Tuesday, August 2, 2011

President Chavez: "This is my new look"

After his cancer chemotherapy Venezuelan president is presented for the first time with a bald head - and makes jokes to the assembled round about his new hairstyle. Completely shaved, Hugo Chávez appeared on Monday in Caracas. "This is my new look," the 57-year-old announced cheerfully.

Then he held a photo up, the him as a toddler - shows - and with few hairs. "I have again the same hairstyle," he quipped. The state television he had earlier reported on the phone that he had asked his barber for a "military cut", when the first hair turned out as a result of chemotherapy.

But this was a good sign because it shows that the therapeutic touch. It is not the first time that Chavez makes jokes about his hair loss. Already a few days he oracle, surely soon as the actor Yul Brynner look. Had since the fifties, a successful film actor, his bald head became a trademark.

Chavez had undergone two operations in Cuba in June. In an engaging him a cancerous tumor had been removed. Then he was flown to Havana for a week after chemotherapy, a second course of treatment is to follow. What kind of cancer he was diagnosed, the government did not know. The speech was only the pelvic region.

Chavez ruled Venezuela since 1999. He has already stated that he wants to compete again next year's presidential election. "I will be at the 2012 elections candidate, and I'm going to win it."

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