Tuesday, August 9, 2011

died a young man shot during the riots in London

The riots that have brought chaos to various parts of London and other UK cities have claimed their first fatality: a 26 years old. As reported by the Metropolitan Police, was shot dead in a car during the riots last night in London and died of wounds, but has not been informed about who shot him. Like wildfire, the London street violence has spread to other parts of the UK in the last 24 hours.

If until yesterday the riots were spreading from the London borough of Tottenham, where Saturday ignited the violence after the death of the young 29 year old shot by police on Monday night there has been looting and looting also in cities like Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham, Leeds and Bristol, reports the BBC.

As in London, the riots have escalated nightfall sweeping away tents, cars and furniture while politicians and authorities try to cope with an unprecedented political crisis since the octa. After three days of violence in London, British Prime Minister, David Cameron, yesterday interrupted their holidays to return to London last night with the severity of the wave of violence.

British Prime Minister has announced in a statement at the gates of Downing Street, the parliament interrupted his vacation for a day to discuss on Thursday the situation being experienced by the country and will increase police presence on the streets. Until yesterday, at least 334 people had been arrested, as reported by the Metropolitan Police, while dozens of buildings, vehicles and shops in various districts of London have been looted or burned.

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