Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Christian killed in a shooting in Egypt

An Egyptian Christian faith has been killed and five others wounded by a man who opened fire Tuesday, January 11 aboard a train south of Cairo. The shooter was a police officer, boarded a car in the town of Samalut, midway between the Egyptian capital and largest city of Assiut. According to the Interior Ministry, he then opened fire with his service weapon, killing a passenger, Fathi Said Ebeid, 71, and wounding five people.

Chat - Côte d'Ivoire, Afghanistan, Iraq: what links between national elections and international relations?

United States: an agency to oversee oil exploration

The U.S. National Commission to investigate the causes of the explosion of the platform called Deepwater Horizon, Tuesday, January 11, the creation of an independent agency responsible for the safety of offshore operations. She also called for enhancing financial penalties in case of accident. The commission, composed of seven experts was set up by the White House after the worst oil spill in the history of the United States, caused by the explosion of the BP platform in the Gulf of Mexico.

Brazil: Torrential rains claim at least ten dead in Sao Paulo

Torrential rains in the night of Monday to Tuesday killed at least ten dead in Sao Paulo, aggravating an already deadly rains in southeastern Brazil. Three other people were missing, said civil defense in his latest report, urging people not to leave her house. The dead and missing were in most cases, victims of landslides that buried their homes in the area north of the city in particular.

In one case, a mother and daughter died in the rubble of their homes. In another, a man drowned, driven by a strong current on a road. Tuesday morning, the situation was "chaotic" in the Brazilian metropolis, according to the news channel Globo News television streaming, six rivers overflowed, fifty-three areas were flooded and several major arteries, such as Marginal Tiete, one the main routes into the city are cut to traffic, causing immense traffic jams.

Arizona looking for a law prohba protests during the funerals of Tucson

Arizona Capitol today is expected to approve a law banning demonstrations in less than 90 meters at the funerals of the victims of the bombing of Tucson after the fanatical Reverend Fred Phelps of Westboro Baptist Church, a video posted on YouTube in which he thanked the actions of the gunman. Following his insane logic that the U.S.

is being punished for allowing abortion or gay marriage, among others, the Rev. often leads to their faithful lit mostly his own large family, to the burials and funerals of soldiers fallen in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to show that their deaths are God's anger because they violate divine laws.

Italian ship hijacked by pirates and freed after several hours

ROME - The tanker 'master', the Company Morfini of Bari, was attacked by pirates off the coast of Nigeria. After stealing the belongings of the crew - consisting of three Italians, including the commander, and 19 Filipinos - and robbed the cashier of the cargo, the pirates have abandoned. But before forcing three Filipino sailors to accompany them to the ground with one of the lifeboats.

In giving the news, the Coast Guard stated that the three men have not yet returned to the ship, 176 meters long and 25 tons, which therefore remains steady at 26 miles offshore.

Télézapping - Sad anniversary for Haiti

Costa Rica asked the Court to order the UN to Nicaragua to withdraw its troops from its soil

Neighbors and, at present, poorly drained sites. So there have been Costa Rica and Nicaragua to the International Court of Justice, United Nations, because of a border dispute. Centered in the San Juan River, the natural boundary between the two countries, the Costa Rican government claims that Managua intends to build a canal two miles to give an outlet to the sea that would modify the existing borders.

Maiden flight of the Chinese stealth aircraft, amid U.S. visit

Revealing a heightened military competition, more than a reconciliation between the two powers, China has for the first stealth fighter takes off her, even as U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, was received by Chinese President Hu Jintao, Tuesday, January 11. While the Pentagon chief was trying to restart the US-China military relations on a proper footing, before the Chinese president's visit to Washington next week, photographs of the plane J-20 have been published by the official press.

A Christian dead and five injured after an attack south of Cairo

A Christian has died and five others have been wounded in a shootout on a train south of Cairo, according to the official news agency MENA. It is still unknown if the loss was due to a sectarian clash would come just two weeks after the bombing of a church in Alexandria that left 23 dead and over 90 wounded.

Mariam Salah, director of Good Shepherd Hospital in Samalut (MyNI, 260 kilometers south of Cairo) has reported that they are treating a total of five Christians were injured. This incident came few hours after Egypt call its ambassador to the Vatican after a statement yesterday in which Pope Benedict XVI urged the governments of predominantly Muslim countries to do more to protect Christian minorities residing in them.

Taxes is for little people

Logic suggests that taxation should obey simple principles: income, taxes. Unfortunately, this is not the case, as stated by the Queen's Hotel New York, Leona Helmsley, jailed in 1992 for stealing the tax in proportions rarely seen in the U.S.: "Only small People pay taxes. " There is nothing new under the winter mists to the City.

Tax evasion is well and the rich are becoming richer. By using a virtuoso of the tax exemption and tax relief, under-taxation of large corporations as fortunes played a key role in the financial crisis of autumn 2008. Toxics (subprime) were indeed often domiciled in tax havens. Such is the thesis of the book by Nicholas Shakson edifying: Treasure Islands: Tax Havens and the Men Who Stole the World (Bodley Head Publishing, untranslated French) published on January 10.

Divided island: Merkel Calls upon the Turkey in the Cyprus dispute

Germany will help the EU member state Cyprus: Chancellor Merkel has promised during her visit President Christofias support in the negotiations between Greeks and Turks. Turkey urged them to implement the agreed customs union of the two parts of the island. Nicosia - During her visit to Cyprus, Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) called the divided Mediterranean island for decades to further efforts for reunification.

Riots in Tunisia: Ben Ali is using force

 The army shoots sharp, but she does not get the situation under control has long since become of the youth protests in Tunisia, a rebellion against the regime. For the first time in 23 years seems to be the sole rule of President Ben Ali is seriously threatened. Tunis - The revolt is driven by pain: Every day there are new deaths in the riots in Tunisia, every day, therefore new funeral processions that end in riots.

Hostages in Niger killed four kidnappers during the rescue attempt

We know a little about the circumstances of the attack by French forces Saturday, January 8 Mali to deliver two French hostages kidnapped the day before at a restaurant in Niamey, Niger. French helicopter gunships fired at the kidnappers' vehicles and their charred wreckage had been found in northern Mali.

The final assault allegedly took place at about fifteen kilometers from the Malian town Tabankor. "Among the recovered vehicles burned, there is a large 4 x 4 vehicle registered in Benin," said an administrative authority in northern Mali. In Niamey, witnesses the kidnapping, assigned to the North African branch of al-Qaida (AQIM), had said that two French nationals were taken January 7 at night by people "armed and turbaned", "on board a 4 x 4 registered in Benin.

UK: acca 'nisciuno is cleft

Or as the famous Neapolitan concept has been translated by the Supreme Court of London with equal incisiveness, but with more elegance. Last month, the former Labour MP David Chaytor pleaded guilty before the tribunal that would judge, a move dictated by the knowledge that the accusation of fraud in requests for reimbursement of expenses to Parliament could lead to a sentence of up to seven years.

Hillary Clinton's visit to Yemen amid terrorist threat

First U.S. diplomat to visit Yemen for twenty years, the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is arriving Tuesday, January 11 at a surprise visit to Sanaa in Yemen. Clinton said he intended to go beyond military cooperation to tackle a "comprehensive strategy" to address economic, social and political Yemen that breed extremists.

"In our efforts to counter terrorism, Yemen became a partner more and more important," she told reporters accompanying him. The U.S. official will hold talks with President Ali Abdullah Saleh faces the threat of Al-Qaeda extremist network, and meet representatives of civil society and opposition political parties.

Moment: Shadow Warrior

All Africa eagerly awaits the decision: The Southern Sudan vote with a referendum on independence. Polling stations are open since Sunday, the first results are expected in early February. There are always fighting in the region on Tuesday, ten people were killed. Also, heavily armed soldiers of the South Sudan Liberation Movement - two of them are here in the city of Bentiu - could not protect the voters.

A Christian killed and at least three wounded on a train in the southern region

CAIRO - A Christian man was killed and at least three were wounded on a train in Egypt in the South The news was given by medical sources and police in the area. Although it is unclear whether there is a religious aspect, the episode threatens to upsurge the tension high after the bombing of the New Year's Eve at the Church of Saints of Alexandria.

Today the Egyptian government has called Egypt's ambassador to the Holy See for reference. A decision, said in a statement the Foreign Ministry spokesman Hossam Zaki, taken "in the background of the new statements by the Vatican on Egyptian affairs." "These statements - said the spokesperson - are considered Egypt as an unacceptable interference in its internal affairs." Yesterday, speaking to the ambassadors accredited to the Holy See, in the traditional New Year meeting, the Pope sent an appeal to governments and religious authorities of the Middle East for the protection of Christians.

Modernising Islam or Islamization of modernity?

Faced with the horrific wave of violence against Christians in Iraq and Egypt, we can not ask questions about the causes that created them. And we must look not only to Iraq and Egypt, but to analyze the problems in other countries to get an overall picture of the situation. The real causes of these changes are primarily the democratic decadence, oppression and political problems.

A wave of confusion and chaos is invading the Arab world. Many countries are seeing increasing domestic violence, ferocious, making the soil more fertile, more extensive changes in the authoritarian sense. Signs of Revolution appear to Tunisia and Algeria followed by disturbances in other Arab countries, to Jordan.

Sahel: France opts for hardening against AQIM

Surprise and dismay dominate in Niamey, after the death of two French nationals kidnapped and killed by their captors. Although not claimed, this action is "absolutely" the mark of al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), according to Alain Juppe, the French defense minister, visiting Niger Monday, January 10.

If this is not the first time that the Islamist hit this country, this action at the heart of the capital marks a new stage. "This is a sign that we can kidnap people in a capital Saharan Africa, which is worrisome because it occurred in a neighborhood with a strong expatriate presence of security forces" analysis Alain Antil, a researcher in charge Sub-Saharan Africa Program at the French Institute for International Relations (IFRI).

Tunisian Trade unions estimate at 50 killed by the protests against the Executive

Tunisian union sources raise to 50 the death toll in the city of Kaserin in west central Tunisia, as a result of the riots that erupted on 17 December when Bouazizi Mohamed, a 26 years old, was burned to bonzo in the town of Sidi Bouzid to report administrative abuse after police seized the fruits and vegetables that are sold on the street.

The death toll released by the regional spokesperson of the General Union of Tunisian Workers, Sadok Mahmudi, contrasts with the Tunisian government estimate puts in 20 demonstrators killed in the riots and reports that eight policemen were wounded. According to Mahmoudi, police "forcibly robbed" last night the union headquarters in the city of Kaserin, that since this morning is surrounded by military.

In Europe, the separatists are many more attacks that Islamists

Portugal does not seek international aid, said Jose Socrates

Portugal has lowered, Tuesday, Jan. 11, its growth forecast for 2011, now providing a drop of 1.3% of GDP, whereas previous estimates had forecast stagnation. The Central Bank speaks for the coming year "a context of sharp fall in domestic demand and robust growth in exports." "This revision is primarily determined by the effects of remedial measures included in the fiscal 2011 budget, which should help reduce the public deficit to 4.6% of GDP and that the recessionary effects were not taken into account in previous projections.

Michael Jackson's doctor had purchased 255 vials of propofol

The personal physician of Michael Jackson had purchased 255 vials of propofol, a powerful anesthetic that caused the death of the "King of Pop" June 25, 2009. These are the new revelations that plague, Monday, January 10, Conrad Murray, already accused of the disappearance of medical equipment that was near the body of the singer.

The bottles were ordered and delivered to an address in Santa Monica, where the doctor had run between April 6 and June 10, 2009, just before the death of pop star, "said Tim Lopez, director of a pharmacy in Las Vegas, the fifth day of preliminary hearings in the Superior Court of Los Angeles, which should allow to decide if Dr.

Clinton made the first visit by a secretary of state to Yemen in 20 years

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, traveled today to one of the most dangerous countries for the United States: Yemen, where Al Qaeda has been organizing the recent attempts of attacks that kept in suspense to the international community. This is the first visit of a senior U.S. diplomat to the Arab country in two decades.

But today is of vital importance to the U.S. Government make it clear to the authorities in Sanaa that the fight against al Qaeda at its roots is an important issue of great urgency. "We face a common threat from terrorists and Al Qaeda and our partnership goes beyond counterterrorism," said Clinton in a statement after holding a two-hour conversation with Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Julian Assange will learn his fate on February 8

The founder of the website Wikileaks, Julian Assange, appearing on 7 and 8 February before a British court that will decide his possible extradition to Sweden: the date is fixed by the London court in Belmarsh, where the Australian was called at a preliminary hearing Tuesday, January 11. The Swedish Justice has launched extradition proceedings against him for rape and sexual assault on two employees of the site, he categorically denies.

The wrath of the street, Jordan seeks to lower prices

The Jordanian government is preparing to take urgent measures to bring prices down. One consequence, according to observers, the popular protest that began to swell in the country. King Abdullah II has called "the commodities are at the lowest possible price. He also ordered the army, which holds more than 80 food cooperatives, "not to raise prices (..) especially rice and sugar," said an official statement.

The lawyers denounced the revolt "Snipers in action, at least 50 deaths"

TUNIS - would be more than fifty victims of the clashes between demonstrators and security forces occurred in the last three days in the Kasserine, in the central region of Tunisia. To provide updated figures for the massacre was a representative of the national union 'UGTT', Sadok Mahmoudi, citing data from medical sources of the main hospital in the city of Kasserine, the epicenter of the insurgency.

At least 35 killed in violence in Tunisia, according to FIDH

The balance of the riots continued to widen in Tunisia. After the violence of the weekend in west-central localities of the country, the death toll has risen to at least thirty-five, said, Tuesday, January 11, the president of the International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH), Souhayr Belhassen. "The figure of 35 dead based on a list of names," said Souhayr Belhassen.

"But the total number of victims (death toll) is more important. It revolves around the fifties but it is an assessment," she added. The balance sheet "has tragically risen" after the riots on Saturday and Sunday in three cities in central Canada: Regueb, and Thala Kasserine, and the wounded were so numerous that "we can not count them," said Ms.

New attack against a convoy en route to South Sudan

Arab nomads armed Misseriya tribe attacked a convoy of Southerners to the North-South border, said, Tuesday, January 11, the interior minister of South Sudan. "A convoy of returnees from North to South Sudan has been the target of an ambush yesterday to 17 hours [15 hours in Paris] by armed Misseriya.

Ten were killed and eighteen injured," he said, at a press conference in Juba, Gier Chuang. The attack occurred at the border of Southern Kordofan and northern Bahr el-Ghazal, the official said. "The convoy consisted of thirty buses and seven trucks. The trucks were looted and buses returned to the north." "The attackers were traveling in about six or seven vehicles and were armed," he said.

Tucson after the attack: mourning prayer, hate,

Prayers, tears, but also defiance: America looks horrified to Tucson, Arizona, Barack Obama wants to donate during a visit to reconciliation - but the city gets the grief work hard. The trade of weapons goes on, the head of the local tea party talks himself into a rage again. When the tears come, they stretched up her plate, she then hides behind almost.

Susan Shobe has come very close to the small memorial on the lawn of the University Medical Center in Tucson, her two children nestled close to her. Inside the hospital is fighting the Democratic congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords for her life, yet no one knows whether they will survive the shot in the head without damage you deal the assassin Jared Lee Loughner on Saturday morning.

Ignorance in office: British Fisheries Minister failed in the Fish Quiz

Haddock, flounder, whiting - this species does not recognize any country bumpkin from the start. But a fisheries minister should be familiar with the name. Robert Benyon, the minister in Britain, revealed in a TV show embarrassing gaps. London - A concession right at the beginning: politicians can policy expertise is not necessarily a prerequisite - cynics would say even more of a rarity.

The well-meaning public, but admit even to ministers that they must become familiar with the matter. But at some point must be a minimum of half-knowledge be available. Robert Benyon, Britain's Fisheries Minister proves just spectacular how embarrassing it can be when it messes with the simplest questions.

Full towards Brisbane ordered eviction worst floods in 120 years

SYDNEY - are leaving by the thousands. Leave the order to evacuate by the authorities in the suburbs of Brisbane, capital of Queensland, while advancing toward the coast full of water that is flooding the Northeast for weeks in Australia. The city has two million inhabitants. And this is the worst flood since 1893.

The Brisbane River has burst its banks, the city continues to be battered by torrential rain and thunderstorms and in accordance with local authorities and the Mayor Campbell Newman around 6500 properties will be inundated and 16,500 others partially affected. VIDEO Yesterday a 'tsunami inside' in the town of Toowoomba in its hinterland has killed at least nine people, while dozens are still missing.

Rap, spokesman for the Tunisian youth

From Tunisia, Malek Khemiri remember another number, hangs up twice because in the payphone, the police "look". Then he asks to be recalled and speaks, "stressed", ready to "deal" being cited in this article. He feels watched. Malek Khemiri is not a political opponent nor a trade unionist. He is a rapper.

In a country that has known since the mid December an unprecedented social protest, the rappers seem to be a target of the plan. Thursday, January 6, Hamada Ben Amor, 22, was arrested and released three days later. In a video broadcast on the Internet, he called the head of state, Zine El-Ali AbidineBen: "President, your people died." "Rap is the voice of Tunisian youth," said Malek Khemiri.

WikiLeaks-founder: British justice starts extradition proceedings against Assange

For ian Assange it is narrow: By early February a court in London decides on his extradition to Sweden, where it threatens a method for rape. The WikiLeaks founder condemns the "brutal rhetoric" against his person - and draws parallels with the assassination of Arizona. London - Just before Christmas was ian Assange, founder of the unveiling WikiLeaks platform, has been released on bail.

On Tuesday entered Assange, which is in Sweden on suspicion of having sexually abused two women, once again a courtroom. The date it was first in London to procedural issues. The actual decision about a possible deportation to Sweden to London, according to the judges fall in February. The next time put the court on the 7th February resistant.

Assange claim to be suffering "an Orwellian situation"

The founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, has denounced a campaign by U.S. authorities, whom they accuse of trying to collect information on their Twitter followers about him and others involved in the publication of secret documents to launch a process proceedings against him, and considered that his arrest in a rural area of England is "an Orwellian situation." "I'm permanently secure" Assange complained in an interview broadcast in the early hours of today by France Info and although it has acknowledged being "used to this kind of pressure, the current situation is" perhaps the most dramatic "than ever lived.

The mediator of the African Union returned to Ivory Coast

The mediator of the African Union (AU) to the Ivorian crisis, the Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga, will for the second time in Cote d'Ivoire "Thursday or Friday," his spokesman announced. "He will meet first with the chairman of the AU Commission Jean Ping in Nairobi on Wednesday, before leaving for the Ivory Coast," he said Tuesday January 11 at the Dennis Onyango.

Mr. Odinga visited the first time in Abidjan, in early January, where he met with three heads of state mandated by the sub-region, MM. Alassane Ouattara and Laurent Gbagbo. Kenyan Prime Minister has repeatedly protested against the possibility of setting up a coalition government in Côte d'Ivoire to end the crisis, saying this would amount to "a rape of democracy".

China showcases its advanced weaponry during Gates visit

Chinese President Hu Jintao, has confirmed today to Secretary of U.S. Defense, Robert Gates, who made the first flight test of the ultra-modern stealth fighter. Using this type of fighter shows that China has shortened considerably the difference in advanced weaponry over the U.S.. The test on this game, which could potentially be detected by the radars, there has been in southwest China, in the city of Cgdu.

Australia: an assessment of flooding in Queensland gets heavier