Saturday, February 26, 2011

The OMN sultn to reform the government to avoid protests

The Sultan of Oman, Qaboos bin Said, has reshuffled his cabinet ministers changed to six a week after the demonstration which called for political reforms, which is unusual in Oman, where political parties are banned. The relay involves six ministries, namely the portfolio of Trade and Industry, Government, Education, Environment, Transport and Tourism.

The Sultan has been reported that the refurbishment was carried out by the "public interest" without giving further details, according to the agency ONA reported. Meanwhile, pressure continues on the street. About 500 demonstrators have broken several traffic lights and blocked traffic in the city of Sohar, north of the Gulf of Oman.

The economic and financial issues of Arab revolts

Why then have we seen a surge of 20%? The psychological aspect and lack of knowledge of these fundamental economic realities, but also speculation partly explain this sudden increase.

Egyptian demonstrators Tahrir again last night after riots

.- Hundreds of protesters again occupied the central Tahrir Square today after they were expelled by force last night in a riot with military police authorities promised they would not repeat. Carrying banners and flags to half this afternoon were hundreds of people that had settled there, the epicenter of public protests forced the February 11 resignation of President Hosni Mubarak.

"Sitting up to topple the regime of truth" and "That fall, dropping the regime," the posters said two protesters who were gathering in a circle of grass that occupies the center of the plaza, as could verify Efe This focus is part of attempts to speed up reforms after Mubarak's resignation and change the government.

The leader returns to Bahrin chi pardoned by King

"Dialogue and promises are not enough. We need to see concrete progress," said Hasan Mushaimaa upon arrival to Bahrain from exile, concerning the invitation of King Hamad. The leader of the opposition group Haq was on trial for attempting to overthrow the monarchy and forgiveness is one of the concessions from the monarch to pro-democracy movement that has put his government against the strings.

The Beginning of the End

The popular uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Bahrain marked the beginning of the end of the American Empire, and Western Europe, in those regions. Since they won the Second World War the United States, despite all their fine words about democracy, supported the most infamous dictators, corrupt and bloodthirsty, as long as they did the comfortable, when they are not directly instigated the military coup.

The social network LinkedIn blocked in China

After the vector pro-democracy campaign in a line inspired by the "jasmine revolution" of Tunisia, the American site LinkedIn, a professional social network on the Internet, announced Friday, February 25 to be inaccessible within China. "It seems to be part of an operation (censorship) is wider now underway in China and also for other sites," said Hani Durzy, spokesman for the company.

A call over the Internet, inspired by the protests in the Arab world, invited the Chinese to gather every Sunday in thirteen cities to demand more open government and freedom of expression. "I'm pretty sure that [LinkedIn] has been blocked because it contained a lot of messages on invitations to events," said Jeremy Goldkorn, editor of the news website Danwei, which is also blocked by the censors.

Gaddafi's weapons: jets, tanks, soldiers

Ever since Muammar al-Gaddafi staged a coup in 1969 in Libya to power, he has expanded his country into a regional military power. Besides its own armed forces occupied the despot and 2500 mercenaries. With a population of around 6.3 million in the state has more than 100,000 weapons. The Libyan armed forces have a workforce of some 76,000 men 50 000 of them serve in the army (half of whom are conscripts).

Gadhafi is prepared to quell protests

Residents of Tripoli on Saturday were preparing for bloody battles against the threat of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi of arming civilians to defeat the popular rebellion, which controls the oil-rich east and threatens to overthrow the Libyan regime after four decades in power. Clashes continued on Saturday in Libya and Moammar Gadhafi opponents, who controlled the oil-rich east, and supporters of the Libyan leader, who maintained control of Tripoli.

The UN accelerates its efforts to isolate Qaddafi

Moved by a new sense of urgency, the major powers accelerate their efforts to secure immediate approval in the Security Council the UN of a package of punitive measures that demonstrate the isolation of Muammar Gaddafi and the risk of facing a future of international justice. This initiative, although very valuable in moral terms, little can be done to stop instantaneously the brutal repression unleashed against the population that has risen against the regime.

Berlusconi: "Gaddafi loses control" C-130 had to abandon the mission

It 'been a day of apparent calm that passed today in Libya. Except for the shooting of demonstrators in Sabratha, near the border with Tunisia, which cost the wounding of several protesters from the country in the throes of civil war are not leaked reports of new clashes and battles between insurgents and militias loyal to leader Muammar Gaddafi .

The situation would, however, continuing to slowly escape the hands of the regime. "I have news for a few minutes ago and it seems that Gaddafi in Libya no longer watch the situation," Silvio Berlusconi announced this morning speaking at the Congress of Pri. In the afternoon the prime minister was then an exchange of views on the phone with UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon.

Tunisian expected recovery of tourism after riot

.- Within the walls of the medina market, a major attraction in the resort of Hammamet in Tunisia, Hafedh Alouini prepares his post waiting for a customer. "I have not sold anything in almost three weeks," he says, while a handful of other market vendors sunbathers smoke cigarettes and leaning against the stone walls of the medina.

"No tourists. We're just waiting," he added. The tourism industry in Tunisia, the largest source of hard currency the country in North Africa, has stopped dead since a popular uprising last month forced the flight of President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali and several riots broke out more the Arab world.

Libya, Tripoli relative calm, but a few miles you are shooting at insurgents and emigrants

Tripoli woke up in an atmosphere of relative calm, but a few miles you continue to fire on the insurgents. The security forces of the Libyan regime of Muammar Gaddafi, in fact, some have attacked rebel groups in the streets of the town of al-Zawiyah which is located 30 kilometers west of Libyan capital.

According to reports from the NGO Human Rights Watch soldiers opened fire on the insurgents and against a group of Egyptians who had recently arrived in the city. In the squares and streets of Tripoli for now there are no acts of guerrilla warfare. But according to the Arabic television al-Jazeera, a group of activists in the city is creating a coordination by all opposition groups in the country, first of all the rebel groups that control the city of Benghazi and Cyrenaica.

Portfolio - Legislative Ireland: the ruling party should collapse

Merkel stressed the importance of cooperation with North African

.- German Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed the importance of economic cooperation with North Africa and development aid defined in that region as one of the challenges in the coming years. Merkel, in his regular video messages of the weekend, noted that the average age in the countries of the region is 25 years and all those people looking for something that gives them hope.

"Those people looking for hope, looking for work, looking for social security. All this will only happen if we help to create strong social structures that work," said Merkel. "This is a new and important task of development cooperation," the chancellor. Merkel stressed that economic cooperation and development assistance also responds to German and European interests, and added: "We too want to live in a world where there is more stable democratic structures" and not lead people to flee their countries to seek asylum elsewhere.

IVF, the British like the Italians

"Sometimes nature needs a hand." Ironically, the second edition of the European clinics for assisted reproduction, which was held right here in London at the end of 2010, promoted the slogan and the British government was preparing to cancel the service from the public health system. A cut made in silence, which is part of a larger political design adopted in the name of un'austerity that is impacting very heavily on the British welfare.

The UN and NATO will consider sanctions against Libya

The international community is moving increasingly towards sanctions against Libya. The Security Council of the United Nations, which meets on Friday will consider a draft resolution from Paris and London. The text proposes "a total embargo on arms," "sanctions," and "referral to the ICC [International Criminal Court] for crimes against humanity," said the French foreign minister, Michele Alliot-Marie on France Info.

Berlusconi believes that Moammar Gadhafi no longer controls the situation in Libya

.- The Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi expressed his impression that Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi no longer controls the situation in his country and expressed concern about a future full of unknowns serious "potential Islamic fundamentalist regimes near Italy. During a conference in Rome Italian Republican Party (PRI), the Italian chief executive on Saturday appealed to both Europe and the West will not remain as mere spectators "of what happens in North Africa.

Libya signed the sanctions Obama: "Ready for anything." La Russa: "Pending the Treaty"

On Libya, the Italian Government announced the suspension of the treaty with Libya. It 's a La Russa concerned to communicate immediately and that puts the hands forward on exodus of migrants expected Libyans on our shores. "Italy - said the defense minister - must not be left alone due to the selfishness of northern Europe, should also be made of the emergency load.

Words that follow those of the prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, "if we all agree we can stop the bloodshed and support the Libyan people - said interviews with the Republican Congress of Italian - Italy Europe can not remain spectators. What is happening in Libya is very serious. We must act.

Libya: accelerating evacuations

An exodus is under way now in Libya, the tenth day of the uprising against the regime of Muammar Gaddafi. Many countries have indeed accelerated, Thursday, February 24, evacuation by air, sea and land of their nationals. Thousands of Chinese workers in railway construction, oil and telecommunications have docked in the port of Heraklion on the Greek island of Crete, during a massive operation launched by the China Sea with ferry Greek.

Insurgents control most of Libya's oil region

Protests against Moammar Gadhafi, Libya's leader, not limited to demonstrations in the streets. The opponents know that the oil depends much of the African economy, and therefore made an announcement yesterday: they control the majority of oil wells. A situation that worries the international markets because as a result of the Libyan crisis, the price per barrel in the international market soared to 120 dollars, its highest price since 2008.

Welcome to London, but watch out for scams

One of the first problems to be addressed when it comes to this island is the search for an apartment and a number of occasions I have been asked for advice on how best to tackle the situation. The solutions are in fact different: reliance on friends to see real estate agencies, from the groom to contact Internet sites ad agencies that help new immigrants find a room and a first job in the capital.

The noose is tightening around Gaddafi, who continues to denigrate the movement

While the protest movement is close to Tripoli, Muammar Gaddafi has made his second speech since the beginning of the revolt by telephone, without appearing on screen in an attempt to discredit the movement. "They have 17 years. They get the pills at night, they put hallucinogenic substances in their drinks, their milk, coffee, Nescafe them," said Gaddafi, who has lost control of much of his country.

Moscow, explosion at the mall bomber died, no other victim

MOSCOW - A man detonated a grenade in a shopping center in Moscow killed while remaining himself. At the time there would be no other injuries or casualties. These are the first reports coming from the Russian capital on the explosion of which has become the protagonist a bomber whose names remain, as yet, unknown.

Refinery closed by insurgent attack in Iraq

.- Militants attacked and caused the closure of Iraq's largest refinery on Saturday, killing four workers after placing a series of bombs that started a fire, officials said. The rebels planted the bombs in the production units of kerosene and benzene in the refinery in the town of Baiji, a former al Qaeda stronghold about 180 kilometers north of Baghdad, said Ahmed al-Jubouri governor.

"The refinery has been shut down completely," the governor told Reuters. "It'sa great loss for the country. All Iraqi cities depend on their production," he said. Oil Minister Abdul-Kareem Luaibi said the "terrorist attack" just hit a production unit which was under maintenance and the remaining units were not damaged.

A suicide attack in northern Afghanistan kills three

.- Three civilians were killed and 36 others were injured, six of them seriously, in a suicide attack on a sports field in the northern province of Faryab, an official source. The incident occurred when a suicide bomber detonated 16 years carrying the load in the middle of a game of "buskashi" (show in which you kill a goat and horse riders on the need to launch within a circle) in the desert Faizabad, told Efe the provincial governor's spokesman, Ahmad Jawid Bedar.

Gbagbo night curfew decreed the weekend

.- A ceasefire was in place for night weekend in Ivory Coast, according to a decree of outgoing President Laurent Gbagbo, as the country plunged into violence for a week. Laurent Gbagbo's government controls only half of the country since the failed coup of 2002. The north is in the hands of the allies of Alassane Ouattara, head of state recognized by the international community since the November election.

Pressure on Gaddafi: West plans rapid sanctions against Libya

Europe and the U.S. is doing now seriously in the punishment of the Gaddafi regime. NATO and the EU consult on sanctions, the UN Security Council meets in special session. Guido Westerwelle calls for an arms embargo and a travel ban on EU-Gaddafi and his family. The international community will increase pressure on Muammar al-Gaddafi: The EU is planning a number of sanctions against Libya - including accounts are locked and the right to travel be restricted.

Gaddafi fights the opponents of the regime

The ruler is driven into a corner: Gaddafi loyalists and opponents of the regime in Tripoli now struggling for power. In a speech to the despot called armed struggle against the insurgents. The UN is considering severe sanctions against Libya. The day's events in minute protocol. Muammar al-Gaddafi is ready to fight.

The Libyan authorities showed for the first time since the outbreak of serious unrest last week in front of hundreds of public supporters. "We can defend against any attack and arm the people, if necessary," he said during his surprise appearance at the Green Square in the capital. He called on his followers to fight and kill protesting opponents of the regime.

Dear La Russa, that's what I would do to Tripoli

In this terrible time for Libya burns me they can not do anything to directly intervene in defense of the people being massacred. To quell my anger, I started to think what could I do if I were Russia, which also is my cousin ... And I said, the riots of the Maghreb have drawn great strength from the use of the Internet, and that the cunning of Gaddafi ' felt and cut the connections.

I asked Arab friends and I have confirmed that the communications are from Tripoli difficoltosissime. Then I asked myself, could not make the connection to the inhabitants of Tripoli? Something like wireless, Wi Fi, Wi Max, Vsat. So I phoned a company that specializes in and asked what it would cost to give me internet access to 20,000 people in Tripoli (the computers we have them).

Libya: "They left the wounded dying in the streets"

''Day of Wrath''in Iraq kills 12

Thousands of people protested outside government buildings and clashed with security forces in several cities around the country, during clashes that left 12 dead in violent protests over Iraq since the political unrest began to spread throughout the Arab world. The crowd protested against corruption and lack of basic services to march through the streets of major cities in the country, in what they called the "Day of Wrath." More than 100 people were injured in the incidents against the government of Nuri al-Maliki in different parts of the country, including Baghdad.

Canada says it is ready to apply sanctions against the Libyan regime

.- The Canadian Government said today that it is ready to take sanctions against the Libyan regime, for what he described as "incredible violations of human rights" and called for those responsible for atrocities are brought to justice. The Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said during a televised speech that although Canada's top priority is the evacuation of its citizens stranded in Libya, is "preparing the next steps and actions to take." According to Harper, "the Libyan regime's actions are totally outrageous." "We condemn the brutal attacks and asked the Libyan regime to cease the use of force against its citizens.

Berlusconi: "Gaddafi has no longer control the situation"

Italy, one of the countries that maintains business interests with Libya's Muammar Gaddafi (the first trading partner of the regime and had about 180 companies operating in the North African country), continues with anxiety the news coming from former colony. Silvio Berlusconi said today that "Gaddafi is losing support and seems no longer has control of the situation." That impression was confirmed and enhanced by Foad Aodi, president of the Arab Community in Italy (CO-MAI), which has stated that the Libyan colonel "only Bab el control and Zizi, the neighborhood where their strength and where it has refugee.

Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, already longing for the 'cap'

Jump caps in North Africa and the Arab world, perhaps from the Mediterranean to the Gulf. Jump caps of dictators and autocrats in the West, not only Italy, was short-sighted friend to the end, because it protected him from the risks of terrorism and fundamentalism and guaranteed energy supplies. And here we are now more than ever Maramaldo to praise the fallen, contrary to the overthrow by the people, by Ben Ali first, then Mubarak, Gaddafi today, tomorrow, who knows, the same people who, until the day before their misfortune, we had received with many honors in our buildings, we had left to plant the tents in our public gardens and teaching catechism to our 'virgin'.

Zaouiyah to deadly clashes, 50 km from Tripoli

Zaouiyah City, located 50 km west of Tripoli was the scene of violent clashes Thursday, January 24. According to the paper's website Kourin, Libyan media rarely cover in detail the revolt, at least ten people were killed and dozens wounded. But the toll could be heavier because the intensity of the fighting prevented the delivery of victims to hospitals.

Witnesses reported gunfire from heavy weapons and scenes of chaos in the city, which seems to have become the main issue of the uprising on Thursday. Zaouiyah on the Mediterranean coast, lies on the main road linking the Tunisian border to Tripoli, the capital. It houses including an oil terminal.

Abortion, the Pope's warning to doctors "protect women from deception"

CITY 'OF THE VATICAN - "The woman is often convinced, sometimes by the same doctors, that abortion is a choice not only morally permissible, but even a duty to act' therapeutic 'to avoid suffering to the child and his family, and a unfair burden to society. " He said Pope Benedict XVI received in audience the participants in the XVII General Assembly of the Pontifical Academy for Life.

But doctors said the Pope, "may not diminish the serious task of defending deceit consciousness of many women who believe in abortion to find the solution to family difficulties, economic, social, or health problems of their child ". For this task, the Pope must not only of doctors and medical staff: "It 's the whole of society must be put to defend the right to life of the unborn and the true welfare of the woman who never, under any circumstances, can find realization in the choice of abortion.

Political protests in Yemen leaves one dead

.- At least one person was killed today in Yemen and another 17 injured when a protest police repression in the south, as part of new events that occurred in different cities and against the regime of president, Ali Abdullah Saleh. Medical sources and witnesses told Efe that the victims were in the port city of Aden, where police used firearms and other riot to quell opposition protests.

Among the wounded were a child, the sources added. In the capital, meanwhile, a protest against the regime of Saleh met today to 20,000 people at the University of Sana'a, Yemen's most important and that is the scene of demonstrations since Jan. 27, according to Efe found. The protesters chanted slogans such concentrations common, including "The people want the resignation of the president" and "Let go, let go." In contrast, in Tahrir Square in the center of the capital, gathered nearly 50,000 supporters of the ruling.

Tens of thousands of protesters insist on calling for reform in Bahrain

.- Tens of thousands of protesters demonstrated today in the capital of Bahrain to insist on the need to adopt political reforms as part of protests that have been developed since 14 February. The protesters, from different points of the capital and surrounding areas gathered in the square Lulu, the epicenter of political protest to demand the resignation of the government, among other demands.

Gadhafi's son hopes to achieve a ceasefire in Libya

Argentina .- On Monday begins the trial of former dictator Videla for stealing children

BUENOS AIRES, 25 Feb. Former Argentine dictator Jorge Rafael Videla will face next Monday, February 28, a new trial, this time for the misappropriation of minors during the last military regime (1976-1983), under of the case known as' Systematic Plan. " In the trial, which will be in charge of the Federal Oral Court No.

6 in Buenos Aires, also will appear as the former president accused 'de facto' Reynaldo Bignone and former captain Jorge Eduardo Acosta, known as 'El Tigre', plus five other former oppressors. All were accused of the crimes of abduction, retention, concealment and replacement of identity under ten years for the theft of 33 children, sons of alleged opponents of the regime.

The draft UN seal directly to Qaddafi and his eight children by the repression

The draft UN resolution condemning the crackdown on protesters in Libya said Muammar Gaddafi directly responsible for human rights abuses, and refers explicitly to his eight children and the staff of his regime, in particular Defense Minister Bark Geeral Abu Yunis, the Armed Forces chief, Col. Massoud Abdulhafiz, and its director of Military Intelligence, Colonel Abdullah Al Senussi.

Aisha, Saif el Arab, Hannibal, Muhammad, Jamis, Mutassim, Saadi and Saif Islam Gaddafi appear next to his father's list, released by the U.S. network ABC, which lists the names of the 22 heads of repression that could have killed thousands of people across the country. This list is part of the draft submitted jointly by France and Britain, and expected a decision of the Security Council this weekend.

Gaddafi harangue the crowd in the square: "We will kill those who protest"

Continued civil war and continues the isolation of Libya Muammar Gaddafi. The colonel appeared today in the Green Square in Tripoli and harangued a group of his supporters. His words seemed more than the ravings of a madman that the intervention of a head of state. "Who does not love me does not deserve life will be hell," he told the crowd, and added that the deposits of arms are open to "arm the people together and fight, defeat and kill protesters." The Rais has concluded his speech by greeting his fans and inviting them to go dance: "I am among you: dance, sing and be happy." A reply came by return of the Committee on February 17 that started the revolt: "Gaddafi urges people to take arms from the stores because they want it to end in a bloodbath," said a member of the group.

Bertrand Badie: "Companies are taking their revenge in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya"

This means that such a system requires not only a high capacity of law enforcement, but also a strong ideology that removes any space of freedom and personal opinion, which is therefore unique as a mode of complete socialization of the individual. This vision corresponds historically to Nazism and Stalinism.

We were able to find hints with Maoism when the Cultural Revolution. It is found with the Khmer Rouge as installed in the second half of 1970. Maybe the totalitarianism he still corresponds to what is observed in North Korea. But even during the most severe of these various schemes are known to remain discreet and clandestine methods of individual autonomy that made that totalitarianism, fortunately, did not accomplished in his entire project.

The son Seif: "I'm still terrorists but we can handle"

TRIPOLI - Maybe it's too late, perhaps it will only prolong the agony of a system in decay. But last night, in the conference hall of the Rixos, the son of the head showed that Libya has an alternative. That another leader might have been possible. Saif Gadhafi has ruled for half an hour and a desperate press conference in front of the press all over the world while his country and the dynasty created by his father dancing on the brink of the abyss.