Friday, August 5, 2011

The Security Council UN condemns repression in Syria

Unable to agree on a draft resolution, the fifteen members of the Security Council finally adopted the UN, Wednesday, Aug. 3, after two days of intense discussions, a simple statement condemning the use of force against civilians by the Syrian authorities (lirele text of the statement). In this document, the Security Council "condemn" the violent repression of demonstrations by the Syrian authorities and advocates that officials "accountable." This is the first time the Security Council talks about Syria since the protests began in the country March 15.

Somalia: Famine will continue according to the UN

The famine in the Horn of Africa already threatens millions of people. No country is affected as bad as Somalia. According to the UN, therefore, need 3.2 million of some 7.5 million Somalis desperately emergency aid to survive. And will the situation in Somalia is expected to worsen even further, said the new director of the World Food Program in Ethiopia (WFP), Abdou Dieng.

The alarming growth of the Chinese navy

Japan expressed, August 2, concern about the maritime expansion of China to the Pacific and "opacity" of its military budget. In its annual report on the defense, the Japanese Ministry of Defense states that China, "given the recent modernization of its air and naval forces" will expand its operations in South China Sea, in the East China Sea and Pacific Ocean.

Yet Beijing confirmed Wednesday, July 27 she called into a carrier state of Soviet design purchased from Ukraine, the Varyag, and, according to sources close to the government, it would have taken the parallel construction of two more bears aircraft, Chinese design. They are ideal means to project power on distant theaters of operation.

Middle East conflict: Israel approves construction of 930 houses in East Jerusalem

With this decision, Israel risks new conflict with the Palestinians: The Interior Ministry has approved a controversial housing project in Arab East Jerusalem - the settlement policy is a major obstacle in the Middle East peace process. Jerusalem - Israel said on Thursday cleared the way for the construction of another 930 homes in Arab East Jerusalem.

The expansion of the settlement of Har Homa, near the Palestinian town of Bethlehem, has begun to plan this two years ago, had been now been definitively accepted, said a spokeswoman for the Interior Ministry. The construction project in occupied East Jerusalem by Israel's controversial for a long time.

Libya: NATO checks for reports about dead of Gaddafi son

The insurgents report a major success, but the reports are still unconfirmed: The information provided by a rebel leader from Benghazi, according to Gaddafi's son-Khamis in an attack by the Allies has been killed. NATO has announced an opinion. Tripoli - A son of Libyan ruler Moammar Gadhafi may have been killed in a NATO airstrike.

However, the reports have been confirmed so far are not independent. Neither the government nor NATO was preparing an opinion. A NATO representative in the Central Command in Naples, said the reports would be examined. In the attack on the western city Slitan total of 32 people were killed, including Gaddafi Khamis, a spokesman for the rebels said on Friday.