Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The United States deny being behind the assassination of Iranian scientist

Washington denied Monday, July 25 being behind the assassination of Iranian scientist Dariush Rezaei-Nejad, 35, suspected of working for the Iranian Defense Ministry and killed Saturday afternoon in Tehran when he was with his wife. The President of the Iranian Parliament, Ali Larijani, and other politicians have said that once the United States and Israel were behind the assassination rated "terrorist act".

In Washington, the irresponsibility of the Republicans

Europeans in the euro area expected to be on the brink to decide last week, a second bailout of Greece. As if the prospect of a serious crisis was only able to fairesortir wait a casual. But they have an excuse: they must decide seventeen to one performance! The United States has no such excuse. The country's public debt is the responsibility of federal power.

Even if the founding fathers of the American Republic wanted a clever balancing act between the president and Congress, it is them and them alone, that depend on the decisions in this area. They do not. They are paralyzed. They expect to be on the brink, too. In less than a week, if Democrat Barack Obama and Republican majority in the House of Representatives do not agree, the U.S. Treasury will be in default of payment.

Morocco, 78 dead in plane crash a C-130 crashes into mountain

RABAT - A Moroccan Air Force C-130 crashed near Guelmin: the result of the disaster is 78 dead and three seriously injured. The Armed Forces have announced real. The plane hit a mountain, 830 km south of the capital Rabat, in a desert area and difficult to reach by relief: the causes of the accident are yet to be ascertained, although everything seems to indicate bad weather.

This is the worst air disaster in decades for Morocco.

Horn of Africa: UNHCR warns of an influx of refugees in Mogadishu

Some 40,000 people fleeing famine converged on Mogadishu in search of water and food since the beginning of July, said Tuesday, July 26 a spokeswoman of the High Commissioner for Refugees. "About 30 000 others arrived in camp 50 kilometers from the center of the capital," said Vivian Tan, a UNHCR spokesman in a press briefing, saying that at least 100,000 people had arrived in Mogadishu two months.

Horn of Africa: Hungry people are at least 12 million

A famine is affecting East Africa. Hungry people are at least 12 million, of which only 3.7 in Somalia. To address the food crisis was held today in Rome, FAO, the UN agency that deals with agriculture and nutrition. The emergency meeting was desired by France, President of the G20, represented by the Minister of Agriculture, Bruno Le Maire, who returned yesterday from a mission in Kenya in some of the camps that can accommodate tens of thousands of people fleeing hunger.