Thursday, August 11, 2011

Syria: Assad's troops fired on a Minaret

Syria's President Assad can continue the offensive against regime opponents unabated: in several strongholds of the opposition went before the army against insurgents. But the protests continue. Damascus - At least 27 people were reportedly killed in the early hours of Thursday in attacks by the Syrian army.

According to the opposition 19 people died in the city of Homs, eight more were in the villages of Deir el-Sur Idlib and killed. In Deir el-Sur are the troops have fired on and destroyed a minaret. The reports of the opponents of the regime can not be independently confirmed because journalists are not the Syrian government can work freely.

The Syrian army advanced, according to a human rights group on Thursday morning in the city Sarakeb in the northwest of the country. The troops were accompanied by several tanks, told the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. After the invasion of shots were heard in the city in which it was given daily after the evening prayer demonstrations against the Islamic leadership of President Bashar al-Assad.

Sarakeb located in the province of Idlib. On Wednesday security forces had actually announced to withdraw from the region. Despite the offensive of the army went on the protest actions of the regime's opponents. Videos that have been placed by activists on the Internet showed demonstrations in several cities, including in Homs, in the southern province of Daraa Hersta and in the suburbs of Damascus.

In the fasting month of Ramadan, which began ten days ago, the protests in Syria in the time after breaking the fast have shifted in the evening. The United Nations now from 2000 civilians dead since the beginning of the unrest in March.

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