Saturday, March 12, 2011

Micro-expectations of Chinese bloggers

Killjoy, Chinese parliamentary season, with its exasperating security measures, his speeches and his show vaguely soothing folk representatives of ethnic minorities in ceremonial dress? You're not: ever National People's Congress (ANP) and the People's Political Consultative Conference of China (CPPCC), which hold their annual meeting in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, had passionate so many people ...

Japan, now the nuclear nightmare than a thousand dead, but ten thousand missing

ROME - An earthquake after another, Japan continues to tremble. After the yesterday's devastating, magnitude 8.9, in the last hour if they are registered at least four of a certain intensity, the first of 6.6 on the Richter scale, the second of 6, a 4.8 and the 'last even 6. All are located in the sea off the east coast.

So far it has not been issued any tsunami warning. The Japanese Meteorological Agency confirms the revocation of the alarm limit for the tsunami across the archipelago, with the tidal waves over three feet, but maintains the warning for those up to that height. After the victims of the earthquake damage and the resulting tsunami, for Japan is the fear of the consequences of the explosion at the nuclear reactor in Fukushima.

Reported explosion at Japan nuclear plant

A large explosion caused four injuries in the Fukushima nuclear power plant (north of Tokyo), where the level of radioactivity had increased alarmingly after the devastating earthquake in Japan yesterday. According to Japanese media, citing the utility TEPCO and Nuclear Safety Agency of Japan, the explosion occurred at 15.36 local time (06.36 GMT), apparently when a team tried to cool a nuclear reactor plant number 1.

Thai Prime Minister announces the next dissolution of the Assembly

The Thai prime minister said on Friday that he would dissolve the lower house of parliament in early May, resulting in in June or July, ahead of legislative elections that also stretched tight. If confirmed, this dissolution would occur one year after the end of the movement of "red shirts" anti-government, which had occupied Bangkok for two months specifically for early elections.

After numerous bloody clashes between demonstrators and security forces and the failure of negotiations, the movement had been dispersed by the army. More than 90 people were killed and 1900 injured in the worst crisis ever for the modern Thailand. "After discussions with the Electoral Commission, I think all election laws are ready, said on Friday the Prime Minister.

Japan quake leaves 400 dead and a thousand missing

The powerful earthquake and tsunami that devastated the northeastern Japan on Friday has left almost 400 dead and thousands missing, according to an update on Saturday by police and it gets worse from hour to hour. At least 613 people died in separate northern and eastern Japan. More than 200 bodies were found on the beach in Sendai (Northeast, Miyagi Prefecture) after the passage of a wave of over 10 meters straight to the earthquake of magnitude 8.9 and some consequences of considerable magnitude.

Gaddafi attacks again the insurgents The Arab League decided on the no fly zone

While the Arab League decided (totally against Syria and Yemen, from what has been learned) the assumption of a no-fly zone, the forces of the counter-Gaddafi continues: Because of the bombing of the army of the Reys Libyan insurgents have been forced to withdraw from the oil port of Ras Lanuf. The sources said the rebels.

According to the BBC the troops of Colonel would conquer the city. Meanwhile, intensified air attacks is to measure, in Cyrenaica, which Brega on the other oil terminal in the hands of insurgents. "We withdrew three miles away at Ras Lanuf is now in the hands of the brigades of Muammar Gaddafi," a source told the Libyan rebels to al-Arabiya satellite television.

Video: Japan facing the earthquake

Guadalajara in Japan was a "building of jelly"

Japheth Rabago is one of many Mexicans living in Japan. He fell in love and married a Japanese girl who "took him" five years ago the nation Japan, where he works as a waiter in a Mexican restaurant. At 23:46 Thursday night (Mexico time), ie 2:46 in Tokyo, there was an earthquake of 5 degrees on Richter scale.

Japheth was the capital of Japan and soon learn that in other parts of the country, the tremor was higher and left disaster and death, including a tsunami. El Tapatio was eating at a restaurant with his wife and a friend at the time of the earthquake. The experience, she says, was confusing and terrifying: "The buildings were moving like gelatin back and forth" he says, "people started to scream and get under the tables." The strangest thing, he recalls, "was seeing hundreds of Japanese walking the streets, because the trains were out of service." It took three hours to reach Japheth home for this situation.

Japan, the refinery still burning

The smoke that rises from the refinery of Cosmo Ichikawa "The next is the Kansai region," comes the fallout. " The earthquake that shook the eastern Japan still lack reliable information and data are continuously updated. But fear and panic due to the images that you see on television Japanese multiply and make more and more alarming information running on the Internet.

Microblogging sites like Twitter in many urged the authorities to think of the south-central area of \u200b\u200bthe country, Kansai, the tectonic plate which could be affected in the coming days of the quake on Friday. But one of the greatest concern for the residents of Tokyo, Sankei Shimbun recalls, daily national economy, remains the oil refinery at Cosmo Ichikawa in Chiba prefecture, just north of Tokyo.

In Tokyo, "we are in a state of permanent tension"

Two strong earthquakes occurred, Friday, March 11, off the northeast coast of Japan, which violently swaying buildings in Tokyo and triggering a warning against the risk of a tsunami up to ten meters high. Customers in the Capital including Le Monde. fr collected the testimonies tell that people were evacuated and employees in their quiet homes and offices, but remain very concerned about the aftershocks continue.

"You try to live again But the fear is central"

Shibuya's streets are empty this morning, as it only happens during O'Shogatsu (New Year) when really all the Japanese are on holiday, finally together with their families. But today is not exactly party in Tokyo, is rather spooky atmosphere: you can not see cars, people and all the coffee, even Starbucks, are closed.

People are tired, very few have been able to sleep because of continuing aftershocks and because of the shock. And 'now beginning to realize that fear. Some are leaving the capital to go south, Kyoto and Osaka, in an attempt to move away by the tidal wave and the smoke of nuclear radiation.

Enomoto Masako experienced unprecedented fear during the earthquake

Living in Tokyo is 23. He works at a cosmetics company producing and was in his work area when the earth began to wobble. Enomoto Masako, who speaks perfect Spanish and tells you who lived from Japan's capital amid efforts to restore normalcy, said he was working in his office when the walls began to sway.

"At first, the earthquake was smooth, but began to spread and become stronger. When we thought it was over, began again and we realized we had to leave the office, and outside, everything was moving very strong, something we had never felt. Everything moving from left to right: power lines were moving much, cars near the office moved a lot too.

Japan, NHK: "Possible other tsunami" Naoto Kan, "unprecedented disaster"

After yesterday's magnitude 8.8 earthquake in Japan, there were at least 100 aftershocks of magnitude 6 and over, according to the Japanese Meteorological Agency. Today, however, were at least 16 shocks of magnitude 5 to 6.8 on the east coast. The death toll grows by the hour. The state broadcaster NHK is about 10 thousand people scattered in the area of \u200b\u200bthe port of Minamisanriku in Miyagi prefecture, northeast of the country, one of the areas hardest hit by the devastating tsunami following the earthquake yesterday.

Location map of the earthquake epicenter

New York, a tour bus accident Thirteen passengers died

NEW YORK - A tourist bus was involved in a road accident today in New York and 13 people on board were killed. This was announced by the spokesman for the firefighters of the City of New York. The bus rolled over this morning around 5:30 local time (11.30 in Italy) while traveling on a highway in the Bronx, pointed out the fire by saying that there were 30 people on board, of which 13 were killed and at least six are injured in a serious condition.

In Japan evacuated three miles around the two central Fukushima

.- The Japanese authorities ordered the evacuation of residents in a 3 km radius around the nuclear power Fukushima 2, affected by cooling problems, the day after a violent earthquake. Three reactors of the facility lost part of its cooling capacity, said Saturday morning, Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), facility manager.

This nuclear power plant, Fukushima 2, is located 12 km from central Fukushima 1, where the control room of reactor morning recorded a level of radioactivity thousand times higher than normal, Kyodo said, citing a commission security. The two stations are located approximately 250 km north of Tokyo in the region affected by the violent quake registered 8.9 magnitude on Friday.

Gaddafi's forces are advancing slowly but surely to Benghazi

The military advance slowly but steadily toward the city of Benghazi, the eastern rebel stronghold, after consolidating their positions in the west. Despite pockets of rebels who may remain in Ras Lanuf com localities, government troops have started to bomb and Misrata Brega on the way to the town of Ajdabiya crucial, the last before Benghazi.

The Libyan army military superiority over the insurgents could have added foreign support. The maverick Libyan National Council has complained that Syria and Algeria are supporting Gaddafi with weapons and mercenaries, and has urged the need to establish no-fly zone. Forces loyal to Qaddafi today launched an airstrike on the city of Misrata, in an attempt to resume the last rebel stronghold west of the country, as indicated to several rebels and residents of the city.

Ryanair against the right of flight controllers scioperodei

Ryanair asks European Commission to ban strikes by air traffic controllers. It could not be more radical response from Michael O'Leary, president of the Irish low cost airline, the threat of 22 days of mobilization, between April and August next, made by Spanish unions in response to the privatization of the sector determined by the Zapatero government.

"The air traffic controllers should be considered as part of an essential service and therefore should not be allowed to strike. If they strike, they should be fired, "said O'Leary no half measures, which asked the European Commission to take" urgent measures "to avoid cancellations and delays during the upcoming holiday exodus.

Vast family of settlers claim the Al Aqsa Brigades

JERUSALEM - Horror in Israel: a family of settlers has been exterminated in the night. Five people (parents, a child of three months and two boys aged 3 and 11) were found in their beds, suffering from stab wounds. The other three children, all boys, they managed to escape and raise the alarm the neighbors.

And 'the Palestinian fighters, according to a spokesman for the army, infiltrated in the settlement of Itamar, near Nablus in the northern West Bank, and killed five people. A nurse said that one of the children still breathing when they arrived for help, but were unable to revive him. Israeli forces have launched a manhunt, sealing off all roads in the area with checkpoints and residents were told to stay indoors.

Radioactivity is a thousand times higher in Japanese nuclear plant

The level of radioactivity recorded on Saturday in a control room of reactor No. 1 of the Fukushima nuclear power plant 1, in northeastern Japan, is a thousand times above normal, according to Kyodo news agency, quoting a commission security. Japanese Prime Minister, Naoto Kan, ordered the inhabitants to evacuate the area within a radius of 10 km around the plant, due to the risk of radioactive leaks, according to the Jiji news agency, citing the Ministry of Industry.

The PDL: "Italy's nuclear goes on"

"The position remains as it is, is that you can change every time." So the group leader in the House of the PDL, Fabrizio Cicchitto, answered those who asked him if he can be a change in position on nuclear power in Italy, after the tragic earthquake in Japan. "We - he continued Cicchitto - we have energy problems not just for a moment if we look at the world around us so tight." The nuclear "My idea is always supportive and I want the government to pass from words to deeds if not in force in ten years we still recite here to discuss." He said the UDC leader Pier Ferdinando Casini, which states: "Of course the problem of Japan is much more complex relation to soil conservation and our planet every day that we respect.

Chat - "The solo absolute Sarkozy strikes on Libya our European partners"

In a chat on cnn. fr, Natalie Nougayrède, journalist in charge of diplomatic affairs to the "World", says Alain Juppe was shocked to learn the recognition of the Libyan opposition by the Head of State. Many embassies have been evacuated from Tripoli, and if the Europeans have been sent to Benghazi in scouts or humanitarian aid, the ability to monitor the front lines or appears limited.

Europeans are foremost in a posture of political and humanitarian support to the opposition to Colonel Gaddafi. But there are among them, to move to a higher stage that would involve military resources, differences. France and the United Kingdom seem to go it alone in invoking a no-fly zone and, more importantly, "other options to prevent air attacks" against the insurgency.

Saif Gaddafi, "crush the rebels and Italy will pay for his betrayal"

TRIPOLI - Even the tsunami in Japan helps Muammar Gaddafi. The men of the Libyan Government last week said openly, "the world will now have more to do, and we will continue to fight terrorists." The feeling of strengthening the Libyan regime is getting stronger, and is enhanced by this interview that Saif Gaddafi issued last night the Italian press: A series of messages and warnings of tough, challenging, but also of "courtship" to Italy that may soon experience a frightening dilemma: what to do with Libya for the most part still in possession of Gaddafi.

Japan Embassy discarded storage facility

The Embassy of Japan thanked the Mexican people's interest in helping the country, but noted that so far has not opened any storage facility in Mexico. Yuri Otani, Assistant Public Affairs Section of the embassy, \u200b\u200bsaid that so far have not received instructions from his government to open a reception center of food.

For this, he said that so far not received any products, but thanked those who have telephoned the embassy to request reports. Of opening a center, a media report said. Japan requested a limited number of foreign teams of search and rescue to help with the aftermath of the powerful earthquake and tsunami, United Nations said on Friday.

Brega aircraft bombed Gadhafi

True .- Colonel Aviation bombed Muammar Gadhafi again Brega town, some 110 kilometers east of Ras Lanuf, where fighting continues between gadafistas brigades and militia rebels, according to a source of opposition. "Our men are in at least part of Ras Lanuf" he told Efe the rebel spokesman, Mustafa Geriani, which indicated that the professional military rebel faction continued to participate in the defense of these towns, considered the major rebel defense line, whose stronghold, Benghazi, located about 450 miles east.

More than 700 dead 24 hours AFTER

The day after the largest earthquake in Japan that has suffered more than 140 years, a tembor 8.9 magnitude on the Richter scale that caused a giant tsunami, with waves that reached 10 meters high, the Asian country still reeling from catastrophe, dump in the search for survivors and taking stock of the tragedy.

Tokyo back to normal gradually, between the ribs to the aftershocks of the earthquake and the fear that the city could run out of power after the explosion that has affected the Fukushima nuclear plant. Many citizens were forced to spend the night in the city after the earthquake, completely filling the hotel rooms (some spent the night at his place of work), so just this morning able to begin returning to their homes.

Tsunami in Japan, radiation alarm Explosion in central Fukushima

It 'very high alert atomic plant in Fukushima, northern Japan, where Japanese authorities believe that the reactor may have undergone a merger after the strong earthquake on Friday. This was announced by the local agency Kyodo. According to the Nuclear Safety Commission of Japan has been detected near the plant's radioactive cesium.

The number of evacuees, meanwhile, rose to 210 thousand, in a radius of 20km from power. Parts of the nuclear fuel rods in the reactor number 1 were briefly exposed to the air this morning after cooling, the level of the water temperature fell to evaporation and a fire truck pumped water into the reactor.

In Bahrain, the opposition is preparing to march on the palace

The opposition and radical youth movements have to walk on the royal palace in Bahrain on Friday, raising fears of violence in the kingdom's Sunni majority Shiite population in the Gulf. Bahrain, which hosts the U.S. Fifth Fleet, has been rocked last month by an unprecedented protest movement since the 1990s, inspired by Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions.

Seven people were killed in clashes between demonstrators and security forces and thousands of activists of youth movement, 14-February are still camped on the Place de la Perle in Manama, the epicenter of the dispute, but the opposition is more increasingly divided. Moderates have urged more radical opponents to abandon their march on the royal palace in Riffa, scheduled to begin at 15 am local 30 (13 h 30 to Paris).

On the Libyan revolt risk of a tombstone

TRIPOLI - without help from outside and now will no longer happen in a few days, the Libyan rebels will be silenced. And if indeed this prediction comes true, it will be a combination of factors that would humiliate the United States and Europe for their reckless behavior: in many ways have encouraged the rebels against the regime of Colonel Gaddafi without thinking that, at the appropriate time would not be able to take a step to help in the only way it would be useful for them: a limited but immediate military action.

Not yet recorded in Japan Mexican victims after disaster

Mexico's ambassador to Japan, Miguel Ruiz Cabañas, said the diplomatic representation office work at the location of each of the thousand registered 500 Mexicans in that country, in order to verify their status. In a radio interview with Joaquin Lopez Doriga, the diplomat said that so far there have no reports of Mexicans who have been victims of an 8.9 Richter scale earthquake and subsequent tsunami in the northeastern Japanese coast.

The tsunami will not prime the American coast

Tsunami waves caused by the devastating earthquake in Japan have come up with less force than expected to the Pacific coast of America. Chile is the only country to remain alert, and only on the U.S. west coast have been recorded victims, four wounded and one missing. After the earthquake of magnitude 8.9 on the Richter scale, virtually the entire west coast of America, from Canada to Chile, issued warnings about the possibility of huge waves put at risk to coastal populations.

England, out of sight, out of mind. Get rid of the cigarettes from the view of the customers

Since 2012, cigarettes will disappear from the view of the customers in the British tobacco and other exercises are authorized to sell. They will always be on sale, just do not have to be more visible to customers. Out of sight, out of mind. The British health minister, Andrew Lansley, wanted this provision to "radically change the opinion of society towards smoking." In a parliamentary statement said: "Smoking is undoubtedly one of the largest and most stubborn problems in the public greeting, which each year causes more than 80 thousand deaths." Get rid of the cigarettes from the shelves then, with a provision which aims primarily to protect, in proactively, the youngest and adolescents from the dangers of smoking.

The earthquake of Sendai, one of the most violent century

The earthquake that struck Friday, March 11 north-east of Japan is the most violent in the history of the country for 140 years and one of the most violent century. According to the Institute U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the earthquake registered a magnitude of 8.9. It exceeds in intensity the great Kanto earthquake of a magnitude of 7.9, which caused 140,000 deaths in the Tokyo area on September 1, 1923.

The symbol of the giant folded fragile shock shakes the tsunami Bags

NEW YORK - Even the Tokyo Tower could not stand the shock and it is bent. The arrow pointed toward the sky of steel is now a sad symbol of technology failure. With the Tokyo Tower is the illusion is bent to prevent disasters and protect wealth through. The whole world is witnessing the suffering dismay of the country's most advanced, most sophisticated techniques in earthquake and civil protection.

Five killed in attack on a Jewish settlement in West Bank

.- Five Israelis have been killed this morning in an attack on the Jewish settlement of Itamar, southeast of Nablus in the northern West Bank occupied Palestinian territory, confirmed a spokesman for the Israeli Army. The five are from the same family: two parents and three of his sons (one of eleven years, another three and a baby), who were sleeping at home when the bomber entered, according to local media.

They emit second tsunami alert and shakes again in Japan

Japan's Meteorological Agency issued a new tsunami warning for the entire East Coast, following the declared immediately after the earthquake of 8.8 magnitude on the Richter scale happened this afternoon. The new alert was issued at 03:20 local time (12:20 hours from Mexico) and warns against "important" tsunami in the provinces of Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima, the most affected by the earthquake, which caused hundreds of dead and missing.

Libyan regime, the reconquest of this

.- The Colonel Muammar Gadhafi forces continue to bomb the rebel positions today in eastern Libya, while Western countries were close to the opposition which has lost two cities in recent days. U.S. President Barack Obama announced that he will appoint a representative to the Libyan revolt, revolt leading 25 days.

From Brussels, EU leaders gave a boost to the National Transitional Council (CNT) based in Benghazi, to consider "political party", after France recognized him on Thursday as "legitimate representative of the country." On the ground, the regime's forces launched at least two air strikes east of Ras Lanuf, against a checkpoint of the insurgents and a refinery, according to journalists.

Karangetang enters the eruption in Indonesia

The Karangetang, one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia, has begun to spew clouds of gas and lava in the Celebes, hours after a quake of magnitude 8.9 on the Richter scale shook northeastern Japan and trigger a tsunami. 20% of the world's earthquakes occur in the country Japan, which is located at the intersection of four tectonic plates: the American, Filipino, Eurasian and the Pacific.

"I thought I was thrown against the walls came down All"

Fourteen miles on foot, from Kawasaki to Yokohama and much feared, but fortunately without any further complications. Salardi Matteo, Pisa computer for some time after moving to Tokyo, has entrusted his narrative to post-earthquake Pisainformaflash. com, the online newspaper of the City of Tuscany. "I'm home, a little 'upset but I'm fine," he wrote in an email sent to the office.

"Trains - told Salardi - are blocked so the traffic is crazy, I got Kawasaki-Yokohama walk with a colleague." Then the professional Pisan said that the situation in the capital "under control" and that "the Japanese have been disciplined and stoic, even some of my colleagues are back at work, I say no more." "There are still aftershocks - said in the story - but today for an hour or two have been frequent, it seemed to be drunk, are now less frequent." "I feared that everything came down, I was on the thirteenth floor and the building swayed so much, I rushed to the emergency stairs and I was thrown against the walls, some fallen rubble.

Paris and London prepared to targeted strikes if necessary

France and Britain are willing to participate in strikes "targeted" against the forces of the regime of Muammar Gaddafi especially if they are used "chemical weapons" against the people, "said Nicolas Sarkozy Friday, March 11 before a EU emergency summit on the situation in Libya. Upon his arrival in Brussels, French President has also proposed "the creation of humanitarian zones in North Africa" \u200b\u200bto accommodate the "displaced".

That sea on earth in the world turned upside down

SEE the water that burns and the earth melts. Do they know more and young Japanese Amaterasu, the sun goddess, the revenge of the Earth is disordered by the same sea that created them. In fact there are pictures of the water that eats their rice fields and burning well blazed, detailing their towns, their sheds and greenhouses lined up like soldiers of the Tenno, the ones that best describe the disaster in Japan.