Tuesday, March 8, 2011

From the front of the rebels offered to Gaddafi "Safe conduct if it goes away within 72 hours"

There 's been disappointed with the wait for a possible new interview with Muammar Gaddafi. Between the envoys of the international media present in Tripoli was a rumor today that a meeting between the Libyan leader, and some journalists, but hope to know the answer to the colonel's proposal for mediation launched today from the front of the rebels remained such.

This morning the head of the provisional National Council of Libya, the former Justice Minister Mustafa Abdel Jalil, had in fact spoken on Al Jazeera satellite television from Benghazi to announce that if Gaddafi "will leave the country within 72 hours and put an end to the bombing, we be prosecuted for his crimes.

Portfolio - In Côte d'Ivoire, "the country is to stop"

Dome rebel conflict with Libyan leader reveals

The rebel leadership has hinted Libyan differences with its leader, Mustafa Abdelyalil on a possible negotiation for Colonel Muammar Gadhafi leaves the country in exchange for not being prosecuted. The information board member of the National Transitional Council Acting (QNA), Bara al-Khatib said that if left Gadhafi Libya, the board was willing to waive the issuance of any warrant against him.

Portfolio - Municipal Guards parade in Algiers despite ban

Many initiatives in the world by the Women's Day

With protests against domestic violence in Argentina and Turkey, tributes to the role of women in revolutions in North Africa and allegations of labor inequality, thousands of initiatives held on Tuesday at the world the International Women's Day. In Buenos Aires, a sit-in against the Argentine Congress drew attention to women victims of domestic violence.

Under the slogan "nobody listened to them," the movement referred to women who dare to denounce the violence of the victims, but they are ignored in police. Complaints against gender crimes and impunity were constant demonstrations worldwide. In Ankara and Istanbul, thousands of women reported to denounce the "crimes of honor" and the violence perpetrated against women in Turkey, a Muslim country that wants to join the European Union (EU).

Sound - Yohann Hasinger, Deputy Head of Unit for Coordination and Disaster Assessment UN - UNDAC

The long journey of refugees from Ras Jdir

Since fighting began in Libya on February 15, more than 100,000 refugees have poured in Ras Jdir, the border point between Libya and Tunisia. After the crisis of the early days supply, where 80 000 Egyptians have been taken care of in emergency, humanitarian assistance and repatriation of the refugees have organized themselves.

For several days, the refugee flow dried up from 10 000 to 2,000 arrivals per day. "We do not know the reasons for it is impossible to reach the other side of the border, Saturday, March 5 explained Valerie Amos, Deputy Secretary General of the UN humanitarian affairs. Some refugees have told us that a camp was established on the Libyan side to 17 km from here by the Libyan authorities.

"The Egyptian revolution was no revolution of the young, but the entire society"

The Egyptian revolution is not over, is the daily struggle to fulfill the objectives, and for the moment is getting the Army to accept and follow the old regime giving lots of power. So you think the filmmaker and Basel Ramsis Egyptian blogger who was in Tahrir Square, Cairo, during the days that preceded the fall of Hosni Mubarak and tomorrow will participate in a debate at the Caixa Forum in Barcelona, moderated by COUNTRY journalist Ignacio Cembrero, with Aarab Hafid, spokesman for the League of Imams of Spain Aarab Rachid, a professor of Islamic History at the University of Barcelona and Adlbi Sirin, a professor of International Mediterranean Studies of the Autonomous University of Madrid .

War & Peace

War is the opposite of peace and pacifism is a variant of the second backdoor. The peace movement has always opposed intervention against dictatorships invoking peace, which has a relative value when it is not accompanied by freedom and justice. Pacifism in 1938 he opposed intervention against the rise of Hitler.

In the '50s, pacifism supported the Soviet regime and its neighbors. In general pacifism, almost always anti-American and anti / Israel ends all support for anti schemes / West. Having an ethics that compels me to preface my Western prejudices, I declare to be immediately pro-American & pro-Israeli.

New transitional government in Tunisia

New reshuffle in Tunisia. Politically unstable since the revolution that ousted AbidineBen Zine El-Ali, the country struggles to form a durable government. On 27 February, a new Prime Minister Beji Caid Essebsi, 84, had replaced Mohamed Ghannouchi, compromised by its closeness to Mr. Ben Ali. Monday, March 7, he has made a change in its provisional government.

Composed of technicians, the new transitional government is the third since the fall of Ben Ali. Among those who resigned included two government ministers who had been part of the last government Ben Ali Mohamed Nouri Jouini (Planning and International Cooperation) and Mohamed Afif Chelbi (industry and technology), and two opposition representatives: Ahmed Ibrahim (Higher Education and Scientific Research) and Ahmed Najib Chebbi (regional and local development).

Intelligence debacle in Libya: "idiot in the desert"

After three Dutch soldiers were arrested in a covert operation in Libya, now is also a James Bond-like use of the British elite SAS unit went wrong. Roadside actions show how difficult it is interference of the West in the conflict. Who's the loser, not to make the mockery. "Fool in the desert," scoffed the Guardian on after the leaked secret operation of the British elite SAS soldiers in Libya weekend.

Egyptian women are humiliated while claiming not to stay in their revolution ATRS

Tahrir Square has become a dyed in white, black and red, the colors of the Egyptian flag, and to echo the cries of citizens who ask for a better life, but mostly it has been dyed red with anger ( should have been ashamed) of those who wanted to humiliate those who were demonstrating. The march of a million women has become a nightmare for hundreds of people gathered at the iconic square.

What began as a peaceful demand celebrated Women's Day, and claimed that no one forget that they are an important part of Arab societies and should not be left behind, has become the worst example of why Egypt needs urgent change in gender. Shouting "out, out", the group was in the square was broken up by a mob that has scared off the protesters to tears.

Southern Sudan: deadly fighting between the army and rebels

He said that 72 people were killed in clashes in Upper Nile, according to revised figures. A previous report had mentioned 44 dead. At the same time, Mr. Aguer has reported over 21 deaths, including 7 soldiers in the fighting Monday between the army of South Sudan and a rebel militia in a neighboring state, the Jonglei.

The militiamen have attacked Ulony SPLA soldiers who went to market Owach, a town west of Malakal, the capital of Upper Nile State. Relations between North and South, who were eased since the referendum of January, which has spent the independence of the south, experienced a resurgence of tension in recent weeks.

Women abused and insulted in Tahrir Square

CAIRO - In Tahrir Square, the symbol of the Egyptian Revolution of January 25, small groups of women who were demonstrating on the occasion of International Women's Day, were turned away from the square by young people, who have treated aggressively, and tear of throwing hand signs for land. "I'm very disappointed.

It is possible that women who have greatly contributed with their presence to the success of the Egyptian Revolution, are denied their rights." ANSA said the former minister of family, Moushira Khattab who arrived in Tahrir Square, has remained there a few minutes, outraged by antifemminili slogans chanted by groups of men.

Iran and Syria in the crosshairs of the IAEA

Iran and Syria have been criticized for their lack of cooperation during the spring meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) which opened in Vienna Monday, March 7. "Iran does not provide the necessary cooperation to the Agency to provide credible evidence of a lack of material and undeclared nuclear activities," lamented the director general of the IAEA, Yukiya Amano, in his inaugural speech.

Women demand more leadership in the construction of the new Egypt

Hundreds of women have focused today on Tahrir Square in Cairo and on the occasion of International Women's Day, have called for a greater role in the process of transition towards a democratic Egypt. The organizers of the march of a million women convened by Facebook, recalled in a statement that during the revolution women were human shields, formed part of the defense committees of districts, survived the battle of the camel and clashed with NDP thugs, "the party of Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak now.

Kuwait protests planned on Tuesday to demand reforms

Several groups of young Kuwaitis call on their compatriots to show, Tuesday, March 8, for the resignation of Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser MohammedAl-Ahmad Al-Sabah, and democratic reform. Ten groups, ranging from Islamists to nationalists including liberals, have launched this appeal. "The first step towards reform must be the formation of a new government with a new prime minister capable of leading the country and to fight injustice," said a joint statement.

Gadhafi intensified the assault to conquer aviacin artilleray Zauiya and Ras Lanuf

The rebels against the regime of Muammar Gadadi are on the brink of losing control of the strategic town of Zauiya, in western Libya. The dictator's troops backed by tanks and artillery, have launched the assault on Tuesday of this important oil enclave just 50 km from Tripoli, under rebel control since the start of the riots and that takes a week under siege continued Army, according to witnesses cited by the agency and the Qatari Al-Jazeera network.

Vargas Llosa no

Libya is a problem, poverty is a problem, corruption is a problem el'evanescenza policy disaster that is no consolation to the desperate desire for normality. Once the policy intellectuals accompanied with "commitment" of transforming reality. Where are they? A comforting sign comes from Bernard Henri Levy, philosopher dropped to Benghazi to animate the hopes of young North Africans in search of democracy ever known.

Oman: Sultan Qaboos reshuffles his government

The Sultan of Oman has decided, Monday, March 7, radical changes to the government of his country, plagued by a series of events, according to state television. "The Sultan of Oman has ordered the Cabinet reshuffle," said the TV station. A new minister of economy should be appointed. With this reorganization ministerial power hopes to appease the dispute.

Last Saturday, the government made some concessions by dismissing two ministers and other promising starts in their midst. It also announced 50,000 job creation and the establishment of a commission for democratic reforms. Despite these measures, several hundred protesters continued to demonstrate on Monday to demand action against corruption, which affects in particular some ministers.

Outlines fly to Libya

Britain and France outlined a resolution that would establish a no-fly zone in Libya as a quota, but has not made a decision to present to the Security Council, according to a source at the United Nations Organization (UNO .) The possibility of implementing a no-fly zone, evidenced by the increased pressure after Moammar Gadhafi's regime unleashed its firepower air on the ill-equipped and disorganized rebel force seeking to overthrow who has ruled Libya for 41 years.

Argentina, the bar of the "thieves of life"

Jorge Videla, dictator of Argentina between 1976 and 1981 forced from their mothers immediately after birth and handed over to the torturers of their parents for adoption force that adds horror to horror. So ended many of the children born in Argentina between 1976 and 1983, the seven terrible years of military dictatorship, when the sons of men and women that the government considered "subversive" or suspected of having links with political opponents.

Vienna refuses to extradite a Bosnian general accused of war crimes

Jovan Divjak, former general Bosnian arrested in Vienna Thursday, March 3, will not be extradited to Serbia. Man is part of a group of nineteen former Bosnian officials accused by Belgrade of having participated in an attack on a column of the former Yugoslav army in May 1992 in Sarajevo at the beginning of the war Bosnia (1992-1995).

Serbia asks for his extradition. But Austria does not consider it possible in law to grant the request. "According to our experts in international law, extradition to Serbia is inconceivable," said the head of Austrian diplomacy, Michael Spindelleger, the newspaper Kurier. A spokesman for the department confirmed the information, described as "a signal to the Bosnian people." An Austrian court has ordered the continued detention of Jovan Divjak for two weeks.

The rebel advance was arrested in Ras Lanuf while everything goes against Gadhafi

.- The rebel advance to Sirte, Libya in the center seems to have been arrested today in the Ras Lanuf oil enclave in the east, where it came from an unknown number of families at Benghazi, Libya's second city and main stronghold rebel opposition. "Do not follow progress, stay here, we must protect the oil," he repeated today the speakers of a car at the checkpoint of the militia at the gates of Ras Lanuf, where aviation faithful to Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi bombed on several occasions to intimidate the militants.

Chirac postponed the trial until June

Former French President, Jacques Chirac, 78, will not sit tomorrow at the dock, as planned. His expected and historic corruption trial in its early mayor of Paris (1977-1995), and delayed more than fifteen years of immunity issues relating to his office, even a few months delay, at least until June. A constitutional complaint filed late Friday by the attorney for former Chief of Staff of the then mayor of Paris, has also accused the hearing stopped dead in its second meeting, held today.

The other side of the revolt

The riots in African countries bordering the mare nostrum marked the beginning of 2011. A month was enough to young Tunisian and Egyptian to get rid of dictators who ruled undisturbed for decades (since 1981 Mubarak, Ben Ali since 1987). And the wave did not stop, but had spread to Libya - the friend with the Gaddafi regime that is determined to sell life dearly - in Bahrain, Yemen, Algeria.

Hundreds of illegal immigrants landed on Lampedusa

Eleven boats carrying almost 850 illegal immigrants, mostly Tunisians arrived in the night from Sunday to Monday on the Italian island of Lampedusa. These newcomers were added to the hundreds of migrants who arrived during the weekend on the island despite bad weather and rough seas. The boats arrived between 21 pm and 6 am, and another boat with a hundred people on board was in sight Monday morning.

Proposed to the UN no-fly zone in Libya

.- France and Britain are working on a draft Security Council resolution the United Nations to impose an air exclusion zone in Libya, which will be presented soon. "The French and the British are working on a text to be submitted very quickly to 15 members of the Security Council of the UN. There is a sense of urgency.

We can not let people be crushed without doing anything," said a source diplomatic condition of anonymity. "They expect something on Libya (and the no-fly zone) this week," said the source. "It could happen this week," said another diplomat, who requested anonymity. "It depends on what happens on the ground.

Gaddafi launches an assault with tanks and artillery to conquer Zauiya

The rebels against the regime of Muammar Gadadi are on the brink of losing control of the strategic town of Zauiya, in west of Libya. The dictator's troops backed by tanks and artillery, have launched the assault on Tuesday of this important oil enclave just 50 km from Tripoli, under rebel control since the start of the riots and that takes a week under siege continued Army, according to witnesses cited by the agency and the Qatari Al-Jazeera network.

Libya, because I say no NATO intervention

The popular movements that were recorded in the Arab world in recent months is a new qualitative data, particularly the massive presence of women and youth, the real vanguard of this revolution. In two countries where the revolution has so far been successful, though not definitive, namely Egypt and Tunisia, the civil war has been avoided for the role of guarantee given by the Armed Forces, who have assumed the task of mediating between the revolutionary forces and the old regimes, but these are now being gradually liquidated.

In Ras Lanuf, volunteers armed with Kalashnikovs, rocket launchers and swords are the army of revolt

Ras Lanuf (Libya), Special Envoy - The majority of the fighters left the town of Benghazi, which became capital of the Libyan revolution and focus on mobilizing the people in arms. On the former detention center of the army, turned into a military training camp accelerated, civilians are daily more likely to volunteer to join the western front.

After the "liberation" of Brega, controlled by rebels since Saturday, March 5, this motley little army continued its advance on the road along the coast, clearing in the process, without much resistance, Ras Lanuf its latest pro-militia Gaddafi. This small coastal town, entirely devoted to petroleum activities, like with small rows of identical houses with doors and windows closed at a dormitory for employees of oil companies which have almost ceased to operate.

United States assesses the possibility of arming the rebels in Libya

Arming the rebels is one of several options that the U.S. is considering to Libya, said Monday the White House. The White House spokesman, Jay Carney stressed that Washington was moving quickly to assess the options, but the United States did not want to anticipate events. "The option of providing military aid is on the table because they have not taken out options on the table," said Carney.

"I have saved many marriages"

If you still think Muslim women are defined by the veil, has not met Khadija A. Mohammed. The Bahraini is the owner of the only sex shop in the Persian Gulf, he says, the entire Arab world. We were to dine at the conclusion of a long workday, but before leads me to Fashion Shop Khadija, his shop in Isa Town, 15 minutes from downtown Manama.

"The veil does not stop my ambitions," he says when I remark the contrast between the way they dress and work. Although Bahrain is one of the most liberal countries in the area, the window with three mannequins in red and black lingerie has sparked complaints from some conservative clergy.

Gaddafi leaves, indeed no "No deal with insurgents

Gaddafi ready to leave in exchange for safe passage. Libyan insurgents who say they have rejected the offer of the Rais to convene the Parliament in order to reach an agreement. "We have rejected the offer in a negotiation," the spokesman said insurgents Libyans from Benghazi Gheriani Mustafa, speaking with Reuters - will not negotiate with someone who has shed the blood Libyan and continues to do so.

China blames foreign media after calls to protest

Shanghai, correspondence - China harden their control of the foreign press after the publication on the Internet calls for protests against the regime, inspired by the Arab revolt and posted on the website Boxun dissident, hosted in the United States. At least fifteen foreign journalists - including a dozen Japanese - Chinese and an assistant, who went on the Piazza del Popolo, the designated meeting place in Shanghai, were detained several hours by police, Sunday, March 6, in a house is not identified as a police station.

Gaddafi, moved with the foreign media is expected declaration negotiation

TRIPOLI - Muammar Gaddafi could soon appear in front of reporters gathered at the hotel Rixos his regime in Tripoli. The excitement in these minutes indicates that the colonel might once again appear before the international media to boost its propaganda messages and especially to score a new move in the complicated political-military game whose prize is the salvation of the scheme, his family and the Libyan leader himself.

Gadhafi's son announces civil war if his father resignation

One of the sons of Moammar Gadhafi, Saadi, said Libya would face civil war if its parent relinquishes power as the rebels have demanded vigorously that control various parts of the country, said Monday the television channel Al Arabiya. Saadi, speaking in an interview with the Arabic satellite television channel, also said that Libya would become another Somalia and that the tribes of the country would face each other.

Obama reanudacin orders of the military commissions at Guantnamo

The U.S. president, Barack Obama, has ordered a resumption of military commissions to inmates at the Guantanamo detention center, which he stopped in 2009, waiting to dismantle the prison and extradited or transferred to other prisons detainees. Close Guantánamo, a prison opened in 2002 and highly controversial because of the conditions in which there was the accused, was one of Obama's campaign promises that the new decree admits the impossibility of happens in the short term, although maintains its intention to do so during his tenure.