Thursday, August 18, 2011

Somalia: 400,000 children are at risk of starvation

Especially children are suffering from the famine in East Africa - Hundreds of thousands of them are threatened with speedy death. Islamic States and the UK stepping up its support, but still missing the half of the United Nations needed a billion dollars. Nairobi - Up to 400,000 children are acutely threatened by starvation in Somalia - unless they reached help, fast.

Chvez wants to nationalize the gold industry

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said yesterday he thinks nationalize the gold industry, including extraction and processing, and use this production to boost the country's international reserves. The movement is a result of the confrontation between his government and foreign mining companies operating in the country, which complain that the rules limiting the amount of gold that can be exported weighing down its efforts to develop local projects and create jobs.

Obama will present in September his plan to revive the economy

In a speech in September, Barack Obama will unveil an action plan to revive the U.S. economy and fairebaisser unemployment. Details of the plan were unveiled on the third day of a tour bus to Obama in the Midwest, he took the opportunity to criticize the Republicans in Congress, particularly the movement of the "tea party", to whom he accused of hindering the economic recovery efforts.

The Pope arrives in Spain

The Pope has landed in Madrid on a four-day visit during which Spain will attend the World Youth Day. To welcome Benedict XVI at the foot of the stairs of the plane were King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia and Prime Minister Jose Rodriguez Zapatero's surprise. On the runway waiting for him also some thousands of young Catholic pilgrims who cheered the pontiff, waving flags of the Vatican and Spain.

Biden visit to China is concerned about the U.S. debt

The U.S. vice president, Joe Biden, arrived in China Wednesday, Aug. 17. He makes a long journey of five days which Beijing expects "concrete actions" on the huge debt of the United States. He has during his visit on several occasions to meet with his counterpart, Xi Jinping, likely successor in 2013 of President Hu Jintao and personality unknown to American political circles with which Washington hopes to build a relationship of dialogue.

Several dead after an attack on a bus in southern Israel

At least five people were killed and 25 injured in a series of attacks in southern Israel, as reported by the Israeli emergency service. A group of men opened fire on two bus lines near the city of Eilat, close to the Egyptian border. Among the victims were soldiers traveling in vehicles attacked. Israel's military have killed at least three of the attackers, as reported by the online edition of the newspaper Hareetz.

Syria: Hundreds of people detained in a stadium in Lattakia

Repression continues in Syria. Wednesday, August 17, ten civilians and killed in the country, according to activists. In the port city of Latakia, hundreds of people were arrested and taken to a point on the fifth day of the crackdown by the Syrian army in the Sunni areas of the coastal city that rose up against Bashar Al-Assad.

The military, backed by tanks, had intervened in the district of Al-Al-Raml Filistini during the weekend. They have intensified their operations in major urban centers since the beginning of Ramadan, on August 1. Latakia, with a large minority Alawite - belongs to Mr. Assad - is a theater strategy for the president, whose family and friends have long dominated the business and port.