Saturday, August 13, 2011

Falls into the sea an experimental supersonic unmanned U.S. plane

The Falcon supersonic, which would connect Los Angeles to New York in 12 minutes, crashed in the Pacific, fortunately without a pilot, though so far no official confirmation yet there are not. Traveling at a speed 20 times that of sound and could connect the West and the East Coast of the United States in a matter of minutes.

But unfortunately the plane supersonic tested yesterday by the U.S. defense and whose project has so far cost 308 million dollars have literally gone missing, a fact which is making prevail, without doubt, the hypothesis dell'inabissamento ocean . Hit targets anywhere in minutes. The Falcon Hypersonic Test Vehicle (HTV-2) was designed to fly at a speed of 23,860 kilometers per hour and, in theory, should have allowed the American aviation to strike a target anywhere in the world in less than an hour.

A cholera epidemic is added to the famine in Somalia crisis

The UN said today that "worst" of the crisis caused by famine in Somalia is not over yet, after confirming that there is an epidemic of cholera in the current state of poor health, malnutrition and overcrowding of displaced people, is highly dangerous. "Do not make the mistake of believing that the worst is over, this crisis continues, with mass movements, risk of spreading disease, overcrowding in camps and situations that go beyond humanitarian workers in the field," the spokesman said the High Commissioner UN for Refugees (UNHCR), Adrian Edwards.

The reform of the health care system Obama ruled unconstitutional by a court of appeal

The federal appeals court in Atlanta ("the 11th Circuit", representing Alabama, Florida and Georgia, southeastern United States) declared unconstitutional a portion of the new law on health insurance for Barack Obama voted in 2010, a blow to one of the flagship reforms of the President. Two of the three judges of the Georgia court ruled that the obligation of all citizens to have health insurance by 2014 or face sanctions was not consistent with the Constitution, confirming in part a decision trial reported in January in Florida.

Rick Perry, the ultra-conservative Republicans in the primaries: "Bush? Too Liberal "

He led a prayer group in Houston, last Saturday, in front of 30 thousand people, asking God to "stop the decline of the United States." Do you think that President Bush was a "too liberal", and that the United States got into the hands of an "oppressive and rapacious central government." Asks radical cuts in health spending, as for education and the environment (in addition to closing the ministries of education and energy).