Wednesday, January 12, 2011

United States: the Fed is a slight improvement in the economy

The economy "has continued to grow modestly" in the United States at the end of 2010, as the beige book for the U.S. central bank (Fed), economic reports issued every six weeks. This assertion is somewhat more positive than what the Fed wrote in its previous report, where it noted that the economy continued to "improve, overall." At the end of the year the economy grew in all regions of the country, says the Fed.

More than two hundred dead in Brazil by rain

After the tragedy caused by rain in the Brazilian metropolis of Sao Paulo, two picturesque mountain resort towns of Rio de Janeiro: Nova Friburgo Teresopolis and have been hard hit tonight by the waters, recording at least 200 deaths and dozens missing. In February last year the rains took the lives of 72 people.

In the mountain town of Teresopolis, the most affected by rainfall, the death toll reached 122, while in the nearby town of Nova Friburgo and are 97 fatalities, according to the latest report of the fire, collected by means country. Both cities are under water, without electricity and cut off by land.

Tunisia, 6 deaths and curfew Ben Ali does release all those arrested

TUNIS - Five people were killed in the clashes taking place in Tunisia between demonstrators and security forces, according to Al Jazeera television and the envoys of the news agencies. The victims, including a university professor, were killed with blows of a firearm during the incidents between protesters and police, under way in several cities.

In the evening, a witness speaks of a dead man in Hammamet: Reportedly killed by police a boy of 27 years. A sign of how the insurgency - including repression - is spreading. In Tunis, in the afternoon hundreds of young people shouting slogans against the regime on the square of the Gate of France tried to advance toward the avenue Habib Bourguiba, but security forces have blocked their way by throwing tear gas.

Mexico: organized crime has killed more than 15,000 deaths in 2010

The number of homicides related to organized crime in Mexico has reached 15 273 in 2010, the highest figure since the offensive launched by President Felipe Calderon in 2006 against the narco-traffickers, announced Wednesday, January 12 the government. "In 2010, we recorded the largest amount of homicides with a figure of 15 723, although it should be noted that the trend has stabilized in the third quarter and that there had been a slight downward trend "said the official spokesman of the government on security issues, Alejandro Poire.

Haiti: a country in ruins commemorating the earthquake of 2010

More than 15,000 people died in Mexico in 2010 because of 'narco'

The war against organized crime last year caused 15,273 deaths in Mexico, more than double those recorded in 2009 and three times in 2008. The brutal figure is the result of informal counts, but the result of painstaking work done by the government of Felipe Calderón with a select group of independent experts.

Despite the figures, the President wanted to emphasize today that the fight started after coming to power in late 2006 "is beginning to yield some results": 19 of the 37 top leaders of drug trafficking have been arrested or directly killed since March 2009, and the amount of confiscated drugs and weapons is increasing.

Tunisia: the challenge is gaining ground

Cuba is Juba

When civil war erupted in Sudan in 1983, in the south, thousands of young people were sent to training camps in Ethiopia to prepare for combat. Some instructors were Cubans sent by Castro to encourage export revolutions in Africa and communism. Many new recruits were children incapable of carrying a weapon.

The instructors felt that they were unfit for war. Rather than send them to the front, they sent to Cuba to study. Those children are now returning to Juba to rebuild the country they left. They are known affectionately as the juban. In the local Havana, in the city of Juba, Orik Simon, 38, takes a sip of the local beer Tasker and continues the story in perfect Spanish with a Cuban accent very pronounced.

Bangladesh ordered an investigation into the Grameen Bank

It's a decision indicative of continuing tensions between the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina, and the Nobel Peace Prize Muhammad Yunus, pioneer of micro-finance. The Bangladesh government has ordered an investigation Wednesday, January 12 on the Grameen Bank, micro-credit bank founded by Yunus.

A Norwegian documentary had in the past accused the bank of bad financial practices. The prime minister has since accused Mr. Yunus to use a "trick" to avoid paying taxes, claiming also that the loans "were sucking the blood of the poor." Sheikh Hasina, accusing Mohammad Yunus of Grameen Bank to his personal fiefdom, was first opposed to the "Banker to the Poor" in 2007 when it created its own political party, which has since fizzled .

Organ trafficking in Kosovo: a Turkish doctor arrested

Nicknamed "Dr. Frankenstein", Yusuf Sonmez, Turkish doctor wanted for his alleged involvement in organ trafficking in Kosovo, was arrested in Istanbul, confirmed Wednesday, January 12 Police Mission and Justice of the European Union (EULEX ) in Pristina. "The arrest took place under an international arrest warrant issued by the District Court of Pristina and in connection with the case Medicus," said Kristiina Herodes, spokeswoman for EULEX in Pristina, adding that EULEX prosecutors working on the issue in close cooperation with Turkish authorities.

Sarah Palin denounced the "libel" of those who link with the shooting of Tucson

The former governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, has gone out today to fend off criticism that link political rhetoric with the shooting last Saturday in Tucson, which killed six people and seriously wounded Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. The most visible of the ultraconservative movement Tea party has posted a video of almost eight minutes on his Facebook page where he talks of his thoughts after the attack.

Tucson, Obama at the funeral of six victims Palin against media: "Blood libel"

TUCSON - U.S. President Barack Obama will attend this evening at the funeral of six victims of the massacre carried out last Saturday in a shopping center in Tucson by 22 year old Jared Loughner formally charged with multiple murder and attempted murder of Democrat Gabrielle Giffords, who in the parking lot of 'commercial area was holding a rally.

Obama arrives in Arizona with his wife Michelle, the Minister of Justice Eric Holder and the Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano. The funeral will be held in the sports hall at the University of Arizona at Washington 20 hours, 2 am in Italy. During the ceremony the U.S. president make a speech.

Australia - The cost of floods in Australia, higher than Katrina

Australia's third largest city, Brisbane, is now besieged by water. Every day the Australians have the damage caused by floods that have twelve dead and dozens missing since Monday. But the damage was also measured in dollars. Flooding could indeed begin the gross domestic product of 10 billion U.S. dollars (7.7 billion euros).

Economists say the effects on the economy could be even more devastating than Hurricane Katrina, which struck the U.S. in 2005. The impact could be felt by early 2011, growth could be reduced by one percentage point, or about 13 billion Australian dollars (9.9 billion euros), according to Stephen Walters, chief economist at the bank JP Morgan Investment.

Moscow does not like the Estonian euro

Living and dying in Niger

The latest kidnapping (January 7) and murder (January 8) in Niger in the hands of terrorists Aqmi (Alain Juppe, the French Minister of Defence has absolutely sure that these are the followers of Al Qaeda) is a real blow to the heart. By surprise and makes doubly frightened because the two victims, the French Antoine de Léocur Vincent and Delory not traveling on remote tracks of the Sahara, in areas at risk, or working for Areva, a multinational uranium, the "enemy" as the five French hostages with Togo and Madagascar on 16 September to Arlit, a mining town 1,200 km from the capital.

2010, annus horribilis for Haiti

Just last year, at 16 h 53 local time, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7 on the Richter scale devastated Haiti. In one minute, the earthquake had turned the capital Port-au-Prince and its surroundings in a field of ruins. Figures summarize some of this terrible disaster: 222,570 dead, 300,000 injured, more than 2.3 million people displaced over 390 000 buildings destroyed, including 180,000 houses, and the presidential palace, the Senate, the national assembly and virtually all departments, damage estimated at more than $ 8 billion.

Afghanistan, new files from Iranian missiles aimed Wikileaks on Italians

ROME - The news comes from the files of military Wikileaks so far remained unpublished in 2007, Iran had missiles pointed at targets in the Afghan provinces under Italian command, Herat and Farah. Among the targets also PRT Farah, managed by Americans. In the new file Wikileaks states: "The Iranians said they had pointed their missiles at targets because they expect a U.S.

attack against the Islamic Republic." From the dispatches also found that some Taliban groups "operating under directives issued by the Iranian government" and not only that: "The Iranian government has deployed troops along the border with Ghoryan district in Herat province," reads the file, "and plans to offer support to the insurgents.

The castle of Jean-Bedel Bokassa sold to a private

The former home of Jean-Bedel Bokassa of the Central deposed emperor died in 1996, was purchased Wednesday, January 12 915 000 euros by an individual during an auction. Hardricourt located near Paris, the area includes "a castle with a surface area of 547.78 m2, a caretaker's house [95.49 m 2], a vast wooded park and a double garage," according to Legal Notice published in December with a starting price set at 735,000 euros.

Ben Ali gives pledges to the protesters but the army deploys in Tunis

The Tunisian government is trying to extinguish the fire. Wednesday, January 12, Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi, announced the dismissal of Interior Minister Rafik Haj Kacem, and release all those detained since the beginning of social unrest that shook the country. He also announced during a press conference, the formation of a commission of inquiry into alleged corruption involving public officials, denounced by opposition and NGOs.

Gray areas remain after the execution of French hostages

How was held the French military intervention to free two French hostages kidnapped in Niger, which has resulted in the death of Anthony and Vincent Léocour Delory? "From our perspective, nothing is blurred in the sequence of events," said Monday the French Defence Minister Juppe. But the contradictory statements of French and Nigerian governments maintain doubt.

The Nigerian Ministry of Interior and said Wednesday the only hold "no terrorists" suspected member of Al Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) involved in Niamey the kidnapping and death of two French hostages. These statements contradict those of the French Prime Minister Francois Fillon, who had confirmed to the National Assembly on Tuesday that two suspected members of AQIM involved in the kidnapping of two French nationals had been captured alive and were interviewed in Niamey.

Côte d'Ivoire: Heavy gunfire between supporters of Gbagbo and Ouattara

New clashes broke out Wednesday, January 12, Abidjan between supporters of Alassane Ouattara and the forces loyal to incumbent President Laurent Gbagbo. According to police sources, five policemen were killed, victims of "heavy gunfire" in Abobo, a district of Abidjan in favor of Ouattara. Similar clashes have killed at least five people dead yesterday, in the same area.

"People are tired of Abobo. Every day there are kidnappings and murders here. We have the right to defend ourselves," testifies Souaré Amara, a resident of Abobo. The camp Gbagbo, who denies orchestrating murders and abductions, argues that many officers have been killed by supporters of Ouattara.

Never mind the whale

Yes! Never mind the whales, it is their fault if they are, they're too fat, and then if there is to do a trade secret bell'accordo with Japan, which go to hell 'sti environmentalists nag. So he must have thought the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in spite of its politically correct etiquette when he endorsed a wicked plot to resume sustainable hunting (now a few words are the slogan of coverage of the worst atrocities) to whales.

Hezbollah and its allies are pressing the government of Saad Hariri

The ministers of Hezbollah and its allies are threatening to walk out of the Lebanese unity government if their demands for the UN tribunal investigating the assassination of Rafik Hariri are not heard. "If the Cabinet does not meet, it means that there is no government, and the 11 ministers will submit their resignation today," said Wednesday the Health Minister Mohammad Jawad Khalifeh , the Shiite movement Amal.

Kaczynski's presence on the plane may have contributed to fatal accident

The psychological pressure of taking on board the Polish President Lech Kaczynski could have caused the plane crash that crashed last April in the Russian city of Smolensk, where the president died and 95 other passengers, as indicated today Russian aviation authorities. "They will be angry," said one of the crew members to an extract from a recording of the flight issued by the Interstate Aviation Committee of Russia during a press conference on the investigation.

After a night of clashes, the army is deployed in Tunis

The Tunisian army was deployed on Wednesday 12 January in Tunis, where tension is rising in the wake of clashes between police and demonstrators broke out overnight in the western suburbs popular. Military reinforcements, armed soldiers, trucks, jeeps and tanks, have emerged in Tunis for the first time since the outbreak of fighting experienced by Tunisia for four weeks.

These reinforcements were posted at intersections of the center of Tunis and the entrance to the city Ettadhamen (Solidarity), where damage to a night of violence were visible. An armored all fires and armed soldiers were positioned at the entrance to this large suburb where the carcasses of vehicles, including buses, fire had not yet been removed, near the head of delegation (sub-prefecture) attacked the day before.

Benoit Poelvoorde calls to stop shaving as Belgium have no executive

Armed troops deployed to Libya in Tunis for the abolition of taxes on food

TUNIS - from early morning armed troops were deployed in strategic points of Tunis, after that night in clashes between demonstrators and police in riot gear were also raging in the capital of Tunisia, where for weeks in the course of the intifada bread . Eye witnesses said, including journalists' sources at the scene.

The soldiers, equipped with light armored vehicles, in particular, took position around the headquarters of state television. Meanwhile, the Libyan government has abolished all taxes which affect the price of food for sale in the country. According to reports from the Arabic television 'Al-Jazeera', the government has decided to take a drastic measure to stop the rising cost of living and to avoid protests by citizens like those that erupted in Tunisia and Algeria.

Tunisia, the army deployed in the capital

Since early morning armed troops were deployed in strategic points of Tunis, on the night after clashes between protesters and police in riot gear were also raging in the capital of Tunisia, where for weeks there is an ongoing revolt of bread. Eye witnesses said, including journalists' sources at the scene.

The soldiers, light armored vehicles, in particular, took position around the headquarters of state television and the French embassy. The Tunisian president, Zin al-Abidin Ben Ali, this morning was removed from the interior minister, Rafiq al-Hajj. According to reports from the Arabic television al-Jazeera, has been appointed in his place Ahmad Faria.

In Beijing, with the "ant" came from Inner Mongolia

Egypt: Policeman killed a Christian

Cairo - In a fresh attack on Coptic Christians, an Egyptian policeman killed a 71-year-old man. According to the Interior Ministry in Cairo shot the offender on Tuesday in a train near the city of Assiut, south of Cairo around. In the attack on the train was hurt, the policeman with his service weapon also five people, including at least four Coptic Christians, said the interior ministry.

The identity of the fifth victim had not yet resolved. There are reports, however, have traded him for a Copt. Meanwhile, representatives of the security authorities had spoken of seven wounded. The attacker climbed, according to security forces in the town of Samalut on the train to Cairo and was arrested after the fact.

Down Arms

Christina Taylor Green was born as the twin towers collapsed. On the day that the country had discovered his weakness, John Green and Roxanne had looked into the face of life through the eyes of their child. "I was born on that day, I got something good in the world that day." Christina repeated so often on his birthday.

Just over nine years and many dreams, including that of politics. As Gabrielle Giffords. Christina was listening when one of the bullets fired by a boy not much older than her, has stopped the heart. And dreams. Christina's smiling face is a shot in the stomach, as well as that of Jarod Loughner, twenty-two last Saturday, the bomber shot wounding Tucson America.

Hillary Clinton calls for "peaceful solution" in Tunisia

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, concerned about unrest and instability in Tunisia. In an interview on Al-Arabiya, based in Dubai, aired Tuesday night, she said: "We do not take part, but we hope there will be a peaceful solution. And I hope that the Tunisian government will find such a solution. " During this interview, she expressed concern about "the government's response, which unfortunately caused the death of some young protesters.

The French have adopted more children from abroad in 2010

Adoptions of foreign children by French families are increasing. They rose 14% year on year from 3,017 in 2009 to 3,504 in 2010, according to statistics from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, quoted by Le Figaro on Wednesday 12 January. Haitian children arrive well ahead of such adoptions, after the earthquake that devastated the island in early 2010.

In 2010, 992 of them have been adopted against 653 a year ago. "This is an acceleration of the proceedings before the earthquake, not new adoptions," said the Ambassador in charge of international adoption, Jean-Paul Monchau. Then comes Vietnam (469 adoptions in 2010), Colombia (369) or Ethiopia (352) and Russia (301).

Brisbane thousands of homes threatened by the overwhelming flood

Some 20,000 homes of dozens of neighborhoods in Brisbane, Australia's third largest city and capital of Queensland state, ravaged by a terrible flood last three weeks, may be under water within hours by the worst floods in decades. The overflow of the Brisbane River has already flooded several neighborhoods, although the waters are expected to reach its peak between now and the weekend.

For now, the waters now reach 4.5 meters, according to local newspaper The Courier Mail, which affect about 50 neighborhoods. They have already evacuated around 1,500 people in the city. In the coming days, the waters could reach tomorrow, according to recent estimates, 5.2 meters, so that 19,700 homes and 3,500 commercial premises in 2,100 will probably flooded streets, according to Mayor Campbell Newman.

Sudan: 60% passed, the referendum is valid for U.S., "Maybe out of sponsoring terrorism list"

ROME - After three days of voting quorum was exceeded by 60% participation of registered voters, required for the validity of the referendum on the independence of southern Sudan from the rest of the country. The announcement was Anne Itto, a spokesman for the SPLM, the Sudanese People's Liberation Movement, a party born from the ashes of the former rebel group that now rules the South''has been reached 60% - reported Itto - but we want 100% attendance.'' The consultation provided for in the 2005 peace that ended the longest civil war in the history of modern Africa, began Sunday and will run until next Saturday.