April 16 in Misrata, large coastal city in western Libya held by insurgents, which in eastern countries move from the strategic town Ajdabiya westward to for the NATO air raids. A Misrata, besieged for nearly two months, at least thirteen people were killed Friday in clashes between the forces of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and the rebels, and the shelling continued into the night, medical sources said.

Attacks in Libya left 22 dead and 50 injured

At least 22 people were killed and 50 wounded in attacks against forces gadhafistas Misrata and Ghnaimiya city, according to the Qatari television channel Al Jazeera. According to rebel sources quoted by Al Jazeera, the forces of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, bombed the two cities with Grad missiles, artillery and tanks.

Of these deaths, 15 were found in the town of Misrata, east of Tripoli, which for two days is subject to intense bombing. A doctor at the hospital of this city said more than 40 people were injured to varying severity and are mostly women and children. During these last hours, more than 40 people, including five Egyptian citizens, "died in Misrata, besieged by the forces loyal to the regime in Tripoli for almost two months.

Stay human, Vik

Human remains and Vittorio Arrigoni the phrase with which he signed his articles for the Manifesto and the web. And "human remains" is the only thing I can say today, in front of his barbaric murder. A death that leaves me, among many, one regret: not having met him in person, I learned about reading, in time, his writings and seeing his videos.

Vittorio was a non-violent, a full-time volunteer, one of those who did not think about his future because too busy to devote this "other". He devoted himself to the Palestinian cause. But can you imagine an Italian like that? In the Italy of those days would have been profane: "We shoot on migrants," "Mitragliamoli", and he there, side by side with the "barbarians", ready to act as his shield.

Japan: Toyota cuts production in half

Toyota will cut its production by half from May 10 to June 3 The Japanese automaker announced its decision addressing the problems faced by its suppliers since the earthquake and tsunami of 11 March. The disaster has halted the work of many suppliers in the devastated region of north-east, disrupting the activity of the world's leading manufacturer.

Between March 11 and April 8, Toyota estimates that 260,000 fewer cars than expected came out of its assembly lines. The manufacturer has also just partially restart its assembly lines, which will also run at 50% of 18 to 27 April, before stopping for the traditional spring holiday until 9 May inclusive.

Increased radioactivity in the Sea of Japan

Radiation levels increased substantially in the sea water near the damaged nuclear plant in Fukushima, a possible sign that new leaks in its facilities, the government reported Saturday. The announcement came shortly after a magnitude 5.9 earthquake shook Japan on Saturday. Earlier, the safety agency ordered the country's nuclear plant operators to update their security systems against earthquakes in order to prevent a crisis from happening again as we live in the region north of Tokyo.

Bouteflika announces reforms to electoral law

Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika announced a revision of the Constitution, Electoral Law and Law on Political Parties "for best practice of democracy in Algeria." In a nationally televised speech broadcast on public television, Bouteflika did not specify the date of these revisions, but promised to take into account all the political parties, including those not represented in Parliament.

The Salafi challenge to Hamas

Before the video on YouTube, then the denial of today, always entrusted to the Internet. But then, the kidnappers and killers of Vittorio Utopia Arrigoni lurk in the galaxy Salafi or not the Gaza Strip? And 'they are likely to be, judging from early indications coming from the Hamas authorities, even if the enemies were really a lot of Vik Arrigoni.

His blog was, in fact, the only window open on the daily suffering of the Gaza Strip population. This story posted on the website had attracted many attacks, including the web (Facebook included) keeps testimony. Therefore, if there is a hand behind the tragic death of Salafi most famous pacifist and international activist in Gaza, because right extremism of Hamas has decided to raise the bar in the clash with the authorities in power in the Gaza Strip for nearly four years? It is a question that is difficult to answer, because saying 'Salafi' in Gaza means to refer to a complex and confusing galaxy is being strengthened, especially in recent years.

Sarkozy, Obama and Cameron go beyond the UN resolution, according to Longuet

The French defense minister, Gerard Longuet, said it was "definitely" coming out of the UN resolution 1973 on Libya with the article published Friday by Barack Obama, Nicolas Sarkozy and David Cameron the international press. To the question "Is it not coming out of the UN resolution?" Mr. Longuet said: "In resolution 1973, it certainly did not refer to the future Gaddafi ".

Adopted March 17 by the Security Council with 10 votes, 5 abstentions and no votes against the resolution 1973 provides that only the establishment of a no-fly zone above the Libyan soil, and "take all necessary measures to protect people (...) and threatened to attack civilian areas." Any political aspect has been carefully avoided.

Fukushima Operator compensate affected

The Japanese government ordered the operator of the nuclear rugged Fukushima (Northeast) providing a first compensation to each family evacuated from the contaminated area. United States and France said for his part that the situation in Tokyo is no longer a danger and that tourists can return to Japan.

The operator of the nuclear rugged Fukushima, Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), will deliver an initial compensation of $ 12 000 million (140 thousand dollars) to each family was forced to leave their homes or to live locked because of radioactive emissions before fixing the total amount of financial compensation.

In Egypt, Hosni Mubarak will be transferred to military hospital

.- The ousted President Hosni Mubarak will be transferred to a military hospital until he recovers enough to face questioning in a corruption investigation, prosecutors said Friday. Little is known about the health problem that affects Mubarak, 82, who was admitted to a hospital in Sharm el-Sheik resort in the Red Sea on Tuesday after being questioned by prosecutors on corruption charges.

State media said he suffered a "heart attack", but medical sources in the hospital, and an unidentified official in the state news agency, said Friday that Mubarak was in good health. An important security source said it was likely that Mubarak was transferred to a military hospital outside Cairo in a few hours, what would be his first movement to the capital since he resigned Feb.

Killed five foreign soldiers in an attack in Afganistn

At least nine soldiers from international forces and Afghan army have been killed today in a suicide bombing at a military base in Laghman province in eastern Afghanistan. Eight other soldiers were wounded. The attack, which took place at the base of Gamberi, killing five members of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), according to a spokesman for the multilateral agency, who has avoided specifying their nationalities, a power which corresponds each country.

All appointments to remind Vittorio

"Human remains and the adage with which to sign my pieces to the poster and the blog is an invitation to remember the nature of man, I do not believe in boundaries in the barriers into the band. I believe that we all belong, regardless of the latitudes and longitudes, in the same family which is the human family.

" E 'with these words that we want to remember the pacifist Vittorio Arrigoni friend kidnapped in the Gaza Strip this night and then murdered. For this reason - following the invitation of the many friends who are turned - now we will be: - at 16:00 at the Colosseum in Rome - Milan at 16.00 in Piazza del Duomo - permanent garrison in Genoa from 10.00 in Via Roma - Bologna at 17.30 in Piazza Nettuno.

Controversy after the excavation of a 6 year old girl in an airport

Thorough body searches at airports should they involve young children? The debate was revived in the U.S. after the launch of a video on YouTube by a couple of Americans outraged by the search for their daughter age 6.

Japan says 28 workers who received high doses of radiation

Japan told the United Nations atomic agency that 28 workers were exposed to high doses of radiation during work to stabilize the troubled nuclear plant in Fukushima Daiichi. Of the 300 people on the ground shaking a month ago by an earthquake and tsunami, 28 accumulated dose above 100 mSv (mSv), said on Friday the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA, for its acronym in English), citing data Japanese authorities.

Gadhafi Misrata bomb attacks made in Spain

.- The organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) reported today that Muammar Gadhafi forces have used cluster bombs manufactured in Spain in 2007 in their attacks on residential areas Misrata, east of Tripoli city under heavy bombardment for two days. HRW warned of "grave danger" that such weapons pose to civilian populations and noted that, after investigating several fragments of the bombs, has ruled that it is MAT-120, manufactured by Spanish company Instalaza four years ago, one before Spain to underwrite the international treaty against cluster bombs, said in a statement.

Bolivia .- The demonstrators blocked several roads during protests for better pay

LA PAZ (Reuters) The ninth straight day of general strike in protest at wage increases has had starring Bolivian teachers, who have blocked several roads the day before to meet the country's president, Evo Morales, and union leadership. The cuts affect at least four of the nine departments, including La Paz, causing the first strike affecting road transport, the largest trade union challenge to Morales, according to various reports.

Volverna Allende's remains be exhumed

The remains of Chilean President Salvador Allende (1970-1973) will be exhumed in the second half of May, according to a decision issued yesterday by the judge overseeing the case, Mario Carroza. Diligence, which must be performed by the Forensic Medical Service, not a new autopsy on the corpse of the socialist leader, but is designed to try to determine the cause of his death.

Allende died on September 11, 1973 during the military coup led by Augusto Pinochet to overthrow the socialist government, and so far the most accepted version, and corroborated by witnesses, who took his life in La Moneda, which burned after being attacked by the coup by land and air. His case is among 726 complaints of human rights violations during the military dictatorship that prosecutors presented on January 26 before Judge Chariot, for situations that have never before been investigated for justice.

Arrigoni, a hero of our time

Vittorio Arrigoni was killed because he does not tolerate those who kill witnesses. But also because the spiral of madness in this world which is sliding require blood on the altar of the powerful. And 'the death of a hero of our time, which, increasingly, will need heroes. The best way to honor his memory will be to prepare to face a wave of violence that is proportional to the severity of the crisis in which the power struggle that led the planet in the storm have already begun.

Yemen: demonstrators injured by supporters of President Saleh

Several cities in Yemen are the scene of demonstrations of opposition to President Saleh Friday, April 15. Hundreds of thousands of protesters marched against the regime in Sana'a and in the cities of Aden and Taiz in the south. In Taiz, Yemen's second largest city 200 km south of Sana'a, the protesters were targeted by gunfire of armed supporters of the regime that marched, eight of them were injured.

Arrigoni and others: the blood of the peace

Human remains. It concluded with the exhortation was for weeks and weeks, his correspondence from Gaza during the operation lead time in December 2008-January 2009 in which Israel bombed Gaza. Vittorio Arrigoni was the only Italian correspondent was there, under the bombs of the war, and its daily news, published by the Manifesto, have been used by the entire mainstream of information, including televisions.

Suicide bombing at a police Indonesian

At least 17 people were injured when a man detonated a device he carried with him in the mosque of a police barracks, it was learned Wednesday. This is the most important Islamist attack in the first Muslim country in the world. The explosion occurred during Friday prayers at the mosque to the police Cirebon, small town located 200 km southeast of Jakarta.

The bomber died instantly. A witness said the bomber was "praying" in third place in the Assembly "when the explosion occurred." He was killed and "at least 17 people, mostly policemen, were injured," the spokesman said. The identity and motives of the alleged suicide bomber was not known at the beginning of the afternoon.