Sunday, January 23, 2011

Controversial Media Law: EU Commission allocates Hungary Ultimatum

In the dispute over the Hungarian Media Act sets out the EU for - in a letter to the government in Budapest. It complains EU Commissioner Kroes restrictions of balanced reporting and registration requirements are too high. Hungary are threatening legal action. Hungary two weeks ago to match time, the controversial media law applicable to European law - or threatening consequences.

Self-immolation in Tunisia: What happened before Buazizis Mohammed

With the self-immolation Buazizis Mohammed began the Tunisian revolution. Now, reporters from around the world to besiege the house of his family - and find surprising: Committed the 26-year-old desperate not for political reasons? The family is one thing in particular: that it has acted on the death of Mohammed Buazizis in no case of suicide.

"Un accident, accident!" Assert his brother and sister again in French, so that foreigners understand, yes. Mohammed was the victim of an accident, they assure their visitors. And there are many on this day in the poor house Buazizis: Now that in Tunisia, a little peace has returned, seems to be just over half the reporters gathered there from all over the world to Sidi Bouzid to have opened.

Ireland crisis: Prime Minister Cowen resigns from party chairman

 Long he had defended himself, but in the end the pressure was too great: Ireland's Prime Minister Brian Cowen shall resign as party chairman. His party maintains that a tiny chance to survive the upcoming elections in March, at least to some extent. Dublin - After weeks of resistance, the Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen gave up the post of party leaders of the ruling Fianna Fail party.

He had made the decision to resign from the party leadership of his own accord, "said Cowen in Dublin. The Prime Minister has for weeks for the management of the financial crisis in his own party in the criticism. His resignation will allow the party to elect a new chairman, with whom she's parliamentary elections on 11th could begin March "united and determined," said Cowen.

Iranian nuclear program: new talks in Istanbul

The representative of Tehran's praise the "positive atmosphere" for the new talks on the Iranian nuclear program. They do not give in anyway: When you leave uranium enrichment inside do not talk to, also would have the sanctions lifted. Istanbul - At the start of the new nuclear talks in Istanbul has made clear Tehran: Iran will not allow "no circumstances" discussion about his "fundamental rights" such as uranium enrichment.

Tunisia: Rachid Ghannouchi has announced, returning to his homeland

After 22 years in exile: The Tunisian Rachid Ghannouchi Islamist leader has announced returning to his homeland. An office he aspires to is not that he would only contribute to the "era of democracy." At the same time he made serious accusations against European politicians. Hamburg - The Exiles in London Tunisian Rachid Ghannouchi Islamist leader, 69 would very soon be returning to his homeland.

Unrest in Albania: Three people shot dead in bloody protests

In violent clashes in the Albanian capital Tirana three people were shot. Dozens of protesters and policemen were injured. The opposition had earlier protested against corruption and electoral fraud and called for the resignation of the government. Tirana - With the death of three people in the Albanian capital Tirana in Albania, the political crisis took a dramatic turn.

The three men were apparently killed during a demonstration. Local media reported that the victims were "close up" had been killed. Details are not yet known. According to official figures were also 70 policemen and about a dozen protestors injured. Thousands of people followed in the early afternoon the call of the Socialist opposition to take part in a demonstration in front of the seat of government.

"First they have stolen the vote hour firing on the unarmed crowd"

TIRANA - "They stole the election, they have stolen Albania". Edi Rama, Mayor of Tirana and the Albanian Socialist opposition leader, is frowning, his eyes still bright for what he saw Friday night in front of the seat of government, among its supporters. "Look at this video," he says. "It was shot by a serious and courageous journalist.

We clearly see the shooter and against whom." The video images of the relentless flow. You see the crowd of protesters throwing stones at the palace of the Prime Minister. Then, from the window at the ground floor you see a soldier Strap on a gun and shoots. A sniper. A man falls to the ground.

Reopened in a mosque in Tunis, a first preaches "free" and already challenged

Tunis, special correspondent - Closed for ten years, the campus mosque of Tunis, was again greeted the faithful, Friday, January 21. They are not very numerous, not more than fifty. Men, rather young. But it is a key day on Friday, the first since the fall of former President Zine El-Ali AbidineBen where prayer is free.

Here, perhaps more than anywhere else, this moment was expected. It's there in that mosque considered by the former regime as a fundamentalist home, what the big party Islamist students in the late 1980s, severely repressed. In 2001, the Shrine, located in the northern suburbs of Tunis, had been totally closed.

"The World Magazine" Sudan: hope rises to the south

Belgian Crisis: Kris Janssens, the face of citizen mobilization

Brussels Correspondent - For ten days, his movie has been accessed more than 300,000 times on You Tube. Kris Janssens, a Flemish living in Brussels, gave a face to mobilize citizen born in Belgium, following the failure of one of the umpteenth attempts to resolve the political and institutional crisis.

One morning when he heard an official of the Flemish Christian Democrat party CD & V, invite them to "think calmly" to the situation he has, he says, had a stroke. The country was already in crisis for over 200 days ... He has since recorded spontaneously and one shot, his message. "I just wanted to say what I thought, personally," said the young reporter from the Flemish radio station Radio Twee.

Algeria: despite protest failed, the opposition raises his voice

Supporters Rally for Culture and Democracy (RCD) are dispersed, Saturday, Jan. 22, after being blocked for six hours by a police cordon in front of party headquarters in Algiers, but the president of the RCD, Said Sadi, a 42 supporters deplored injured, the parliamentary leader of the RCD, Othmane Amazouz.

"There were 42 wounded, two two seriously. All were hospitalized," said Sadi, adding that "there were also many arrests" among the protesters. Clashed outside the headquarters of the training some 300 people to several dozen policemen with truncheons, tear gas and shields plexiglass. Seven policemen were also wounded, including two in serious condition, according to news agency APS.

Tunis: Police involved in demonstrations against the government

Mohamed Ghannouchi, Prime Minister's national unity government of Tunisia, has received several ministers on Saturday morning, the day after his commitment to leave politics after the next election. This promise is to soothe the anger of some of the people, furious at the presence within the new leadership of former members of the Democratic Constitutional Rally (RCD) party Zine Ben Ali, forced by Street leave the country after 23 years of unchallenged power.

After the demonstration on Friday, the hour is to invective

After the demonstration on Friday in Tirana, which killed three people, the Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha accused the opposition. The head of the opposition Socialist mayor of Tirana, Edi Rama, "wanted to mount a violent coup, imagining a scenario in Tunisia to Albania," Berisha said at the press night Friday to Saturday.

"He and those bastards Ben Ali Albanian imagined for you, citizens of Albania, the Tunisian scenario," said Berisha. "Under this scenario," said Albanian Prime Minister, people had to enter the seat of government to Parliament and to the institutions. " Berisha denounced Friday this action, he said, by "a group of smugglers, criminals and terrorists", their number amounting to "at least 200 to 300 people.

Death Penalty in the United States: The manufacturer of sodium thiopenthal stopped production

The pharmaceutical company Hospira, the only United States that made the thiopenthal, the anesthetic used in executions by lethal injection, has decided to cease production, "he said Friday in a statement. All projectors were turned to Hospira in late summer 2010 when several American states have begun to seek solutions to overcome the breakdown of national stock of thiopental.

The lab was the only one to have received approval from the U.S. Agency for the manufacture of the drug in the United States. The laboratory at the time insisted on the fact that he produced "this anesthetic for hospitals, not for capital punishment, and did not encourage its use in this type of procedure." Production was resumed in early 2011 but Hospira "withdraws from the market and thiopental does more to resume production," said the lab Friday.

The call for "reconciliation" by Jean-Claude Duvalier

Former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier was a semblance of a mea culpa. In a brief statement delivered in a weak voice in French and Creole from his home in Petionville, an enclave of the elite Haitian popular in the hills above Port-au-Prince, the former strong man of Port-au-Prince wanted to express his "deep sadness for those who recognize, rightly, to have suffered under (his) government".

Obama pushes China to pressure Pyongyang

According to the U.S. daily The New York Times, Barack Obama warned his Chinese counterpart Hu Jintao for a possible redeployment of U.S. forces in Asia to counter any possible attack from North Korea if Beijing does not put pressure on Pyongyang. The U.S. warning, "first expressed in a phone call to Mr Hu last month and repeated during a private dinner Tuesday at the White House, persuaded China to adopt a tougher vis-à-vis North Korea, "wrote the newspaper on Thursday quoted an unidentified senior U.S.

Karzai backs out to end the conflict by Parliament

.- Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Saturday abandoned its decision to postpone the opening of Parliament in a month, lawmakers said, bowing to strong domestic and international pressure to end a period of political chaos. Karzai arrived in a last-minute deal with the representatives to open the session on Wednesday, with a delay of only three days from the original date which would perform the ceremony.

The American shot and wounded elected will begin his rehabilitation in Texas

Gabrielle Giffords, Democrat elected the American wounded in the shooting of Tucson (Arizona) January 8, Friday, Jan. 21 left the hospital where she was treated for being transferred by plane to Texas, where she must begin a rehabilitation that s announcement time. Ms. Giffords has been transferred to Air Base in Tucson by ambulance, escorted by a squad of motorcycle police.

Throughout the course of the ambulance, onlookers waved American flags or held signs wishing a speedy recovery to the parliament. She was treated at University Hospital in Tucson since the shooting incident on January 8, during which six people were killed and 14 others, including Representative Democrat injured.

In 2007, Swedish ministers wanted to stop Iraqi refugees

Stockholm, correspondence - U.S. diplomatic telegrams sent by Wikileaks in Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet report, Friday 21 January, the efforts of several Swedish ministers to limit the entry of Iraqi refugees in Sweden. These documents, which make much noise in Sweden are published even though the Scandinavian kingdom is engaged currently in a series of expulsions of Iraqi asylum seekers who have provoked demonstrations in several cities in Sweden and dozens arrests.

Lebanon: Jumblatt Druze sided with Hezbollah

Walid Jumblatt, leader of the Druze community native of Lebanon, announced Friday, January 21 fall into the camp of Hezbollah in the current political crisis in Lebanon. This support could prove decisive in the negotiations to appoint a new prime minister after the fall of the government of Saad Hariri.

"I confirm the position of my party to stand alongside Syria and the resistance," Jumblatt said during a news conference, referring to the powerful Shiite movement Hezbollah. He said that this decision was motivated by his desire to preserve Lebanon's stability. Eleven ministers have resigned Hezbollah camp on January 12 of the unity government, causing it to fall, after months of wrestling with the camp of Prime Minister Hariri on the UN tribunal charged with identifying and to try the assassins of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, Saad's father.

The debate between Tunisian political activists continues in France

In Paris, the local Association of Tunisians in France (ATF) is one of the places where discussions are organized around the reconstruction of political life in Tunisia. "Now, between thirty and fifty people gather here every night," says Mohamed Smida, which handles the legal continuity to the ATF. The association is apolitical, but several of its officers are members of the movement Ettajdid, ex-communists.

Flame fire breaking Tnez

Bouazizi Mohamed dreamed of buying a van and expand the business, but never become a national hero. He was, simply, a fruit vendor. From a very young, his life had been that: buy fruit and vegetables on a cart and drag them to the main square in Sidi Bouzid, a lost city in the map of Tunisia. Fate chose, however, and on December 17, desperate, frustrated, no horizon, threw up a can of gasoline and set himself on fire.

The car swept away by the waters of an Italian tourist dies

SAO PAULO - Floods in Brazil are also an Italian victim. Valeria Biavaschi, 24, originally from the province of Sondrio, died today in Florianopolis, capital of the state of Santa Catarina in the south of the country: it was in the car with two friends and was trying to cross a bridge over a river swollen by heavy rains when the car was swept away by water.

The accident happened in the district Vargem Grande City. Valeria Biavaschi and the two girls, one Italian and a Brazilian, were directed towards the airport of Florianopolis, the ATO had been rented. The two friends have managed to get a save, throwing himself out of the car, but Valerie did not have it made, as they explained the fire brigade intervened on the spot, where there is also the honorary consul of the Italian city, Attilio Colitti, which is providing the necessary arrangements for the repatriation of remains.

Jordan - Jordan: 4 000 people in the streets against inflation and government

The return of Jacob Akeck

One night in November 1987, a tremendous explosion woke Jacob Deng Akeck in Padiet Duk hut, near the White Nile in southern Sudan. The insurgents had come armed with machetes and rifles and were burning it. Jacob, aged seven, he shouted the name of his mother and his sisters, but no one answered. The smoke was thick in the woods.

Monyroor his nephew, seven years older than him, said: "Come on, little fella, it's time to leave. Cover your mouth and nose." Jacob sought once again to his mother. Monyroor insisted: "Come on, we must go now." The two boys went into the woods and never stopped running. Years earlier, in 1983, had begun the second civil war in Sudan.

Nuclear disappointment in Istanbul between the West and Iran no agreement

ISTANBUL - It ended with a disappointing stalemate in two days of talks on Iran's nuclear Istanbul between Tehran and Western powers. He said EU foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton, who led the delegation of the 5 +1. Ashton, on behalf of the group composed of the countries of the Security Council (U.S., Russia, China, France, UK) plus Germany, said at a press conference concluding that there is no new meeting with Tehran, but that the door diplomacy remains open if Iran intends to demonstrate the peaceful purpose of its nuclear program: "The process can go forward if Iran chooses to respond positively," said Ashton.

The Six insists that Iran meet the United States

According to anonymous reports of a diplomat, Friday, January 21, the group of "Six" - which includes the United Kingdom, China, France, Russia, the United States and Germany - is currently pressure on Iran that his delegation agreed to meet bilaterally the United States. "The Six can not make progress until there is no rencotre bilaterally with the United States," said the diplomat close to the talks.

Sacred Rota, the Pope speaks of "laxity" "And 'cause the failure of marriages

CITY 'OF THE VATICAN - Benedict XVI has returned today to ask the Catholic Church more seriously and be very strict in permitting the celebration of marriages and of examining the judicial canons that any request for invalidity: too many times, in fact, get married that there are no requirements needed, but often because the requirements were and you try to argue otherwise.

A theme touched on by the Italian courts, which in a ruling of the Supreme Court affirmed the principle of the impossibility of automatic annulment of marriages "long course" following the judgments of the Sacred Rota. There are two forms of laxity criticized by Ratzinger. For this reason, today officially opened the Year of the Judiciary of the Roman Rota, said that "we must ensure that you stop, to the extent possible, the vicious cycle that often occurs between the admission granted to marriage, without adequate preparation and a serious examination of the requirements for its celebration, and a judicial declaration that sometimes just as easy, but of opposite sign, in which the marriage is considered not only based on the finding of his failure.

Images of the French operation in Niger declassified

The defense minister, Alain Juppe, decided Friday, January 21, to declassify the documents of the military operation to free two French hostages led French abducted and killed in Niger in the Sahel. The Minister has followed the positive opinion issued by the Advisory Committee of the secrecy of national defense.

The Paris prosecutor Jean-Claude Marin, who directs the preliminary investigation into the kidnapping of Delory Vincent and Antoine de Léocour January 7 in Niger and died the next day in Mali, had requested the declassification of certain documents related intervention. Among these documents are included photographs and videos of the intervention.

Opposition to the streets in Algiers clashes and injuries, deputy arrested

ALGIERS - clashes, injuries and arrests at the march in Algiers of the opposition party, Rassemblement pour la Culture et la Democratie, scheduled today without the permission of the authorities. Police surrounded the protesters and has begun to make the first arrests. ANSA reported that he saw a protester who has received a blow with a stick in his face and was seen bleeding and a policeman was taken away because it hurt.

Belgium, the "Northern League" link to the secession of Flanders

When federalism is not enough. Belgium is going through the longest political crisis of the old continent and now threatens to secede: ben 223 days without a government since the elections last June. Beating the previous European record of Holland (208 days in 1977), now looks to Iraq (289 days). At the bottom, the outsider Côte d'Ivoire for 55 days without executive.

The origin of all, the division between the Flemish separatist party N-VA and the Walloon Socialist Party PS, unable to reach agreement after six months of negotiations. Tip the scales in language issues, taxation and reform of the federal state between the Flemish and Walloons, never resolved a controversy that reached its peak in recent days.

Jean-Claude Duvalier would be returned to Haiti in order to recover money

Jean-Claude Duvalier, the former Haitian president, would be returned to Haiti after twenty-five years of exile in France not to try to regain power, but in order to recover some $ 6 million frozen in Switzerland, according to an article Published Thursday, January 20 by the New York Times. Officially, "Baby Doc", Tuesday accused of corruption and embezzlement, has still not explained the reasons for his surprise return to the country last Sunday.

Clinton talks with Prime Minister of Tunisia to encourage reforms

.- The U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton held talks with Tunisian Prime Minister Mohamed Ghanuchi, to encourage reforms in that country and reaffirmed U.S. support for democratic transition. This was stated by the spokesman of U.S. State Department, Philip J. Crowley, in your Twitter account. Clinton phoned Ghanuchi "to encourage the ongoing reforms," while "pledged support for the transition to an open democracy" in the war-torn country, said Crowley.

"Albania such as Tunisia via this corrupt regime"

'POVERTY', unemployment, corruption, lack of respect for human rights and democratic principles ... We are in a real dictatorship. We seem to Tunisia in the Balkans. " Just got back from the hospital where he met dozens of protesters and policemen wounded, the deputy Saimir Tahiri, vice president of the parliamentary group of the opposition Socialist Party has promoted the event yesterday ended in blood, do not hesitate to compare Tirana in Tunis.

Baptists: "I am persecuted"

"I am persecuted." Cesare Battisti, said in an interview with a Brazilian magazine which also highlights the "courage" of former President Lula, who said 'no' to his extradition to Italy, in addition to blaming the judicial system of Brazil. "If Lula had decided before" Dec. 31, the last day of his presidency, "he would give him, because defeating me is tantamount to defeat him.

Now, the main objective of the Brazilian right is to "hit" the government of President Dilma Rousseff, said Battisti, since 2007 in a prison in Brazil, in an interview with the weekly left-wing 'Brasil de Fato', which on His website has anticipated some of the statements. "I am persecuted because a writer, and public image.

What dream world youth?

How is the world's youth? What are its values, aspirations, fears, identities? We see things the same way depending on whether you live in Beijing or Rabat? These are some questions that have attempted to answer the researchers of the Foundation for Political Innovation, a think tank headed by a liberal political scientist Dominique Reynié.

To do this, the TNS Opinion interviewed 32,700 young people aged 16 to 29 years, from twenty-five countries. A selection that is representative but leaves out some parts of the globe: in Africa are not as Morocco and South Africa, South America, Brazil and the Middle East, Israel. Similarly, the authors acknowledge that the investigation conducted by mail questionnaire, encourages groups of people easier and in contact with globalization.

15 people were killed in Uganda bus crash

.- Fifteen people died in a bus in Uganda on Saturday when the driver hit a cow on the road and then slammed into an oncoming truck, said a police spokeswoman. An eight-month baby whose mother died in the crash was among the 30 survivors were hospitalized in serious condition, said spokeswoman Ganyana Zura.

Others suffered minor injuries and were discharged. The bus with 65 passengers was heading to Kampala. Ganyana said 10 people died at the scene of the accident and other road Kiryandongo in Mulago hospital, 220 km from the accident.

Berisha denounced the "attempted coup" EU appeals for calm and dialogue

TIRANA - Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha, after the protests broke out yesterday in Tirana, which have also led to the deaths of three demonstrators, has accused the opposition of attempting a coup against the government. One hundred and thirteen people were arrested after the clashes, some 60 others were injured between officers and demonstrators.

Among those arrested, there are six Republican Guard officers accused of multiple murder for the death of demonstrators. The opposition led by the Socialist mayor of the capital, Edi Rama,''he wanted to mount a violent coup''imagining a scenario for Albania in style Tunisia, said Berisha, who has called for next Wednesday in support of a counter- government.

To whom and to whom nothing is too

To whom and to whom nothing is too. We even heads of government plurinquisiti you dream of leaving the chair. Elsewhere, even if the wife will put the horns you throw in the towel. In the UK there's even an excess of resignation, with two excellent heads rolling in just 24 hours. The first is Alan Johnson, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer of the British Government: he resigned because his wife cornificava with a bodyguard employed to protect his family when he was interior minister of the Brown government.

Dealing with the "great dragon"

For Vietnam, China is both a neighbor, a former occupant, an old ally, a former enemy. And since it became a power capable of holding a candle to the rest of the world and occupy a seat to the less invasive at the regional level, China is more than ever to Vietnam a source of concern 'geopolitical. Echaudé by its complex history with China, the "little dragon" is concerned.

He started taking appropriate measures-cons: rapprochement with the United States, pursuing diplomacy "multilateral" and choosing a strategy to rally other countries in emerging Asia that share its concerns with respect of the "great dragon". One could certainly argue that the development of China is also the Socialist Republic of Vietnam the promise of profitable trade relations with the latter and the realization of benefits Chinese investment for its modernization.

Iran says UN sanctions and its "lack of legitimacy '

.- The representative of Iran at the International Atomic Energy (), Ali Asqhar Soltaniyé, said today that the Security Council "lacks legitimacy" and thus the Iranian regime considers "illegal sanctions" imposed on country. The statements came to light few hours after the agreement ended without a new round of nuclear talks between Iran and major powers, which took place between yesterday and today in Istanbul.

Explosion destroys shopping center in Russia, killing two people

.- An explosion Saturday destroyed a five-story shopping center in the Russian city of Ufa, in the southwest of the country, starting a fire that killed two people and wounded five. People inside the building were evacuated while fire crews faced the flames generated after the explosion in the huge complex, which houses shops, restaurants and nightclubs in the main city in the Russian region of Bashkortostan, of considerable Muslim population.