Tuesday, February 15, 2011

U.S. Presidential: slow race among the Republicans

Washington Correspondent - At exactly one year from the New Hampshire primary, which should launch the campaign for the presidential election of November 2012, no Republican has yet volunteered to take on the likely Democratic nominee Barack Obama. At this stage of the count-down, fifteen suitors Democrats and Republicans, whose current president and his vice president, had already declared their intentions for the 2008 election.
The former diplomat Marc Grossman, with nearly thirty year career at the State Department, should be appointed special envoy of the United States for Afghanistan and Pakistan to replace Richard Holbrooke, who died last December, says Washington Post. The newspaper said the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is expected to announce his appointment on Friday during a major speech on the situation in the region.

Obama harshly criticized the government will go to suppress protests

The U.S. president, Barack Obama, today criticized the Iranian government for repressing the demonstrations that took place yesterday the opposition and has set a model to follow the moderate performance of the army in Egypt to the popular revolt that toppled President Hosni Mubarak . "I find it ironic that the Iranian regime pretends to celebrate what happened in Egypt when, in fact, acted completely contrary to what has happened in Egypt, to shoot and beat people trying to express themselves peacefully," Obama said in a press conference at the White House.

With its draft budget 2012, Obama is trying to address deficits

President Barack Obama has sent Monday to Congress his proposed budget for 2012 that aims to reduce the federal deficit of 1 100 billion (about EUR 800 billion) over ten years, but the Republicans deem the decline spending too limited. The White House expects a budget of 3,729 billion dollars with a deficit of 1645 billion for fiscal year 2011 began in early October and 1101 billion for fiscal 2012.

In Egypt:, the army provides rapid referendum in prospect

Egyptian militaries appear to rely on a rapid political change in the North African country: to be available within ten days of the draft new constitution - and a little later, a referendum be held. Cairo - The Egyptian ruling military council has made a rapid sharing of power and a constitutional referendum in prospect.

In two months was a referendum on the proposed constitutional reform plan that the opposition belonging Google manager Wael Ghonim reported Monday on a meeting with the military. The generals wanted to present the final draft of a new constitution in ten days. The Military Council set but also a request: The strikes would have to be completed and returned the country to normaly.

Terror in Kabul: "Extremists attack shopping mall

Attack in Kabul: extremists have attacked a shopping center of the Afghan capital. At the entrance of the Kabul City Centre "a suicide bomber ignited an explosive device, several people were reportedly killed. Kabul - A shopping center in the Afghan capital Kabul on Monday has become the target of a terrorist attack.

Unknown had opened in the Kabul City Centre 'the fire, said the chief investigator of the Kabul criminal investigation, Said Mohammed Zahir. Eye witnesses said, before the entrance of the shopping center in the downtown district Shar-i-Nau it had come also to a serious explosion. Sahir said, emergency personnel investigated whether more attackers were in the nine-story building.

Even the European Agency confirms: "No request for intervention by Italy"

After the blunt denial of Cecilia Malmstroem, EU Commissioner for Internal Affairs responsible for immigration, even Frontex, the European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders, made it known that no evidence supporting the request for action by the 'Italy in the emergency landings in Lampedusa from Tunisia.

Just Frontex, established in 2004, aims to facilitate cooperation between Member States on the management of external borders, with staff training and assistance to national authorities in case of emergency. But while the minister Roberto Maroni gave the numbers of emergency landings in Lampedusa (almost 6 thousand people from 15 January, 66 children and 60 women, 80 thousand other early arrivals) and asked for 100 million euro in Brussels, EU agency based in Warsaw was not any call for help or support.

Egypt calls for the freezing of assets of former regime officials Mubarak

The Egyptian government asked the U.S. to freeze assets of former Egyptian officials who worked for former President Hosni Mubarak said on Monday an official from the U.S. State Department. The official, who requested anonymity, the application does not concern Mr. Mubarak himself. "We received requests for other officials," he said.

The Egyptian authorities have also asked several European countries including Germany, the United Kingdom and France to freeze assets of former senior officials of the regime of Mubarak, but not the deposed president himself. The question must be addressed by the entire European Union on Tuesday at a meeting in Brussels.

A video to mobilize Moroccan

Not all are manifest posted on Facebook to encourage Moroccans to reclaim the streets on Sunday 20 February. Now the rage a two-minute video in which 15 Moroccans of both sexes, all young least one woman with hijab (headscarf), appear on camera and explain in a few seconds because it will manifest. "I am Moroccan and depart on 20 February for a better and without hogra Morocco (humiliation to which the government submitted to the city), says one of them before the camera." I am Moroccan and depart on 20 February for the sick have access to hospitals and get medical care without it being necessary to plug.

Derision against Italy in the world

Hundreds of Italians living or vacationing in London took to the streets yesterday to defend the dignity of women and the country during the "If not now when?", Arrived in the British capital London, which thanks to the Purple People, since its inception in 2009, is engaged in information campaigns, awareness and peaceful protest.

Among the night's Arcore and analysis for the elements of an offense of extortion and child prostitution, our Mister B. Italy has secured a place of honor in the "blame" for all the English papers, the influential broadsheet to tabloid less intellectual, and the same goes for many other international publications.

The euro area to acquire a fund of 500 billion euros to support countries in trouble

The euro zone decided Monday night to double the firepower of its future fund to support countries in trouble, trying to reassure markets on its ability to respond to debt crises when fears resurface. "We've agreed to provide an amount in respect of the lending capacity of 500 billion, which will be subject to regular review at least every two years," he told reporters the leader of Ministers finances in the euro zone, Jean-Claude Juncker after a meeting of central bankers in Europe to Brussels.

An Ecuadorean court condemns Chevron to 8 billion dollars in fines

The U.S. oil company Chevron was sentenced Monday, February 14, a judge of Ecuador, to pay eight billion dollars for environmental damage caused by Texaco - a company he bought in 2001 - between 1964 and 1990, said the plaintiffs' counsel. The lawyer said he would speak in more detail on this sentence after reviewing the ruling.

The spokesman of the group for Latin America, James Craig, confirmed that a "conviction had been issued in the trials for environmental damage brought against the company in connection with the operations of Texaco Petroleum Company from 1964 to 1990. As the owner of Texaco, Chevron is condemned for the damage caused by Texaco in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

The greengrocer revolutionary

For Noam Chomsky's pessimism are just words, for the bitterness of our country around, Obama did not know which way to turn and was quickly released with wretched dictatorships built from the old America: Nixon, Kissinger, Reagan and Bush families. The third hypothesis says that the earthquake of Egypt could become an opportunity not to export weapons of democracy, but democracy announced in respect of that campaign: to expand to distant countries the same rights as U.S.

Pakistan: "The assassination of Benazir Bhutto is an extremely obscure"

The police dispersed sporadic demonstrations in Bahrain

Bahraini police dispersed, Monday, Feb. 14, making use of tear gas and rubber bullets, dozens of protesters Nouidrat, a village in the east of Bahrain, where a rally was scheduled in the afternoon to initiative of Internet users. This second event resulted in clashes between police and demonstrators.

Over twenty people were injured, witnesses said. Anxious to prevent a spread of the dispute, the ruling family of Bahrain, a Sunni, while the population is predominantly Shiite, promised last week to distribute 1,000 dinars (2,000 euros) each Bahraini family. The government has also hinted that he might release of juveniles arrested last year by security forces.

The last hours of Mubarak in power told by the Egyptian press

Misinformed by his interior minister, urged by his son Gamal to ignore the street, the former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak seems to have lived in total confusion of the events that led to his downfall, said, Monday, February 14 The Egyptian press. According to the newspaper Al-Ahram, which was a heavyweight in the press pro-Mubarak, officials "do not really understand what was happening." On the eve of the historic resignation, "impotence was great at the presidential palace." Is the youngest son of the president, as his prospective successor, Gamal Mubarak, who "managed the crisis (...) with the eye on power.

Berlusconi to be tried in April on child and bribery prostitucin

Silvio Berlusconi has another appointment today marked with the law. Will (if nothing prevents it) on 6 April at 9.30am, the Court of Milan. Judge Cristina di Census Bureau has ruled that the prime minister must be processed immediately by the rite for the alleged crimes of bribery and prostitution of minors, as requested by prosecutors who have investigated the Ruby case, the nickname of the young Moroccan Karim El Maghour that according to the prosecution visited a dozen times to Berlusconi at his home in Arcore (north of Milan) when it was still a minor.

The euro area gives green light to freeze assets of Mubarak

The leader of the finance ministers of the eurozone, Jean-Claude Juncker, said he, Monday, February 14, favored a freeze of assets of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak resigned. The decision of the Luxembourg Prime Minister was taken on the sidelines of a meeting in Brussels of the finance ministers of the Eurogroup forum, which he chairs.

The green light of the Eurogroup follows the decision of Switzerland, who decided last Friday after the announcement of the resignation of Hosni Mubarak, to freeze with immediate effect "that could hold the assets in the Swiss Confederation Mubarak and his entourage. A measure taken to avoid "any risk of misappropriation of property belonging to the Egyptian state." The European Union, she waits until the request comes from Cairo to act.

Iran government criticized Clinton for supporting the opposition demonstrations

The Iranian government today criticized Secretary of State of the United States, Hillary Clinton, expressing their support for Iranian opposition protests, the regime cracked down yesterday because they were illegal. The spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Ramin Mehmanpaast, has told the press, too, that Washington is incorrectly read what happens in the Middle East because, as perceived by your country, what really happens is that the region wishes to rid the United States and Zionism.

The army called off strikes in Egypt

The Egyptian army, which took control of the country since the resignation of former President Hosni Mubarak under popular pressure, called for, Monday, February 14, citizens and unions to end the strikes which are growing in the country in the name of "security and stability of countries and citizens and to ensure that production continues in all state agencies." "It was noted that some sectors of the state are organizing protests despite the return to normal life and conditions in which all categories of people are expected to be secured," note the military.

The Palestinian government has been dissolved: elections in autumn

The Palestinian government has been dissolved, and Prime Minister Fayyad officially handed in his resignation. The majority of cabinet posts to be filled and new elections are scheduled for fall. According to observers, the Fatah wants to strengthen against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. In view of expected for the fall elections has dissolved the Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad on Monday his cabinet.

Japan to find the bodies of 12,200 soldiers on Iwo Jima

Some 21,600 Japanese and 6,800 U.S. soldiers were killed between February and March 1945 at the Battle of Iwo Jima, one of the bloodiest of World War II. Today, 66 years later, some 12,200 bodies remain trapped somewhere on the island. The Prime Minister, Naoto Kan, announced yesterday that the Government intends to finally settle this debt with the country's historical memory of examining "every grain of sand" to recover the bodies.

Algeria: Paris calls the protests "without violence"

France hopes that the demonstrations could take place in Algeria "freely and without violence," said Monday, the Foreign Ministry, while the Algerian opposition announced a new event Saturday, Feb. 19. "Regarding the events in Algiers and in the larger cities, which is important to us is that freedom of expression is respected and that the demonstrations could take place freely and without violence," said Door Speaker of the Quai d'Orsay, Bernard Valero.

Conservative MPs against the opposition "and hanged the leader Moussavi Karoubi"

TEHRAN - After the severe riots that occurred yesterday when anti-government demonstration in Tehran, the police today accused the People's Mujahideen (MKO) - the leading organization of armed struggle to the regime - to be responsible for accidents and have caused the death of a demonstrator : According to the Iranian police chief Ahmad Reza Radan, were members of this organization to open fire killing one person and injuring nine police officers.

Iranians defy the Government to support the Arab riots

Thousands of people defied the official ban and answered the call "in support of the peoples of Egypt and Tunisia", released last week by the very Mir-Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi. Both are contesting the election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the 2009 elections, but had not dared to call a new protest since February 11 last year failed their call to rally on the anniversary of the Revolution.

Die young in Bahrain after clashes

At least one person was killed and 20 wounded in several demonstrations in Bahrain which have involved thousands of people to ask for a new government to improve their living conditions. Muhammad al Maskati activist, president of the Bahraini Youth Association for Human Rights, the late Ali Abdelhadi dijoque Mushaima, 21, died from injuries sustained in the back during a demonstration in the town of al-Dih.

Police join protests in Cairo

The Egyptians returned on Monday at Tahrir Square in Cairo, paralyzing traffic a few hours after the military police and soldiers dispersed the recent pro-democracy activists in the area. The Army seemed to have control of the square, the epicenter of the protests that overthrew President Hosni Mubarak.

But then, hundreds of police marched into the place without being harassed by the soldiers, saying they wanted to show solidarity with the revolution. The police were planted in the plaza to demand better working conditions and ask for a raise. Moreover, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces adopted the call in two months of a referendum for the Egyptian people approved the amendments to the Constitution of 1971, the eve frozen after the fall of the regime of Hosni Mubarak.

Argentina protest against the introduction into their territory "material undeclared

BUENOS AIRES, 15 Feb. The Government of Argentina has sent a formal protest note to the U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires on the grounds that the North American country tried to introduce into their territory "undeclared material" as "intelligence and communications elements "through a military aircraft. In the note, the Executive expressed his "distress" over the "missing information" about the nature of cargo and by the fact that U.S.

A wave of shootings in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas leaves 18 dead

A wave of attacks perpetrated by criminal groups in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas (north-east of the country) has left 18 people dead and several wounded, said El Universal. The attacks, carried out by organized crime groups, were recorded during the early hours of Monday (yesterday morning in Spain) in the San Fernando-Reynosa Highway, where they have intensified this weekend clashes between different bands.

Deployment of forces in Tehran to counter an opposition demonstration

Clashes broke out Monday, February 14 in the afternoon in Tehran between anti-government protesters and police, who used tear gas and paintballs, witnesses on the spot. According to a report released by the official news agency Fars, these clashes have resulted in one death and several wounded by bullets fired by demonstrators.

The United States indicated that they support "universal rights of the Iranian people." "We want the same chance to the opposition and courageous people who took to the streets across Iran than that experienced able to seize their Egyptian counterparts last week," urged the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The majority Shiite challenge the regime Two dead in protest in Manama

MANAMA - The wave of popular protest that is going through North Africa and the Middle East arrives in Bahrain, which has long been a strong discontent with the Shiite majority, 70% of the population towards the Sunni dynasty which rules the small town of Gulf strategy for the U.S. and here are the basis for their fifth fleet.

In the course of anti-regime demonstrations, organized by the Shiites to demand more democracy and reforms, two people were killed by security forces. The first victim was Ali Mcheimeh, died this morning as a result of injuries sustained yesterday in clashes with police in Diya, a village north-east of the capital Manama.

NGOs reported one dead and twenty injured in protests in Bahrain

At least one person was killed and twenty others wounded in several demonstrations in Bahrain which have involved thousands of people to ask for a new government to improve their living conditions. Muhammad al Maskati activist, president of the Bahraini Youth Association for Human Rights, said by telephone that the late Ali Abdelhadi Mushaima, 21, died today in a state hospital for injuries sustained in the back during a demonstration in the town of Al Dih.

Police joined the demonstrations in Cairo

The Egyptians returned on Monday to Tahrir Square, Cairo, paralyzing traffic a few hours after the military police and soldiers dispersed the recent pro-democracy activists in the area, witnesses said. The Army seemed to have control of the square, the epicenter of the protests that overthrew President Hosni Mubarak.

But then, hundreds of police marched into the place without being harassed by the soldiers, saying they wanted to show solidarity with the revolution. The police protesters and bystanders around traffic disrupted, which had begun to return to normal over the weekend. The police joined a growing wave of protests and strikes in which the Egyptians seem to be taking advantage of a new freedom to vent their anger with the political system of their country.

Argentina accuses U.S. of trying to smuggle weapons and drugs illegally in its territory

BUENOS AIRES, 14 Feb. The Government of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has accused the U.S. of trying to smuggle war materiel Argentine territory and drugs in a military plane arrived in Buenos Aires last week, a fact that has provoked strong diplomatic friction between the two countries. The exchange of accusations began when the U.S.

State Department expressed its discontent with the way the Argentine government brought the case to the U.S. flag aircraft arrived at Ezeiza airport in Buenos Aires, on 10 February. The statement said the military plane was carrying a group of "experts and training equipment" with the permission of the Argentine authorities.

Thomas Jefferson Crescent

Carlos Mendo, a friend and a benchmark for international journalists, had a large U.S. political culture and used to sprinkle his conversation with an appointment, a sentence that fell naturally into his speech, not a resource for pedantic display. I remember now, at this time of historic change in the Arab world would have liked to live well, one of Thomas Jefferson who told me some months ago: "When the people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people who are free ".

Dying to nine Anniina Arizona

Christina Green was nine years old when, in the shooting of Tucson, a pistol, shot by a deranged, has taken my breath away and dreams. Christina died in a state where most people still do not see any relevance between the easy and indiscriminate possession of weapons, and episodes like this. Call them, in fact, "fate" and to convince the next day, they go to buy a brand new Glock to put into the bag with lipstick or dashboard of the car.

Not touch the forest!

In the land of British phlegm, is not expected to be bombarded with eggs or harangued by the crowd. And while Conservative MP Mark Harper knew the subject he would discuss with his fellow citizens, that day, was sensitive, he could not imagine for one second face such attacks so few "British". He even thought, mistakenly, to find the words to coax.

And convince them of the merits of the project of David Cameron, the Tory Prime Minister, to relieve the English state forest that still possesses. Social protest in British fashion is a strange thing which is not known accurately predict when one is French anyway, where it will come. A kind of object misidentified which can materialize where we did not expect.

Iran, protest runs on the Web 2.0 challenge facing the schemes

ROME - "The Egypt," sang Sinatra a few years ago. A song that tells the violence of man by man, from its title and content prophetic in light of the facts of today. That without the internet and social networks, perhaps would never have occurred. So after the flight of Mubarak, to "The Egypt" are the people of Iran.

And they do like the revolutionaries in Cairo, trying to organize and manage the protests from the web, a phenomenon that the schemes try to nip in the bud, by limiting or eliminating all access to the Net Iran, the square on the web. The protests of 2011 are new generation, as if the images and make them real.