Sunday, January 16, 2011

Violence and looting, stabbed and killed three people dead nephew Ben Ali

TUNIS - The violence did not subside in the Tunisian capital: this night a gun battle between security forces has caused three victims. On the outskirts of Tunis and the people trying to organize defense committees, many groups of looters and vandals have been clearly identified as being composed of Ben Ali or partisans of the former regime linked by police.

The country's main union, the UGTT, has launched an appeal on national television for the formation of safety committees in the district so that people can defend themselves in case of attack. But the fourth victim of the last hours is Imed Trabelsi, nephew of the wife of Tunisian President Ben Ali, who died after an attack on Tunis, probably with cold.

The man died in the military hospital in Tunis, where he had been. Imed, nephew of Mrs Ben Ali and the rest of the clan Trabelsi, the Tunisians are considered a symbol of corruption and the plundered wealth in the country. E 'dead, but of a heart attack, also the director and spokesman for the Tunisian President Zin El Abidin Ben deposed Ali, Abdelaziz Bin Dhiya.

According to reports from the Tunisian radio 'Kalima', one of the most trusted advisers of the former head of state, the same Ben Ali removed from his post last Thursday in an attempt to stop the uprising, died on Friday afternoon. His heart stopped after he learned of the escape from TV's Ben Ali from Tunisia.

The Tunisian army has so far arrested about 3 thousand policemen Tunisian considered loyal to the deposed president, Zin al-Abidin Ben Ali. According to Al-Jazeera television reported, among them was arrested a group of 50 agents of Ben Ali's personal guard who tried to escape on board some buses to Libya (which would, according to the police, including those responsible for against looting shops and civilian houses in Tunisia).

Yesterday there were attacks on prisons, the most serious one in the prison of Monastir, has claimed the lives of 42 prisoners died in a fire, while others attempted attacks have occurred in prisons in other prisons, including also the bigger of the country, Mornaguia, west of Tunis. On the political front, the Constitutional Council has declared "the ultimate vacation of power" and the consequent appointment of Foued MebazaĆ¢, president of the parliament, the post of interim president of the Republic.

The latter took the oath. The Constitution now provides for legislative and presidential elections within 60 days. Mebazza asked the Prime Minister, Mohamed Ghannouchi, to form a government of national unity, Ghannouchi, who yesterday received some opposition leaders now meet all the other legitimate political parties in Tunisia.

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