Friday, July 1, 2011

"Obama is a C *** ing head", and the reporter is fired

Barack Obama is a "c *** ing head". Mark Halperin, well-known face on TV and signature of the prestigious Time magazine, was broadcast on Morning Joe, where he said: "I think it was a kind of af *** head yesterday." Halperin did not appreciate the press conference of the President, who invited the Republicans to meet him raising taxes on the richest.

Freedom Flotilla 2, approaches the start but turns up the sabotage case

The countdown accelerates. The Freedom Flotilla 2 - "Human Remains" is ready to sail to Gaza, although the exact date of the beginning of the crossing remains secret for security reasons. These last days before the new mission to break the siege that makes a million and half Palestinians are fraught with tension.

Wednesday, the organizers have spread the news that one of the ships of the convoy, Saiorse, was sabotaged. The Saiorse, set up by the Irish branch of the Free Gaza Movement, along with many local committees, and is anchored in Turkish waters, as reported by the Israeli journalist Amira Hass on the pages of Haaretz, the damage is in the ship's engine.

Strauss-Kahn would be released "The maid has lied repeatedly"

Dominique Straus Kahn could go free today. The sensational breakthrough came a few days before the start of the process by which investigators are dramatically reversed, and now reveal: the waitress who accused him lied repeatedly. Prosecutors no longer holds and the scandal that has made you lose your place in the director of the fund could be a hoax.

There was sex. On this beginning, the defense was clear. But the accusation of rape is now wavering. The New York Times, the attorney was divided into allegations of Ophelia, which would fall in contradiction more than once. So this morning the man who pointed the Élysée but now risked 70 years in prison on charges most infamous, will appear again in court in Manhattan for a retrial.

Today Morocco votes for new constitution

The Moroccan people are called to speak today on the new draft Constitution, proposed by the young King Mohammed VI, who enjoys the reputation of "modernizing", for having introduced in Morocco in recent years, a series of political and legal reforms of liberal , in contrast to the traditional policy of his father, King Hassan II.

Hugo Chavez had surgery for cancer in Cuba

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, acknowledged Thursday, June 30, have been operated on for a cancerous tumor in Cuba, but he assured that he was recovering favorably. Chavez was speaking in a message read to the nation in Havana and broadcast by all Venezuelan radio and television. "The reviews have confirmed the existence of a tumor with cancer cells which necessitated a second operation that allowed the complete removal of the tumor," said the head of state, saying they hope to recover fully.