Friday, May 20, 2011

Spanish Revolution: the revolt infects Europe

The wind of the Arab revolution has arrived in Europe. These days, Spain has been rocked by a wave of young M-15 movement, which just took over May 15 Puerta del Sol in Madrid, prepared to stay. To the cry of "real democracy now!" The protest erupted, and in addition to "Acampada in Madrid other tents were raised in almost every city in the country, from Barcelona to Zaragoza from Valencia to Bilbao ...

Convicted of rape, Moshe Katsav won several months of freedom before his trial on appeal

Jerusalem Correspondent - In deciding, Wednesday, May 18, the former president could avoid carrying out his prison sentence for rape, until his appeal hearing, Judge Yoram Danziger identified two elements: Moshe Katsav will not take a plane to flee the country, and, insofar as it is unlikely to reoffend, it does not constitute a "public danger".

In announcing this decision very controversial, the former head of Israel (2000-2007), convicted in March and sentenced to seven years in prison after being convicted of two rapes, different indecent acts and sexual harassment against three employees who worked under him, has exulted: "A weight has been removed from my shoulders, there are still judges in Jerusalem!" Katsav, who is defended by lawyers very famous and very expensive, so get several months of respite.

The turning point for Obama on Israel's borders dividing American Jews

A proposal to support "with all my heart." Approach "pragmatic". "It could cause you to lose the Jewish vote." The day after Barack Obama's call for Israel to return to 1967 borders - the ones before the Six Day War, before the occupation of East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza - the world's debates and the American Jewish divide.

It is not just a fact. The support of U.S. Jews to Obama and the Democrats - in terms of votes, funds, influence public opinion - will be key for re-election of president in 2012. In 2008 Jews accounted for 2% of the American electorate. 78% vote, then, for Obama. That massive preference for the Democratic candidate did not surprise anyone.

TEPCO has lost almost 11 billion euros after the disaster Fukushima

The Japanese utility Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) reported on Friday 20 May, a record net loss of 11 billion euros for the fiscal year in March curly. At the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the action group has collapsed by 83% since March 11, the day the Japanese earthquake and the nuclear accident in Fukushima.

Growing numbers catastrophic Tepco to replace his current boss, strongly criticized his handling of the crisis. At the end of the year April 2010 to March 2011, the company TEPCO has posted a net deficit of 1 247 350 000 000 yen (10.9 billion euros), more than 9 billion euros provided by the Japanese press.

Brazil mobilizes his army to the destruction of 27% of the Amazon

The government of President Dilma Rousseff has been taken by surprise after the finding, through satellites, which in recent months, the Amazon has been an increase in deforestation by 27% compared to the same period last year, mainly because in the past two years had broken the upward trend of destruction that had been observed for many years.

The deforestation of the jungle in the last nine months has been of 1,848 square kilometers. Both environmentalists and members of the Government believe that this surprising increase may be due to the possible adoption in the coming days the new Forest Code, which takes years and stumbling in the controversy between environmentalists and landowners.

Wikileaks: Putin as the Iranian nuclear sabotòil

In 2006, when Moscow still it opposed sanctions against Iran, Russian President Vladimir Putin had secretly ordered the sabotage of Iran's nuclear program to which his country was collaborating. He revealed the Israeli daily Yediot Aharonot quoted a confidential cable held by the staff of Wikileaks. The document, not yet available on the website of the newspaper or on the web portal of Julian Assange, recounts a conversation between the director of the Israel Atomic Energy Commission Gideon Frank and the American Ambassador Richard Jones in Tel Aviv.

Spain: The government wants to ban demonstrations before the elections

A crowd of protesters met again Thursday, May 19 evening, instead of the Puerta del Sol in central Madrid, occupied for three days by thousands of people protesting against the fallout from the economic crisis and unemployment. Responding to appeals on social networks, the demonstrators took turns on Tuesday since the place where they set up a tent city, which continued Thursday to expand and organize.

Morales ordered the elimination of the police jargon corrupt Bolivian

The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, ordered removed from the vocabulary and jargon police practice that reveals a broad whole corrupt system established within it access to key positions and financial resources for achieving higher levels of command. "These terms, which some police have to use culture as a code or jargon, should disappear," said Morales during the act of possession by the new police commander, Jorge Santiesteban, the third so far this year.

Syria, new protests killed 21 manifestantiLa EU thinks of penalties for Assad

"NATO has no intention to intervene in Syria." This was announced by the Secretary-General of the Alliance, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, highlighting the strong condemnation of the violence in the country, but also unlike the situation with respect to the Libyan crisis. "In Libya, NATO operates under a UN mandate and receives great support from the region - he explained - neither of these conditions are met in Syria." But if the Alliance get a stop, instead of progressing the work of the EU to extend sanctions on unh'altra dozen members of the regime, after the 13 staff already sanctioned.

A South African photographer, Anton Hammerl, killed in Libya

A South African photographer, Anton Hammerl, who went missing in Libya, was killed six weeks ago by the pro-Qaddafi, announced Friday, her family said in a statement. "Anton was killed by Qaddafi's forces in a very down in the Libyan desert. According to eyewitnesses, his injuries were such that he could not survive without medical care," his family said in this statement posted on Facebook.

Israel rejected the plan Obamaper the Middle East

Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu replied by return of statements to the speech made yesterday by U.S. President Barack Obama: "Israel welcomes Obama's commitment to peace - Netanyahu said a few hours before his departure for Washington - but the boundaries of 1967 are indefensible and would leave large portions of the Israeli population in Judea and Samaria from the boundaries of Israel.

Pakistan: murderous attack that targeted U.S. diplomats

Peshawar, Friday, May 20, 2011. / Fayaz Aziz A bomb killed a passer-by, Friday, May 20 in Peshawar, Pakistan. The attack targeted two cars in the U.S. consulate, which at least one armored and two consulate employees were slightly injured, said the U.S. embassy and the police. The Pakistani Taliban have claimed responsibility.

"We are targeting the diplomatic staff of all NATO countries," he said by telephone Ehsanullah Ehsan, a spokesman for Pakistani Taliban. "We will continue to conduct such attacks. Pakistan is our first target, America's second", he added. "A vehicle was damaged, no one was killed among our staff and none was seriously injured," said the spokesman of the embassy in Islamabad, which has not indicated how many employees consulate were injured.

Obama admits differences with Israel, but sees opportunities in Middle East

.- The U.S. president, Barack Obama, admitted Friday to have "differences" with Israel, noting that this is a moment of opportunity both as "dangers" for the Middle East, after talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Obama acknowledged that America has "differences" with Israel regarding the process of Israeli-Palestinian peace, said after meeting Israeli Prime Minister.

The President stressed that this was a moment of opportunity both as "dangers" for the Middle East. The president met with Netanyahu in Washington on Friday, a day after his speech about the Arab world in which first called for a negotiated solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict based on the 1967 borders.

"Yes we camp" in Spain comes the motion 15-M

The sign "Yes we camp" stands out well in the center of the main tent of the camp to Plaza Catalunya in Barcelona. Suit the movement 15-M: peaceful, heterogeneous, spontaneous but also determined. "We will not leave this place - says Guillermo, a university student - we still have too many things to say.

Do not tell us that in Spain there is always the 'freedom of expression? "Same content in Madrid, the Puerta del Sol, where thousands of people are meeting during the last night despite a heavy rain. For the protesters do not even care to know the verdict of the Board of Elections, asked to rule on the legality of the occupation during the election campaign.

NATO ships attack the regime of Gaddafi

The U.S. president, Barack Obama said Thursday that the NATO intervention in Libya had saved thousands of lives while the Libyan leader has emerged in the evening, apparently in good health on television. Lamenting the state violence that has manifested itself over the riots, Barack Obama has held that "the most extreme example is Libya, where Muammar Gaddafi has waged war against its own citizens, promising them out as rats.

US-Israel Summit today at the White House

A dog's face, without many concessions in an atmosphere of extreme seriousness, Obama, Barack Obama, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, have appeared from the White House in a press conference that, although not marked advancement in the peace process between Palestinians and Israelis, it has served to show the "differences" between Israel and the U.S..

So what Obama himself has said after private meetings with Netanyahu a day after setting in the 1967 line for peace negotiations. And Israeli Prime Minister yesterday expressed its indiganción to the proposal. It is the first bilateral meeting between the two leaders in a year and Netanyahu's third visit to the White House since coming to power of Obama.

Brazil condemns a driver for the collision of two aircraft in the Amazon

SAO PAULO, 20 May. (Reuters) - Brazil's Federal Court has sentenced to three years and four months in prison air controller lucive Tiburcio de Alencar for his role in the collision of two aircraft in the Amazon in 2006, an accident that cost him lives of 154 people. However, the penalty may be replaced by community service.

Judge Murilo Mendes in Mato Grosso (west) has found that there was negligence in the performance of Tiburcio de Alencar, so has also imposed a ban on practicing as an air traffic controller during the set time for grief. Instead, the air traffic controller also Jomarcelo Fernandez dos Santos has been acquitted of all charges for endangering the Brazilian air traffic safety.

Born of the night raid, eight ships sunk. Gaddafi back on TV

NATO has announced that he had sunk eight warships belonging to the forces of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, during a series of air raids on the night of the Alliance ports of Tripoli, Sirte and Homs. "Given the escalation in the use of naval forces, NATO had no choice but to go to any act of force to protect the civilian population of Libya and maritime forces of the Alliance," said Admiral Russell Harding in a statement.

Turkey: two dead and 79 injured in an earthquake of magnitude 5.9

The magnitude 5.9 quake that struck Thursday night the north-western Turkey, killing two people and wounded 79, according to Minister of Environment. Many buildings were hit, including Simav, epicenter of the earthquake. The Red Crescent has announced the shipment of food and 10,000 blankets there. The humanitarian organization should install 5,000 tents before Saturday morning., The epicenter of the earthquake, which occurred around 22 h 15, Paris time, is located Simav, a city of 100,000 inhabitants, depending on Kütahya Province, and located about 310 km west of Ankara, the agency said, citing the Kandilli seismological institute.

New Syrian demonstrations to demand the end of the regime

.- Thousands of protesters took to the streets again today in several cities in Syria to demand the end of the regime in Damascus, and in some localities have produced the first shots, according to opposition activists. The reports delivered by these sources account for the deaths of at least one person in the southern city of Dera, a 75 year old man who was tortured to death after being wounded, according to the opposition Coordinadora de la Revolución Syria.

A fire in a Mexican jail leaves 14 dead

A fire whose causes are still unknown today has caused the deaths of 14 inmates of the jail Apodaca, state prison located 30 miles from Monterrey, the capital of Nuevo León (northwestern Mexico). The fire broke out in the prison psychiatric ward and caused the detachment of the roof. Authorities said the incident began shortly before four o'clock in the morning (eleven o'clock in Spain).

At first the guards tried unsuccessfully to quell the fire themselves, but it was an hour and a half later when he could be controlled. Overcrowding the prison records, so the area where the fire occurred had been fitted out as a bedroom. The 14 inmates were killed in a pavilion that housed a total of 57 prisoners.

Brazil .- Brazil will create a "crisis cabinet" to investigate the rapid destruction of the Amazon rainforest

BRASILIA, 19 May. (Reuters) - The Government of Dilma Rousseff create a "crisis cabinet" to investigate the rapid destruction of the Amazon jungle, said the Minister of Environment, Izabella Teixeira, to provide data on deforestation is taking place in that region for the months of March and April this year.

The Amazon forest area lost between March and April totaled 593 square kilometers, a 473 percent higher than the same period a year ago, according to preliminary satellite data. Teixeira told local media that this disturbing situation, the Government ordered Rousseff create a "crisis cabinet" to investigate the causes of this rapid destruction of the rainforest, which has most strongly affected the agricultural state of Mato Grosso.

Were it to be ...

Netanyahu rejects any "withdrawal to 1967 lines"

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas called Thursday, May 19 the Palestinian leadership to "an emergency meeting," after Bush's speech, Barack Obama. The president of the Palestinian Authority also called the Jewish state to "give peace a chance it deserves." For its part, Hamas called Obama "concrete actions" for Palestinian rights and not to "add slogans.

In his speech, Bush asserted that the borders of Israel and a future Palestinian state should be based on those of 1967. "The gradual and complete withdrawal of Israeli military forces should be coordinated with the idea of a Palestinian responsibility for security in a sovereign state and non-militarized," he said.

At least 27 killed in attacks in Kirkuk

At least 27 people, mostly policemen, were killed and 89 wounded in a series of bombings in the city of Kirkuk, north of Baghdad in the deadliest attacks in Iraq for about two months. At least three attacks occurred in just over an hour in the city, the subject of dispute between the central government in Baghdad and Kurdish authorities who want to integrate the autonomous region of Kurdistan (North), according to security services.

Obama must rebuild trust of Israelis

.- President Barack Obama will have to rebuild confidence in his government if Israel wants to resume the peace process for the Middle East, with an apparent shift in its policy towards the Palestinians, The Washington Post said today. The newspaper reported Friday that Israel perceives a change in the policy of U.S.

President for Palestinian positions. 'It provoked an angry reaction from the Prime Minister (Israel), Benjamin Netanyahu, who as U.S. analysts, saw a change in Obama's policy in favor of the Palestinian negotiating positions, "the newspaper noted in its lead editorial. He added that if the president's promise of a new diplomatic effort is more than rhetoric, "he (Obama) will have to start rebuilding trust in government among both Israelis and Palestinians." In a speech yesterday Obama outlined "a new Middle East policy ', which said the U.S.

NATO planes sinking eight ships of the Navy's Gadhafi

.- NATO planes last night sank eight ships of the Navy Libya in coordinated attacks carried out in the ports of Tripoli and Sirte Al Khum, the alliance said in a statement. "NATO and allied air forces have continued their precision air strikes against the forces of the pro-Gadhafi during last night with a coordinated attack on the ports of Tripoli and Sirte Al Khums," the note to add that NATO aircraft have reached the ships of war, "sinking eight of them." After explaining that over the past weeks, the Alliance was an increase in the use of maritime forces pro-Gadhafi affecting the safe flow of humanitarian aid and jeopardized the NATO forces, it adopted a "deliberate action" in a response "carefully planned and coordinated" to demonstrate their resolve to protect the civilian population of Libya to use "appropriate and proportionate" force.

Brabo, "If you lose hope knew it was going to end up like a rag in a cell"

Blue shirt and flanked by his parents, Manuel and Victoria, amid shouts of "bravo" or Brabo, visibly tired but with a shy smile and lively. This has presented the photojournalist Manu Brabo, last one in the afternoon, before the press and friends were waiting at the airport Barajas. Wednesday was released by the Libyan government after being arrested by troops him Gaddafi from April 5.

The first to break the ice has been his father, jubilant and excited wanted to thank the support of all colleagues and friends of her son who have mobilized, asking to be released in concentrations and online-during the 44 days that has lasted captivity in Libya, and especially of Diego Ruiz, the representative of the Embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, "which has kept alive the hope that long." Then he reached the turn of Brabo.

A series of bombings struck the city of Kirkuk in northern Iraq

At least 25 people, mostly policemen, were killed and 79 wounded Thursday, May 19, in a series of attacks against police in the multiethnic city of Kirkuk north of Baghdad, sources said. At least three attacks took place in just over an hour in the center of this town that is the subject of a dispute between the central government in Baghdad and Kurdish authorities who wish to incorporate into their autonomous region Kurdistan, said the security services.

DSK will come out on bail after paying bail of a million dollars

After spending three nights in a cell of 12 square meters in the dangerous prison Rikers Island in New York, Dominique Strauss-Kahn will prepare his trial out of jail. A New York judge on Thursday granted bail after imposing the toughest conditions: one million dollars cash bond and a deposit of five million, the obligation to live, 24 hours a day, seven days a week with an electronic bracelet and under the continuous surveillance of an armed guard, in addition, pay Strauss-Kahn's own pocket.

Russia would also have helped to slow Iran's nuclear program

Vladimir Putin, when he was president, has secretly ordered in 2006 to sabotage the Iranian nuclear program, according to Wikileaks revelations published Thursday by the Israeli daily Yediot Aharonot. According to the newspaper, the director general of the Israeli Commission for Nuclear Energy, Gideon Frank, met Feb.

7, 2006 the then U.S. ambassador in Tel Aviv, Richard Jones, to inform him of interviews with Senior Russian officials, in particular its Russian counterpart, Sergei Kiriyenko. During these discussions, Mr. Kiriyenko assured Mr. Frank that the Russians intended to delay "for technical reasons" the delivery to Iran of new fuel for its Bushehr plant, according to guidelines of Mr.

For Beijing, the Dalai Lama may return as if it gives up Tibet's independence

The "open door" to a return of the Dalai Lama, says Padma Choling, appointed by the president of Beijing's Tibet Autonomous Region. "If he wishes to return the door to China is always open," he said Thursday, Mr. Choling, delivering the first comment by a senior official from the Dalai Lama announced abandon his political role as head of movement of Tibetans in exile, while retaining his role as spiritual leader.