Thursday, February 24, 2011

In Eastern Libya Tobruk celebrates the freedom

Gaddafi of Libya in the east has largely verln the power, security forces have fled. Citizen militias controlling cities such as Tobruk and the main roads. But their joy is mixed with fear of retaliation against a tumbling regime. The journey into the shadowy realm of Muammar al-Gaddafi begins uncomfortable.

Just behind the fleeing Egyptian border crossing to the desert state, on the morning thousands of Egyptian workers, bag and baggage, we are stopped by a group of young men. All are wrapped up with blankets, some wearing uniforms of the army, under the jackets stuck pistols and AK-47 assault rifles.

What happens if the Gaddafi regime no longer protects the borders?

Libya is divided - but what happens if the Gaddafi regime no longer protects the borders? According to human rights activists could tens of thousands to flee for fear of violence, discrimination, poverty. Europe will stop the new wave can not stop yet. It is cruel scenes which people flee. On the streets of Libyan cities subject bodies, eye-witness report, the injured could not be supplied.

Libya, "summary executions in the hospitals' offensive Zawia and Measured

Gaddafi calls under siege on TV and accused the rebels of being led by Al-Qaeda. Meanwhile, the offensive of Saddam will not stop. Barricaded himself in his bunker in Tripoli, Colonel goes on in the suppression of riots. And after the rockets in Benghazi, the mass graves, now raises attacking Zawia, a town in western Libya, and measured on the Gulf of Sirte.

Hundreds have already died, according to Al Arabiya television reported quoting eyewitnesses. Libya is divided into two with the eastern part controlled by the rebels. Alitalia suspends flights to Tripoli. EU: "Can a humanitarian military intervention". Meanwhile, others resign Libyan ambassadors in the world: the last case, that of Morocco.

The IMF is in favor of dollar depreciation

In a note to the G20 finance ministers published Wednesday, February 23, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is calling for a weaker dollar, which he said would help the U.S. reduce its deficits vis-à-vis other countries in the world and rebalance the global economy. In this document, the institution of Washington indicates that according to his calculations, the exchange rate of the dollar is overvalued, rather, those of the euro and the yen "broadly consistent" with economic fundamentals, and that many emerging Asian currencies are "dumped".

Toyota to revision additional 2.2 million cars by the throttle problem

The saga of unintended acceleration in Toyota appears to be reaching an end. The Japanese automobile review now calls another 2.17 million motor vehicles in the United States, in addition to 19 million since 2009 had to go through the workshop around the world. These are mostly models that were not included in the original call.

Toyota says there is a risk that those cars, the accelerator pedal is trapped by the mats under the feet of the driver. The affected models are the Lexus RX330, RX350 and RX400h, manufactured between 2004 and early 2007, and the GS300 and GS350 sedans. It also now includes the Toyota Highlander SUV.

Call it genocide

It is incitement to commit genocide on TV say that the rioters are "rats to be exterminated"? It is genocide or not to implement it, as we are seeing in these hours? According to the UN to give meaning to the term genocide, yes, it is. It is not only "crimes against humanity," not just "violations of human rights," not merely "war crimes" (civilian, in this case).

For the UN genocide means the decision, planning and implementation of the elimination of an entire political, religious, ethnic or social. That's exactly what Gaddafi announced yesterday, and that's exactly what he has started doing since last night (actually even before, but only the numbers from yesterday are now dramatically showy).

Obama believes the law against gay marriage "unconstitutional"

The Minister of Justice U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced Wednesday, February 23 that President Barack Obama asked his administration to stop defending the law against gay marriage during litigation on this issue. Obama believes that the federal law known as "defense of marriage", which stipulates that marriage must be the union of one man and one woman is "unconstitutional," Mr.

Holder wrote in a statement. Mr. Obama concluded, "after careful consideration of many elements, including a detailed documentation of discrimination," the issue of gay marriage should be decided "on the basis of more sophisticated". The President is specifically Section 3 of Act passed in 1996, which defines marriage as "only a legal union between one man and one woman" and requires that the spouses are of "opposite sex".

Saud Arrested in Texas with explosives to assassinate former President Bush

U.S. authorities have arrested a young Saudi 20 years on charges of using weapons of mass destruction and was allegedly preparing an attack against president George W. Bush, as reported by the Department of Justice. Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari, who was admitted to the U.S. in 2008 with a student visa, was arrested by FBI agents on Wednesday in Texas.

Justice reportedly was in possession of chemicals and equipment "for the manufacture of improvised explosive devices."

On the human rights

Defending the Doma (Defense of Marriage Act), that marriage "real" are those between people of different sex, is no longer responsibility of the federal government of the United States of America. Indeed, President Barack Obama, with a landmark decision, intended to highlight the unconstitutionality of an act, the son of different times, perpetuates a form of discrimination against homosexuals.

Gaddafi: the discourse and symbols

Green light from the English court Estrada Assange in Sweden "

LONDON - The British judge Howard Riddle did not want to listen to reason: Julian Assange be extradited to Sweden, where the judiciary wants to interrogate and prosecute sexual crimes including two women accused the founder of Wikileaks. Assange, who will remain on bail, deadpan attends the reading of the verdict.

Then, once out of court in Belmarsh, south London, in front of the microphones of the international press complaint procedures of the European arrest warrant, which "must change." "I was not even indicted - said the accused - and yet I have to live under house arrest, wearing an electronic bracelet.

Libya, on Monday in Geneva UN Council sends Barack Obama Hillary Clinton

"Italy can not do this alone." Roberto Maroni has expressed concerns about the situation in Libya after the meeting in Brussels with other EU ministers of the Interior. "Italy - said the head of the Interior Ministry - can deal with the emergency caused by the immigrant riots in North Africa but not for long." Italy, he added, "fears of a catastrophic humanitarian crisis." The Defence Minister, Ignazio La Russa, has intervened in an attempt to stop the controversy about the provision of weapons by Italy.

The Libyan regime loses control of the East

Gaddafi's regime seemed to Wednesday, February 23, having lost control of large parts of eastern Libya, but was determined to suppress the insurgency in the blood that has already caused hundreds of deaths. The International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH) spoke of at least 640 deaths since the beginning of the revolt on Feb.

15, 275 and 230 in Tripoli to Benghazi, the second largest city in 1000 km east of Tripoli and the outbreak of insurgency. A French doctor Gerard Buffet, just back from Benghazi, spoke "more than 2,000 dead" only in this city. An official report was given Tuesday for his state of 300 deaths.

Palazzo Chigi and the wave of immigrants "is a country unprepared for the emergency"

ROME - It is the spring of 2009. Then as now the Sicily Channel is in full alarm immigrants. Sink the barges, Lampedusa is collapsing and the international community is concerned about Italy's Berlusconi and Bossi, the hard-line against illegal immigrants. That inability to manage the crisis stages the big bluff.

On the one hand, the Knight and the Northern League allies mounted a media campaign against immigrants, accused of endangering national security. On the other point the finger against the migrants arriving by sea on the coasts of southern Italy. But it's all a sham - they write the U.S.

Criticism of Libya's policy: France's disgraced chief diplomat

He came with 100 sedans, billions of deals promised for the economy and camped in the middle of Paris: Muammar al-Gaddafi was seen as purer French diplomats sovereign and welcome guest. This has changed fundamentally after the murderous campaign against its own people. A state reception, gala dinner at the Elysée and two personal meetings with President Nicolas Sarkozy's visit Muammar al-Gaddafi, 2007 was a five-day time-kow-towing to the Libyan leader.

Gadhafi calls on demonstrators to disarm citizens

The leader Moammar Gadhafi on Thursday urged the Libyans to take guns away from protesters who have taken control of large parts of the country. "The Constitution is very clear: take the weapons from them," Gadhafi said, speaking by telephone to Libyan television. "I have only moral authority," said Gadhafi, who traditionally has sought to present itself as a leader of a revolution that is run by the people, instead of a traditional head of state.

The ruler of Bahrain are under pressure from the protesters

The freed slaves were treated like pop stars, carried on the hands of a set. A "positive gesture" of the King praised the opposition - New protests will probably still there. They laughed, talked, victory sign for the cameras and were other dissidents in their hands: 23 protesters were released on Wednesday in Bahrain.

Wikileaks publishes all segretidella family Gaddafi

"A Libyan soap opera." Wikileaks does not mince words to describe the background of the Gaddafi family in recent years, according to the website of Assange, was more committed to covering the scandals and fighting a kind of fratricidal war, to govern the country. In the cable is really everything. By ill-concealed attempts to cover the ostentatious wealth of the clan of the colonel, the infighting among the various offspring, until the actual assets held by rais that would amount to 32 billion dollars.

Graphics - The Libyan cities abandoned by the pro-Gaddafi

Treasure Hunt family of Colonel in the war on the partition

The treasure hunt has already begun quietly. And, they are kept in secret bank accounts in the Gulf or Europe, it is certain that the opaque fortunes in 41 years by the family Gaddafi regime are enormous. Not only because, sitting on eighth black gold reserves of the planet, nature has been generous with the Colonel.

But also because the dictator was an able King Midas who, with the help of his sons, he did bring in the lucrative petro-dollars in a web of interests that go far beyond energy: span a considerable slice of the national economy, and beyond. From cablegrams sent over the years by the U.S.

East Zone control insurgent Libya

On the tenth day of social unrest in Libya, the insurgent movement composed of civilians and military who deserted the regular forces control at least one third of Libyan territory in the east African country, according to unofficial. According to sources quoted international agencies, the insurgency seemed solidly in Cyrenaica, a region that represents one third of the area of Libya and has abundant oil resources.

How Gaddafi defend with fear

Unfortunately there was to be expected. The Italian government is rooting for Colonel Gaddafi. After avoiding for days to disrupt the Cape Bedouin and after saving clear words of condemnation of the massacre, the government now seems to have found justification for his cynicism. As expected pulls out an old tool: the strategy of fear.

In fact, in these days of government activism in foreign policy is summed up in one word: a llarmismo! There are two directions in which the Government is marching On the one hand shakes the Islamic threat and the other feeds a syndrome of invasion. Perhaps this strategy is to better manage public opinion decisively sided with the "squares of freedom" that emerge in the southern Mediterranean.

Libya opposition disparate and unstructured

Muammar Gaddafi is it losing its standoff with the opposition? Several cities in the east are now in the hands of opponents. Everything has already started in Benghazi, North-East - the city is considered the historic stronghold of the opposition - at a rally, Feb. 17, commemorating the death of ten people killed during demonstrations in 2006.

Organized by exiled opposition groups, local human rights activists and social networks, gathering degenerates, and clashes between demonstrators and police made dozens of deaths. Over the days, the anger of Benghazi, harshly repressed, progresses through the country and will win up to Tripoli.

Fears after the turn of the Knight "Now we will pull the missiles that crazy"

ROME - United States, European Union, even the Arab League. All against Italy and its accondiscenza to the Libyan dictator. There are these pressures - as well as fear of retaliation, armed anti-Italian - behind the apparent change of course developed in the last 48 hours by the Libyan government on the crisis.

With the passage of Berlusconi as a defender of the principle of non-interference ("I do not want to disturb") a champion of the "wind of democracy". Already at the EU summit in Brussels, Foreign Minister Franco Frattini was able to measure how high was the risk of isolating Italy from other European partners.

Libyan rebel controlled eastern DRC

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi on Wednesday was besieged by a revolt which controlled the east and by international pressure to refrain from unleashing a new bloodbath to save his regime. The insurrection seemed firmly established in Cyrenaica, a region that represents about a third of Libya has vast oil resources and inhabitants.

Was seen armed rebels and soldiers joined the insurgents' cause the road from the border with Egypt to Tobruk (150 km west). "Cyrenaica is no longer under the control of the Libyan government and there are clashes and violence across the country," summed up in Rome, Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini.

Repsol halved its production in Libya protests

The president of Repsol, Antonio Brufau, stated that Libya will draw all personnel remaining in the country, where production has halved. "This is not over," he said in reference to the Libyan crisis. "We still have people there. But we say to the families that will bring them all, even on bicycles." In a very cautious, not wanting to give details like the number of employees who remain in Libya or evacuation plans, Brufau explained that, for now, there has been vandalism at the facility.

Because the EU can not help Frattini

Minister Frattini has raised its voice for the first time since the outbreak of what now can be called in all respects "civil war" in Libya. But not against Gaddafi, but as far as Brussels: "All those who are responsible 'to say no should tell us in the face," said Frattini niet in front of the EU office to distribute among all European countries the refugees who are likely arriving from Libya in the coming weeks.

Firing "heavy weapons" in a neighborhood exchanged pro-Ouattara in Abidjan

According to testimonies of people, heavy exchanges of gunfire were heard Wednesday, February 23 in the afternoon in a district of Abidjan in favor of Alassane Ouattara, the scene of fighting for several days. In the area of Abobo, a district of northern Ivorian economic capital, "it takes all the time, it sounds like thunder," said one of those witnesses.

"Everyone is locked in his house." Another resident spoke of clashes "heavy weapons" that were in progress shortly before 17 pm local time. A taxi driver from the same area indicated that the Defence Forces and Security (FDS), loyal to the rival of Mr. Ouattara, incumbent President Laurent Gbagbo, had done earlier this afternoon to fire warning shots residents returning home.

"Gaddafi, goodbye forever," celebrates the release Benghazi

Benghazi - Since last Friday stormed the prison, the barracks of the Praetorian Guard Colonel sumptuous burned two days ago, places the uprising has already become a pilgrimage. Gaddafi in Benghazi post is no longer a single policeman. All have fled or gone on the winning side. At every street corner, the boys make their contribution to the revolution, directing traffic and handing out to passers-martial air of the stars stripped from abandoned uniforms in a hurry.

EU calls for input from humanitarian agencies to Libya

The High Representative for Foreign Policy of the European Union (EU), Catherine Ashton has urged Libya to allow access to the country''immediately''humanitarian agencies and international observers of human rights. ''The EU expresses its serious concern over the situation in Libya and is ready to provide necessary humanitarian aid,''Ashton said in a statement about the tense situation in Libya by the military crackdown against protesters demanding the leader Moammar Gadhafi's resignation.

France and UK call for more pressure against Gaddafi

Faced with the inability of the EU to agree on sanctions against Muammar Gaddafi, two of its members, France and Britain, calling for greater international pressure against the Libyan dictator. "I sincerely hope that Qaddafi is living his last moments as head of state," said French Defence Minister, Alain Juppe, to France Inter radio this morning, hours before the government ensure that attacks against civilians civil "could constitute crimes against humanity." Meanwhile, the British foreign secretary, William Hague has said it is increasing pressure to increase now that "the odds are very against Gaddafi" on BBC Radio.

Gaddafi and the Ambassador that he had understood everything

Hadeiba Hadi, Libya's ambassador to the EU, is one who understands things on the fly, or perhaps not. On Tuesday, the day of the war discourse of Colonel Gaddafi, the diplomat said his indignation and his condemnation of the massacres, but did not get to resign, as some colleagues have done in America and Europe, because, he says, "are Ambassador of Libya, Gaddafi ".

On Wednesday, the ambassador change log: it is and remains the ambassador of Libya and Gaddafi, in fact is loyal to the Colonel. An error journalism? Possible. Or, the information coming from Libya suggest greater caution today than yesterday. Although, in the European quarters, there are those who bet that Gaddafi will come to the end of the race Friday.

At the Tunisian border, "the refugees arrive continuously for four days"

Libya, Al Arabiya 10 000 deaths tries to escape the daughter of Gaddafi

Little doubt that this is a tragic situation, but in Libya the eighth day of the revolt exact contours of the tragedy remains to be deciphered. They range from a budget of 10 000 deaths and 50 000 injured announced by Al Arabiya television, with over a thousand vitttime "certified" as credible by Foreign Minister Franco Frattini, through a series of testimonies of doctors and NGOs to work in place that talk about hundreds and hundreds of casualties.

Gadhafi would have been the target of a failed attempt

Libyan former Minister of Interior, General Abdul Fattah Yunnan, said an aide recently tried to assassinate Muammar Gadhafi leader shot, but missed and wounded another person. Yunnan, who resigned yesterday in protest against the repression ordered by Gadhafi protesters demanding his resignation, said the failed attack was recorded during a recent political rally, but did not say when or where.

OPEC debate compensate for the lack of petroleum in Libya

At the opening of markets, oil prices approaching $ 120, after surpassing $ 111 during the day yesterday, and are increasingly fears that assail the market: concern that Libya suspend shipments; very curious that the riots could spread to other large producers such as Algeria, Iran and Saudi Arabia, and adds uncertainty to the fact that members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), which owns the four countries, have not announced and increased production to compensate for any shortage.


Do not do this. Do not make revolutions to oust the dictators in advance senz'avvertire Minister Frattini Dry. Already have an alertness to the sloth, by comparison, is a splinter. Even the touches to go for the world to take the fish's face on behalf of B, which is always dodges the last minute. Yes, in every international crisis, the Caribbean and tap away on atolls huts to avoid taking a position, not having any (in the U.S.

Opponents Gaddafi control the east

Frontex: possible arrivals of 1.5 million Obama: "Indignation, rights are not negotiable"

ROME - "strongly condemn the use of violence in Libya - Obama said -. The bloodbath is monstrous, and it is unacceptable. These actions violate international norms and standards of any normal decency." It 's the message Barack Obama (in the late Italian) who speaks for the first time in an official Libyan crisis.

An appeal by harsh words. The repression in Libya during the "contravenes international law and is contrary to human rights, says the president, adding that" human rights are not negotiable "and those responsible for violations" must respond ". "The changes underway in the region are the work of the people," said the president and launched an international appeal: "It 's imperative that nations and peoples speak with one voice." But the alarm after one week of the revolt in Libya is general.

African heads of state leaving Abidjan

The four heads of state sent by the African Union to Abidjan to try to resolve post-election conflict in Ivory Coast left the country after meeting with the protagonists of the crisis, without having obtained a solution. In a statement released to local media, the four governors, Jacob Zuma, South Africa, Idriss Deby of Chad, the Tanzanian Jakaya Kikwete and Mauritania Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, announced that they will meet in Nouakchott in the coming days address the situation.

Argentina .- Fernandez de Kirchner appointed a new head of presidential security

BUENOS AIRES, 23 Feb. The president of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, on Wednesday accepted the resignation of presidential security chief, Colonel Alexander Graham, to be replaced by Lieutenant Colonel Agustin Rodriguez. The resignation of the head of the Military is produced after January 12, an employee of the agency stole a sum of money would be earmarked to pay for the tour that the President of Argentina made by Turkey, Kuwait and Qatar.

Obama says U.S. action in Libya with the international community

Barack Obama yesterday called for an end to violence in Libya and stressed the need to coordinate with the international community to take action against Muammar Gaddafi, but announced no concrete measures the United States rather than shipping in the coming days emissaries to Europe and the rest of the world to exchange proposals.

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton will travel next Monday at a meeting of foreign ministers in Geneva to discuss the situation in Libya. With the same goal, his number two, William Burns, will launch tomorrow a tour of several Arab and European capitals. "This is not just a U.S. problem," Obama said in a statement read at the White House, "is the whole world is watching." "In a situation as volatile as this, it is imperative that the world speaks with one voice," he added.

What you wrote about the death quandosi

We talk about the dead, so many deaths. But as you die, hit by bullets in the streets and squares of a war (civil or not)? What is a body falling on the pavement with a bang? As c falls orpo dead, in the pure and simple law of physics and end of life. In front of everyone, in front of other linked up to that moment the same fate.

The arbitrariness of the death strikes as the sniper who shot, with the accuracy of the bullet. And the soul that has the loop c olor blood coming out from the wound. What is an army checkpoint, or on a street in the middle of nowhere, or in a hail of bullets from behind a building or three herbs of the savanna, or the dunes of Africa.

Libya: fear of a mass exodus to neighboring countries and Europe

While dozens of countries are evacuating their nationals by air or by sea, Libyans and Tunisians but also thousands of Egyptians are in a hurry on the roads to flee Libya. Crescent suggests a risk of mass exodus, and Europe is preparing to face a major humanitarian crisis on its doorstep. "5700 Tunisians and Libyans who fled Libya crossed the border between the two countries at Ras Jedir Monday and Tuesday.

"Unconstitutional the law against gay marriage"

WASHINGTON - It was one of the key points of the program at the election of Barack Obama on gay rights. For then presidential candidate of the United States, the DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act, in defense of marriage), was to be repealed, and had to stop discriminating against same-sex couples in this regard (a concept contained in a leaflet still on tenant of the White House website).

A line, however, are not reflected in the activities of the Department of Justice, which continued until a few months ago, to defend the rule in court in the face of complaints from gay couples. Federal law establishes two principles in question severely challenged by groups fighting for gay rights.

Revolt against Gaddafi: Libya's dictator uses impotence of the West

Angela Merkel and other leaders to the Libyan dictator an immediate cessation of violence - but its appeals unheeded. The influence of the West on Tripoli is low, in the end it will depend on the will to hold opponents of the Gaddafi. Despite the speech was Muammar al-Gaddafi on Tuesday, "very, very scary," have been ruled Angela Merkel.

The Chancellor threatened Libya with sanctions should not be violence against opponents of the regime set. As the German head of government, other Western politicians have not let a lack of sharp words of condemnation for the brutal attacks of the Libyan armed forces and foreign mercenaries on demonstrators in Benghazi and Tripoli.