Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Paris sells 182 million euros of Libyan assets to rebels

France has earmarked 182 million euros of Libyan assets that have been available to the National Transitional Council (CNT) for "humanitarian purchases," said Monday the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. "These are funds that belong to the Libyan people" and that "for the purchase of medicines, food products," said CNT's new ambassador in Paris, Mansour Saif Al-Nasr at the end of a meeting with the head of French diplomacy, Alain Juppe.

Italy withdraws ambassador from Syria

Italy has recalled its ambassador from Damascus, Syria's Defense Minister receives ban on entry into the EU, the UN Security Council is struggling to a resolution. In light of the brutal violence of the security forces against the popular uprising in Syria, Italy has recalled its ambassador to Damascus for consultations.

A typhoon and a tropical storm caused 70 deaths in the Philippines

The combined action of first tropical storm and then a typhoon in the Philippines has caused 70 deaths, 24 missing and about a million people displaced, officials said. The National Center for Disaster Prevention rose this morning to 66 the number of people killed when tropical storm Nock-Ten toured the north of the archipelago last week, out on Thursday.

Then he went and killed four others typhoon "Muifa" which affected the country on Thursday with sustained winds of 175 mph and gusts to 210 mph, according to data from the agency. The latest victims are nine fishermen found in the province of Masbate, the Philippines, after wrecking his boat and had been missing since last Wednesday.

After the debt, the stagnation threatens Obama

The White House and Republican and Democratic leaders of Congress have thus given birth to forceps, on the eve of the fateful date of August 2, agreement on raising the public debt of the United States. This deal, torn by President Obama, based on mutual concessions that everyone tries already to present to his advantage.

Barack Obama can claim to have achieved three successes. First, it has avoided the worst for his country - and the rest of the world economy. For now, the U.S. will not be declared insolvent and punished by the rating agencies. Rightly, he can plead his liability against the dangerous games that have engaged the Republicans.

President Chavez: "This is my new look"

After his cancer chemotherapy Venezuelan president is presented for the first time with a bald head - and makes jokes to the assembled round about his new hairstyle. Completely shaved, Hugo Chávez appeared on Monday in Caracas. "This is my new look," the 57-year-old announced cheerfully.

Then he held a photo up, the him as a toddler - shows - and with few hairs. "I have again the same hairstyle," he quipped. The state television he had earlier reported on the phone that he had asked his barber for a "military cut", when the first hair turned out as a result of chemotherapy.

Mubarak health care allows trial

Egyptian Health Minister, Amr Helmy, said the president's health status is stable Hosni Mubarak, so there are no impediments to the transfer to Cairo to appear in court next Wednesday. Helmy, quoted by state news agency Mena said that "according to the daily reports received by the Ministry of Health, the state of Mubarak is almost stable and so far there is nothing to prevent his transfer to Cairo." On July 26, the attending physician at the Hospital of Sharm el-Sheikh told the "acute stage of weakness" of the deposed president, who has stopped eating and only eat liquids.

Horn of Africa situation worsens daily

The humanitarian crisis worsens Horn of Africa every day and runs the risk that the declared state of famine in two regions of Somalia to be extended to another five or six more, warned the UN undersecretary general for humanitarian affairs, Valerie Amos. "The crisis is intensifying in the Horn of Africa.

Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia and Djibouti is 12.4 million people in dire need of help as the situation worsens," said Amos told reporters at the UN headquarters in New York, where he said the situation was particularly worrying in Somalia. There, in two regions which the international organization two weeks ago declared a state of famine, Amos said the humanitarian crisis may be even more catastrophic proportions "unless there is a massive increase in the international response." "The famine soon be extended to five or six regions," warned the head of the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), who recalled that "tens of thousands of Somalis have died and hundreds of thousands face a famine with implications for the entire region.

Assassinations of Oslo and Utya: the Norwegian Parliament commemorates the victims of terror

Norwegian Prime Minister Stoltenberg has warned after the attacks of Oslo and Utøya against a "witch hunt against the freedom of expression". At a memorial service in Parliament, the Prime Minister announced a major national memorial service for the 77 dead. Oslo - The 21st August will be a day of remembrance in Norway: The country wants to remember this day with a major national memorial to the 77 dead of the terrorist attacks of Oslo and Utøya.

U.S. debt, okay the agreement of the House of representatives, now the final vote of the Senate

It came the OK from the House of representatives to compromise on increasing the ceiling of U.S. debt (related to heavy cuts to the state budget), should plan to avoid default and its heavy economic impact. Because the agreement - which was announced last night by Barack Obama - to become law, it lacks the Senate vote.